My Favorite Naadam Cashmere Sweaters On Sale

I had originally planned to spin this post as a casual holiday outfit, which it is…

But then Naadam started another big sale, and I wanted to be sure to get these pictures out to you before everything sells out, so I’m combining a few looks into one post.

I’m also still working on a more comprehensive cashmere sweater review, but that one’s still a few days out.

If you aren’t familiar with Naadam, they make some of the most luxurious cashmere I’ve tried. The softness is on another level, and they’re also committed to sustainability and transparency. You can read more about the brand HERE.

Their prices vary, depending on the materials, but in general, you’re getting a very good value for the quality… especially when they go on sale!

My biggest complaint with Naadam is, at the moment, they don’t have a lot of classic styles. But when they went on sale over Black Friday weekend, I combed through the website and ordered a few sweaters to try.

By far and away, my favorite piece is this cashmere boatneck, but it was the one I was most unsure of when I ordered.

That’s because the pictures online don’t represent it very accurately, which is a shame, because it fits a lot better in real life.

The models must be sizing up a few sizes to get their slouchy looks. I’m wearing a small, and it fits true to size. In fact, if anything, it’s on the shorter end of the spectrum.

They don’t provide measurements on their website either, so it’s a bit of a guessing game, but of all their sweaters I’ve tried over the past couple of years, they tend to be true to size.

This sweater comes in tons of colors, and they are 50% off at the moment, but it is a final sale. I love the details in the knit, we tried to get some close-up shots so you can see.

The sleeves are nice and long, and they have a long ribbed cuff, and the boatneck is so flattering. I do have to be aware of my bra straps, but it doesn’t fall off the shoulder, as suggested on their website. I would have to size up to get that look.

It’s a little thin, but not in a cheap way. It’s still a denser knit and not see-through at all, and the softness is out of this world. It’s made of 100% Mongolian cashmere, which is considered the finest cashmere in the world.

I wore this sweater to church on Sunday with black jeans and pumps, but I wanted to style it for this post with grey jeans and knee-high boots.

This is the type of casual but elevated outfit I like to wear when we go out to a casual dinner with friends. I added some blingy earrings for a festive flair. These are currently 15% off at Nordstrom.

These boots are Blondo, and of course they are selling out too. I’ve had them for months but just haven’t had a chance to wear them.

I wanted waterproof suede knee-high boots for our messy Pennsylvania winters, and these are gorgeous, but I found the sizing strange for Blondo.

I first ordered my usual 8, they were way too small, then the 8.5 was okay but still tight in the toe box, so I ended up with the 9 — but I think these are actually too big because the calves are loose, and they cut into my ankle bone when I walk.

All that to say, I’d recommend sizing up half if ordering, and they’re probably best for narrower feet. They’re 50% off at Zappo’s and still available in a few sizes. I also hunted them down at Nordstrom Rack.

Okay, the second Naadam sweater I ordered is this luxe cashmere oversized v-neck. It’s on the pricier end of the spectrum, and I wasn’t as thrilled with this one, but I went ahead and photographed it because I love the color, and I thought it also looked great with the grey jeans/black boots combo.

Oh, these jeans are the Frame le high skinny jeans I’ve had for a few years. I was going to wear the Express jeans, which have a very similar color and fit, but a higher rise. (They were in the wash.)

This sweater doesn’t feel quite as soft to me as the boatneck, although they do classify it as such on their softness scale. I guess it feels different to me because it’s a chunkier knit, but it’s also their 100% Mongolian cashmere.

It only comes in teal and black, and it is pricier than the boatneck, I assume because it uses more materials due to the chunky knit and longer fit.

I like the shape of the v-neck, and the contrasting ribbed cuffs and neck and hem, but I’m confused about the shorter sleeve length. It doesn’t seem to make sense with the other features of the sweater.

It’s also final sale, and the only two color options are black and this teal. The teal is gorgeous, and I hope to add a Naadam sweater to my closet in this stunning color, but for this price, it needs to be perfect, so I decided to send this back.

That said, if you think you’d like it, I can wholeheartedly recommend it for the comfort and quality. I know not everyone is picky about the sleeve length as I am.

The other Naadam sweater I ordered during the Black Friday sale was this recycled cashmere crew.

I almost didn’t order it because of the crewneck… it’s not my favorite neckline. But I finally caved and ordered this because I love the color, and I wanted to be sure I ended up with at least one sweater from the sale that I would want to keep because I love the Naadam knits so much but I hate to pay full price.

Turns out, it’s the perfect easy sweater to throw on with jeans and sneakers or booties all winter long.

It has a boxy fit, but not so swingy and boxy that I feel like it’s unflattering. I didn’t think to photograph it yesterday because I wasn’t planning this post, but I do have some mirror selfies because I’ve already worn it twice.

Again, the models are showing this sweater as a more oversized, relaxed fit, which I realize is trendy at the moment, but I prefer to wear my true size small in a more traditional fit.

As you can see, it’s a simple sweater, with subtle details like the chunky ribbed cuff, collar, and hem. The knit is thick and dense and insanely soft, and it’s made of 70% Closed-Loop Recycled Cashmere and 30% Virgin Cashmere, sourced directly from Mongolia.

I do find it interesting that they classify this sweater lower on their softness scale than the other two, because I find it to be just as soft than the other two, and maybe even more so because it seems to be a more densely woven knit.

The other Naadam sweater I have that’s still available this season is this ribbed cashmere scoop sweater.

This one is impossibly soft and so luxe, but it’s a little low-cut in the front for daily wear — at least on me. I’m not always the best gauge of that. If you’re smaller chested, it’s probably fine.

It also has more of a body con fit, so I don’t find myself wearing it as much as the others. It’s the perfect date night sweater, but we haven’t been having those lately. Maybe next year… For now, these pictures are from last winter.

So, that’s a wrap!

My only other Naadam sweater is no longer available, which is sad because it might be my favorite one of all. It’s a classic v-neck in the perfect oatmeal color, and I won’t even share a picture here because I don’t want to confuse anyone who isn’t reading the fine print.

I will say, if ordering, keep in mind that Naadam sweaters generally run true to size (so far, their size small always fits me perfectly) and the models online tend to wear them very oversized.  Final sale is daunting, but at these prices, it might be worth the risk. Only you can decide that for yourself, but these are my top picks, for anyone looking to shop!

My Favorite Naadam Sweaters On Sale

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photos: Alison Cornell

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19 Responses

  1. The crewneck is my favorite on you 🙂 I looked at the crewneck on their website and I think the model probably weighs 90lbs, hence the reason it fits her a little looser. The brown color in the crewneck is gorgeous, don’t see that color very often.

  2. Hello! Love your posts and have read you for years. I do have a question on cashmere…and even angora…care. I am getting a cashmere sweater for Christmas from our good friend’s new socially responsible company called ANEW Apparel. She is a young clothing designer—you might check them out! At any rate, wondering if you can share tips for the best ways on making these sweaters last for years. Dry clean only? Thx for your help!

  3. I love the boatneck. I’ll have to check the color selection. For me with a barrel chest (large rib cage )despite a small underarm measurement and a DDD cup and a relatively high waist there are a lot of necklines that look horrible. Boat necks are my fav!  A bit of fashion tape helps with the bra straps. 

    Sorry to hear lock down has hit you guys. The last time we (I) ate out was my birthday in Oct. I do wonder though, how many people have started cooking again, versus getting takeout night after night. I personally would rather cook my own food knowing that my ingredients are wholesome and organic. I think I’ve seen too many Gordon Ramsey shows LOL. 

    Hope they have a pretty pink sweater…

  4. I love the boatneck, but it’s all sold out in the colors I might choose. I almost ordered it a few weeks ago but didn’t want the falling-off-my-shoulder look. Thank you for sharing the pics! I’ll get it next year. I also love their scarves and the “travel wrap”. I’ve bought 2 travel wraps as gifts in previous years. Great for that international traveler in your life. Yes, we will get to fly again. I keep telling myself that!

  5. Good morning – sooo sorry to hear about all the restrictions back in place because of Covid. I honestly hate what this has done to our world. Gracious – we need to pray for it to be gone forever. 

    Love the cashmere sweaters. They’d make a nice gift for sure. 

    Our weather is changing to colder every day – they’re predicting snow Sat & Sun to be 3-5 inches. Not sure I want that – but it’ll be pretty I know. 

    Have a great weekend!!

  6. So sorry for restrictions again. I dont mind not going out but hate it for the businesses. Some may never recover. GCs a great idea. I dont do cashmere in GA but great post.

  7. I’m sorry that y’all are back on some lockdown, but it shows that your local government cares about the people.  I’m sorry for the loss some of your friends have recently experienced.  The sweaters are nice.  I don’t know that I’ve ever owned a cashmere sweater, but I have always lived in GA where it never really gets that cold.  Enjoy the rest of your day!

  8. I love the wine color sweater on you in fact they’re all nice! I haven’t heard of this company before but yes final sale can be a bit scary. Sorry to hear about the return of the restrictions . Two weeks ago our indoor dining, gyms, church services and all sports gatherings were closed! Also our limit to have people in to entertain was reduced to no more than 5, and max of 10 for indoors total. We also lost our Atlantic bubble which allowed us to travel between the 4 provinces without 14 days self isolation… We are hoping that changes as our sons girlfriend lives in a neighboring province… not great timing for Christmas. The numbers started to climb due to a community spread( caused by travel) and has gotten into some of the schools. Since the changes the numbers are down again and so are the active cases… the vaccine is suppose to be available to those at the top of the priority list next week so there’s that… also just heard our schools will be closed from December 18-January 11… primary through to high school. Our son( last year university) will finish on line in the new year and hopefully can have a graduation from university in the spring.., fingers crossed !! 

  9. Great write-up! I was hesitant to order the boatneck until I saw your review because the neck looked so sloppy on the model. I would have preferred a color but there weren’t many options, so went with smoke. Can never go wrong with a neutral! 

  10. Please count your blessings! I am on Day 12 of being sick with CoVid, with no relief in sight …yet. I cannot wait to feel better and get out of the house and just enjoy the Christmas season!

    Beautiful sweaters on the blog today-especially that teal sweater!

  11. Wow that wine colored boatneck sweater looks gorgeous on you! We have been locked down in the Bay Area of California since Monday, including all salons, and outdoor dining. Retail and stores are cut to 20% occupancy. My salon opened on Sunday just to try and get some clients in, so I was able to go in for a cut and bring my tween daughter for a cut as well. I feel so badly for my stylist, the salons were shut down for so long, until September, I believe and I know it’s been really hard for her. And I totally understand about how visiting with your stylist making your day. I feel the same way! But the numbers here are climbing so rapidly and many people I know who are being quite careful have still had positive test results, which is sobering. We all need to just take care of ourselves and our communities by staying safe and following the restrictions. My SIL’s sister, who is a charge nurse on a Covid floor at her hospital in Southern California, is getting the vaccine next week. So hopefully, there is a light at the end of this very long tunnel in 2021.

  12. What a beautiful wine colored sweater!  Wish I could wear cashmere.  Yes, the new restrictions in my home province of Alberta, Canada are sobering: all gyms, salons, hair dressers closed down, restaurants only on take out service, religious services at 15% capacity, and no socializing indoors or outdoors  at all with anyone outside of your household.  Not being able to go for a walk with my best friend is a huge loss.  I appreciate cases are rising, our hospitals are maxed out and our health care professionals exhausted/ burnt out.  God bless them all.   It is just feeling very Bah Humbug at the moment, especially with the colder weather. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine however none of us know how long the tunnel is.  Heard that the COVD vaccine may need to be an annual vaccination since no one knows how long immunity lasts. Just praying for our sanity in the mean time.  

  13. Yes, us Oregonians have had stricter mandates for awhile now. Numbers going up all over. I basically go to the grocery store and visit my kids and grandkids as none of us do anything. It’s hard but I just want this over and the more people group outside family, the worse it gets. Christmas will be another surge. I’m shocked when I drive by malls how packed parking lots are. Anyway…. we all do what we can and that’s all we can ask. You look so pretty in these pictures. I received my zella fleece like yours, but I got the all green one. So cozy and soft. Thanks for recommendation. 

  14. I love the teal, gray and black outfit. I combine the same colors, but with teal velvet pants, a gray tunic and gray or black booties.

  15. I love Naadam! I’m waiting on the marled cashmere boyfriend crew (in grey), which is supposed to be delivered today. I also bought two of their ribbed scarves for gifts. I’m glad to hear your report on the recycled cashmere…I tend to have a problem with wool (except for cashmere), and the lower rating on the softness scale worried me. I swear that last year they gave more measurements, including length, but this year they haven’t, which is frustrating. Especially since the lengths seem much shorter. I’ve been tempted by that teal color. I bought the hoodie in the wine color and have gotten so many compliments on it. Thanks for the reviews! Must go check out a couple more things. 😉

  16. I love your posts and how “real” you are with all of us. We are “hunkered” down again here in Alaska for the month of December. Praying for your time with your family and your continued safety.

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