Olive Cold Shoulder Top + White Jeans Under $100

Hello, friends. Happy Monday! This weekend flew by, and I just realized I never even wrote my Sunday Coffee Talk yesterday.

I wish I could tell you I accomplished all the things I set out to accomplish, but my office and bedroom are still a mess, winter clothes still need to be put away in the attic, and I’m already behind on my posts for this week.

On the plus side, we did manage to shoot an outfit, I got a chance to take my daughter to the mall for some things she needs, and I fit in a nap yesterday afternoon, so the weekend wasn’t a total wash.

This is a variation on the outfit I wore to dinner on Saturday night, although we shot this look that morning.

I ended up swapping out the necklace for a simple pendant and the wedges for flat sandals, but I wanted to share a look that’s a little bit dressier to show how this simple cold shoulder tee can be dressed up for a fun night out look.

This top came in my last Trunk Club, and it is the only piece I kept. I’m not sure I would have ordered it if I’d seen it online first, but the second I put it on, I knew it was a keeper.

It’s made of a super soft modal blend, so it’s a bit dressier than an ordinary knit tee and it has a nice drape to it. It’s rather long so I always front-tuck it, as seen here. For size reference, I’m wearing the small. I would say it runs a little big because sometimes I need a medium in tops.

I’ve worn this top quite a few times with my blue jeans, but for this look, I paired it with white.

While I love my premium denim, I know not everyone reading along shares my priorities, so I wanted to feature white jeans under $100. The ones I’m wearing in this post are by Articles of Society, and they retail for $59. I feel like they’re a good value for that price, but I definitely don’t like them as much as my Paige and J.Brand white jeans.

On the plus side, these jeans are not see-through, and they have a flattering fit. I also like the way they did the distressing in the knees. Unfortunately, they do stretch out with wear.

I ordered a 28 because the sizing advice on the Nordstrom website was to size down, but I think I could wear a 27. I usually wear a 28 or 29 in jeans, for reference. (They look fine in these pictures, but after I had them on for a few hours, I noticed they were getting pretty baggy.) So just keep that in mind if you order a pair — definitely size down.

I’m also not a fan of this frayed hem. I’ve learned that I prefer a raw hem to the frayed. The frayed hems always look contrived to me, even on pricier denim brands. I realize that I’m super picky about details like this, but I wanted to point out the differences because details are important.

I’ll be sticking with my J.Brand destructed white skinnies, but I think these are great jeans for someone wanting the look for less.

The other thing I want to mention is they’re a little bit too long to be ankle-length on me, so I’d recommend these for women taller than my 5’5″. I do get occasional requests for recommendations for raw/frayed hem jeans for taller women, so here you go!

I accessorized with this layer necklace and a couple of gold bangles from kate spade new york. I removed the lariat part of the necklace for a cleaner look, but I sort of think I would have liked it better had I kept that part on. It would coordinate nicely with my shoes and bag.

I wore neutral shoes and handbag — I like the cognac with the olive and white, but you could definitely do grey or even a pretty blush. And of course, it isn’t necessary to match your shoes and handbag. A pop of pink or coral would be pretty with this outfit.

I like how there are so many options with this top. As I said, I wore it with my cropped white jeans and tan sandals for a casual dinner, and I wore it with blue jeans and ballet flats with a cardigan on top for travel to and from Dallas a few weeks ago. It also came in handy for dining out a couple of times while I was down there. I paired it with blue jeans and espadrille wedges one night, and another day with white jeans and lace-up block heel sandals. If you’re not a fan of olive green, it also comes in blue, orange, and black.

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Halogen Cold Shoulder Tee // frayed hem white jeans // layer necklace // mom engraved idiom bangle & mom knows best mama bear bracelet c/o kate spade new york // similar wedge sandals here and here // similar hobo here and here

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25 Responses

  1. I really like these cold shoulder tops for us older women. As much as I like the OTS shirts (and I finally have a couple), it’s so nice to be able to wear a “real” bra with these instead of a strapless bra!! (it’s the little things, right?)
    It seems like all of my jeans stretch out a little over the day. Unless it’s because of the brands? But sometimes when I try them on fresh out of the washer/dryer–they seem too tight? It does make it harder when I’m buying them….

    1. My AG, Paige, and DL do not stretch out. They may get more comfortable and form to my body throughout the day, but they don’t get baggy. I find that Joe’s and 7 For All Mankind do stretch out a lot and I have to buy them really tight. I’m sure there are some less expensive brands that don’t bag out, but I haven’t found them. Except for those Lee Bounce Back jeans – those didn’t bag out at all and they were like $20, lol. But they didn’t feel as soft and comfortable as my premium denim.

      1. I really wonder what about those brands make the jeans so great, that they don’t stretch out??? I may have to actually buy a pair and experience it myself….
        But I always want to know the why…..(my husband always comments that my poor mother had to be at her wit’s end when I was growing up because I’m sure I said “why?” all the time then too!!! ha ha)

        1. Jodi, Kelly from adore your warobe says to read the label for cotton content. I just started doing this, so I don’t have the experience yet for purchasing advise. She says she buys jeans with more cotton and less stretchy stuff. My favorite pair has less cotton and more stretchy, go figure. I’m just trying to be more aware of the fit my current jeans have, to decide what’s best for me. Check her advise out on line. Jo-Lynne is the one that introduced me to Kelly. I don’t know if this helps to answer why, because I’m still learning, but maybe it’s a start to understanding the why. ????

          1. Yes, I asked her that question, actually, and she answered it in one of her videos. My favorite AG jeans are 98% cotton and they definitely don’t bag out, but I also have jeans from Paige and DL that have more stretchy stuff, and they don’t stretch out either, so I’m really not sure.

      2. Hi, I know you love your DLs but I haven’t seen you in white ones; do they make them? Can you include in your white jean post? I only ask because I love my DLs also (thank you for the tip!). I have tried the white jeans in AG and PAIGE but no matter what size, thepuckering at seams make them appear too tight. ????

        1. Yes, I had the Florence style for a long time, and they’re great. I tried the Margaux yesterday, and I have pictures. I didn’t love the cut, something about the crop, but they were verrrry comfortable.

    1. It’s the quality of fabric, but also the washes usually look a lot better than lower priced brands, and they usually just fit better overall and are generally more flattering.

  2. I just purchased a cute pair of 2″ block sandals in the color of jeans. What can I wear with them?

    1. I love shoes that color! I ordered some denim pumps and was so bummed I had to return them – they didn’t stay on my feet. I think they look great with white jeans, or white dresses if you’re a dress girl. They’d also pair well with the pale pink jeans that are popular, and you can even wear them with blue jeans and any color on top. Think of them more as a neutral (like denim).

    2. Kimberly….I’d wear the denim block heel sandals with any navy patterned/floral tops and they’d go with most solid color tops, but if wearing jeans, I’d make sure the denim of the sandals doesn’t match exactly or best to wear blush jeans/pants or even white jean/pants. They will go well with sundresses too, depending on the color of the dress. Coral would be pretty with denim heels. 🙂 Just my thought. I’m sure Jolynne knows more.

  3. It was great timing to see this outfit. i purchased the same top in blue last weekend, and a pair of white jeans. My “struggle” is what color shoes to wear with the outfit – white jeans in particular. I like your pairing with the neutral light brown. I’ll have to try that out. The pair that you show in the buying area is cute, but a bit pricey for me, but I’ll keep looking.

  4. HI JoLynne–what’s the difference between raw hem and frayed hem jeans? I thought it was the same thing just different terminology depending on the manufacturer.

    1. You know, I did too, and then I realized that there is actually a difference. I think the reason the frayed looks kind of goofy to me is because they have cut off the hem (or you know, just cut the fabric instead of hemming it) and then they fray the edge and then sew a line of stitches around it so it won’t unravel, whereas the raw hem looks like you just cut off your jeans (which is probably basically what they do.) Does that make sense? I was using the words interchangeably until I realized they’re actually two different techniques. Both are supposed to look careless and cut-off, but the frayed edge looks kind of contrived (in my opinion) whereas the raw hem looks more natural.

      1. That’s a really helpful explanation, Jo-Lynne. I agree that the frayed edge looks more contrived. I wonder if it’s because the fraying is so even – it almost looks like a fringe rather than the accidental/natural unravelling of thread that might happen if you cut off the fabric and left it unhemmed.

  5. Forgot to comment on your top when replying to Kimberly. 🙂 Love your top. I can tell in the picture the fabric is soft and hangs nicely. It looks great on you. Love the jewelry you added. Perfect touch.

  6. I have a business casual event coming up this week. It’s a cocktail party with dancing but it is considered business casual wear. I have a hard time with business casual because I work from home. Would you wear a cold shoulder top or an off the shoulder top to a business event? I am also having a hard time putting my colors together. If I wore white cropped dress pants and a black top..what color shoes should I wear and not be matchy by wearing black shoes.

    1. Hey Tracy, if it’s a cocktail party, I’m sure you’ll see a little bit of everything. My husband’s holiday office party always says “business casual” but women are always dressed up. I’d probably err on the side of dressier more than casual. I think a cold shoulder top with white cropped pants would be nice, and I’d jazz it up with heels and jewelry. With white cropped pants and a black top, I’d go with a neutral shoe or a fun color. Metallic always works too. I hope that helps!

  7. I wear a lot of the Articles of Society jeans and do agree that you need to order down a size because they do stretch somewhat. I also found them at Nordstrom Rack so I would suggest people check there first as often they have reduced prices.

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