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The Best Transition Shoes for Fall

I’ve had some requests for transition shoes for fall, so I dug up this old post from the archives, and I’ve updated it with the latest trends and current links!

one // two // three // four (similar) // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven

Here in Philly, it can stay warm well into October, and it can be a challenge to find appropriate shoes during this transition time. We’re ready to ditch the summer flip-flops, but booties can be too warm… so what’s a fashion-loving girl to do?

Today I rounded up a bunch of shoes that I think are perfect for wearing during this transition season.

The Best Transition Shoes for Fall

#1. Loafers & Ballet Flats

Sam Edelman loafers

Once the kids are back in school and Labor Day has come and gone, I start wearing a lot more closed-toe shoes. Loafers and ballet flats are usually my go-to. Right now, I’d say that loafers are more on trend than ballet flats, but of course you should wear what you love and what best suits your style aesthetic. We’re also starting to see lug sole loafers this season, which I think are a lot of fun. They’re also nice for balancing out wider hips or body types with a larger top half.

#2. Mules & Clogs

BP. mule

Love ’em or hate ’em, mules are still going strong this season, and clogs are starting to make a comeback as well! A lot of people have a hard time walking in backless shoes, but if they work for you, they’re a really nice way to start transitioning your summer outfits for fall. For the past few years, mules have mostly been flats — loafer mules were very on trend. This season, I’m starting to see suede mules with a block heel, and I love them! Clogs are also really big right now.

#3. Fashion Sneakers

And finally, if you’ve pushed your fashion sneakers to the back of your closet this summer, now is the time to dust them off! Brands like Golden Goose, P448, and Gola are still very popular this season. And then there are a lot of slip-on styles, and a good white leather sneaker never really goes out of style.

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26 thoughts on “The Best Transition Shoes for Fall

  1. love the clogs with exposed nailheads, throwback to years ago! May I ask what ring you’re wearing on August Favorites along with the Emerson bracelet in #10? Love the size and it looks dainty.

  2. Perfect timing
    Just ran into work this morn
    Thought black ballerina flats or white tennis shoes????
    Went with black flats …,.now thinking hum where are my brown
    Interesting how heavier soles balance outfit.
    Hv a great day!

  3. What a helpful post! I know that white leather sneakers can be worn year round. I am wondering when it will be best to stop wearing my light colored sneakers/athletic shoes, like like grey & yellow, and pink. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. I think it depends on your outfit and also the material of the shoe. There are really no “rules” anymore about colors, but I do tend to steer away from the lighter colors in the fall unless they’re a heavier fabric. So like with shoes, a light pink canvas sneaker reads summer to me, but a light pink suede bootie can probably be worn into winter.

  4. Helpful post- thanks! I’ve tried several different types of mules hoping they would work for me but I just can’t keep them on my feet! Oh well, I definitely will be wearing loafers, sneakers and ballet flats this Fall.

      1. Clarks clogs are what I wear around the house all fall and winter and have for years, until last year when I found slippers with arch support. The Clark’s are so good for my poor feet.

  5. I love shoes. Funny once we hit Sept. we just don’t want to wear sandals as much. Thanks to you I found some mules I like and easy to walk in and I found another on my own so I will have those. I also have cute sneakers I didn’t wear much this last Spring so should throw those on too. I love that clogs are coming back. I will have to try them. My first and only pair were 5 th grade. I loved shoes even back then and I was so excited about my suede brown clogs. I clopped around in those for months. :). Fun memory. I bought narrow clog mule like block heels per recommendation of Cyndi and love them in cognac. If people need back strap on clogs Loft has a really cute pair I’m eyeing. :). Great colors too.

  6. I have 2 pair of “animal” print slide on sneakers from last fall,,, very comfortable. Are these still in fashion?

  7. I almost feel that some of the shoes we wear in the spring are pulled back out in the fall🤷‍♀️… it’s usually too warm here for boots as our fall can be warm but I’m usually done with sandals and flip flops so fashion sneakers and mules become my go to!

  8. Here’s a question – do you think loafer styles like your #11 look okay with ankle length strait jeans? I have a few pairs from last year that I wore with skinny jeans, but not sure about the new jean styles. Thank you so much!

  9. I had pushed my fashion sneakers to the back, then I had to start walking my daughter to school again. Let me tell you, those sneakers came flying out! Now I have to make myself change shoes when I get home because the sandals were all feeling neglected!

  10. Do open toed booties look dated now? They didn’t make your list. I have some that are still pretty new from pre- pandemic days.

    1. I’m afraid they do, at least to my eye. I’m not seeing them much at all right now. I loved them too, especially the perforated ones. But yeah I’m not feeling it right now.

      1. Thanks! The ones I have are the perforated ones and they still have lots of wear left. I’ll have to hold onto them for a while!

    2. MJ I think it depends. If it is an open-toe bootie with sandal-like construction like the Paul Green ‘Cayanne’ I personally don’t think they look dated. It’s the dark heavy leather winter-looking booties with a peep toe that look dated. Those feel like they don’t make sense. It’s like the shoe version of a mullet.
      Take into consideration this opinion is also coming from someone who spent the 90’s in bootcut denim and tennis shoes and I have no desire to ever wear a pair of bootcut denim again, ever.

      1. Shoe version of a mullet – – that is funny. And scary! I have some perforated ones and think I will hold onto them for a while to see if they come back around!

  11. Love the sneakers, but unfortunately, my sneakers get too much abuse to spend over $150 for them. I don’t understand why the Golden Goose Sneakers cost nearly $500. Are they really worth it?

    1. LOL, I think this is a “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” situation. And “worth it” depends on the person’s budget, and of course how often they will wear them. I have tried them a few times because I really do love the vibe, and I would spend that for shoes that are uber comfortable and that I know I would get a ton of wear out of. But I could never bring myself to commit. They just aren’t comfortable on my feet — I have a wide toe box and they were too narrow. I decided to stick with my P448s for a similar vibe but half the price.

  12. Question off the topic. Could you tell me the name and brand of white nail polish you said was more sheer but not too sheer or opaque. I remember you mentioning it but don’t remember the name. Thanks.

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