My Favorite Things

I’m bringing back my weekly Facebook Lives, and I decided to kick them off with a bang! Or, you know, a favorite things list.

I mean, who doesn’t love a Favorite Things list . . . especially at Christmastime!?!

You can watch the replay HERE if you missed it.

Rather than try to link every item in the Facebook Live description, I decided to put everything in a blog post, so I only need a link to this post!

I did one of these posts last February, and not surprisingly, there are a lot of duplicates. I say not surprisingly because this is not a list of new finds for this season (although there are a few new finds in here.) But rather, this is a roundup of things I love so much that I’ve been using them for years or I buy them over and over.

I tried to include a variety of price points, but I will admit that a lot of these are splurgier items because those are often the things that are made to last. Or they’re just so good, they’re worth spending a little more.

But there’s quite a mix in here — from beauty to fashion to tech to travel. Okay, not so much tech. (Technology is not one of my favorite things. It’s simply a means to an end, in my opinion.)

Anyway! I put everything I could in a shopping widget, but there are a few additions at the end. Also, if you watch the broadcast, you’ll see that I didn’t mention all of these things… but I left them in here anyway. They’re all favorites, I just ran out of time.

My Favorite Things

And a few things I couldn’t link with ShopStyle . . .

billie razors // These razors are game changers! They come with a magnetic holder and two replaceable cartridges for $9, and they will send 4 replacement cartridges for $9 every month or two (you choose.)

Truffle Clarity Clutches // I love these for travel and for compartmentalizing stuff in my purse.

T3 Twirl Trio // My curling wand, gentle on my delicate hair (there are 5 heat settings, I use #3.) Makes beautiful curls and holds all day. (I use the 1″ barrel.)

Abeo Slippers with Built-In Orthotics // These are as cute and cozy as UGGs but they have a built-in orthotic — perfect for finicky feet!

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24 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. Great post, JoLynne!  I had to miss the Facebook live.  In other news, Santa has purchased the David Yurman oval link bracelet for me…hee hee! 

    1. WOOHOO!!! You will love it! I’ve had mine for… gosh, like 15 years, I think. It still is gorgeous. I had to send it away once to get the clasp fixed, and it came back looking like new.

  2. There is a VERY annoying tab on the left of your page that comes out WAY too far and obliterates a LOT of the content….what your writing and the pictures. It’s been getting worse and worse and today I basically could not even read your post…..not to mention all of the annoying ads that keep popping up all over the place. No other bloggers posts do this. I hope it can be fixed. Otherwise, your posts will be unreadable to me. 

    1. I’m not having this issue on either device I use to see these posts. I’m thinking it’s a problem you might be having. So sorry. 

    2. I don’t have this issue either…and I read on both my laptop and my phone. I agree with Sherli that you might want to have someone who’s knowledgeable about computers take a look (for me that’s my 19 year old son, lol!)

    3. So the tab on the left is a social sharing plugin that went rogue. It isn’t supposed to be that big. I kept meaning to fix it, but I have a huge computer screen, so it wasn’t covering my content, and I didn’t realize how bothersome it was. It’s gone now. 🙂

      As for the ads, I understand that they are annoying, but they go a long way towards offsetting the costs of running this site. I try to keep them as unobtrusive as possible, and they should not be covering my content.

      If they suddenly look unusually large or are doing weird things, please screenshot it and let me know so I can get it fixed. That happened to someone last week, and it actually fixed itself, but I was glad she had a screenshot so I could see what she was seeing. I forwarded it to my ad network so they would know it happened and hopefully it won’t happen again.

      Anyway, if you are seeing anything out of the ordinary like that, please let me know, and a screenshot is always helpful.

  3. Great list!  I forward the cell phone holder info to the hubby & daughters, as a hint, hint!  I love all the info you provide!  Even though I’m not on FB, to be part of your FB Live, I was able to view the video of it last night, I loved it!  As always, so much great info!  

  4. I LOVE this list. Thank you for sharing! I have two questions. 1). What color do you purchase of the Joan Rivers hair color filler? I found it difficult to tell The differences in the darker shades on the website. My hair color is similar to your color. 
    2). The clarity clutches; can you say kore about the sizes you prefer? I realize it’s really a personal preference, but hope to learn a bit more from you. Once upon a time you shared what’s in your bag, and how you use  various storage bags to store items. I have things in a baggie right now. Shhh… Don’t tell. I need to up my game. Thanks. Deb. 

    1. The hair color is brunette. For the clarity clutches, I think I use the medium the most. I keep it in my tote bag and keep medicines and my inhaler in there. I don’t always carry it with me, but usually I do when I have a tote. The smaller one is nice for charging cords and earphones.

  5. I love these posts JoLynne! I have to agree that the Joan Rivers hair filler is a must! It does an amazing job of covering grays and filling in those spots where hair gets thin. And that Solar Oil has been the best thing for my nails during the cold winter months. I wish all of your gift posts went to my hubby and kids 😉 —so many things I want!

  6. I was actually available for the Facetime chat yesterday and I totally forgot about it. I’m so bummed! Great list, Jo-Lynne. Santa (aka me) may be gifting me the slippers. We don’t wear shoes in our house so I need slippers I can wear for hours at a time. After a bout with plantar fasciitis, I’m being so careful. I love my Uggs, but they are just not that supportive. Thanks for the recommendation. I’d searched the Internet and not found many choices for supportive slippers.

  7. I got my middle-school aged niece one of the pretty Swell water bottles for her birthday and she loves it and takes it to school with her. I see a lot of her basketball teammates have similar pretty water bottles on the sidelines at games–I’m thinking these may have become one of those teenage status symbols at this point, at least at her school. These really do make a great gift, and they come in so many colors and patterns there’s something for just about anyone.

  8. I absolutely love the picture of you holding the gift!!  Well, there are three of your favorite things that I am definitely going to check out and probably purchase.  I hope the choral performance goes well tonight!

  9. Thank you for your friendly and informative posts. I am interested in the Joan Rivers hair powder and was wondering if the color ran a little on the dark or light side. It’s hard to tell exactly what shade your hair is on the computer. Also, do you have a favorite shampoo and conditioner b/c my hair is also fine?

  10. Hey Jo-Lynn… you have a link to the Tues. LIVE you had if we didn’t get to do it?  Am I missing it today in this post?  

  11. Your lists are excellent this year.  The sales over wknd and especially Cyper Monday were extremely helpful.  I purchased a lot of gifts and those Sorel boots (sale) in gray.. Tory Burch with 30 off many items was a nice addition.  Thank you for all your work and I hope the commission comes your way.  

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