Works for Me: Real Food On A Real Budget

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good-frugal-food-book-cover221Over the past 6-8 months, I have written much on the topic of real food, whole foods, whatever you want to call it.  These posts generate many comments – most encouraging, and some not so much – but the comments that pain me the most are the ones saying they would love to incorporate more whole foods into their diet but feel that they simply can’t afford it.

When I hear such comments, I feel heart sick. Eating well should NOT be complicated. Everyone who earns an honest living should be able to afford nourishing food to eat.

I wish I had better advice, but to be honest, I spend A LOT of money on food. I am thankful that we can afford to. But I know that many can’t, and I often wish I had a great resource to point them to because I KNOW there are people out there who are doing it. I just don’t know how. Or I didn’t, but I do now.

Several times over the past few weeks, I’ve alluded to a book I was reading that has helped me with my meal planning and budgeting.  I finally have the go-ahead to tell you about it!

Stephanie of Keeper of the Home has recently published a book entitled Real Food on a Real Budget — How To Eat Healthy For Less.  In it she explains just how affordable and easy-to-obtain real food can be.  With topics such as budgeting, meal planning, finding sources for real food, eating nutrient-dense foods, gardening, preserving, buying seasonally and locally, and making time to cook from scratch, she focuses on techniques that anyone can adapt to where they live, what they eat, and how big their budget is.

Is it worth it?  YES, IT IS.  Really, I wouldn’t tell you that if I didn’t believe in it.  Since reading her book, I have begun menu planning, as you know.  I’ve also begun a spreadsheet as she suggests, comparing prices on foods I buy.  It’s been quite eye opening.  She discusses how to prioritize what you buy if you can’t do it all (and no one can.)  She’s realistic, but she doesn’t lie to you.  It WILL cost more to eat well, and it WILL take more time, but if it’s a priority for you, it CAN be done.

Everyone will have to come to their own conclusions about what they can make themselves and what may be worth paying the price for convenience, and this book helps you do just that.  She even includes charts and spreadsheets to help you get organized.

I love this quote from the introduction:

Instead of the superwoman of the 90’s, who was supposed to balance a full-time power career and come home to serve Uncle Ben’s to her smiling family, there’s a different sort of woman coming out of the woodwork these days. One who isn’t afraid to get some garden dirt under her fingernails. One who enjoys the therapy of kneading bread on a winter afternoon, who is up to the challenge of learning to can tomatoes and make jam, and who sees the value in cooking homemade food- from scratch, no less. She’s more likely to be seen perusing the farmer’s market (or at least the perimeters of the grocery store) with a cloth bag in hand, and a quick inventory of her pantry would discover bulk wheat berries and dry beans instead of Campbell’s canned soup and Bisquick mix.

For this kind of woman, and the many others who are beginning to wonder what a wholesome, nutritious diet might look like – even on a budget – there is much hope.  Real food on a real budget is not an unachievable ideal.  This book will examine all of the tools I use in my arsenal and explore their full potential.

If she is describing you in those paragraphs, I highly recommend this book.  It should be helpful to anyone struggling to fit real food into their budgets.  It works for me!  🙂

The digital copy (eBook) sells for $18.97, and the paperback book is $21.97 plus $3.99 for shipping.

WIN IT! To win Real Food on a Real Budget in eBook format, leave a comment on this post telling me anything you want about your real food journey and your struggle to fit real food into your budget.  I will select a winner on Monday, May 24th through a random number generator.  This giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world.

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