My Favorite Things {2020}

Happy Saturday, friends! I’ve been wanting to get My Favorite Things post out for a while, and today’s the day. This will be my third year doing one of these, and they’re always fun.

And yes, I’m borrowing the picture from last year. I’m too lazy to create a new one, and this works just fine.

I tend to be very product loyal, and I’m still using and loving most of the items from My Favorite Things of the past couple of years, but I want this list to be fresh so I tried to come up with things I discovered this year.

These aren’t all products… some are services or habits. Also, there is no organization or order to this list. It’s just a mish-mosh… kind of like my brain right about now. Ha!

Also, in the spirit of the original maven of the Favorite Things list — Oprah Winfrey, of course — I’ve got a little giveaway tucked away at the end of the post.

Okay, let’s get this party started!

SLIP Pure Silk Adult Pleated Face Covering

at Nordstrom // at Revolve // 25% off at Bloomies

I figured it was appropriate to start out this year’s My Favorite Things list with a face mask… ah 2020… you are a buggar, you are!

I really hope we won’t have to wear masks for much longer, but in the meantime, these SLIP silk face masks are my favorite. These are as comfortable as a mask gets, plus they’re sort of luxe looking… if you can say such a thing about a mask. I have two, and they’re pretty much all I wear, except if they’re both dirty or I forget them, and then I grab one of the paper masks I keep in the car.

Yes, they are expensive, but I’ve been using the two I have for months, and they wash up great. The cost per wear is basically nill at this point.

Apple AirPods

at Target // at Amazon // at Walmart

I know I’ve talked about these a lot, I think they’re in several of my gift guides, but I had to include them in this list because I’ve used them SO much this year. At first, I thought they were a silly extravagance, and I was sure I’d lose them within the first month.

But one day, it occurred to me one day how ridiculous it was that all three of my kids had these nifty wireless AirPods, and I was running with wires dangling from my ears to the phone in my hand, so I ordered myself a pair of AirPods, and I’ve been using them almost daily ever since.

30 Days of Yoga with Adriene

on YouTube

I discovered Yoga with Adrienne back in the spring, when we were on lockdown and I wasn’t able to work out with my trainer. Plus, I was dealing with that hip injury and not able to run. I needed something to do for strength and flexibility, so I started 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene, at the recommendation of some of you.

It was great for a beginner, and I like how she isn’t too much into the meditation and those aspects of Yoga, it was more about building strength and flexibility and taking some time to relax… which is something I need desperately. I don’t relax well, lol!

I fell off the wagon during the summer, but I plan to get back to it after the holidays. Now that I’m running and lifting again, I feel like yoga will help me with the flexibility and relaxation that I’m sorely lacking.

S’well Water Bottles

at Nordstrom // at Amazon // at Walmart

I’ve tried them all, and these are my favorites because of the smaller mouth opening than some. It’s big enough to fill easily and slip an ice cube in if you need to, but not so big that you slosh water all over yourself when you go to take a sip and someone hits a bump in the road… or is that just me?

I don’t like to mess with straws and snap-open lids and all that jazz. Just an easy screw-on top, thank you very much! Plus, they’re good quality stainless, and they clean up easily. (I do recommend investing in a soft bottle cleaning brush.)

The 17-oz is my favorite size because it fits into a standard sized cupholder.

Billie Razors

get the Starter Kit for $9

I included the Billie Razor in last year’s Favorite Things list, but I kind of tacked them on at the end, and I’ve since done a full review and taken some good pictures, so I wanted to include them here.

Plus, I was fairly new to the product last year at this time, but I’ve continued to use and love my Billie Razor subscription throughout 2020, so now I can wholeheartedly endorse it.

Since I did explain it all in this post, I won’t reiterate it all here, but suffice it to say, this is an affordable and effective razor, and the subscription plan is so convenient. I’m never going back to drugstore razors!

colorescience Total EyeTM 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy SPF 35

at Dermstore // at Nordstrom // at Amazon

I’ve talked about this product a lot, but I couldn’t NOT include it in this post because it’s SO good. I have under-eye bags that do not respond to much, but this product actually seems to make a difference.

It’s a tinted mineral sunscreen, anti-aging eye cream, and color corrector all in one. I like it so much, I’ve gone ahead and done the subscribe and save plan at Dermstore. I wear the color Fair.

There are actually tons of new makeup and skincare products I’ve tried recently that have become some of my favorite things, but I don’t want to go overboard with all of them. Maybe I should just list Angie’s Hot & Flashy YouTube channel as one of my favorite things!

Here are a few more things I found through her that I’m using and loving right now:

Elemis Cleansing Balm

35% off at Elemis // at Nordstrom // at Amazon

Okay, I know I said I didn’t want to include items that were in last year’s Favorite Things, BUT!!! The Elemis Cleansing Balm is 35% off again, for TODAY ONLY!

I totally put it in my cart over Black Friday weekend and forgot to check out… that happens more times than you would believe… So today I just checked on it, to see if I’d actually ordered it (I hadn’t) and I saw this sale. YEEHAW!!!! You better believe I didn’t forget to check out this time.

I’ve tried a few cleansing balms, and I like them all, but this one is my favorite. It cleans as well or better than any, and it just smells so heavenly.

philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Peeling Mousse

at Ulta

Okay, last beauty product, but I wanted to mention this because it’s one thing I discovered on my own, haha! This is a gentle exfoliant you can use several times a week, and it makes your face feel so soft and smooth afterwards.

Victoria Emerson Bracelets

at Victoria Emerson

Attica boho cuff

These bracelets have fast become my favorites for quality fashion jewelry that adds a little bling to my going-out looks. I’ve always been a bracelet girl, I think it’s because it’s one of the only pieces of jewelry you can actually see when you’re wearing it… think about it!

I have some nicer ones from Lagos and Yurman, that I wear on the daily because they’re so lovely and understated, but I love Victoria Emerson boho cuffs and wrap bracelets for those times when I want some extra bling. Also, they’re actually BOGO free right now with free shipping on orders over $50.

Vuori Joggers

at Vuori Clothing // at Nordstrom

Vuori (and Covid) have turned me into a joggers girl. I was never much of a fan, at least not for street clothes, mainly because joggers don’t tend to be very flattering, and I felt like a schlump wearing them.

Well, enter Vuori! Their performance joggers feel AH-mazing, so silky soft. The 25″ inseam is the perfect length (for me) — almost, but not quite cropped, and they have a slim fit that fits loosely without being schlumpy.

I did find myself needing to size up to a M in these, by the way. I also have the performance zip front hoodie (size S) that I wear a lot to and from my workouts. It’s made of the same silky soft fabric as the joggers, and the contrasting drawstring and zip front closure are nice details.

I recently added a pair of elevation performance leggings to my Vuori collection.

I’m telling you, these leggings are a whole other level of softness. They’re also nice and thick, and they stay put when I run. I’m officially a Vuori fan! (I have a M in the leggings as well.)

P448 Sneakers

at Nordstrom // at Zappo’s // at Evereve

If Vuori turned me into a joggers girl, P448 turned me into a sneaker girl… Well, I guess Veja did that, but I don’t reach for them that much anymore because my P448s are so comfortable, and they add a little extra pizzaz to my simple everyday looks.

Their designs don’t stay in stock for long, and both pairs I have are pretty much gone, but they’re always coming out with new ones.

My only complaint is that they aren’t very consistent with sizing. I have a 38 in one pair and a 39 in the other, so if I order any in the future, I’ll probably order both sizes and return the one that doesn’t work.

VariDesk Standing Desk Converter

at Amazon

Paul helped me select this standing desk converter last February when I was struggling from lower back and glute issues, assumably from sitting at my desk too much. (He works in IT and has set up lots of workstations in his time.)

I love how I can raise and lower it and basically get the best of both worlds. I’m currently standing here, working, and thanking my lucky stars once again that Paul hooked me up with this desk.

Hercules Tuff Charging Station for Multiple Devices

at Amazon

Pardon the dust… I think those tablets have been there a while! But if you have a household with multiple phones and tablets that always need charging, this little charging station is a life-saver. It comes with cables compatible with iPhones and iPads, plus a Type-C Cable, and a Micro-USB cable, and you can order more of whatever kind you need.

I love how it keeps everything in one spot, and the blue light turns on when a device is charging.

Intermittent Fasting

By far and away, the biggest change I made to my lifestyle and daily habits in 2020 was adopting Intermittent Fasting as a lifestyle. I could write an entire post about how it’s changed my life, and I probably will at some point, but I don’t want that topic to overwhelm this post, so I’ll just leave it at this.

After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, stressing over food, and trying to maintain a healthy weight without denying myself the foods and social events I enjoy most, I feel like I’m finally free. It’s the most wonderful, liberating feeling, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has similar struggles.

My favorite resource is Gin Stephen’s latest book: Fast, Feast, Repeat. And if you want a more scientific approach, written by a doctor, The Obesity Code by Jason Fung is a good followup.

Functional Medicine Formulations Probiotics


I hesitate to mention this because I am certainly not qualified to give medical or health advice, and I’m typically very skeptical of supplements, but I started having issues with, ahem… regularity. Nothing was working, and I was getting desperate.

Someone who reads this blog (hi Liane!) recommended Dr. Ruscio to me, and I started poking around on his website, and I found these probiotics. He explains why they are all 3 important and how he formulated them. I hemmed and hawed because I am HORRIBLE about remembering to take pills, but I finally got desperate and figured it couldn’t hurt to try them.

Well, they totally turned my digestive issues around. Like, immediately. the DAY I took them for the first time, I noticed a difference, and I’ve been taking them faithfully ever since. If I miss a couple days, things start to get funky, and I get right back on track. I have them on auto-order so I don’t run out.

I’ve also added Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D to my daily regimen, and I’m pretty good about taking them as well, now that I’m in the habit of taking pills. I leave them on the counter in the decorative tray pictured above.

*** Please note, these are NOT affiliate links, and I do not have ANY relationship with this doctor, nor do I receive any benefit from telling you about them. He doesn’t even know I’m linking to them. I just want to share because so many people suffer from digestive issues, and I’ve found these to make a huge difference in my quality of life, so I want to share.

My Kitchen Makeover

Okay, this is a silly one, but as I was waiting for my coffee to brew this morning, I was looking around my kitchen, and I realized at this time last year, it was still brown. Isn’t it funny how you wait so long to get to a home project and then when it’s done, you hardly remember what it looked like before?

We started this project last January, and finished up RIGHT before Covid took our area into lockdown for several months. The timing could not have been any more perfect. You can read all about it in THIS POST.

My favorite part is of the makeover is that gorgeous quartzite countertop. It was a splurge, but it brings me so much joy. On the other hand, we saved a few pennies (and a lot of stress) by having our cabinets painted rather than replacing them, as I was tempted to do.

That turned out to be incredibly fortuitous because had we torn the kitchen apart for a full reno, we would have never finished before the lockdown, and I shudder to think the state of affairs we would have been living in had that happened. First world problems, for sure, but I’m so grateful that was not the case.

In Summary + A Giveaway!

I will wrap up this post by saying, I realize how incredibly blessed I am to be able to round up this list of things I love and enjoy.

It hasn’t been an easy year. I’ve had a myriad of pesky health issues to deal with, we lost my father-in-law and my grandfather, we gained and lost a precious puppy that has a piece of our hearts forever… and, of course, Covid.

And yet, here I stand in my beautiful home, with all my people happy and healthy and under one roof, and a job I love. I know how very blessed I am.

Thank YOU ALL for being here, because I wouldn’t be doing this without YOU.

And in that vein, I want to give you a gift this year.

I wish I could give you ALL a gift, but I can only select FIVE. I wanted to keep this simple, so I’m stealing this idea from a fellow blogger: all you have to do to register to win, is SIGN UP HERE for my email newsletter. (If you’re already signed up, you are already entered to win!)

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I will randomly select FIVE people on Saturday, 12/19/20, to win a $100 gift card to the retailer of your choice, and I’ll announce the winners in Saturday’s email.

That’s it! Good luck!

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