Fresh Paint #CoffeeTalk

The painters are gone! The painters are gone! 

I want to shout it from the rooftops.

They were actually delightful. But I work from home, yo. So not only have I been displaced all week while my office is getting painted, but I’ve had people in my house CONSTANTLY. Tomorrow another team comes in to do my office floors, so I have a one-day reprieve. I cannot wait to spend all day here at home. Alone. Banging out work so my husband and I can take a day off tomorrow to wrap up our Christmas shopping. And go out to lunch. Together. Alone. Yippeee!

This month has been CRAZY. I am so happy that it’s starting to slow down. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Yesterday morning I drove out to Target to get a few things for a holiday project I’m working on. It’s been waaaay too long since I’ve been to Target, and I was quickly reminded how a $50 shopping list can quickly turn into $250. And I didn’t even find a print for my powder room which is the main reason I ventured out in the first place.

I also discovered the wonder that is the Starbucks Peppermint Latte.

Peppermint Latte

HOW have I not known about this!?? I’ve tried the pumpkin variety, and I wasn’t impressed. It was too sweet for me. But this Peppermint . . . Oh, my . . . yes, please! And I believe I’ll have another!

So how are you coming on YOUR Christmas shopping? My room is stacked with boxes. I don’t even know what’s in them. So that is my project for tomorrow. I need to weed through them, make lists, and then figure out how to make them all even out.

But our Christmas should be fairly relaxing this year. I’m hosting a small group from our church for dinner this Sunday night, and I’m looking forward to that. On Monday I have plans to get a mani-pedi with a friend, and I will probably finagle a way to stop into Starbucks for one of those Peppermint Lattes that I just discovered.

We have a Christmas Eve worship service to attend and a 12th birthday to celebrate, and we will spend Christmas morning here at home. Then we are going to my sister-in-law’s for Christmas dinner where they are planning an AMAZING menu. I cannot wait.

We will have our BIG family Christmas party on the weekend so everyone can be together, and then we are traveling to my parents’ home in Virginia for New Year’s. I can’t wait to see my little niece and nephew and have Christmas all over again with my side of the family.

I am a huge fan of dragging out the holidays for as long as possible. Why not, right!?? We spend an entire month shopping, planning, preparing and looking forward to the celebration. We might as well celebrate for AT LEAST a week. 

So circling back around to the original point of this post, I can’t wait to share photos of my new office. The red walls are GONE. And the nasty carpet is coming out tomorrow. My office is located in the front of the house, and for some reason, my kids have a habit of kicking off their dirty shoes on my white carpet when they come in the front door. A wood floor will be SO much easier to maintain, and it will look nice because it should match the floor in the foyer.

I ordered a big cork board to place behind my desk so I can tack papers and things I want to reference. And I’m hoping to hang some new wall art and things so it feels all fresh and new. Happy Christmas to ME! 

Of course, Christmas isn’t really supposed to be about treating ourselves. I’m always good for that, but I do like to find a way to pay it forward. I hope you saw the super cool Twin Hills Santa project I’m working on. I’m so excited about that. I don’t want that post to get lost in the shuffle.

What are your plans for the holidays???

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16 thoughts on “Fresh Paint #CoffeeTalk

  1. Yes to the Starbucks Peppermint latte! I have had way too many this Christmas season – although I do order mine non-fat and no whip… because metabolism. But I love the dark chocolate sprinkles!

    Your “fairly relaxing” Christmas makes me smile. It all sounds like so much fun. I keep harping on my kids to wash their hands for the entire length of the alphabet song because we don’t have time to get the flu until after Christmas day!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your updated office! You’re so brave to do it before Christmas – I chickened out and put off our painters until the new year.

  2. the peppermint white chocolate mocha is my favorite guilty pleasure at starbucks…and now i’m craving one like you wouldn’t believe. 🙂

  3. I’m not gonna lie… I thought you were nuts when I read you had painters this past week LOL…. but glad they got the job done!

    I love love love Peppermint Mocha — it’s my favorite drink. Fun fact: it’s available year round, they just don’t have the little peppermint sprinkles for the top. Of course, it tastes better in the red cup. 😉 I always order mine nonfat no whip, so I don’t get the sprinkles anyway. Oh, and you can ask for two pump (I get two of peppermint & of the mocha, rather than the usual four) and it’s a lot less sweet.

    How do I always end up writing you a novel? 😛

    1. Ha! That’s okay. I like novels. And I will ask for 2 pumps…. that sounds even better. It was still a bit much. But I agree… the red cup MAKES the experience. I don’t think I’d order it any other time of year.

      1. Okay, I will continue my novels then. 😛 BTW, not sure why, but whenever I get reply notification emails, my spam filter always gets them. Grrr….

          1. Yeah, was wondering that. It’s odd, because I’ve marked it as “Not Spam” more than once. Just thought I’d give a heads up.

          2. I’ve noticed that I get the reply emails sometimes but not always and realized some of them go to my spam too. Not sure why only some of them, LOL.

  4. I don’t like coffee (I know, I know), but Starbucks has a peppermint hot chocolate that is SO good! Can’t wait to see your new office – I want to redo mine so I’ll be interested to see what you did. We have a relaxing Christmas planned, if I can survive between now and then!

  5. I can’t wait to see your office pics. I have not tried a peppermint latte either (and no way to the pumpkin!!!) – I’ll for sure have to get one when I’m in Seattle next week or on the way (we don’t have a Starbucks where I live!!) . Our Christmas plans are pretty lightweight, which is nice. We have some unexpected traveling coming home on Christmas Eve but at least we’ll be home in the afternoon and can hopefully FaceTime with far away family and open gifts with them. Then Christmas morning is when the kids get their gifts from us and Santa. My closet was FULL of boxes until the other day when I finally got caught up and wrapped it all! We also serve food at our town’s community Christmas dinner on Christmas day so that is always such a fun time and I don’t have to cook! 🙂


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