What To Buy at the Nordstrom Winter Clearance Sale

There are President’s Day sales all over the place this weekend (see my post from yesterday for LOFT’s President’s Day Sale) so this is a great time to shop ahead for next winter and start updating your closet for spring.

Today I’m focusing on the Nordstrom Winter Clearance Sale.

What To Buy at the Nordstrom Winter Clearance Sale

With their generous price matching and return policies, wide variety of price points, and free shipping, I find myself shopping Nordstrom more than any other store. I also feel confident recommending them to you because I know if you aren’t 110% satisfied, they’ll make it right.

After doing a huge closet purge and living with a capsule wardrobe for the past month, I’m determined to shop more strategically this spring. I want to make sure everything I buy is something that a) has a purpose and b) I will love to wear.

I wrote a post on 2016 Spring Wardrobe Essentials, and I also have an older post on How to Build a Wardrobe that should still be relevant. You might want to take a look at those if you’re not sure where to start. Then make a list of the things you need or want to add to your winter and spring wardrobes so you know what you’re looking for and don’t get too distracted by all the pretties!

Of course, distracting you with lots of ideas is what I do best, so I apologize in advance if I steer you off course. Ha! Just remember to weigh every purchase against what you actually need, what works with your existing wardrobe and your lifestyle, and what looks good on YOU — not anyone else.

What To Buy at the Nordstrom Winter Clearance Sale

Hover over the images below to see the prices. Everything I’m sharing is on sale, but you may need to click through to the Nordstrom website get the exact sale price. Each image below is clickable.

Happy Shopping!