Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best of What’s Left

Well, if you can believe it, we’ve survived another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Yes, the epic fall sale event we love (or love to hate) is finally winding down.

(It ends tomorrow, August 30, but I’m not sure exactly what time. I’m assuming around midnight, eastern time.)

First, I want to acknowledge that I realize many were disappointed with how this year’s sale operated, with the different cardholder shopping dates and limited inventory. I hear you, and I’m with you. The best thing you can do is submit your feedback to Nordstrom, as they truly do want to hear your thoughts and opinions on how things went this year.

I was asked for my feedback as an influencer, and I conveyed my personal opinions as well as those expressed by many of you.

While it’s easy to hate on a big faceless company like Nordstrom, please know that there are real people behind the scenes, trying to make it a good experience for all involved, and they are listening.

Meanwhile, there are some good deals still left to be had, and I’ve scoured the website to find the best of the best.

#NSale 2020: Best of What’s Left

Nordstrom Signature cashmere cardigan

Franco Sarto Asti Bootie (size down half)

Vince Henderson Chelsea boots (TTS)

Spanx The Perfect Black Pant Back Seam Skinny Pants also in Petite and Tall (TTS; wearing M) // Vionic Bianca (TTS)

Vince Funnel Neck Wool Blend Pullover (TTS) // Mother Looker Ripped High Waist Fray Ankle Skinny Jeans (TTS; low inventory)

Vince Wool and Cashmere Sweater // Mother Looker Ripped High Waist Fray Ankle Skinny Jeans (TTS; low inventory)

Madewell Remi Mule (TTS or size up if in between)

Caslon Drape Collar Knit Blazer (TTS)

Paige Verdugo Ripped Raw Hem Skinny Jeans (TTS or size up if in between; wearing 28 but they’re snug)

Sofft Somers Sneaker Mule (TTS)

Vince V-Neck Nep Wool Blend Sweater (TTS)

Vince Mock Neck Step Hem Wool & Cashmere Sweater (TTS)

Vince Stripe Wool & Cashmere Sweater (wearing M) // Good American Good Legs High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans (TTS; low inventory)

rag & bone Dre Slim Fit Ankle Boyfriend Jeans (size down; wearing 27) // Vince Camuto Gradina Block Heel Bootie (TTS; low inventory)

Shop These Styles & More:

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19 thoughts on “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best of What’s Left

  1. I really like how you put this post together!  Thank you!  Oh how I wish the Franco Sarto booties came in narrow and had arch support.  I’m sorry it’s a rainy day for y’all!  We are having 20+ wind gusts from Laura, which helps it seem cooler than what it is, and there’s a chance of rain.  Great day to do laundry and read!

  2. Is the VC Gradina bootie comfortable? Reviews on Nordstrom seem mixed with a lot of reviewers saying they’re uncomfortable. One person said the Gigietta is much more comfortable, which I have. 

    1. I feel like they’re very similar to the Gigietta (which I also have.) I did have to size up half, as I also did with the Gigietta. They inside may be a tad stiffer, but I don’t mind them. It’s hard to compare, as my Gigietta are pretty well broken in. I wore them a lot.

      1. Thanks! I bought the black since I have too many suede booties which aren’t wearable in messy weather. I’d love a post on wearing and pairing black shoes as I find them difficult to style. They always seem to look “heavy” to me and make my feet look bigger. 😊

        1. Interesting, I will keep that in mind when I style outfits and try to figure out why/when they work. I often add shoes last, and black often seems to make the most sense – esp in fall and winter. But I’m not always thinking about the why. 🙂

  3. I agree JoLynne. I too was disappointed with the low inventory, yet I understand in these times the extreme challenge Nordstrom faced this year. I am one who has had great experiences with their customer service, as well as orders and returns. Thank you for all you do! I ordered the Sofft camo sneakers, and they are so comfortable. 

  4. Happy Saturday! I’m finally catching up on your posts this week. I started to open a few and never had time to read through; online teaching has been grueling. I’ve also been experiencing tons of connectivity problems & got shut out of my Zoom lessons several times…..then when I’d get internet back, I’d rejoin and my students would be all confused or out of control! 😫 It is going to be tough to do this until June! (I’m 100% online the whole school year.) 
    I’m so thankful August is ending; its our hottest month. When I woke up this morning I was thrilled to see (and feel) the return of the marine layer. Out my kitchen window I can see clouds over the hills near the ocean. 🥰 I think we’re going to go for a walk down at the harbor today and get lunch outside at one of our favorite seaside cafes. 
    So I didn’t shop the Nsale this year. I even have gift cards to spend, but I couldn’t find anything. I am planning to go on their site today and leave feedback about this year’s sale and share my disappointment. Is it better to share on their social media sites or their actual website? I just don’t understand why they featured sale items that are not new. Several of the  “must have” items were from last year and I bought them at last year’s sale. Also, I don’t understand the hype over certain beauty items. For example, why was that Bobbi Brown lipstick duo so popular? I’ve never seen it before. What color is it and is it really that good? If it’s THAT good of a color on everyone, maybe I’ll look fir it at Sephora but I couldn’t find a color name for it. Do you know the name of it? 
    I’m now shopping for more lounge wear (joggers, tees, tanks) because that is pretty much my life right now. When I’m on Zoom, I put on pretty earrings and a necklace, and I’m good to go. I did put in an order from Anthropologie last week for a couple cute casual dresses, two new tops, and a pair of cargo pants. Can’t wait to get them! 
    I know you’re planing to start your 30 days of falls outfits series and I’d love to see more ways to wear joggers. 
    Now I’m going to go read your post about pant and jean styles. So glad to hear you’re not in the storm path and relaxing today. 🌼

    1. Heather……I don’t know how you teachers do it. I feel for you all with all the changes.  My  brother is 57 and still teaching and has to go to the classroom and all students and teachers have to wear masks.  He is middle school and he doesn’t know how he’s going to keep masks on them nor wear one himself all day.  Most schools though, are doing online in our area.  All I can say is you’all deserve more pay.  Blessings.  

      1. Kathy- Thank you for that. 💕 I  definitely  appreciate you acknowledging how difficult our teaching jobs are right now. It’s been so different getting to know all my students virtually! Good luck to your brother; having to deal with masks and constant disinfecting and all the rest must be so hard! 

        1. Heather…. your most welcome. I don’t think you teachers get enough praise. Hope your new system to boost your WiFi helps. I still can’t figure out how the parents that both work outside the home are doing it when they may have little kids doing online school. What a problem to solve. I’m assuming too many kids left at home that shouldn’t be and getting nothing done. Hang in there. 

    2. Hey girl. Definitely go to their website, and fill out any surveys you might get sent to your email. I think I even saw a popup asking for feedback on the website. Their social channels have been inundated with cranky customers, and whoever is behind those accounts must be losing her mind, lol. I’m sure there are several – at least, I hope so for their sakes. They do respond to each one, and I know they take that feedback to the decision makers, but I think the best place to go is to the website.

      And secondly, I am hats off to every single teacher out there. One of my best friends just finished her first week – she is teaching 3rd grade in-person. She said it is by far the most challenging thing she’s ever done, but the kids really are rising to the occasion. I’m sure remote teaching has its own set of challenges, and OMYWORD, the technological stuff alone. I would be losing my ever loving mind. Thank you for all you do.

      1. Thanks JoLynne, it’s  all SO different! (Even though we did it in the spring.) And yes, tech issues are pushing me over the edge! My district is using a new online learning system this year so we’re all trying to learn it quickly and of course many kids and parents get stuck trying to open links or turn in their work. During Zoom I am dealing with kids not using the chat appropriately or I’m constantly telling a few to turn their cameras so I can see their face….and then despite having their mics muted, we still sometimes get the inevitable background noise of a parent talking on the phone or yelling at another child. 🤣 Oh my! 

        For my own house connection problems, I’ve been researching the Google WiFi “nest” booster system for our house. We’ve had such bad internet issues lately that we need something to prevent the dead zones. 

        And yes- I will fill out that Nordstrom survey to give my feedback on this year’s sale. 😉

  5. Jo-Lynne-thank you so much for your coverage of this year’s anniversary sale. I know it must have been more challenging with all of the variables this year.
    I purchased  the Franco Sarto booties in the tan and I love them-very comfortable for my finicky feet!  I also purchased the Caslon blazer which I know will look great with my fall outfits. Since I live in a warmer climate I will probably even be able to wear that blazer into January.

  6. Thanks for all you do to keep us in the know with the sales etc. Just received my spanx black pants in one size and the other size is coming. I need to try them today.  Hope at least one fits. Have a good rainy day.  We don’t have rain here on the West coast but the clouds are rolling in and its suppose to be cooler for 2 days and then HOT.    

  7. I purchased the Kut from the Kloth Donna jeans and the VC Arendara booties from the N sale. Both fit perfectly and I appreciate your thorough reporting so I could get the sizing right. I have a narrow foot and the booties are quite comfortable. Thank you for all of your help!

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