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Well, yesterday was quite a day, I’ve gotta tell ya. Not only was the comment section on yesterday’s post quite lively, but I also found myself off schedule, as I often am, with one of my motherhood commitments, which always makes me feel like the biggest failure. It worked out, and all’s well that ends well, but it was stressful for a couple of hours yesterday morning.

I appreciate all the encouraging comments and emails yesterday. I have developed a pretty thick skin from blogging for over 11 years, but I still get teary-eyed when I get a sweet comment of encouragement. Please know that I read and appreciate every one.

I spent a large part of yesterday at the mall because I’ve been wanting to do a white denim comparison post. Of course, I got sidetracked by pretty tops and dresses! (I’m sure you’re not surprised.) I still have a few stores I want to visit for the white denim post, but I’m going to share some of the other cute things I found — and some of the misses too!

I started out at Nordstrom because, where else? LOL! It’s like my second home. The security guard at the entrance I always use acts like he expects me now.

Speaking of Nordstrom, their Triple Points Event just started today. It runs thru May 7, I believe. It’s a good time to make those bigger purchases you’ve been putting off or saving up for.

Also, unrelated, but too good not to mention, Tory Burch has a sale going on select products. Among them are a few bags I’ve been drooling over for months! For some reason, I can’t link directly to any of them, which is making me a bit ragey this early in the morning. You’ll have to click the SALE tab on her site, and I’ll just list some of my faves.

(1) Ivy Hobo (2) Woven Drawstring Tote (3) Perforated Logo Hobo (4) Block T Drawstring Tote (5) Block T Tote (6) Robinson Round Crossbody

That woven tote would be so perfect for summer, and I love that bedrock color on the Ivy Hobo for summer as well. That orange perforated hobo is calling my name the loudest, but I am trying to resist. LOL!!

She’s also got some wallets on sale too, and that Robinson Round Crossbody would make a nice grad gift for a stylish girl in your life who may be graduating this year. You can browse them all and see what catches your eye.

Also, speaking of handbags on sale, Nordstrom Rack is having a Marc Jacobs Event, and they have some gorgeous bags for 50% off!!! Marc Jacobs makes an absolutely sublime leather handbag. The name isn’t quite as trendy as Tory Burch, but the quality is every bit as good or better for similar prices, and 50% off makes them a steal. I put my top picks on my Facebook Page yesterday, so I won’t repeat them here.

I’ve been using my Facebook Page a lot more since the conference I went to a few weeks ago. Check it out, and if you like it, be sure to follow me over there!

So . . . on to my shopping trip yesterday!

This ruffle sleeve top caught my eye immediately, but I almost didn’t try it on because how many ruffle sleeve tees does a girl need? Well, I’m glad I tried it because it’s adorable, and I like that the fit is more forgiving than the other ruffle sleeve tee (NOW ON SALE!) I have from the junior’s department. Those of you who don’t like the juniors sizing might like this one better.

For size reference, I’m wearing the small. I did the front tuck because it was too long left out, but I’m showing it both ways so you can see the difference.

This lace shift dress is cute . . . for someone else. It’s really cute, just not for me. This might look better on someone with less of an hourglass shape . . . a straight or a pear, perhaps? The way the sleeves puff at the shoulders would offset fuller hips, but they create more volume than I need, plus I prefer a dress with more structure at the waist. For size reference, I’m wearing the small. Also, I would recommend a nude wedge sandal with this dress, not the grey ballet flats I’m wearing.

After Nordstrom, I wandered into LOFT. This indigo cap sleeve tee came home with me. It looks like denim (denim tops are trending this season!) but it’s actually a soft knit material. I am wearing the small, for size reference. It’s almost too big, so I’m hoping it shrinks (LOFT tops usually do.)

I also tried on this striped drop shoulder sweater, which I really like, but it’s getting warm here very soon (or so we hope) so I didn’t want to invest in another long sleeve top. It would be nice for fall too, though, so maybe I was being short-sighted. I love the citron yellow accents.

Finally, I tried on some shorts. I liked these cut-off denim shorts quite a lot. They’re a size 6, for reference.

I wasn’t as thrilled with these Riviera Shorts with the 4″ inseam. They’re okay from the front and sides, but the rear view is rather unfortunate. I have what I like to call shovel-butt disease, so I have to be careful with my shorts and pants and be sure I have a flattering shape from behind.

The 6″ shorts weren’t any better. I usually go for the shorter lengths. Not only do the longer ones tend to make my rear end look wider and flatter, they don’t fit me well in the thighs. You want your shorts to fit close to the body and follow the line of the leg for the most flattering fit, and I think these cut my legs off in an awkward way, especially when my knee isn’t bent. I’m trying to remember to take my dressing room pictures standing straight, not the fashion blogger pose I’m used to, lol!

After that, I stopped into J.Crew, and I was drawn to this embellished muscle tank. I tried both the small and medium, but I purchased the small, which is the size I’m showing here. It just fits, so I hope it doesn’t shrink! (It says to wash inside out on delicate and lay flat to dry.) I think it will be so cute with white jeans or blue jeans or even black jeans and shorts this summer.

For the fun of it, I tried pairing this top with a black ruffle skirt. I never wear this style skirt because it loses my shape somehow, but I always admire those who can pull off this look. Again, the ballet flats would not be my first choice of shoe for an outfit like this. A pointy toe pump works better, or a strappy sandal. It definitely needs a more delicate shoe with some height.

By way of comparison, this white sheath from Ann Taylor is a flattering shape, but it is too low cut for my comfort level, and I think a cami would ruin the neckline.

Also at Ann Taylor, I tried on this off-the-shoulder top. YIKES!!! So sheer. The style doesn’t really flatter either. It’s too long and doesn’t have enough structure. She had a lot of cute tops I wanted to try, but this was my last stop and I was exhausted so I didn’t bring many into the dressing room.

Finally, I tried this striped off-the-shoulder dress.For those of us with an hourglass shape, I think you can see how a sheath is so much more flattering than a shift dress or a full skirt.

I love the dress, but I didn’t buy it because I’m not sure where I’d wear it. If I find something, I’ll go back and buy it. I think it would be adorable with a red or pink shoe! Both dresses are a size 6, for reference. I usually wear an 8 in dresses so Ann Taylor seems to run big.

And that’s all I’ve got till I post my white denim comparisons. I did take a lot of pictures of white jeans yesterday, but I’m waiting to post till I can get to a few more stores, so I hope to have that post up this weekend.

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  1. Love your shopping post. I love the pink ruffle shirt……bought one almost like it last month. Haven’t worn it yet. 🙂 Also agree with everyone. I like the striped dress.

  2. Jo Lynne- I don’t recall you showing or using any Michael Kors purses on your blog. How do you feel about that brand? thanks! Karen 🙂

    1. Hi Karen, so yeah, Michael Kors makes a very nice bag. Excellent quality. I had one of his for a while, and I loved it. I think I sold it last year, but I had it for about 5 years. I don’t know why his don’t pop up more in my searches. The ones I’ve seen are beautiful.

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