Re-Entry & Recovery . . . #CoffeeTalk


I took that photo from my car yesterday. (Yes, I was parked.) It occurred to me that it’s so easy to become entranced with exotic vacation destinations, but sometimes the best views are in your own backyard. In other words, it is good to be home!

I’m on Day 5 of the dizzy. Actually, it’s more like imbalanced. I feel like I’m swaying even when I’m sitting still.

I saw the doctor and they gave me meds, but they’re not doing much for me. I think it’s just gonna have to run its course. It makes me feel like everything is in slow-mo, which doesn’t do much for my productivity.

On a more positive note, I saw my orthopedist yesterday and he gave me the all-clear to kick the medical boot to the curb. He said it’s healing well and I need to be careful and wear only sneakers or Orthaheels for a few weeks, but I should be good to go. I see him again in 3 weeks, and if I’m feeling good, he will refer me to physical therapy — for both the recovering stress fracture and the plantar faciitis that is still present in my other foot. Le sigh . . .

Sometimes I feel like I’ll never be whole again, but I know I just need to be patient.

I’m still adjusting to it being fall here. I got up this morning and put on a tank top and capri-length leggings to take my son to school. THAT was a rude awakening. I put the seat warmers on so I’d stop shivering.

Of course, now that the weather is cool enough to wear fall clothes and boots, I am stuck in a sneaker. Just my luck! I’m sure I’ll be sneaking in some boots and cuter shoes here and there, but I do want to be cautious so I don’t have any setbacks. I’m in desperate need of some regular cardiovascular activity. Even if I can’t run, I’d love to get back to biking and walking and hiking before the weather turns too chilly. So that’s my goal.

Beyond that, I’m just trying to work ahead so I can go to Turks & Caicos in two weeks and relax and enjoy myself. My husband will be joining me on this trip, and I. cannot. wait.

Oh, and my web host is moving my site over to later today, and I have a designer working on my logo. SO YAY! The ball is rolling with my rebrand!!!!!

That’s about all I’ve got. What’s new with you?