Fashion Friday: Spring 2009 Trends

Megan asks: I want to perk up my wardrobe for spring.  Are there any “it” colors or accessories right now?  What are some key pieces that I could pick up to add to my current rotation to freshen things up?  Does the scarf trend translate from winter to spring?  I’m on a budget so some inexpensive tips would be helpful.

I say: I should probably just forward you to Big Mama’s list from last week, but I’m always up for a fashion challenge so I decided to google the topic for myself and see what I come up with.

1. Color! Yellow is evidently one of the hottest color for spring. Important tip:

Don’t be tempted to mix the brights with black (too ’80s). Pair with white, denim or other brights for the freshest look.

I love yellow paired with denim; it’s modern and classy.  If you haven’t yet picked up your summer purse, consider going yellow.  I have a yellow bag, and it’s a great way to pop an outfit.  It’s more versatile than you might think.  If you have trouble spending all outdoors for a purse (I, unfortunately, have no such hangup) Target usually has a great collection of stylish handbags.


2. Oversized Necklaces! This is an easy one.  You can find oversized necklaces for affordable prices at Target, Forever21, Old Navy, and let’s not forget Etsy.

3. Oversized Pattern Bag! Evidently oversized is a key word this season.  And I had to include this because I am so thrilled with my new oversized pattern bag from Orla Kiely.  I feel like no matter what I wear, this bag makes me look good.  It even makes my cozy sweats look fashionable.


Okay, that may be taking the magic of an oversized pattern bag a BIT too far.  But it certainly does make me happy!

4. Bangles! Another cheap and easy way to pop an otherwise boring outfit.

5. Mix and Match Patterns? Um.  Nosankyou.  But if it’s your THANG, then by all means, rock the mix and match patterns with sass.

6. Pastel Suit! No, this is not the pastel suit that you wore to church for Easter Sunday in 1985.  (Oh yes I did!  And I can probably dredge up a photo to prove it, given enough time.)  I’m talking about a sophisticated pastel pant suit.  Not that I would ever have an occasion to wear such a thing, but I specifically included this for Megan because she is an attorney and I’m assuming she has a business suit or two hanging in her closet.  Of course, it wouldn’t be an inexpensive wardrobe edition, but it you have to buy a new suit this year, make it a pastel one!

Out of curiosity, I went over to my two favorite stores — Ann Taylor and Banana Republic — to see what they had for spring suits, and evidently the pastel trend hasn’t made it to the mainstream stores just yet.  Everything was still very gray and black and navy.  Although I do like Banana Republic’s moonlight suiting collection.  In fact, I have already purchased this cuffed pant from that line.

7. Florals and Sweet Prints! This one’s a bit dicey, in my un-expert opinion.  I’d be afraid of looking like a poster child for Easter Sunday Morning circa 1992.  Okay, enough with the Easter Sunday outfits, but really, if you could only see into my past — it is truly horrifying.  But anyway.  If you do it well, florals can be feminine and sophisticated without being dowdy.

Take for instance this boho chic floral frock.  I couldn’t pull this off in a million years, but I think it’s adorable.


8. The Crop Pant??? Yep.  Believe it or not, despite my dire predictions about the capri being on its way out, or at the very least relegated to the dreaded mom-jeans status, word from the experts is that the crop pant is alive and well.  Here is what one source states:

The crop (also called 7/8 length) pant is one of the newer looks to take the runway, but it’s certainly nothing new to women everywhere who have faithfully worn capris in warm weather for years. The softer legs — on jumpsuits, pants and crops — give this version of the pant wearability, as long as you keep the volume under control. A great rule is that for maximum flattery the pant should hang in a straight line from your bottom. That way it skims over thighs without clinging.

Well, at least I was right about one thing — that the pant should hang in a straight line from your bottom.

9.  The Gladiator! I really do detest this trend. I’m sorry; I just can’t see the appeal.  But if it’s up your alley, the trend for spring is grommets, buckles, studs, and ties.

10. Ballet flats! Fortunately there is another shoe trend that I can live with.  I adore ballet flats.  These are evidently Rachel Zoe’s pick for Piperlime, for whatever that’s worth.


What do YOU say? What are your favorite fashion trends for spring 2009?

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