Pink & White for Sightseeing in Savannah

Good morning, friends! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was fun but busy (thus no Coffee Talk post yesterday.)

Somehow the fact that Easter is next weekend totally crept up on me. We are traveling to Virginia to be with my family and going out to eat after church on Sunday morning, and I just realized on Friday that my kids have nothing appropriate to wear. I’m all set, of course, but we have a case of Cobbler’s Children Syndrome. You know — the cobbler’s children have no shoes. (Or in my case, the fashion blogger’s children have no clothes. LOL!)

So I spent the better part of Saturday shopping with my girls, trying to find Easter dresses and spring sandals. They are 14 and 11 years old, and anyone with girls that age can attest to how difficult it is to find dresses that are a) appropriate and b) they like and want to wear. We did luck out and find sandals for my youngest at Payless and a pretty dress at Target (she can still fit in the size 16 in the girls’ department) but we struck out with my older daughter on all counts. It’s getting too late to order online, and we leave tomorrow, so I’m feeling the crunch. Thank goodness for 17-year-old boys. All I need for my son are khakis and a button-down shirt, and he’s set. Anyway, that endeavor monopolized much of our weekend.

This morning, I had to hit the ground running because I have a lot to do to get ready to go out of town tomorrow, but I’m sure it will all work out. It always does, right?

Meanwhile, I have another outfit for you! This is the outfit I wore our first day in Savannah. I knew we’d be doing a lot of walking, and it was supposed to be in the high 70s by lunchtime, so I wanted to be comfortable.

I’ve been asked to show some casual looks that don’t involve blue jeans, so I ordered these Gap girlfriend twill chinos in the Pink Cameo. Wouldn’t you know it, this color has already been discontinued, but there are tons of other colors to choose from. (They are still available on the Canadian site, if you’re in Canada.)

I do not love this outfit. For one thing, I should have rolled the cuffs on the pants one more time to make them slightly shorter. Plus they felt like they were falling down all day long. It’s possible that they’re too big, but they’re a size 6 and I can’t imagine wearing a 4, but maybe that’s what I need. I also think I need a more fitted shirt to make this outfit work.

I like this Jersey shirred V-neck top a lot, but it looks better with shorts or skinny jeans. It has a relaxed fit and a slight A-line shape to it, so it’s more flattering with something more form-fitting on the bottom.

While I don’t like the silhouette this outfit creates, I do like the muted color palette a lot. It was perfect for a warm spring day in Savannah. I added grey ballet flats and a grey crossbody, and I accessorized with silver jewelry.

These pictures were taken at our resort, The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa. We had to take a ferry across the Savannah River to the downtown area, which you can see behind me.

While it was a bit of a hassle to get over and back a couple times a day, we enjoyed spending both afternoons at the resort pool, reading and relaxing and sipping margaritas. It was nice to get away from the city for a bit and feel like we were on vacation. This trip was about 50/50 work and vacation, so when we were in vacation mode, we really wanted to be able to relax and enjoy our time away, and the resort allowed us to do that. I would definitely stay there again.

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28 thoughts on “Pink & White for Sightseeing in Savannah

  1. Hi Jo-Lynne

    I like the colour palette on you although I prefer a pop of a stronger colour myself. I agree with you that the trousers are too big. They look very comfy, but don’t show off your lovely figure. I am glad though that you show your readers less than 100 per cent outfits though, keeping it real! We all have those days.

  2. I had a pair of these chinos in the past—and I think they get bigger the more the day wears on….I remember feeling the need to wash them every time I wore them and even then they seemed slouchy! I guess we get so used to the spandex in our jeans that when pants don’t have it….

      1. I bought chinos at Reitmans and had to go down to a 4. Like jeans, they have a little stretch and need to fit snug when you first put them on. I bought mine in pink, olive and cream. Chinos -check!

  3. I like the pale pink, but I’m just not loving the boyfriend jeans. I think in any size they look big and baggy and I don’t love the look. I bought a pair of denim boyfriends last year in a light wash. Love the color and they fit fine, but I never loved them on. So they went into the donation bag this weekend. I find I’m struggling with trying new colors and styles and ending up buying things I don’t love. Any thoughts?

    Love the white top. I may buy it because it’s so difficult to find tops that aren’t too long. Have a wonderful trip!

    1. I agree. I’ve never liked them much either. This was my attempt to put more variety into my blog. LOL!

      I told Paul I felt like a schlump walking around in these all day. They were comfortable, but then I’m just as comfortable in my AG skinny jeans.

      These “girlfriend chinos” look so much more flattering and slimming on the model on the website. I wonder if I should try the 4 – but it said SHE is wearing a 4. I mean, I’m 135# so I really don’t see how I could wear the same size as that model.

      Yes, the top is super cute, and it looks great with my light pink skinny jeans. 😉

      1. Those photos are photo shopped. I used to help style for a clothing company and they pin and tape and tuck the clothing to make sure it looks perfect on each model from each angle.

        Try the 4’s. They did look big on you. I agree a more fitted top, maybe a cute fitted v neck tee shirt.

        I also think you are used to your skinny jeans so that is probably hard to get out of that comfort zone. You always look great!!

  4. I love pale pink with white or denim.

    I was in the same boat for my daughter who is 16. She had a piano recital yesterday and then Easter next weekend. We found a (new to us) store called Altar’d State which I thought had cute clothes and she found a couple dresses she liked. I didn’t know when we went in there but I guess it’s a Christian store. You could see if there’s one near you or where you’ll be traveling to.

    1. We do have one, but it’s at the HUGE mall that I was trying to avoid on Saturday, lol. Now that I found this free 2-day shipping at gap and old navy, I’m going to see if we can order her something to be delivered to Virginia. 🙂 I’ll definitely have her look in Altar’d State another time tho. They do have cute things!

  5. The boyfriend style pants definitely are not for me. I do like your top and I agree that slim fitting pants would work better. I’m so glad y’all had. A nice time in Savannah and that the weather was nice. Does your pup get to go with you on this trip? Enjoy the family time and looking at colleges. Our granddaughter selected a small private college in the North GA mountains, and will be starting there in August.

  6. Jo-Lynne, I went shopping for AG skinny jeans this weekend at Nordstrom. I am having a difficult time finding a pair of white skinny jeans that do not have a million wrinkles going across the back of the legs. I normally wear an 8 and it is comfortable in the waist etc. but I look in the mirror and this issue is the deal breaker for me. How do you avoid this issue? Thanks.

  7. I love these pink chinos! I’m sure you definitely could’ve done the 4 though. I did the exact same thing last spring when I ordered my olive ones. I’m normally between 2-4 so I got the 2. They looked just like they do on you..they fit but seemed too baggy, so I ordered the 0 even though I thought there was NO way. They fit perfectly though! They actually still fit now that I’ve gained 5-7 lbs…just a bit more fitted in the thighs, lol.

    1. Same here. I ordered 2 sizes down. Comfy, but not ridiculously loose. I almost could go another size down ( but think rise would be too short).

  8. I love pale pink and white for spring and summer. Sometimes I add turquoise for a splash of color. I really like the relaxed look, though I can see where going to boxy on top and on bottom can be too much. I try hard to get on board with that if I like the look, buy whatever size I need and try not to worry about the number on the tag, if that means sizing down, BONUS!

    Good luck with the Easter outfits!

  9. Wonderful color palette! I’ve been looking for a soft pink pant for spring. I’m sad they discontinued the color! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. i love the jeans…and the color palette. All of your observations about changing the outfil seem like good ideas to me. You do know what you are doing! lol Since you don’t wear this style, it is quite possible you can’t style them as quickly as you do your usual jeans. But…that does not mean you can’t and should not wear this style. Just spend more time and energy learning what works. I do love the style pant and believe it can look good on you. Yes they are tooooo big. lol

  11. Well you can’t win them all! 🙂 You do look great, even though you might have felt frumpy. I think when you hair and makeup are done right, anything you wear, as long as it’s clean and pressed will make you look put together. Own it, you just may be a size 4! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  12. I think it all just depends on the pant. I’ve done that before, thinking I couldn’t possibly wear the size down and when I try it, it works. I had that happen last year with a pair of blush pants from Old Navy. I do hate that feeling though of pants stretching out and feeling frumpy. I feel so much better in skinny jeans…..shows more figure I think. But, all that to say, I think you look so pretty in the photos. I love the pale pink and white and even thought they may be a little big, they look good still. Nice casual, hanging out feel. I love the photo of you on the bench. I noticed all the models wear their chinco’s really tight, so our eye gets use to that. Especially the young gals. Our weather here is so cold and rainy still……Oregon, I think I have opted out of wearing a dress for Easter and going with my blush dress slacks, lace overlay navy top and navy blazer with nude heel. I want to be warm and feel comfortable, as right after church we are going to my daughters for brunch for the day. Enjoy the kids while they are still young. I too have 2 girls and 1 boy….however my boy is the youngest. We are empty nested now and learning what that is all about. Its hard at first, but we are settling in. We just finished up last June with the last one finishing college. 🙂 YEAH!!!! Such a good feeling. I am not good at leaving my kids in the dorm and going home that first day. 🙂 LOL I never have to do that again and I’m so glad. But, on the positive note, its fun to see them become adults and making their own choices and learning as they head toward their careers. I’m glad to hear you are starting now looking for colleges and doing the research. That really helped us, not waiting until the last minute on things. You learn on your 1st one and by the 3rd, you will be a pro. 🙂 Enjoy the process and live in the moment. I have been trying to learn that my whole life. Too many of us look toward the future and loose the joy of today. 🙂 Be present. Some pick a New Years resolution, but this year I picked a word and its “Presence. ” I want to be more “Present” in what I’m doing and with the Lord. 🙂 I didn’t mean for all that to go off on a rabbit trail, but when you mentioned shopping for Easter with your girls and college with your boy, it brought back great memories. Have fun on your vacation and thanks for the time you spend giving us fun blogs to read and look at. 🙂 You really are the traveler. I need to get out more. 🙂 LOL

    1. I often wear pants on Easter. Ours is often cold too. I love it when it’s late in the season like this.

      Being present is definitely something I need to work on. 🙂

  13. PS Do you live by Glamour Farms? They have cute dresses your older daughter may like. 🙂 Or try Francesca’s.

  14. I had success at JCrew Factory for my 13 year old. Also, Mud Pie has a cute seersucker dress that was cute if she likes s preppy look. Someone suggest Francesca’s to me but my daughter is an xxs and their smallest is an xs. Teens are a challenge!

  15. I love the pale pinks and grays with your skin tone! You probably do need a 4 in the pants. Brand sizes fluctuate wildly anymore, making it difficult to shop for pants online, unless you’re already familiar with the brand and particular style.
    I’m happy you enjoyed the lovely city of Savannah! My family is from there, but I’ve lived in Charleston, SC since 1986 and volunteer as a guide for Historic Charleston Foundation. You can’t go wrong with either city, especially this time of year.
    Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter!

  16. I think the pants do look a little big on you compared to your usual fit. I think that’s the biggest problem – you’re so used to skinny jeans and pants, it’s strange to feel/see another cut. I have the opposite problem. Because of my larger hips/thighs, I tend to wear looser clothes that are not as fitted. When I try on skinny pants or jeans, I think my thighs look enormous and they are so unflattering. (probably because they are!) Why not try the 4?!

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