Summer Styles from Evereve

I just got my June selections in from Evereve, and I can’t wait to share them with you! Evereve has fast become one of my favorite places to shop for quality clothing that is current and stylish but not overly trendy.

Yes, the price points are higher than some like to spend for casual wear, but many of my most worn pieces of clothing over the past few seasons are from Evereve. When you start to think about clothing purchases in terms of cost per wear, it sometimes makes sense to spend a bit more for something you truly love that you can wear many times over.

I say all that because these outfits definitely add up, but that doesn’t mean you need go out and purchase each head-to-toe look. Hopefully you will find one or two quality pieces to add to your existing wardrobe, or are inspired to recreate some of these looks with items in your closet.

Maeve Cable Sweater Tank c/o (S) // Hudson Nico Straight Ankle Jeans c/o (29) // Dolce Vita Palyce c/o (7.5) // Brenna Stone Beaded Coin Necklace c/o // Candice Wood Bracelet c/o // Winona Filligree Statement Earrings c/o

This first outfit is my favorite of the bunch. I was immediately drawn to this Evereve Maeve Cable Sweater Tank for some reason. I love a sweater tank, I guess because I love sweaters! This is a fun way to wear a sweater in the warmer months.

I think this cable knit pattern is really pretty, and I love the way they designed the shoulders and the neckline. Plus, this oatmeal color pairs beautifully with blue or white denim this summer.

This sweater tank also comes in a denim blue, and it seems to run a little small, but all my usual sizes are a bit snug on me these days. I’m working on that! All that to say, you might consider sizing up if in between, or if you have a larger chest.

Speaking of a larger chest, the bra situation with this sweater is a little bit tricky; I’m wearing this Wacoal t-shirt bra, and it’s okay, but it does show a little. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but you could wear a strapless if you prefer.

I highly recommend the Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless, if you need one. They’re often included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which previews next week!

It’s hard to see in these pictures, but the jewelry I’m wearing is also from Evereve, and I really like these summery pieces. Everything is linked under the top picture.

I also love these Dolce Vita double strap sandals with the crock effect block heel and the mixed metal ring detail.

They’re the perfect shade of taupe, the leather straps are super soft and don’t rub anywhere on my foot, and there’s a bit of cushion in the footbed for added comfort. They’re true to size, or size down if in between.

And these jeans are the Hudson Nico Straight Ankle Jeans, which I also styled here. This time I rolled them up one extra to bring up the length just a bit.

They have a 9 1/4″ mid-rise and a versatile mid-indigo wash, and the subtle fading on the thighs and single busted-out knee gives them that ultra casual, laidback vibe that I love. I can’t say I’m crazy about the silhouette, though.

It’s something about the extra cuff, I think. It makes them look slightly tapered, more like a boyfriend jean than a straight. It looks a little sloppy to me, and I think I’d prefer this outfit with my Mother Dazzlers. Or I might cut them so I can cuff them twice and they will hang straight, as intended.

At any rate, these jeans run true to size, or size up if in between; I have them in the 29.

Okay, next look! This Kiara V-Neck Tank Dress is the green one from this Summer Fashion Try-On Haul.

Kiara V-Neck Tank Dress c/o (M) // Dolce Vita Leanna c/o (8) // Tory Burch McGraw Hobo // Brenna Stone Beaded Coin Necklace c/o // Paris Raffia Statement Earrings c/o // Victoria Emerson Toledo c/o

I requested the medium in this dress, but I forgot to specify the color and they sent the pink. I actually think this color is more flattering on me than the green, so that was a happy accident.

The medium definitely fits better, but I wasn’t sure I loved the thick elasticized waist and the blouson top. Even though I’ve had the reduction, I still find that there is more material in the back than in the front, and it looks kind of weird.

If I get the waistband situated just right, it looks nice, but I’m not sure how practical that is for wearing in real life. I like how it looks in these pictures, though, so maybe I’ll try it out around the house and see how it goes.

I have these Dolce Vita Leanna Strappy Sandals in the Cafe Stella, and I was excited when I saw them in Cream at Evereve. I’ve been loving white and cream sandals lately; I think they look so fresh and fun, and they really pop against a summer tan.

I wore the same stone beaded coin necklace here as in the previous outfit, but I swapped the gold filligree statement earrings for these raffia statement earrings. I like the light sand/beige tone against the salmon colored dress. (They call it Brick Dust, which I think is just perfect.)

I also wore those raffia earrings with my third look. This is probably my least favorite of the three outfits, although I adore the color palette.

Blank NYC denim jacket c/o (M) // Addy Ikat Chiffon Top c/o (S) // Hudson Nico Straight Ankle Jeans c/o (29) // Dolce Vita Palyce c/o (7.5) // Bella Belt c/o (M) // Coach Tabby // Paris Raffia Statement Earrings c/o // Candice Wood Bracelet c/o // rag & bone sunnies

The blouse is what really caught my attention. It’s a beautiful print, but I just don’t think it’s a very flattering cut for me. The high neck and ruffles on the sleeves and boxy fit all work against my curvy figure, and it also pulls a bit across the chest.

These are the same jeans and shoes as I wore with the first outfit, but this time I added a belt.

I really like the color of this belt because it isn’t really cognac or taupe, but somewhere in between, and it seems to work well with both warm and cool tones.

And here’s a close-up of this wood bracelet. I love adding natural elements to my summer looks through wood and raffia accessories.

The Paris Raffia Statement Earrings are the perfect complement to this blouse, and I’ve had these rag & bone sunglasses for years. I like the softer brown tortoiseshell frames with the muted colors in this outfit; my black ones seemed a bit harsh.

My Evereve contact sent me this Blank NYC Rose Dust Denim Jacket to complete the look, even though I didn’t request it. I love it in theory; the color is perfect, and the outfit really could use a completer piece.

Unfortunately, the style doesn’t work for me. It adds way too much volume exactly where I don’t need it. I have boxy shoulders, a larger chest, and a short neck, so any extra volume in the shoulders and chest area looks cumbersome and throws off the vertical balance of an outfit.

I wasn’t going to include this next picture because it’s so unflattering, but I think it’s necessary to prove my point. I think you can probably see how the jacket throws off the balance of the outfit.

I can see may be wearing the outfit without the jacket, like this, if I can find a bra that doesn’t cause the top to pull across the chest.

Even though this outfit misses the mark just by a smidge, I like the idea of it. The color palette is beautiful, and the pieces are all modern and wearable. I think it would be lovely on someone who is built a little smaller and narrower on top.

I’d love to hear your feedback. Which of these looks do you like best? Is there anything in here you’ll add to your summer wardrobe?

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photos: Alison Cornell

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49 thoughts on “Summer Styles from Evereve

  1. My daughter is turning 21 next month. Do you have any ideas for gifts? I was think about a piece of jewelry maybe David Yurman?

    1. I think a Yurman piece would be lovely, if she’s into jewelry. I just don’t know if it’s something the 20-something crowd is into or if it’s more of a mom thing. Let me ask my 23-year-old niece who is staying with us this week! She’ll know.

      1. I love Yurman and have many of his pieces, but they aren’t something my 25 or 21 year old girls would wear at all…they are more of a “mom” style IMHO.

  2. Love these looks on you! Evereve has some great pieces. Good luck with your tooth! Pain referral in teeth seems very common. Hopefully it gets all fixed up before your vacation.
    Have a great day!

  3. The last outfit looks the best on you! I think it minimizes all the problem areas you said you have! It looks more flattering than the sweater in the first outfit for sure. Also, the jeans hit your ankle at a great length to pair with those shoes. Super cute!

    1. I just added another picture I had left out because I thought it was so terrible. But I realized it is necessary to prove my point. I really have to disagree about the third outfit with the jacket. 🙂 But I also realize the sweater is too small, and thus not as flattering as it could be.

  4. I was immediately drawn to your third outfit. I think it’s extremely flattering on you! And yes, the color palette is perfect!

  5. I also love the color pallete. Very pretty! I came to same conclusion, however, when trying on similar tops. I’m curvy with a large chest. The ruffles and puffy sleeve trend is not flattering for me because of all the extra volume. I do have and love the Dolce Vita Palyce. I hope to see you style these shoes with more outfits.

  6. I like your Evereve outfits, especially the pink dress. But also the Hudson jeans and ikat top, I feel those jeans need to be worn with casual sandals or fashion sneaks, as opposed to the dressy sandals. They have a very casual, beachy vibe! And maybe the top would fit better one size up? For me, I don’t like a neck or arm holes too high or tight. The belt is great, really completes the look!!! I need to look for another style of sweater tank. Love the concept, just not the straps of this one. Still hoping for an Evereve in the KOP Mall. Have you checked out the new Everlane store? Thanks for the ideas!!

    1. I agree, this tank is hard to wear. I definitely could not have worn it before my surgery. I’m curious how it would work if I sized up.

      And I think you make a great point about the jeans. Although they always did the pumps and boyfriend jeans back in the day, so I thought that sort of worked here too, but maybe it’s a dated look. I think they looked a lot better without the additional cuff, and with flat sandals here: https://jolynneshane.com/how-to-style-white-sandals.html

  7. JoLynne I have been labeled by some as a perfectionist, but you would never here me admit it as I am well attuned to my short comings. Saying all that I love number 2 and 3 on you sans the jacket in 3. Absolutely gorgeous! The tank in number 1 seems too small and prevents the put together look you are famous for,

    1. The tank is definitely too small, it’s such a bummer. I may order the next size up.

      I think the third outfit looks ridiculous with the jacket, lol. I added an extra picture that shows it better. I should have included it when I was explaining why I didn’t like it.

  8. First, I have a question. You still refer to yourself as large chested. Do you wish you had reduced more? Like to a C instead of a D? 2nd, you look great in these photos. I think the only thing I’d do with the jeans and go back to rolling them less like in your older post with the pink blouse. In this post, the jeans are rolled too much and looks sloppier. 3rd, I love the pink casual dress on you, but in the pictures, we can’t see how the back has more material than the front. Its seems to fit you so well. 4th, I LOVE the blouse in the last outfit on your. I LOVE The high nec and the pattern and colors. In the pictures you don’t really see the pulling across the chest so much. I love the whole look of the outfit, but maybe unroll the jeans 1 roll and yes, the jacket is a NO. I love the color of the belt, but I’m too matchy, matchy and I don’t think I’d wear the belt color with the sandal color. I LOVE those sandals, but wish for Summer, they’d make the heel just a tad lower.

    1. I actually did ask for a C, and right now I’m a pretty full 34D. In fact, I’m really supposed to be a 32 back size, which would mean 32DD — but I tried one of those and it was actually too small, which was depressing, lol. Plus, the tighter band wasn’t comfortable b/c my scars are still healing. The 34D does slide up in the back some, so I know it’s not really the right size for me. I need to try more styles on, but I’m still kind of swollen, so I’m waiting to see how they look and feel when I’m done recovering.

      I won’t know for sure if I wish I’d been reduced more until that point, but with the lift that comes along with a reduction, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. With my hips, I think it is best that I didn’t go too much smaller. (My hips are 41″ and my chest is 38″ – it used to be 39″. I just measured yesterday for the first time b/c I was curious how much I changed.)

      I have mirror selfies of the pink dress and the ikat blouse for Friday’s try-on haul, which will show them better. I will also experiment with different pants before then.

  9. I am built like you, only 4 inches shorter. I bought a couple of sweater tanks from Loft that are so cute, but do accentuate the large bust, and I will only wear them at home. I may not even do that. The other outfit with the jacket—I see exactly what you are saying. And I have some jeans like that, and they just don’t look right on me. Maybe I need some time to get used to them. I wear flat sandals with them. I think maybe a tighter leg just looks better on our body type.

  10. I see your point about the denim jacket. It’s the pleating in the shoulders that adds bulk–I guess that’s the trend this summer (?). This would probably work for me, with a pear shaped figure and narrow shoulders. But the colors are lovely either way.

  11. I totally get what you’re saying about the high-neck blouse! As a 5’4″ large-chested woman, I see other people wear them and think they look so cute, but when I wear them I feel like I am one big boob on top! It doesn’t help that I have a short torso.

  12. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    I’m sorry about the root canal. I feel ya (I’m starting the next 5 of 10 crowns I am getting this summer tomorrow morning. I think my dentist’s kids are gonna enjoy their new pool!)
    The Ikat blouse is SO pretty- but I think the arm openings are too small. Every picture including the model look a little tight to me. I like the jacket a lot- but I see what you mean about the shoulder detail. Overall, I think the dress is my fave in this post. (You always look fabulous!)

  13. I agree, the jeans look bulky. Would they look better if you had them cropped to just above your ankle?
    I think the pink dress is cute on you but don’t like either of the tops. The tank makes you look wide shouldered and the blouse, though pretty, looks too tight across the bust.
    I also think the casualness of the jeans cries for a more casual, plain top like a tee or tank and flat sandals.
    Just my thoughts…

  14. I am so sorry about the root canal. Good grief! I hate it for you, but better to get it over with and get that tooth out of pain.

    I like all the outfits, but my favorite is the cute blouse at the end with the jeans and those accessories. That top is flattering on you I think.

    Good luck at the dentist on Thursday!

  15. I’m glad you got an answer about your tooth pain; wishing you well. 💙
    I love your first two outfits – the sweater tank looks great on you – oatmeal/beige tones look good with your coloring and the whole outfit has your classy casual vibe. The pink dress is darling- keep it!

    I was always a Hudson denim fan throughout the 2000s (loved their signature triangle pocket 😊) but they kinda disappeared in the denim game so I’m glad to see them back with current fresh styles. (The only thing I’m not into anymore is distressing/cut knees). The last floral blouse is a beautiful material but like you, I can’t wear that neckline. I saw it in the store and was drawn to the colors, but doesn’t work for me with my broad shoulders and short neck. Thanks for the outfit try-ons. Happy first day of summer!

    1. Yay, someone likes the oatmeal sweater, lol!!! I was so bummed when I got it and it was so small. It doesn’t help that I feel like I’ve ballooned up lately. I don’t think it shows in pictures, but I feel it in my clothes. But in this case, I do think it’s partly just the cut of this sweater. It’s a shame to buy another one when I already have one, but I’m dying to see if I like the medium, or if it is just an unfortunate design for me.

      1. Well reading others’ comments make me feel like I’m looking at a different picture! 🥴 I really did think /still think that the sweater tank paired with the rolled cuff jeans looks good on you; it’s totally your casual style! Although I do think it needs flat sandals added to match the laid back jean style. Yes, maybe you need one size up in the tank, but you look cute in it! 🙌🏻 And I’m different than others too in thinking the 3rd outfit is not “you” ….too high of a neckline and too many ruffles.

  16. I love the first outfit – it screams summer casual with a little bit of elevation from the cabled sweater and sandals. And I like boyfriend jeans so like how these fit as well 🙂

  17. Thank you for posting the “not so great” photos along with the good stuff! It really helps me visualize what works and doesn’t work instead of just showing a perfect world – and also makes me feel like I’m not alone!

  18. I love the last outfit on you… minus the jacket! Who needs jackets in the summer?’ Too hot! I think we are all too hard on ourselves…

  19. Sorry, about the tooth darn!!! I like the blouse on you better than the sweater vest top and I normally wouldn’t say that but you asked which we liked. The jeans look comfortable too

  20. I love the last outfit on you, I think that style top in those colors looks great on you. You look great and I think in the long run you will feel your decision was the right one not to go down to a C-cup. I’m 5’2.5 approx 128 lbs and have always been kind of well endowed and used to wear 32C in my younger years when I weighed 105-110 and now wear 32 dd or 34d. Gravity does weigh in as we get older but you’re not there yet by any means.

  21. I like the 3rd outfit (except for the jacket). I thought it looked great on you! It was my favorite of the three outfits,

  22. Would love to see the third outfit again (love the colors) updated with a completer piece that works and perhaps playing around with the jeans/shoes to show some additional options – a 5 ways to improve/change the look post perhaps?

  23. I love the store Evereve, just not their prices!! 😊

    I think you look cute in everything!! You have such great taste and you always look great!! Choose the pieces you like the best!

  24. That top is such a pretty print and I like the ruffles, a shame it didn’t work. The color palette is really pretty on you.

  25. Jo-Lynne, as always your thoughtful observations about fit is so helpful! I have a question about the DV Leanna sandals. Is the strap placement between your toes comfortable and have you worn them for an extended period of time? They are adorable and I love the color so I’m hoping they are comfortable, too!

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