You Capture: Spring!

Around these parts, spring is not colorful and bright.  Spring is brown and gray with a hint of green.  I went outside yesterday and grabbed these shots.


My tulips are poking their leafy heads out of the ground, but it will be a few weeks before they have any blooms.


These are the hardiest pansies I’ve ever known. They survived the winter and are blooming already.


Note the brown grass and bare trees against gray skies.  The kids playing outside is one of my favorite signs of spring!  It means less mess inside my house!

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  1. You’ve been popped! You are one of my fav blogs =)
    Here is the code to post the button on your sidebar if you wish (please?).

    Thanks for writing such a great blog. I enjoy reading it everyday.

  2. I bet those tulips are going to be stunning when they bloom. I really need to plant some. They seem so resilient. We had snow around here over the weekend and it didn’t even seem to phase the tulips in the neighborhood one bit.


  3. I am SO jealous. We got 3 more inches of snow last night, bringing our total to 97 inches since December. Enjoy that tiny patch of snow you have!

  4. My pansies make it through every winter. I’m not sure how, but they do so well in cold climates. In fact during the hot, hot summer they seem to die out a little. And my crocuses have come and gone, my daffodils are currently blooming, and I have great hope that my tulips will starting blooming in a couple of weeks!

  5. That photo of your kids playing outside with the drab winter nature backdrop is so artistic-looking. Did you photoshop it or did you have a specific lens on your camera? I love the muted colors…

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