Soma Pajamas for Holiday Gift Giving

Every year it’s our family tradition to give pajamas on Christmas Eve. Everyone in our house gets new pajamas . . . except me!

I never thought much about it or felt left out because I’m the primary gift buyer in the family. But funny thing is, I LOVE PAJAMAS. My favorite time of the day is when I get to crawl into my familiar bed after a long day. I love the feel of the cool sheets against my cozy jammies.

But it is rare that I get pajamas as a gift. And I never get a pair to open on Christmas Eve. I usually buy my own whenever I need a new pair, and that’s fine by me.

But this year is different.

This year I will have a pair of pajamas to open on Christmas Eve with the rest of my family because Soma gifted me a one of their gorgeous Embraceable Pajama Sets and a pair of their Embraceable Slippers.

I’m putting them away for Christmas Eve so I have a present to open with the rest of the family and new jammies to wear. I did, of course, have to give them a test drive so I can adequately cover their features for this post. It’s a tough job, y’all.

Soma Embraceable Pajamas

These Soma pajamas are so soft and comfy, I could lounge in them all day. Wait. I do that sometimes! Ha. (Allow me to clarify, I do not ever lounge all day. But I have been known to work here at the computer in my pajamas until lunchtime.)

They feature Soma’s Cool Nights Technology to keep you cool and dry and have short and long sleeved options available. These sets are only $49 each and come already wrapped in a satin ribbon, making them perfect for gift giving. (In fact, I’ve already bought a pair to give to a certain special someone. Shhhh….)

I love that you can buy separates or sets. Separates are nice if you like to wear a different size on the top than on the bottom. These come in a gorgeous array of prints and colors, and there are coordinating solids in camis and tees if you like to layer. They have sleepshirts too, if that’s her style (or yours!)

Thanks to Soma for sponsoring this post!

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