Outdated Fashion Trends & What to Wear Instead

When it comes to fashion trends, I probably get more questions about what is OUT than about what is IN, so today I’m updating a popular post about some of the fashion trends that are looking tired to me at the moment and I’m wearing instead.

But first, a disclaimer: The idea of styles being “in” or “out” is becoming an outdated concept in and of itself. Trends exist on a continuum, and the popularity of a certain a style or wardrobe item rises and falls over a period of time. Also, some take longer than others to wax and wane.

These days, trends are cycling through the continuum faster than ever before, and what looks outdated to one person might look current to another, depending on where they live and what type of lifestyle they lead… So take this list with a grain of salt.

As always, if you love it, wear it. There are no fashion police who are going to throw you in jail for wearing skinny jeans! But if you are looking to purge some outdated items from your closet, this is a good place to start.

OUT: Jersey Knit Maxi Skirts

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt

For years, my post on How to Wear a Maxi Skirt was one of my most popular, due to this picture being pinned a gazillion times on Pinterest:


Those long black jersey knit maxi skirts were super popular for a few years back in the early 2010s, but they were hard to style in a flattering way, and I wasn’t sad to pass mine on when they started looking dated.

Wear Instead: Denim Midi Skirts

J.Crew Denim Midi

A more modern look would be a denim midi skirt, similar to the one shown above, or even a denim maxi skirt, if you like the longer lengths. The long satin midi skirts cut on a bias are also having a moment right now, and would be a more current look.

OUT: Infinity Scarves

Infinity scarves have been “out” for a while, but I still get questions about them, so I wanted to include them here.

Also, the big square blanket scarves tied kerchief style have come and gone. I mean, seriously, what were we thinking… lol!

I felt silly wearing those, even at the time, but that’s what we did!

Wear Instead: Traditional Oblong Scarves

A more classic choice and one that never goes out of style is a traditional oblong scarf worn as a winter outerwear accessory.

Burberry scarf (option/option) // black wool coat // similar sweater // PAIGE denim // LØCI Origin sneakers (more options)

These are typically made of wool or cashmere, but you can find cotton and acrylic versions if you’re allergic to wool. I mainly wear these as a cold weather accessory. It’s not something I’ll wear after going inside.

Fashion scarves that you wear as part of your outfit aren’t trending, but they’re a classic wardrobe accessory that can be worn in a modern way if they suit your style.

OUT: Cold Shoulder Tops

Yes, my friends, the cold shoulder trend has come and gone… It arrived on the fashion scene very suddenly, and it was everywhere for about two years, and then it disappeared almost as fast. That’s the sure sign of a fleeting trend.

Wear Instead: Strategically Placed Cut-Outs

LNA Emelie Rib Top (M) // AG velvet flares (29)

What is in style are more strategically placed cut-outs, such as this ribbed top from Evereve, or this one is cute too. I love this trend, as it’s fresh and fun, it shows a little skin without being immodest, and you can still wear a regular bra with it.

I should add that I see this as another fleeting trend, so if you prefer to replace your cold-shoulder tops with something with more longevity, asymmetrical necklines are popular right now, but won’t look outdated as quickly. I also have and like this one.

OUT: Long Tassel Pendant Necklaces

Some long pendants are classics, but the big stone tassel pendants (see above) that were a huge trend for a short time are definitely looking outdated.

Again, what makes an item super trendy is when it gets popular really fast, you see it everywhere, and then it’s gone after only one or two seasons.

Wear Instead: Shorter, Layer Necklaces

Madewell Story Set of 3 Layered Necklaces (similar option)

A more modern look in necklaces are the shorter, layered styles similar to the one shown above. This one keeps going in and out of stock, but I like how it has a mix of gold and silver, and the pendant is reversible so you can choose with metal tone you want to be predominant.

To gauge what styles of accessories are current, I like to look at what is selling on Anthro and Evereve. I see a lot of this style without the pendant, paperclip chain necklaces are popular right now, and I’m seeing more chunky pendants popping up lately, too.

OUT: Low-Rise Legging-Style Skinny Jeans

I’m sure no one is surprised to see these in this list. Skinny jeans were so popular for so long because they are so practical and easy to pair with all different types of shoes. While they are on the back burner at the moment, there is a place for the more classic style.

What looks especially dated right now are the “legging ankle jeans” – particularly the ones with rips and tears, such as the ones I’m wearing above. Oh, how I loved those jeans…

Wear Instead: Almost Any Other Silhouette

MOTHER Roller (29) // Frame tee (XS) // Amazon straw clutch // Kork-Ease sandals (8) // Amazon rattan earrings // Madewell layered necklace // YSL belt // Victoria Emerson bracelet

Seriously! Pretty much anything else looks more modern. Wide leg styles are finally hitting the mainstream and are in just about every store at my local mall. Big cuffs and interesting hem details are also having a moment.

Flares are also making a comeback, and I could not be happier about it. I always loved this style!

PAIGE Laurel Canyon (29) // Vince blouse // leather bomber (option)  // Marc Fisher boots

Bootcut jeans fall into this category; they just don’t have quite as wide a leg opening, and you have to be more careful with those because they can also look dated if they come too close to resembling the super low-rise styles we all wore in the early aughts.

Full-length flares, like those shown above, as well as ankle-length styles (shown below) and crop flares are all trending this season.

Mother Hustler Raw Hem Flare Ankle Jeans (29) // Sam Edelman booties (8) // Andrew Marc coat (S) // similar scarf

If you’re not a fan of flares, straight leg jeans are still trending in cropped, ankle, and full-length styles. I like to have a variety in my closet.

AGOLDE Riley Long Jean // Lucky Brand plaid jacket // Madewell thermal // VEJA Esplar

The slouchy look is more fashion-forward, but if you don’t care for that, the slimmer straight jeans like the ones shown above look more current than skinnies, and they allow you to achieve a similar balance in your outfits.

OUT: Dusters & Waterfall Cardigans

Cardigans as a general wardrobe piece are a classic, but certain styles wax and wane in terms of popularity. I’ve given away all my waterfall cardigans, and I would say, only wear the super long duster style if it helps define your personal style. I never felt comfortable in those to begin with, so I was happy to let mine go.

Wear Instead: Shorter V-Neck Cardigans

Cardigans may not be on the cutting edge of fashion, but traditional styles can look chic if styled in a current way. One trendy way to wear a cardigan this season is to wear a v-neck cardigan buttoned-up, like the one shown here.

Splendid cardigan // MOTHER denim // Dolce Vita western boots

This is another popular style that I’ve been seeing everywhere this year. Stripes are also trending right now, so combining the stripes with the shorter v-neck cardigan is a nice way to keep it current.

Rails cardigan // AG Mari // Marc Fisher boots

If you like longer lengths, the v-neck button-up styles look most current to my eye.

Treasure & Bond cardigan // black tank // PAIGE Anessa // Marc Fisher boots

Longer cardigans and open styles without buttons can look current too; it’s all about playing around with proportion and styling them with modern pieces.

OUT: Short Cut-Out Ankle Boots

The low shaft ankle boots with the cut-outs on the sides were a huge trend for a few years, when skinny jeans were at the height of popularity, as they were the perfect pairing.

And before you say, “But they still sell them in stores…” Just because stores sell something doesn’t make it current. You can find almost anything in stores these days, because stores stock what sells. Yes, you can still buy these, but if you are trying to update your look, you probably want to pass.

Wear Instead: Higher Shaft Booties

Blondo Sadie

No trend exists in a vacuum, so as longer length jeans came back into vogue, so did booties with higher shafts which fit up underneath them so nicely. The Blondo booties I’m wearing above are a good example of a more current style.

Paul Green Lug Sole Bootie

Lug sole boots are popular right now, as well, as are Chelsea boots and the like. Higher shaft booties work especially well with more cropped denim styles.

OUT: Slip-On Sneakers

This is another style of shoe that was supremely popular for a few years, and now it’s more or less on the back burner. It’s a more classic look than, say, the low shaft cut-out bootie; but if you are trying to update your style, there are more current options available.

Wear Instead: Field Sneakers

J.Crew Field Sneakers

This is not the ONLY current looking sneaker style, but it’s probably the most popular at the moment, inspired by the Adidas Samba, which has taken the fashion world by storm.

I am personally embracing this trend, as it’s so practical for my casual lifestyle. I have the J.Crew style pictured above, as well as the P448 Monza and the Vince Oasis in my closet at the moment. It’s that gum sole and the low-profile lace-up that you’re looking for.

Not a fan of the field sneaker? High tops styles are also coming in strong this spring, as well as the chunkier court sneakers and vintage runners. Also, as far as color trends go, metallic sneakers are having a moment… in fact, silver shoes in general are trending right now.

OUT: Camo Print

These old pictures are cracking me up. This is from 2017, and I loved that tee so much…. and those jeans. But yeah, camo is on the back burner at the moment. It comes back around every few years, so if you have a piece you love, don’t get rid of it. Just stick it in the back of your closet for the season.

Wear Instead: Stripes

similar stripe tee

Stripes are a classic print that never go out of style, but they are having a major moment right now. I have my eye on this short leeve stripe tee for spring.

OUT: Colored Jeans

I hesitate to leave this in here because colored jeans have been popping up here and there over the past season or two, but I haven’t seen them really take hold yet. We’ll have to see what happens this spring. If you do wear them, styling them with a monochromatic outfit looks the most current at the moment.

Wear Instead: Washed Black or Ecru

Paige denim (29) // Sanctuary faux fur coat (S) // Vince sweater (S) // Blondo Sadie boots (8)

If you’re wanting an alternative to blue jeans, rather than a color like red or plum or green, I’d go with washed black or ecru. I’ve also seen some khaki-colored denim. In other words, neutral denim washes are more current.

I’m sure I could go on. What else are you wondering about? I’m not an expert, by any means, but I pay attention, and I can tell you what I think based on what I’m seeing in mainstream retail stores and on the other influencers I follow for style inspiration.

And please remember, none of this information is meant to be a personal affront to your wardrobe choices, nor should it make you feel like you have to dump your wardrobe and start over from scratch.

We are living in a time where personal style trumps trends, and fashion should be fun, not stressful. Feel free to take it, or leave it; and as always, wear what makes you happy!

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0 Responses

  1. Love this post and always look forward to reading it. Quick question about “colored” jeans. My work dress code etc. prohibits “blue” jeans but I have a lot of nicer colored jean outfits that I wear instead. (WHBM, etc) I teach so I stand and move all day. Heels and dress pants aren’t practical, neither is wearing a dress or skirt every day. If these are out, is there an affordable alternative that you might recommend? Thank you!

    1. Like I mentioned here, off black and ecru and other neutrals are always options. Or go with a colored jean in a more modern silhouette. I just noticed these at LOFT. Or style the ones you have in a modern way, it’s not like you can’t wear them and look stylish. It just takes some work.

    1. Great question, Melissa. I have a lot of dark wash jeans of varying lengths and a lot of times my white sneakers look ‘off’ to me, but I am not sure what sneaker-equivalent would work with dark wash. Thanks for bringing this up!

    2. Melissa and Kristy, I have Birkenstock black sneakers, which I love and I think they look great with straight-leg jeans. They have a white sole so I think it’s a good balance. They are also extremely supportive–good arch support.

  2. Great post and love the “what to wear instead of”. Thank you for sharing and for all your hard work. One thing I struggle with is what actual pieces stand the test of time-what essentials are best to have or buy that stay current for several years? I get this is probably a tough question:). I do buy quality clothing but I want it or hopefully it stays in vogue so to speak for 5-8 years. OR maybe being in my early 50s with college tuition and inflation with a recently retired husband are on my brain lol

    1. As a rule, the more classic or traditional the styling of an item is, the more longevity it has. Simpler styles last the longest. The trends are usually in the details, if that makes sense.

      1. I struggle with this look with my straight leg jeans , I feel like they are too long and end up bunching up and I look frumpy . I think your jeans have to be just the right length . I think the skinny sometimes works better for me with these boots .

        1. I struggled with it at first too and then I thought back to before skinnies were a thing, and remembered that we all wore our straight jeans bunched up with our winter boots, lol! The other option is a wider straight leg over the boot – sometimes cuffed. I’ve seen this done in a fashion-forward way, but it’s not my preferred silhouette, so I just stick with my slim straight ankle jeans.

          1. And remember folding the flap on flares to fit them inside a boot? Funny to look back and laugh at all the things we did and wore!

        2. I agree. It also aggravates me having the fabric bunched up. I kept one pair of skinny jeans in my closet for this exact scenario. I figure if it’s that cold, I don’t care if I’m out of style! Fortunately I live in the Deep South so it only happens a couple days a year!

  3. Good Morning Jo-Lynne
    Thank you for this post. I am in agreement with what’s out and what’s the other options!!! The other options look much better!!

    Have a Blessed week ahead!!

  4. 2 questions: How do the Mother Roller fit? TTS? Sizing seems to vary for me depending on the style in that brand. Im looking for a good straight leg ankle jean in my wardrobe and like the Agolde. Do they have any stretch? Should I order my normal size?
    Love seeing the old pictures! Yes, those styles do looked dated now. (Although I still have long knit maxi skirts in my closet and just cannot part with them. So so comfortable and easy to throw on with a tank or tee in the summer when I’m just hanging around the house or at the beach. A lot of teachers wear them because they’re so comfortable to wear all day when around little ones.)

  5. I already have gotten rid of some styles like black maxi skirts infinity scarves and cascade cardigans. I’m still wearing my slip on sneakers. I wore straight leg jeans since I didn’t like skinny jeans so that’s the majority of my jeans. I wear what I like and suits my body and I dress to look taller (most of the time). There are so many fashion opinions out there though. One blogger said opposite of what you said “just because it’s in the store doesn’t mean it’s in style”. I wanted to disagree and mention your name but she knows you. There are many women who cling to every word a fashion blogger or YouTuber say and get rid of nice stuff that may suit them or be practical to their lifestyle. It’s good you put a disclaimer. I notice just about every blogger does.

    1. Oh goodness, please don’t go and argue with another blogger based on anything I say, lol! We are all just sharing our opinions.

      You can find pretty much any style in stores, depending on where you shop and who that store caters to. I like what Jen at Everyday Style School says about determining whether an item is in style or not. Go to the retailer that most resonates with your style (not the big department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s that carry everything, but the smaller retailers who cater to particular styles like LOFT or Chico’s or Anthro or Evereve). For me, I like to look at Evereve because I feel like they best represent my personal style and how I want to look. And then see if the item you are wondering about looks like what they are selling currently. I hope that helps.

      1. I didn’t argue with her. I didn’t even say I don’t think it’s true. There are so many frumpy styles in department stores. I tell my granddaughter I wouldn’t wear those clothes if they gave them to me.

  6. I agree with you 100% its strange how something that looked so good a couple of years or even months earlier is just not quite right. I did buy a cute pair of straight leg orange cream jeans from j.jill. im topping it with a stripe long sleeve tee and cute loafers. My skinny jeans are in the back of my closet for now. Entertaining article!! Thanks.

  7. I have a hard time finding the right size shoe. What’s the sizing like on the Vince Oasis? I’m here for allllll the sneakers!

  8. I agree with everything! However, I must admit that I wore a pair of cut-out booties the other day. I wore them with long bootcuts, so the top of the bootie never showed, even when I sat down. I love the booties so I still have them.

  9. Thank you as always for this informative article. I love the adaptations you suggest in place of. SO glad that skinny jeans have been out, along with those infinity scarves! I never got into those and they stuck around for so long 🤣 I LOVE that flares are back-good for my hourglass shape 😃 Thanks again for your hard work JoLynne!

  10. I very recently went through my closet again and still have some scarves and very nice long necklaces I could move on. I also have a few Fossil leather bags I could move on! I do wear colored denim to work and mine are white, ivory, greys, and black. Thank you for your posts!

    1. Hi Julie! I had to comment. I was in a trendy clothing store just last week with my vintage Fossil brown leather crossbody bag (a beauty with gold hardware and the perfect zipper pocket for my phone!) and I got two compliments on it. Was asked if it was current because they wanted one. Then she said, “I bet it’s older because it looks so soft”. Funny story, my daughter passed it on to me because she had many other brown bags, and I’m pretty sure she wants it back! HAHA!

      1. Hi Sue,
        Thank you for your comment! I have purchased and carried Fossil bags for 25 years, and I still have several even if I move some on. I really like carrying their tote bags. All of their bags last SO long and I really love them!

  11. What if I wear an infinity scarf only as outerwear under my coat? So not inside as part of my outfit. Does that count as being out?

      1. Agree! I have beautiful, warm infinity scarves that I always wear with my coats. No fuss, and they keep my neck warm without unwrapping or having ends hanging out. (Oh, I have plenty of long oblong ones as well!!!

    1. It’s not exactly a current look, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it. I feel like any style of scarf worn with a coat when it’s cold outside looks appropriate. It just depends on how current and fashion-forward you want to look.

  12. Because I follow you and a few other fashion blogs, I feel like I can stay “up” with trends, but a couple of these I’m still into. I still wear longer cardigans (I like my backside covered sometimes) and I still love my slip on sneakers….I probably need to try the low profile sneakers but I just don’t think they look that cute 😬 well I guess it’s like you said wear what you love!{
    Thanks Jolynne for a great post and all of your hard work which makes it easier for some of us!{

  13. Hi Jolynn,
    I’ll admit I don’t usually chase trends, but I am concerned about something. For the past year or so I have LOVED the frayed hem look, primarily because I’m short and this lets me customize my length without spending a fortune on tailoring. I wonder if this look is still okay, or is it beginning to look dated?
    Thanks, and I LOVED this post!

      1. Have you ever taken a frayed pair of jeans to have them hemmed? I have some that are a little longer and hemming them wouldn’t make them to short.

  14. Love this post, thank you! I have fond memories of wearing my black maxi skirt with a fitted top and jean jacket. And low rise boot cut jeans with a top and long tassel pendant necklace. Those were purged long ago but fondly remembered LOL! The format of this post was fun and informational – thanks again!

  15. Question: I know that “socks” are the new trend however, I don’t like how they look with my shorter jeans. I like to see a little ankle but I’m freezing wearing flats. I know booties are an option but are all tall riding boots out of style? I’ve seen conflicting information on this. I have a few really nice pairs but since skinny jeans are out, I don’t know if/when to wear them.

    1. Tall boots with skirts are more in fashion than tall boots over skinnies. But I do occasionally see someone rocking that look in a modern way. They aren’t usually riding boots, though. And the rest of the outfit looks more current too – long overcoat, neutral tones or monochromatic, that kind of thing.

  16. Thanks! How about the lengths of tops in general? I feel like the style is now shorter and I’m not feeling stylish in the older, longer tops in my closet. Like you, I don’t love a full tuck on myself, but the longer tops really create a lot of extra fabric on the sides with a front tuck!

    Also, are button-ups trending? I have some old ones in my closet that I’m wondering about tossing.

    How about the look of a plaid shirt open over a tee?

    Which coats or jackets are dated? Faux sherling? Houndstooth? Colors?

    Thoughts on animal prints?


    1. Button-ups are definitely trending, the more oversized looks and stripes are mostly what I’m seeing.

      Lengths of tops vary depending on the style of pants you’re wearing, but in general, they are long or short, not that mid-length we wore so much with low rise skinnies and bootcuts.

      Animal print as a category are classic, but not all animal prints look current. Animal prints are tricky. Some look terribly dated, and some look modern and chic. This is when you have to go to the retailer that resonates most with your style and see what they’re carrying. Pretty much the animal prints that were trendy 5-10 years ago look outdated now.

      As for coats and jackets, you just have to look around and see what the stores you resonate with are carrying. That’s like an entire blog post, lol!

  17. This topic is very interesting. I never wore any of the clothing that were in style, because most I did not like for my fashion taste. However, all the so called IN clothing are more classic and I have been wearing them and will continue to wear them. The denim midi skirt I have kept in my closet and will wear again. I will continue to wear my pink pants, along with my black and grey pants. I pick and wear what I like for my fashion.

  18. Great post, but I have to say those midi-length denim skirts make ladies look like they just left an Amish compound. Not a trend I would consider! They don’t even look that great on any of the models or infuencers. Just sayin’.

    1. I thought the same at first! I’ve since decided that for me it has to be either over the knee (which is not currently trending) or *maybe* one of the longer midis with the knee high slit. Either way showing just enough skin to be obviously not Amish. I haven’t actually tried to style it yet tho. But I do like the way they look with graphic tees.

  19. I have been following you for about a year now and have really enjoyed your blog. Love looking back at these old styles! I think you are spot on in everything you said! Great post! One of my absolute favorites. Thanks for doing what you do, for showing us the good as well as the bad, and for keeping us all looking our best!

  20. A couple of weeks ago I purchased three colors of the Born Beth Bootie from Nordstrom. I never had any of the booties with side cut outs before. I’ve not worn them yet. I may just decide to keep the taupe pair. Or maybe I’ll return all three. 😀. Thank you for all of your work in giving us informative and fun posts! Stay warm!

    1. Yeah, it’s not a very current look, but I’m sure they’re comfortable and well made. If you love them and they work for you, no need to return them. 🙂 Although I will say… I would not recommend buying 3 pairs of one style boot unless it is a unicorn and you have very hard to fit feet. When you buy a lot of duplicates, all your outfits start to look alike, if that makes sense.

      1. Yes, that makes sense. I think at least two are going back. I know people are not rushing to buy them because they are significantly on sale. Thanks.

  21. I love this post! Providing the pics with alternatives is very helpful! It confirmed style trends for me and answered those that I was still wondering about! I am one of those who packed away the camo until I see if it comes back ! Question what about cargo pants? It looks like they are still going strong into the spring fashion 🤷‍♀️

  22. Your hair looks fabulous in the very first picture of you in the long skirt. That length is so flattering on you. Thanks for doing the research to put this helpful post together. I am wondering if ruanas are still current. I like them because they can elevate a simple outfit and camouflage a pudgy tummy, but if they are dated, I will get rid of them. I am a camo lover, partially because I am a hunter and live in an area where it’s everywhere, but I am careful about how I wear it these days, when I’m not in the woods.

  23. Are the Taos white sneakers still considered in? I like wearing white sneakers with jeans and was considering updating what I have to a more comfortable pair. Just looking for input on some good options.

    1. I’m not sure they were ever in or out really, they’re pretty nondescript. The styles I listed in that sneaker section are more current. I wore the Taos Plim Soul Lux all over Italy last summer, and they served their purpose. They’re very versatile and so comfortable, and they look better with dresses (in my opinion) than some of the more trendy styles. It just goes back to how fashion-forward you want to be.

  24. I’m pretty good with most of this – I’m still ok with camo but in little spurts (we live in the woods) but good with the rest 🙂

  25. I’m loving that track shoes are in style. My daughters get tired of me reminding them that when I was in high school my cheerleading squad ditched saddle shoes for the Nike Cortez sneakers made popular by Farrah Fawcett on Charlies Angels! They were white with a red swoosh and royal blue center layer in the heal. It helped that those were also our school colors. And in addition to the Cortez’, other trending track sneakers are reminiscent of the track shoes the our track team members wore.

    I do have a question, I have a pair of white nylon Reebok track sneakers with white leather and tan suede overlays. I mistakingly wore them outdoors on a tour that ended up being very dusty. UGH. Research revealed that they should not be machine washed as it will, in particular, ruin the suede. Spot washing the nylon with cold soapy water was recommended. I have made several attempts but they still look dirty. Have you, or anyone else reading this had luck cleaning them in any other way?

    I’ve been so tempted to just hand wash them in cold soapy water and cut my losses if they get ruined. They just look sloppy as is.

    Thank you,

  26. Very fun post. I’m so glad some of these trends are gone. I never likes skinny jeans and they do not look good on me. I wear fashion scarves occasionally and love a warm scarf as outerwear, but those Infinity scarves were so much fabric. I always thought cold shoulder tops just looked silly and camo is a no for me. But I love a little sprinkling of animal print here and there. Love, love flares and wide leg jeans they’re so fun. It occurs to me that the outfit formula is the same, but to stay current the individual components get updated. As in jeans, tee and sweater.

  27. Would you consider the Athleta Pranayama wrap in the same category as the waterfall cardigan? They have a very similar silhouette. Thanks for your great posts!

    1. No, I see it as more of a shawl cardigan. They have similarities but the pranayama wrap has cleaner lines. It doesn’t have that same dated look as the waterfall styles that sometimes ruffle down the front and often come to a point in the front.

  28. Jolynne I’m curious about your opinion on this. Do you still wear 3/4 length sleeves? I know it’s more classic and may not go out of style per se… But has your eye begun to see them as matronly? I’d not even considered this until another reader mentioned it back during your cocktail dress search. Now I’ve noticed myself thinking the same, especially at first glance.

      1. Ha maybe so! I don’t feel like they look matronly in and of themselves. But it seems like lately most tops and dresses I see them on coincidentally look matronly.

  29. It’s too bad about slip-on sneakers; I just bought a pair of cognac-colored ones. I love them and will continue to wear them. On the other hand, I also bought a pair of black Adidas court shoes, so maybe it’s a wash? Ha!

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