Updating my Spring Workout Clothes with Nordstrom

Welcome back to 27 Days of Spring Fashion! Today’s spring outfit is a little bit different. This is a spring workout outfit!

Nevermind that it’s actually snowing outside as I sit here putting the finishing touches on this post! It’s supposed to be 70 next week, so I’m confident that spring IS coming.

Spring Workout Clothes: Alo Leggings and Hoodie with Zella Double Scoop Neck Tank

Alo ‘Prism’ Fleece Front Zip Hoodie $98 | Zella ‘Double Scoop – Ocean Solid’ Tank $38
Alo ‘Airbrush’ Print Capris $74 | (similar) Nike Pegasus $110

This is one of two posts I’m writing in partnership with Nordstrom featuring their yoga gear and apparel. You know I’m a huge fan of Nordstrom, and I’ve been wanting to update my workout clothes for a while, so this opportunity came along at just the right time.

I absolutely believe that wearing workout gear that is cute and stylish is extra motivation to get out there and move. Whether you work out in the privacy of your own home, at the gym, or on deserted country roads, you will be more motivated to exercise if you feel good in what you’re wearing.

I spent some time perusing the website, and Nordstrom has an amazing selection of activewear. I had a hard time choosing the pieces I wanted to order. In the end, I just ordered an assortment of things, knowing that anything that doesn’t work out can easily be returned, thanks to their generous return policy.

This outfit is something I’d wear to the gym or to yoga.

Spring Workout Clothes: Alo Leggings and Hoodie with Zella Tank

I could wear it to run too, I suppose, but this sweatshirt is more of a topper to go to and from my workout destination than something I’d actually work out in.

Spring Workout Clothes: Alo Hoodie with Zella Double Scoop Neck Tank

Speaking of this Fleece Front Zip Hoodie, I am obsessed with it. It’s definitely my favorite piece that I ordered. It is soooo soft, I want to wear it 24/7.

In fact, I have practically done just that ever since it arrived a few days ago. I wore it to my gym workout on Wednesday, and then I came home and showered and put it back on with jeans and a t-shirt and wore it for the rest of the day. I wore it again yesterday over a grey tank with olive skinnies and my Converse.

When I take it off, I just hold it and pet it. LOL!!! It’s seriously that soft.

Spring Workout Clothes: Alo Leggings Hoodie with Zella Double Scoop Neck Tank

It’s also super lightweight, so it’s perfect for this time of year when the weather is so unpredictable. The sleeves are a ribbed cotton material, and the body is the lightest fleece I’ve ever felt.

Spring Workout Clothes: Alo Fleece Hoodie with Zella Double Scoop Neck Tank

The thumbholes are stylish as well as practical. I’m always cold, so I definitely keep the sleeves hooked over my thumbs as I work at the computer or when driving to and from my workout appointments.

This is my first experience with the Alo brand, and I’ll definitely be buying more.

Spring Workout Clothes: Alo Airbrush Print Capris and Fleece Front Zip Hoodie with Zella Double Scoop Neck Tank

Underneath, I’m wearing the Zella Double Scoop Tank. This is a great basic to work out in. I wish they had it in more colors because I’d order one in every color of the rainbow!!

Spring Workout Clothes: Zella Double Scoop Neck Tank

The moisture-wicking fabric is comfortable even when I’m working up a sweat, and the straps are wide enough to cover my bra, which is SO hard to find in a workout tank top! So many are super strappy, but this has great coverage without being frumpy.

Spring Workout Clothes: Alo Airbrush Print Capris with Zella Double Scoop Neck Tank

Finally, the Alo Capris are so cute. These pants have a comfy wide waistband and no side seams for a smooth fit through the legs.

Spring Workout Clothes: Zella Double Scoop Neck Tank with Alo Airbrush Print Capris

They do have a slightly lower rise than the Zella Live In Capris (that I also ordered and will feature in my next post), so keep that in mind if that’s an issue for you, but the print and the fabric were too cute to pass up. Alo makes their pants in a ton of great prints.

Spring Workout Clothes: Alo Airbrush Print Capris

I’ve already worn this outfit to a training session, and I know it will be on repeat all summer long.

Spring Workout Clothes: Zella Double Scoop Neck Tank with Alo Airbrush Print Capris and Fleece Front Zip Hoodie

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44 Responses

  1. So cute!! Random question….hope it’s okay to ask – but…what bra do you wear/recommend? I am large busted and I am forever on the hunt for a great bra. I’ve been wearin Wacoal for the last few years and I am really wanting to try something new/different. Thanks Jolynne!

  2. OK – not sure if you look for feedback about your posts but I am making a decision to move on from your blog. Not sure if you think that most women can really afford to spend these prices… $98 for a workout top?? Frustrating when blogs feature items they have been gifted by a company or store and then reap benefits from doing so. I feel that most of your items are way above my price point and may be something you want to consider for your readers who are not rich and who are not receiving free clothing all the time. Sorry to leave your blog but it is not possible to “keep up with JoLynne”

    1. Hi Marcy. There are tons of fashion blogs these days, and I’m sure you can find some that feature clothing in your price range if that’s what you’re looking for.

      Just FYI, I purchase about 98% of the clothes and shoes I feature on my site with my own hard earned money. Even this $98 workout top was purchased by me. Nordstrom is paying me for this post, but they don’t provide product. Some brands do, and I always share when I’ve been gifted with a product, and I only accept products that I would actually purchase.

      I’d also like to state for the record (and anyone else who’s reading this) that I’m not expecting anyone to keep up with me. It is part of my job to feature a wide variety of clothes and accessories, and I’ve been very up-front about that. I don’t keep everything I feature because it wouldn’t fit in my closet. 🙂 My goal is to share lots of ideas so people can pick and choose what works for them, and also be inspired to shop their closets in new and creative ways or to shop similar looks at stores that fit their budget.

      If following my blog is causing you to feel bitter and resentful, then by all means, move on and find one that makes you happy. I sincerely wish you the best.

      1. Your reply was perfect! For example, I’m using your photos today as inspiration for my trip to Kohl’s this afternoon with my 30% off coupon!! Another comment about this morning’s photo shoot…the lighting was gorgeous!!! I assume that back lighting was the early morning sun??? Wherever you were and whatever time it was, it was lovely! Kudos to your photographer/hubby!!

        1. Thanks, Sue! I looked out the window and saw what a pretty morning it was and I woke my husband up and asked him to take my pictures for this post! Ha. Good thing he loves me. 🙂

      2. First of all, I love how fashionable fitness wear has become. It makes me want to work out. Secondly, in response to the readers comment of the cost of clothes; I wouldn’t buy a fitness top that cost that much either. That’s the amount of money I would spend on a special occasion dress or a winter coat. But, that being said, it doesn’t bother me if other bloggers spend a lot of money on clothes because I look at pictures for inspiration. If I like what I see, I just try to find something similar in my price range, rather than buying the exact same item the blogger is wearing.

  3. I just love that outfit! It’s definitely one I’d wear to a yoga class or to the gym. You mentioned that you liked the fact that the tank straps were wide enough to hide your exercise bra straps. I have yet to find a good, supportive running bra that isn’t racer back, and was wondering if you’d let us in on your secret 🙂

    1. I actually need to get new ones. I’ve been putting it off because the hunt is so frustrating. I have this one that I like okay: https://bit.ly/1TUEwCc but I think the straps would probably show with this tank top. I wear it under short sleeves and long sleeves. My favorite one is by Moving Comfort and it’s so old that it’s no longer available, but I do like that brand a lot. I usually order about 10 sports bras and hope to find 1 or 2 worth keeping. 🙂

  4. Very cute Jo-Lynne. That hoodie looks like something I would live in too. Those capri’s are adorable and look great on you. I would look silly because I don’t workout and don’t have a cute figure like you. I wouldn’t be able to justify spending that kind of money unless I actually worked out in them. Ha!

    1. I dunno, I wear them around the house sometimes and when I’m on vacation, my mom and I lounge around in workout clothes all day whether we work out or not. 😉

  5. I just did the same. Ordered two sets through fabletics to freshen up my boring black leggings etc. I love the leggings you have on! awesome sauce!!!

    1. UGH. Not what I want to hear! I’ve had trouble with it loading slowly in the past, but I thought we’d fixed it. I’ll be interested to hear what others have to say.

      My dog doesn’t usually go running with me because she tires out quickly, but sometimes I take her on a walk first to warm up. 🙂

  6. I, too, look at your outfits and posts as inspiration, not something to copy exactly. Keep up the good work!

  7. Looks very comfy! Almost makes me want to exercise!! Will definitely be looking at Nordstrom on line for that hoodie.

  8. Jo-Lynne, I can’t afford the price range of many of your clothes/clothes you show either, but I still love your posts and as another reader said, use them as inspiration. There is plenty of cheaper clothing that still looks good. And to be honest, if I did have the money, I probably would spend more on certain pieces too. I do love it when you mention cheaper versions of a pricey item, it helps.
    You look amazing. I’ve never spent money in workout clothes/always just worn old and frumpy stuff. That’s going to change now! ????

  9. I use your posts for inspiration too, for the most part. I also watch for you to post “ON SALE!” I wanted that Easy Marl Cardigan and when you said it was on sale for $20 I scooped it up!
    I think you do a great job at not only offering cheaper options, but giving us ideas on how to style certain pieces. Whether those pieces are from Nordstrom or from Kohls, it’s the concept! And people should remember the Payless Shoes post you did….

  10. Hi Jo-Lynne! How would say the hoodie fits? Is it fitted? I can be an XS or S for something like this, need a little room for a tee or tank but don’t want it to be huge.


  11. I’ve worn a lot of Lululemon as it started here in Vancouver and seems to be pretty much standard issue to all the locals 😉 It definitely has a high price point and there have been some quality issues over the years. I’ve been reading your comments and others about Zella and finally purchased a pair of cropped leggings from Nordstrom Rack on a recent trip across the border. They are amazing! The quality and fit of the pants were great. And the price point!!! Wow – I’m sold! Keep up the good reviews!!

  12. Do you mind if I ask what size you are wearing in the leggings? Have you tried working out in them? I’m wondering if they stay put? I have trouble with my gap fit workout leggings falling down which is never good!!

    1. Hey Nicola. They definitely do not fall down when I work out. I didn’t try running in them, but I can’t imagine that they’d move much. They do have a lower rise than some of my other workout pants, so that is something to be aware of. I know some people don’t like that. But they don’t slide down at all. 🙂

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