Kimono Outfit with Denim Shorts

Last week I styled a robe jacket that got mixed reviews. I was really pleased by how much everyone seemed to like the outfit, especially considering that most didn’t really care for the jacket. I took that as a huge compliment. Today I’m styling the sister wardrobe piece to the robe jacket, a sheer kimono. Hopefully I’ll fare as well with this one!

When I walked downstairs dressed in this outfit, my husband took one look at me and said, “Well hello, Mrs. Roper.” (Haha!)

Mrs. Roper references aside, I really do think this is a fun outfit . . . I’m just not sure where I’d wear it. It’s a little too dramatic for me, but I do appreciate the look — especially for younger women. Not that older women can’t pull it off, but I think it’s more difficult at our age to look chic in a kimono and not like we’re trying too hard. If your personal style is more boho-chic, you’ll probably do better with a kimono outfit than someone with a more classic style.

how to style a kimono for summer

Both the kimono and the embroidered top are Lucky Brand. I kind of cheated on styling this outfit because they were pictured together on the website. I was planning to style the kimono over a white tee with the denim shorts, but I’m glad I went with the red top instead. I think white might be too stark against the color palette of the kimono and the mid-wash denim shorts. The red top helps keep the look cohesive, and the embroidered detail is fun.

Lucky Brand Marquee Tile Kimono with embroidered top and denim shorts

If this top looks too short, it’s because it has tie straps, and I think I had them tied too tight. It’s really cute and has a great shape to it, but it does take some time to get the straps tied just right. I like that they’re adjustable, though, and they do seem to stay tied. I mean, if the didn’t, that could be quite embarrassing. If red isn’t your thing, it also comes in yellow and blue. For size reference, I’m wearing the medium.

kimono outfit with denim shorts and embroidered tank -- a stylish street chic summer outfit for your summer style inspiration!

For accessories, I wore my pave pendant and beaded hoops, also Lucky Brand. They have that same modern boho vibe that isn’t to dressy or too casual, and they work perfectly with this outfit. I wear each of these pieces a lot, both together and separately; they just seem to go with so many things.

FYI, right now Lucky Brand jewelry is BOGO 50% off, so if you’ve had your eye on these, now is a great time to grab them!

how to wear a kimono for summer

I also happened to notice that Lucky Brand has 30% off select women’s shoes right now, and there are a lot of cute summer sandals included! For this outfit, I wore my Sam Edelman gold thong sandals.

I tried on a chunky heel, but I felt like it was too much with the dramatic kimono. Again, it would look awesome on someone younger with somewhere fun and trendy to wear an outfit like this, but for my over-40 crowd, I wanted to keep the look as relevant as possible.

Lucky Brand Marquee Tile Kimono with embroidered top and denim shorts

Finally, these are my AG Hailey denim shorts in 10 Years Day Off. I actually purchased these on Amazon because I had a gift card. I tried a few of the AG Hailey shorts during their Friends & Family sale, and they don’t all fit the same, which is odd since they are all called The Hailey. This pair is by far my favorite, but it must be from last season because I can’t find them in stock anywhere else. FYI, LOFT has a similar style that is currently on sale for $39.50.

kimono outfit with denim shorts and embroidered tank -- a stylish street chic summer outfit for your summer style inspiration!

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washed embroidered top // marquee tile kimono // AG denim shorts (similar for less) // pave pendant & beaded hoops (all Lucky Brand jewelry BOGO 50% off) // gold sandals // similar gold clutch here and here

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64 thoughts on “Kimono Outfit with Denim Shorts

  1. Now I have to disagree here, Jo-Lynne!!
    I think the kimonos are the perfect topper for us older women. In fact, both my mom (the 70+ model on my blog) and my step mom (the 60+ model) each have a couple that they wear!!
    They add so much interest to almost any outfit…just like yours! And that’s why you got so many compliments last time too!!
    I think you look hot in this–maybe you’re not used to the look, but it’s totally stylish!!

    1. I totally agree! I’m older than Jo-Lynne, and I love kimonos. I think they elevate a tee and jeans. I have two or three that I wear quite often. I don’t feel “dramatic” at all wearing them. I do find I like the ones better that have arm holes over the ones that just drape over.

      1. I think you’re right Bonnie!! The ones with the arm holes tend to stay in place somewhat better. Although I have a winter one that drapes, and maybe because of the material, it stays put okay!!
        I’m glad I’m not the only one that loves these pieces—-thanks for the vote!!

  2. I think it’s cute, JoLynne… I have a kimono that has all this fringe on it…. not sure what I was thinking. I have worn it a few times. I do agree…. It takes a certain personality/style to really pull it off. I do, however, think yours would be a super cute swimsuit cover-up for pretty much anybody????! Blessings Krista

    1. Hi, Jo-Lynne,
      I really like this outfit. I would love that top on meif it came down just beneath the biggest part of my belly, but I guess you can’t always special order off the rack items. Ha ha ha. In terms of the kimono, I would probably wear it, but I would really see my daughter wearing it. She has a very hourglass statuesque build but she doesn’t like her upper arms. ???? I think a kimono like this would bring confidence to her as she wears her tank tops. And at 19, extrovert to the hilt, she is definitely dramatic enough to pull it off. ????????

  3. I’m 51 and I don’t own a kimono top yet but I’ve been looking for one! I want to wear it as part of my warm-weather professional wardrobe, styled with more tailored business-casual work pants and lightweight top. It’s a perfect summer alternative to a cardi but still a nice layer for cold air-conditioned rooms. I love yours! You’ve styled it well!

  4. I agree that you look beautiful in this outfit but I understand your feelings. If I were you I would try the top pieces on with full length jeans which might balance the drama on the top.

    1. Yeah, I was wondering how I’d like it with jeans. I’ll have to try that. I tend to think of this style of kimono as going best with shorts, but wearing it with jeans might not feel quite so “risky”.

  5. HAHAHA!!! I burst out laughing at the Mrs. Roper reference. Too funny. I always like the boho look and every time I think I might try something like that I change my mind…I don’t think it suits me or my personality. I feel much more comfortable in something classic or preppy. So kudos to you for willing to try different looks! 🙂 (And this does look adorable on you!)

  6. I love this sheer flowy kimono. Fun, airy, just right for summer. Anyone could wear it with the right pieces for their body. While I love denim shorts, my age will not allow that length of short. The length of the shorts however, make the top look fun and stylish. Not sure I would like with anything else. Good job!

  7. I have a gorgeous sheer kimono from India. I’m going right to my closet to figure out what to wear it with!

  8. The look is cute! But, I feel to “out there” wearing kimono. I tried but felt silly.
    I love the look on others though. You are young and can pull it off.
    I love the tank underneath super cute!

  9. You look pretty in pink! I could see this outfit worn on a cruise or vacation resort but may be alittle to frilly for a normal weekend. But glad to know that some of the Lucky Brand shoes are on sale. I had some on my wish list but was hoping they would go on sale before the end of summer. Yay! Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is a beautiful outfit, although a bit more attention-getting than would be comfortable for me. I like the way the cut-outs in the blouse play against the pattern of the kimono. I could see myself wearing this (I’m in my mid-fifties) if the colors were quieter and with skinny jeans, ankle or cropped pants . I work in a clothing store and I think many of my older clients would like this look because it covers the arms and so many of us are uncomfortable showing off our “bat wings”. 🙂 It’s probably a more practical look for a more sedentary activity (going to a restaurant or play) than for running errands because I can imagine the kimono slipping down the arms.

  11. Jo-Lynne, you can wear almost anything with grace and style and class. I think I agree with Jodie- kimonos can work for a lot more people than I originally thought. I think the sheer material on this one makes it a little trickier to style. I love the rich colors, though, and could also maybe see it poolside. I think you look lovely and even if you didn’t wear it often, I could see it as an outfit you might wear to brunch on vacation or maybe drinks on a patio setting?

  12. No-Lynne, I love the top and kimono and I think you pulled it off. Like Joyce said, maybe try them with skinny jeans, maybe even your white ones, to see if you like it better. As pretty as both pieces are, they do not fit my 60 yr old personality. Enjoy the heat! I wish I could send ours to you!

    1. Sorry about the typo on your name. I know that it’s Jo-Lynne! That’s what I get for not proofing before pressing send.

  13. Personally I don’t care for the denim shorts with the kimono, but I’d wear skinny ankle pants.

  14. I think it’s a fun look! I do prefer the kimono to the robe jacket. I’ve got a kimono on order, can’t wait to see if I can pull it off!

  15. I love the look of outfits with the kimono tops, but it’s hard to find one to fit a petite person like me. The ones I’ve tried on are way too long for me! Loved your husband’s Mrs. roper remark!

  16. What a gorgeous color on you!!! I totally understand how you feel, I bought a shorter blue kimono at Loft and wore it to work a couple of times but usually my 24 year old daughter wears it! 🙂 Hugs!!!

  17. I wore a kimono Monday with denim capris and a long-sleeved t-shirt. I think the look is really nice, but sometimes it’s easier with something other than shorts. BTW it’s really cold in my office.

  18. That looks gorgeous on you, particularly those red tones. That said, if I saw this outfit on somebody just walking around during a normal day (Walmart, anyone?), I’d think they either had a really big personality or else were a little bit much–probably a little bit much. I guess the highest purpose of the kimono part is to add interest, but it’s just kind of an awful lot. I agree with the other poster who said it would maybe be the thing for a resort or cruise. I think this outfit intimidates me!! I’m so glad when you show us things that are a little unusual. This one’s not for me, but so, so pretty.

  19. I think you look gorgeous in these colors and I really like how this kimono adds a little something extra to your outfit. I’ve worn mine with a tank dress that’s a little bodycon (but not too much????) and the kimono hides those lumps and bumps that seem to peek through. It also added a little warmth for when I’m inside places with the air conditioning turned up high. I think you pulled this off beautifully!

  20. I love the look on you! In fact it gave me the confidence boost I needed to order myself one! I plan on styling it like you did with denim shorts but I also plan on wearing it with skinny jeans and sandals for business casual. You always spark my confidence to go outside of my comfort zone! Keep up the good work!!

  21. I agree it’s a more difficult piece to style but it works very well how you are wearing it. I think it would be stunning with a fitted sheath under it in one of the colours in the kimono. Add some strappy heels and one or two accessories and you would knock it out of the ballpark! Love your blog!

  22. I love you in this, better than the robe. I agree with Sandy, that I would probably wear this with something structured for work, or with jeans (I am a little “hippy” (and not in the boho-chic way-LOL!). Thanks for stepping outside the box for us. I would definitely consider this look – I love the pop of color.

  23. Mrs. Roper! ????

    I saw a mid-30s wearing a kimono at Lowe’s over the weekend…Definitely evidence that look is going mainstream.

    Love how it looks on you juxtaposed with the shorts and agree that it will look neat with jeans, too….
    On YOU of course!!

    Other than sheerness, what makes it different from the robe versions and do you think they are interchangeable or look-specific?

    Thanks for giving it perspective!

  24. Once again, thank you for taking the “scary” out of a somewhat tricky trend. I am going to copy this look for a couple of little parties I am invited to ; I want to do something a little different and this outfit is perfect inspiration!
    ( P.S. I feel the same as you about the heat..I love insanely warm days …not much housework gets done around my place when the weather gets hot )

  25. Love the look and especially love the T-shirt may have to get me one of those.

    As always your honesty and willingness to try different things is refreshing and love the reference to Mrs. Roper!

    Have a great day!

  26. I love the colors and the layer the kimono provides–I would prefer it over skinny jeans, corps or ankle pants

  27. I think this is really cute on you and would be perfect for a concert in the park or something like that. Even before I read that you saw them on the site together I was thinking that I really liked the way you put the red (ish) top under it. I think you were totally right about that. Cute!!!

  28. I love the color of the ensemble, but I do not like the kimono with shorts. The proportion just seems off to me. It would be adorable with skinny jeans – either ankle or cropped – as well as sleek dress pants. As a 56 year old, I would totally wear the kimono; I think its probably more personal style than age that dictates whether one is comfortable in this style. That being said, you look adorable.

  29. I love the kimono look!! I have several! I love that I can dress it up for church with white capris & a cute top or go more casual with shorts & a tee or distressed jeans & a tee ????

  30. I think it’s really cute. I’m 52 and I just got my first kimono. I don’t think you’re trying to look younger by wearing it. There are things I’m trying that I’m a little uncomfortable wearing because they’re different but I start by wearing them grocery shopping etc for a shorter time wearing to get us d to it. That would be my encouragement to you!

  31. I have one floral kimono that I love wearing over a simple tank and skinny jeans and it works really well over solid color dresses at work that I wouldn’t feel completely comfortable wearing without some kind of cover-up (like a strapless or spaghetti straps). YOU look so good in shorts and the kimono is a cute and fun look…love it!!

  32. Thanks, Jo-Lynne, for styling something out of your comfort zone. I like the ideas of several readers about wearing the kimono with white skinny jeans or over a body con dress. Having said that, I can’t see wearing one myself.

  33. I love kimonos. Went overboard I guess as I have approx. 10. Will get more if I see something I like extremely well. Just got a cute animal print from glamour farms I love, have a long bright one vest style from Soft Surroundings that is super cute. I guess I like the boho-chic style a lot. I am 70+ so maybe I should tone it down, but prefer to wear fun stuff. No shorts tho, skinny jeans, ankle jeans etc. needless to say, I LOVE this outfit & you look amazing in it.

  34. I actually bought a kimono for a bathing suit cover up going to have to try it with a shorts outfit.

  35. I love the outfit on you. I have a kimono that I wear with long jeans – I don’t have your gorgeous legs. BTW, I’m 65 – I like kimonos on the old and the young. Definitely love the color of the top instead of white.

  36. Very cute but as I said with the robe jacket, I think you could size down. I have the Loft shorts you recommended and love the fit and length. Haven’t had chance to wear them yet with the terrible Spring weather we are having. They say a rain/wind storm coming for tomorrow. UGH!!! I agree the flats best for this outfit and I love you chose gold. 🙂 Couldn’t you also wear the kimono over a solid color swimsuit? It really is pretty. 🙂

  37. Yes! I was thinking with the “robe” the problem was you styled it too elegantly. I think it’s meant to be worn as a contrast to a more “trashy” style, like destroyed denim, a very small, too tight tank top, bed hair, etc. Which are usually seen on an ahem, less elegant person.than yourself. 🙂 I think you pull this off, but maybe with ripped jeans instead of shorts if you are uncomfortable. Thank you for your fashion risks! I love the colors on you! Have a great day! Mr.s Ropper…did you slug him, or what? 🙂

  38. Jolynne. This outfit is cute on you. I have two kimono s one w fringe and one w out. I wear over a tank or t shirt dress to work. When it’s cooler I wear them jeans and tee shirts. I think it’s a nice look for us forty something gals. Try it with jeans or cropped pants you may like it better

  39. This looks cute on you, and not “trying too hard” at all! I would love to see you try it with destroyed denim.

    Kimonos are very popular in my area (S. Calif) for 40-and-up women. But usually worn for a “night out” not just casually during the day with shorts. Perhaps this is why you felt the styling with shorts is not quite right.

    I’m on the hunt for a shorter (to the low hip) kimono that is NOT sheer. it’s hard to find! I have a sheer one that I do wear out, but sometimes feel like the sheer fabric makes it too dressy. I’ve seen people in shorter, rayon kimonos that I think would work for a more casual look. Something about the combination of long, and sheer, can sometimes make it seem a bit “much.”

  40. Can’t see myself wearing a kimono right now and if per chance I did, I would be wearing it with skinny jeans! Wanting to stay looking young as long as possible! ????

  41. No, just no. When we settle into our 20s, we let our teenage sisters inherit things like tie-down spaghetti straps, Daisy Dukes, sheer pool coverups, and thin strip flat sandals. A fashion blog, by nature, pushes the limits, and it should. The limits sometimes push back. Can anyone be so beautiful as to outshine four concurrent fashion forays into the world of the too young? The answer here is obviously, “Yes!” Do four wrongs make a right? No, for us ordinary people, they don’t.

  42. Jo-Lynne,
    My first impression of this outfit is that the undershirt should be a fitted shirt/tank top. With your cute shape and petite size, I feel that a fitted tank would look more proportionate. I have two different kimonos, one that I wear year round due to the colors…during the winter I wear the kimono with a tunic t-shirt (I’m fluffy in the mid-section), black leggings styled with my black suede booties showing a little skin at the ankles!! During the summer I wear the same kimono with skinny jeans and strappy low wedge espadrille sandals. The second kimono I have has more summery colors so I wear it also with a long tunic and skinny jeans. I find these to be work appropriate on casual Friday’s!! I’ll have to try the kimono with shorts though. I recently purchased a ruana half-off from Nordstrom, I just hope it’s not too clingy to the rear portion like the long sweaters tend to be. I guess that’s why I like the kimono’s. They provide coverage without being clingy to the body. Thanks for all the hard work you do…I was surfing Nordstrom the other night, and after about 10 pages of clothing I thought of you and Cyndi and pondered how in the world you spend so much time surfing to find products to share with us. While I’ve recently ordered on-line, I think I prefer to spend time surfing through racks of clothes!! Ha, at least I get some exercise instead of surfing on-line! Nonetheless, thanks for the awesome blog!!

    1. Yeah, see, I thought this top was going to look more fitted than it does. It has a nice shape to it when worn alone, but I guess since it’s not a body-con style, like say a tank or tee might be, that it didn’t read that way under the kimono, and also I think I had the straps tied up too tight. After reading all the comments here, I’m curious to try it with a tee and skinny jeans and see how it looks. I’ll try it and report back!

  43. I’m just curious as to who makes the rules as to what is too young. I should think your personality would dictate whether or not you could pull this off. And slightly different shorts would make all the difference in how it’s viewed by others, as well.

    1. I agree with you, Dena. I tried to say that when I mentioned personal style aesthetic playing a part in how comfortable one would feel and look and this outfit. But I also understand that we all have our opinions and won’t always agree on matters of fashion, and that’s okay too. 🙂

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