The Best Fall Boots | #NSale 2020

Well, today’s the day! As of 9:30 AM ET, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to shop for Nordy Club ICON Level members!

I’m continuing with my deep dive into the most popular categories, where I share my favorites and where I think you’ll get the most bang for your shopping buck.

FYI, I’ve linked all my 2020 #NSale coverage at the top of the blog, and you can bookmark that page for easy reference when it’s your time to shop. Using my links to shop the sale is a way you can support my blog, and it is SO very much appreciated!

As I said in my Fall Wardrobe Essentials, our footwear really sets the tone for an outfit, and it’s a great way to transition our looks with the change of seasons.

When I think of fall fashion, boots and sweaters are the first things that come to mind. We’ll tackle sweaters in a bit, but today, let’s talk about the best fall boots in the #NSale!

The Best Fall Boots | #NSale 2020

This year, ankle boots (or booties) are still a hot trend. They look great with everything from skirts and dresses to jeans and shorts.

I usually wear my ankle boots with jeans, and since I wear jeans almost every day in fall and winter, I like to have a good variety of styles and colors in my closet.

One thing to pay attention to when purchasing ankle boots is shaft height. A higher shaft can be harder to wear with skinny jeans, especially if you have mostly ankle-length jeans. You may need to cuff them or tuck them in to make them work.

But a higher shaft ankle boot is perfect with the straight styles that are trending right now. Ideally, you’ll have some of both, if you wear boots often.


Tall boots are nice to have as well — especially when the weather turns cold, because they provide an extra layer of warmth.

Last year I noticed a shift from the over-the-knee styles that have reigned for the past few years to more knee-high styles, and this year knee boots are definitely taking over. I think we will still see some of each, but this year I’ll be buying knee-high styles.

As far as color trends go, neutrals are still going strong, and they are the most versatile. I’m seeing a lot of taupe, grey, and cognac again this year; but I’m also seeing black and white booties.

Animal prints are also having a moment right now, with python still leading the pack. I realize not everyone likes a snake print, but if you do, you can definitely continue wearing it this season.

I’m also seeing leopard and cheetah prints, camo print, and more! Fashion should be fun. Don’t take it too seriously!

One last final consideration, before I round up my favorites: Be sure to take your climate into consideration when purchasing fall boots.

Fall and winter weather can be messy here in Philly, so while suede is definitely trending, I like to have some leather options as well. Also, more and more brands are making weather-proof suede boots, and they are well worth the investment if you live in an area with messy winter weather.



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23 Responses

  1. Thanks for all the work you do making it easier for us to all shop! Question about linking in through you to the sale…IF we click on any of the Nordstrom’s links you have will you receive the commission for anything we have in our wish list once we can move it to our carts? OR do we have to click on every single item through your website? 

    1. Any of my links that take you to the Nordstrom website should give me credit for the purchase, as long as you don’t click someone else’s link before checkout.

      If you want to be sure, you can click over right before checking out. Basically, the last link clicked counts, and it wipes out the others, so no need to click on every item. 🙂 Thank you for your support!

  2. Another link question: if we have several things added to our wish list, how can we give you commission for all of it? I’m sorry I don’t understand the link stuff, but everything I have there is because of you! Heck, I didn’t even shop at Nordstrom before following you!

  3. So many good boots! I’ve got three in my wish list right now…the Paul Green Dynamic boot, the Sorel Wedge, and the Blondo w/ the asymmetrical zip. I love Sorel and Blondo because of being waterproof. I wear both brands all winter long. I’m tempted to get the leopard Hunter boots (in the taller size), because they look so fun. 🙂

    I love those Franco Sarto Asti boots, but I feel like for me, wear would be limited, because the notch (or split shaft in similar) makes me feel like I’d get too cold, lol.

  4. Good plan staying home and safe today. No material item is worth you getting out in a storm. I’m surprised that Vince Camuto didn’t come out with an open toe bootie this year? Or maybe I just haven’t seen it yet. I love the one last year but just couldn’t do the 3 inch heel. 

  5. Drooling over so many great booties!!! I really don’t need more but a few of these really caught my eye! 

  6. Great post. I think I stocked up last winter so I’m good. I just hope come winter we will be covid free. We got nothing from Isaias.

  7. I do love a boot. Last year, I bought the Sorrel wedge in grey and I love them. On my wish list are the Blondo boots with the asymmetrical zipper and the Vince Chelsea boots. I’m telling myself I have to choose 1. I love a Chelsea boot. I started wearing booties before they were popular because back in the day, I couldn’t find jeans with the correct inseam and my jeans were always a wee bit short. The shaft on the boot disguised it. I also added the snakeskin platform sneakers to my wish list. I am loving the snakeskin trend.

  8. Excited to see your try-on haul to come. Thats too bad about the possible flooding. I heard on the news about all the weather on the East coast.  No one needs these threats on top of Covid. The hospitals etc. are already full to capacity. Lots of prayers needed for everyone involved for sure.  I have done the hair apt. mix up before. It seems to be on the times when you REALLY want or need your hair done.  Do you plan to go shorter again or keep the length. I like your hair both ways.  You don’t have to answer this, I know you have too much to do. 🙂  I would think if knee hi boots are going to be trending more this Fall/Winter that skinny jeans would have to stay in style right?  I’m still struggling with the new jean trend.  I think they look good on the taller people but us shorter ones the straight and crop seem to hit just at the wrong length…..neither crop or regular length.  Anyway, I need to get in a store to do some trying on. I never have been able to buy jeans online and get a good fit.  

    1. I’m going to cut a good inch off, but I don’t think I’ll go as short as it was before. I had already been hoping to grow it a bit. 🙂

      I do think the knee high boots look best over skinnies, but they also go well with skirts and dresses. Skinnies def aren’t going anywhere, from what I can tell.

  9. I am glad that you were able to move your Nordstrom store visit to tomorrow.  Hopefully the roads and weather will be good for your hair appointment tonight.  Boy, you are anxious for that appointment, aren’t you!  I still have two pair of booties to sell, so I think I will work on that later this week.  Stay dry and safe!

  10. I had expected to see more square toes this winter.  You linked almost exclusively to pointy toes.  Is that the trend this year or just what you prefer?   Thanks for the comments about OTK boots.  I was wondering about that.  Since I’m working from home for the foreseeable future, I’m not sure high heeled boots are going to be prominent on my wish list, but you have so many cute options to choose from.  Thanks for weeding through the Nordie sale for us!

  11. Love the Asti bootie!  I really don’t need any more boots, but I put on my wishlist.  Would love an NSale post for Christmas gift ideas!  I’d like to jump start my shopping.  Thanks so much for the post!  Appreciate all your effort on these!

  12. Awesome boots for sure. I loaded up last year, so not sure I really need any more. Well – maybe one pair?

    I smiled at your wrong date hair story. Sounds like something I’d do. But so glad it’s today – when it’s time, it’s time!!!

    I was released Sunday from the surgical center where I had my knee replaced – I was brought to the only hospital in my small town Sunday afternoon for in house re-hab for a few days. I hear I’ll most likely go home sometime tomorrow. I’m doing pretty good – I can get myself in & out of bed; go the bathroom on my own; handle walking with walker for strengthening this new knee & I can do most of the PT without assistance. So I’m pleased that I’m getting around. Of course I’m still on some pain meds – but for now nothing is worse than I expected. 

    Enjoy your beauty treatment – and visiting Nordstrom tomorrow!!  

  13. I clicked on the Emma block heel boots and it sent me to Nike sneakers, FYI. 
    Loved this post…so many great options. 

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