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22 Fall Outfit Ideas for 2022

A couple years ago, I rounded up 20 fall outfit ideas for 2020, but it’s starting to look outdated. Isn’t it funny how we go along for a while and trends are similar for a few years, and then all of the sudden they go through a pretty big evolution? I feel like that’s where we are this year, so I thought it might be fun to do 22 fall outfit ideas for 2022!

My lifestyle is pretty casual, so that’s reflected in these outfits, but most of these looks can be adapted for the work place or dressed up for date night by swapping the jeans for pants and wearing a dressier shoe.

22 Fall Outfits to Copy Right Now

I did my best to link similar styles for the items that have sold out, but the idea here is to shop your closet, so hopefully it’s not too frustrating when you can’t purchase the exact pieces.

#1. White Tee & Black Leather Look Jacket + Blue Jeans & Fashion Sneakers

This is probably the most versatile outfit formula in this post. Each piece can be changed to create a whole new look. Swap the white tee for grey or black. Don’t like fashion sneakers? Try mules or loafers instead. The straight leg jeans can be exchanged for flares or skinnies, and if you don’t like the coated denim jacket, try a leather moto or a utility jacket instead.

exact jacket (leather moto option/leather bomber option) // white tee (budget option) // jeans (budget option) // sneakers // belt

#2. Olive Utility Jacket + Black Tee w/ Jeans & Sneakers

This outfit is very similar to the one above, and you can swap out the black t-shirt for white or grey or even a neutral print. The jeans can be any style, and the olive jacket could be more of a bomber style if you don’t like this drapey utility jacket. Or for a different look, try a plaid jacket or a sherpa.

utility jacket (option/bomber option) // v-neck tee (also in grey) // straight ankle jeans // sneakers

I also like this look with a henley tee and crop flares rather than the straight ankle jeans.

utility jacket (option/bomber option) // henley tee (option) // crop flares (25% off!) // sneakers

#3. Brown Puffer Vest + Ivory Sweater w/ Blue Jeans

I declared the quilted puffer vest one of this season’s outdated fashion trends, but J.Crew has updated their iconic Excursion Vest and I’m longer style with adjustable back tab. This chestnut color is trending this fall, which helps keep this older trend looking fresh, as does pairing it with a modern denim silhouette.

J.Crew New Quilted Excursion Vest // similar sweater // ankle flares (budget option) // boots (budget option)

#4. Grey Turtleneck & Burgundy Jacket + Black Pants & Ankle Boots

Most of the outfit formulas in this post use jeans, but I wanted to include a few non-denim options, and these black pants are highly versatile and also on a rare sale! They also come in navy.

In this look, I paired them with black ankle boots and topped them off with a grey cashmere turtleneck and a burgundy leather moto, but you can wear a crewneck or v-neck sweater if you prefer and change up the color palette based on what’s in your closet.

black pants (option) // similar moto jacket (budget option) // similar boots // similar grey turtleneck

Here’s a similar outfit with black jeans and crewneck sweater. I wear this burgundy leather moto jacket a ton during fall and winter and almost always with some combination of black, grey, and denim.

similar moto jacket (budget option) // grey sweater // similar black jeans // lug sole Chelsea boots

#5.  Black Pants + Denim Jacket & Fashion Sneakers

This is the other outfit with black pants I wanted to share because it’s such a nice casual yet elevated outfit for so many events and occasions, and it’s perfect for travel too. Of course, you can ditch the scarf if it’s too warm for that.

black pants (option) // similar denim jacket // Veja court sneakers // similar sweater // cashmere scarf

#6. Casual Sweater + Sneakers & Jeans

It doesn’t get any simpler than this, but this cozy sweater is back this year and it comes in a myriad of colors. A sweater with jeans and sneakers is just as easy to throw on as a sweatshirt with jeans and sneakers, but it looks more elevated.

cowl neck sweater // similar straight ankle jeans (budget option) // similar P448 sneakers

#7. Black Leather Bomber + Flares & Ankle Boots

I love this look for casual date nights this fall. The leather bomber is a nice alternative to the moto jackets we’ve been wearing so much in recent years, and leg-lengthening flares pair perfectly with pointed toe ankle boots.

jacket // sweater // flares (option) // boots

#8. Black Sweater + Blue Jeans & Brown Clogs

This is a simple look, but I like the unexpected combination of black and brown, especially this time of year.

black sweater // straight ankle jeans // clogs // tote // bracelet

#9. Brown Denim Jacket + Black Jeans

Here’s another brown and black outfit combination I like a lot. Just swap out the sandals for clogs or ankle boots for cooler weather. Wearing a piece of jewelry that incorporates both black and brown (like this bracelet) is an easy way to tie the colors together.

denim jacket // tank // black ankle flares // sandals (clog option) // bracelet

This outfit also works with retro running sneakers for a more casual look.

denim jacket // tank // similar black straight ankle jeans // retro running sneakers (option/option)

#10. Boyfriend Cardigan + Flares w/ Clogs 

I love the trend of wearing a boyfriend cardigan buttoned up and front-tucked into jeans. It’s a fresh way to wear a button-up sweater, and it creates a flattering v-neckline. I purchased this one during the #NSale at 40% off, but Gap has a similar option for less. Also, if you find clogs hard to walk in, try a mule.

boyfriend cardigan (budget option) // flares (option) // clogs (option) // necklace

#11. Olive Pants + Denim Jacket & Brown Wood Platform Sandals (or Clogs)

Another great non-denim option for fall is a twill trouser in olive or another seasonal color. These wide leg crop pants are Spanx, so they’re super stretchy and comfortable, and they hold in all the fluff.

wide leg pants // white tee // denim jacket // sandals (clog option)

STYLE TIP: The wider the pants, the shorter you look, so I prefer a bit of a heel with wide leg pants.

#12. Pullover Cardigan w/ Straight Leg Jeans

This look is very now. I love the shorter cardigan length paired with high rise straight ankle jeans, but these gorgeous loafers really make the look.

cardigan sweater // straight crop jeans // loafers // necklace

I also like this cardigan with full length straight leg jeans and ankle boots. Blush with medium wash denim is a pleasing combination, but this sweater also comes in a beautiful caramel color for fall, as well as olive green and ivory.

cardigan sweater // straight leg jeans // ankle boots // bracelet

#13. Denim Jacket w/ Graphic Tee + Joggers

This outfit is one of the original 20 fall outfits for 2020, but I still wear this look all the time. I love a graphic tee for adding interest and personality to an outfit.

denim jacket // graphic tee // black joggers // white sneakers

Of course, if you don’t care for graphic tees (or don’t have any) you can wear a solid tee with this outfit.

denim jacket // grey tee // black joggers // Veja sneakers

And no one says you have to wear black joggers. I actually reach for these pink ones more than my black pair these days.

denim jacket // white tee // pink joggers // P448 sneakers

#14. Cardigan + Tee w/ Flares & Ankle Boots

If you love an open cardigan like this one, keep it looking fresh and modern by pairing it with crop flares or straight leg jeans.

open cardigan // white tee // similar jeans // similar boots

#15. Black Leather Moto + Camel Sweater w/ Blue Jeans & Ankle Boots

I love the juxtaposition of a luxe camel cashmere sweater with the toughness of a black leather moto jacket. This outfit keeps it classy with slim straight leg jeans and sleek black ankle boots.

leather moto (options) // similar sweater (option) // straight leg jeans (budget option) // similar Chelsea boots

STYLE TIP: A higher shaft bootie that fits close to the leg will slip easily under a pair of slim straight leg jeans for a modern silhouette.

#16. Black Leather Moto + Grey Sweater w/ Black Jeans & Fashion Sneakers

Speaking of a black leather moto jacket… A monochromatic look with shades of black and grey is always chic, as long as the fit and quality of each item is on point.

leather moto options // similar grey turtleneck // similar black jeans (budget option) // P448 sneakers

#17. Black Quilted Vest + Camel Cashmere Turtleneck w/ Blue Jeans & Lug Sole Chelsea Boots

This outfit is a variation on #15, but I’ll give it its own number. This is the older version of the J.Crew New Quilted Excursion Vest, and I think it can still look modern when worn with current denim styles. This color combination always looks more expensive

camel turtleneck // similar vest // straight leg jeans (budget option) // lug sole Chelsea boots

#18. Ivory Sweater w/ Blue Jeans & Patterned Mules

I love the elegant simplicity of an ivory sweater with a great pair of blue jeans. These straight crop jeans keep this look on trend, and the plaid mules with the matte black hardware add an element of interest. Now if I could just learn to stand up straight… haha!

Accessories really matter with an outfit this simple. The layered necklace and textured hoops draw the eye up towards my face.

sweater // jeans // mules // necklace // similar earrings

#19. Olive Sweater + Dark Wash Denim w/ Cognac 

This is another simple outfit that’s all about the color combination. Olive green is a trending color for fall, and it pairs really well with dark denim and cognac shoes and accessories. The belt is super important here. It adds another element of interest and breaks up the two dark color tones, plus it makes the outfit look more finished.

olive turtleneck (more olive sweaters) // dark wash flares (option) // western boots // similar belt

#20. Stripe Polo Neck Sweater + Jeans & Sneakers

Polo neck sweaters are trending this fall, and I love this black and white stripe version, although I think I could have sized down. I just paired it with distressed crop flares and my Veja sneakers for casual fall weekend vibes.

sweater (budget option/solid option) // jeans // sneakers (option)

#21. Animal Print Tee + Black Denim

I feel bad sharing this look because only the jacket is currently available, but this is one of my favorite fall outfits that I wear on repeat. While animal prints aren’t as trendy as they were there for a while, a quality, tasteful animal print is always in style. This abstract cheetah print tee by ATM is a good example of that.

Gap has a v-neck option that looks pretty good, and J.Crew Factory has a cheetah teddie sweater that I like a lot. It’s been around for years, but it still looks good.

similar tee (sweater option) // similar jeans // similar mules // coated denim jacket

#22. Black, Black & More Black

When in doubt, I just layer on the black. Incorporating a variety of textures helps keep it interesting, and of course proper fit is key. FYI, these boots are so comfortable for a 3″ heel, and the 5 1/4″ shaft fits easily under crop and ankle flares.

leather moto options // similar v-neck tee // black ankle flares // boots // belt // bag

And that’s a wrap! I hope these fall outfit ideas help you expand your closet and get more wear out of what you already have.

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35 thoughts on “22 Fall Outfit Ideas for 2022

  1. I LOVE every one of these looks! and can shop my closet to create a similar look.., I was going to ask about the quilted vest and cardigan question but I’ve taken pics of both as you pretty much answered my question in todays post! I guess you just add those pieces to current on trend looks to not look dated.. Am I right? Also with some of your looks I was switching out bottoms for my faux leather leggings I bought from Banana Republic last fall as they seem to be very on trend this year. I actually was trying some fun outfits with them last night. I tried them with mules and fashion sneakers( for this time of year and more casual looks) I tried long sweaters and my favorite a white tunic length cotton shirt with denim jacket and Nike Day Break sneakers.. you really do have to take time to play with putting outfits together at home so you know what to grab when getting ready!

    1. BINGO – When wearing an item that may be considered dated, put it with other current styles and it will look fresh and new. Or at least, not horribly dated, lol.

      And yes, you do have to take some time to play around with outfits. If you do it when you aren’t in a rush to go somewhere, it will make getting ready to go places easier.

  2. Love the looks – although I have to say, everything looks good on you! My question is…how do you determine whether or not to wear a belt? Thanks!

    1. Not everything looks good on me. I just try to only wear things that look good on me. BIG difference. 🙂 🙂

      I add a belt when I feel like an outfit is missing something… that probably isn’t very helpful, lol! I’ll try to think about that when I’m putting outfits together and see if I can come up with a better answer.

  3. Great post. Inspires me! I forget about so many of these great outfit combinations, and I own most of the pieces from following you.
    Interesting that you dont feature leggings, they aren’t flattering on me so I’m glad to relate them to “around the house”, even then, joggers are easier. 🙂
    Thank you.

    1. No, I don’t do leggings unless I’m at the gym. They don’t flatter my figure. I have skinny legs, and I’m broad on top – both shoulders and hips are wide compared to my legs, so to wear longer, more fluid tops with tight bottoms just highlights the discrepancy.

      I used to wear them some when it was trendy to wear them with the tunics on top, but ONLY with OTK boots or knee high boots to add some bulk on the bottom and create some semblance of balance. Even then, those were not my most flattering looks and I didn’t really love them. Oh, and I was 10 lbs thinner, so yeah. Now that I understand more about my body type and personal style, I just steer clear of those.

  4. Great post. I have some raw hem flare jeans that need to be shortened an inch. I’m nervous about cutting them. I think you had video once about that. Could you please send link. Thanks.

  5. The timing of this post is perfect for me! I live in San Diego where our temps are still in the 80s. I am traveling to some colder weather soon and have been struggling a bit with what to pack because I haven’t worn cooler weather clothes in so long. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. If I wear a black sweater or jacket, I must wear black boots. I was surprised to see your black sweater and brown clogs. That’s just me . . . Old habits are hard to break. LOL

    I also wear a belt every day no matter what – and yes – it will either be brown or black to match my outfit.

  7. Thank you so much for this post! I have just about everything in my closet to make most of these outfits. It’s great to see what’s really popular in fashion. I lost enough weight when I was sick to actually look good in my clothes again. At least, that’s what my husband said. Haha! I love all the fall colors and the wide leg pants. I usually stick with straight leg jeans because I’m so short. Only 5′. Again, thank you so much. I love your blog!! Have a Great Day!! 🧡💛🍂

  8. Thanks! I can certainly shop my closet
    because I have a lot of these already. Yay! One question. What is the large tote in the first photo? It’s a great travel tote.

  9. This post was so helpful to shop my closet! My Fall uniform is usually a pullover sweater and jeans only changing up my shoes depending on my mood and the weather! This post gives me more options and all these outfits look great on you! My favorites are #4, 7 and #14.

  10. I love the variety of looks you gave, and then you gave ideas to switch out pieces! So fun! Of course anything with a sweater is “winter” here, but now that fall has finally arrived we are at least able to wear jeans, so I’ll call it a win! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  11. Wow, lots of classic styles. Love all the denim options, but also the black joggers with denim jacket. I finally broke down and bought the chestnut denim jacket from Kut from the Koth. Didn’t have my size at Nordstroms, but the Kut website had my size and it was $5 cheaper (no shipping cost). Jo-Lynne, you didn’t mention your size here, but I think I remember you saying you have this in a medium? Reviews also said to size up if in between, so I did! I want some room to wear a light sweater for button-down. Thanks for all the creative ideas!!!

  12. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas! I’ve been looking for a graphic tee and like the JCrew you have. What size are you wearing?

  13. Love all the outfits! I would like to invest in a nice bootie that would hopefully last for many years and go with a variety of outfits, including both black and blue jeans. If you had to suggest one bootie, what would it be? For example, what color (black, tan, etc), what material (leather or suede), what toe shape?

    1. Color really depends on your wardrobe, but i find black and taupe to be most versatile in mine. As far as style, an almond shape toe is probably most timeless, and I like suede best, but leather probably holds up better over time.

  14. Hey there – thanks for the post. What are your thoughts on wearing a denim jacket with jeans? I’ve always thought to looked like too much denim, but I have a cute denim jacket that I would love to wear more often.

  15. Great post. Love every outfit. Maybe you could size down in the black and white stripe sweater but if can’t exchange now I’d think drying it would help. It’s not bad though as it’s a casual look. This post was great with all the extra outfit ideas.

  16. Thanks for all the looks. I have copied some of your outfits with what I have. I think you are so good at putting casual outfits together. I never thought I would want to wear bootleg jeans again but seeing you in your flares has changed my mind. I tried some bootleg jeans yesterday but they were a bit big so unflattering from behind. I’m on a hunt for some. I like straight and slim leg jeans but not skinnies. I have skinny lower legs and fuller thighs so they always made my hips look wider. I only wore them with tunics and long boots. I really didn’t like the look but it was on trend. I don’t like leggings either. I can’t understand how women can wear them in summer.

    Once again thanks for all your efforts. I like how you always answer questions. Some bloggers do not.

  17. Thank you for the inspiration with all of these fabulous outfits. The burgundy Moto jacket is gorgeous!! You look so slim and trim; whatever you are doing: its working! To add to another reader’s comments: denim jacket/ shirt with blue jeans is called the Canadian Tuxedo look. Not my fav but looks good on others.

  18. Love the 22 outfits for fall, I pinned at least 13 of them to my pinterest fall/winter page for inspirations, ok being real, copying. I have most of the pieces including the olive cardigan, black moto jacket, black and white/ivory printed tshirt, so I now have go to looks/outfits for this season. Thanks for doing all the work. Have a blessed week.

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