Transitional Try On Haul: LOFT & Evereve

Happy Friday, friends! Today I have a new try-on haul for you, mostly from LOFT and Evereve, and I’m excited to show you what I found!

Of course, not everything was a hit, but that’s the way it goes. As usual, I’m sharing the good, the back, and the ugly. Some of the pieces that were a hard no for me might work for you, plus I think it’s helpful to assess why certain items don’t work.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

Transition Styles from LOFT

I ran into LOFT earlier this week to see what’s new for fall, and I found some nice pieces. They’re also doing a sale this weekend, and you can save 30% off full-price styles or 50% off + 20% off sale styles. In both cases, prices are as marked.

Twist Cutout Back Midi Dress

at LOFT (S) // similar sandals // necklace // earrings // bracelet

Not that I need more summer dresses at this point, but this bright pink number caught my eye, and it’s a great price. Ribbed dresses are on trend right now, but they can be hard to pull off, and I definitely did not wear the right undergarments.

Even so, I brought this home with me because it’s comfortable, and I love the color and the back detail. The fabric is 93% Rayon, 7% Spandex, so it’s lightweight and has a nice feel to it.

The cut-out in the back is a fun, trendy detail, but it’s still bra-friendly and not too revealing. You’ll have to look at the website for that; the rear-view photo I took in the dressing room is not something I want living on the Internet for all eternity.

VERDICT: I brought this one home with me; I still need to try it on with appropriate undergarments and make sure it looks okay, but I think it’s a keeper. For size reference, I have the small, so I’d say it’s TTS (true to size) or size down if in between.

Ribbed Midi Polo Dress

at LOFT (M) // similar sandals // necklace // earrings // bracelet

I also pleasantly surprised by this stretchy ribbed dress. This fabric is slightly thicker than the pink one, and because of that and the polo style collar and elbow-length sleeves, it’s more of a transitional piece. I can see wearing this well into fall, if it stays warm, and I could even pop a denim jacket on top if I need a layer.

The skirt on this one has more of an A-line shape, which I was surprised I ended up liking so much, but it has a nice drape, so it doesn’t make my lower two-thirds look bigger than it is, the way many A-line styles do.

This Tamale Red is right on trend, and I think it’s a fun way to add some much-needed color to my closet, but it also comes in Black.

VERDICT: I kept this one too! I think it will be fun for church and coffee dates as we transition from summer to fall. In this case, I grabbed the medium off the rack, and I like the fit of it so I didn’t try the small to compare. I guess it runs pretty true to size, or you may want to try a size up if in between.

Five Pocket Skinny Pants in Sateen

at LOFT (8) // ribbed mock neck shell (M) // earrings // bracelet

Well, this is a silhouette I haven’t seen in a while! They say skinnies are already coming back around, so I had to try this mid-rise style when I saw them displayed on a table in the middle of the store.

I actually don’t think LOFT ever stopped carrying skinnies, so this style may not be new to their lineup, but the colors were definitely chosen with fall 2023 trends in mind. I thought the brown could be a nice neutral to have.

If you’re a skinny jean fan, these are a nice option, I suppose, but I cannot bring myself to go back to this look quite yet. I also don’t like the way they bunch around the knees, but that could be due to the fabric. It’s 70% Cotton, 27%Rayon, 3% Spandex, so they aren’t actually denim. In fact, they’re listed as pants.

VERDICT: I left these at the store. I’m not feeling it!

Peacock Shirred Flutter Sleeve Top

at LOFT (S) // Sateen pants (29) // similar sandals // earrings // bracelet

This top has a pretty color palette, and while birds are usually a deal breaker for me, I did end up bringing it home. It’s always nice to have a few darker prints in my late summer/early fall wardrobe for church and casual date nights.

I like it better with the flare leg jeans (below) because they help balance out the volume in the top. With these brown skinnies, I feel like I look top heavy, although I do like the color combo.

Unpicked Hem High Rise Slim Flare Jeans

at LOFT (29) // printed top (S) // similar sandals // earrings // bracelet

These high rise flares have a nice silhouette, and the unpicked hem is a fun detail. It gives them a more casual vibe without excessive distressing. I think the wash looks really good, too, and y’all know how picky I am about denim washes! It’s rare to find one I like in the under-$100 price range. Well done, LOFT!

Judging by the look on my face, I guess I wasn’t so sure about something in the photo above, but I feel like this top looks better untucked than front tucked, as shown below. These jeans have a very high rise, so tucking draws unwanted attention to my ever-expanding mid-section.

I still like these jeans, though. I would just need to wear them with tops I can leave untucked.

FYI, am standing on my tippy-toes so the hem falls nicely. I would need to wear these with heels, or they do offer petite sizes.

As far as sizing goes, I typically am a 6 or 28 at LOFT jeans, even as I’ve moved up to 8 or 29 in most other denim brands. I grabbed the 29 out of habit, but I think they were a little big on me. I’d say these are true to size for LOFT, or size down if you’re comparing to premium denim brands.

VERDICT: I did not purchase these because I have those MOTHER Weekenders that I love, but these are a nice option for a lower price point.

Striped Sweater Shell

at LOFT (S) // PAIGE jeans (29) // similar sandals

I wish these pictures weren’t blurry, but you probably can get the gist. Sweater vests are still going strong this fall, and I love them, so yay!

Unfortunately, this one misses the mark. I think it’s the way the contrast of the white stripes against the navy banded waist makes it look shorter than it is, which throws off the proportions of the whole outfit. I really like the way it’s designed around the arm openings, though.

VERDICT: I left this one at the store. The fit is true to size.

Ribbed Sweater Tank

at LOFT (M) // PAIGE jeans (29) // similar sandals // necklace // earrings // bracelet

It’s ironic that I went to LOFT wearing my new burgundy Gap Factory sweater tank because this one is so similar. I honed right in on it when I noticed it on a mannequin with the matching cardigan.

I wish it came in other colors because I don’t really need another burgundy sweater tank, but I would buy a different color. If I hadn’t already worn the Gap Factory one, I would get that in the olive. Oh, well…

The material on the LOFT version looks and feels higher quality than the Gap Factory one, which isn’t to say the Gap Factory one isn’t nice, but since I had them side by side, it was noticeable. I think I prefer the v-neckline on the Gap Factory version, though.

Both seem to run small, or maybe it’s just that ribbed knits fit close to the body even when sizing up, but I went with the medium in both to have a little more wiggle room.

Ribbed V-Neck Cardigan

at LOFT (M) // sweater tank // PAIGE jeans (29) // similar sandals // necklace // earrings

This is the matching cardigan that I mentioned, and I like the v-neck styling and the cropped length. Also, the button loops (rather than buttonholes) are a nice detail.

I think this would be cute with a pair of printed pants, or the matching ribbed midi sweater skirt for a chic monochromatic look. In fact, that’s how it was displayed on the mannequin. I’m not sure it does much for these jeans.

VERDICT: I actually purchased both sweaters because I want to play around with them, but I’m not sure I’ll keep them since I have the Gap Factory one. Because of the ribbed knit, I grabbed the medium in both of these, and I like the fit. That said, I think they’re pretty true to size. I just like a little extra room in ribbed knits these days.

Transition Styles from Evereve

Okay, moving on to Evereve! You all know, I love how they curate their selection and style their clothing. It’s very much a boutique experience, even online. I sure do wish they would open a store in the Philly area!!! Here are some of the items I’ve ordered recently.

Michael Stars Solona Midi Dress

at Evereve (M) // booties (8) // earrings

Let’s start with another ribbed midi dress… I really do like this trend going into fall; the trick is to find one that works for me, as they tend to highlight all those pesky lumps and bumps we women tend to accumulate as we age.

This one is such a gorgeous color, and it’s a high quality knit that has a nice fit and feel.

I realized after I took these pictures that the knot is supposed to be tied off to one side. Duh! Unfortunately, it’s also situated much lower on the dress than where my actual waist is located, so I don’t think it’s achieving the intended effect. I do like how it covers up the fluff in my midsection, though, lol!

VERDICT: Unfortunately, I do believe this one has to go back. It’s a shame; it really has potential. If it appeals to you, it’s worth a try. I’m wearing the medium because, again, ribbed knits tend to fit snug and aren’t very forgiving. I think it runs pretty true to size.

Vince Camuto Frasper Booties

at Evereve (8 but need 7.5) // at Nordstrom // at Zappos // PAIGE Anessa (29)

I don’t know if these are just a one-off or if this style is coming back around, but I love these open-toe booties! I was a huge fan of these when they were having a moment back in the day because they make such a great transition shoe for wearing with jeans and dresses.

I really like the shape of this heel and the smooth taupe nubuck. They have a comfortable padded footbed and a walkable 3″ heel. They do run big, however, so I’ll need to return these and order the 7.5.

Davina Cable Vest

at Evereve (S) // PAIGE Anessa (29) // booties (8) // earrings // bracelet

I loved this sweater the second I saw it on the model, and I love it even more now that I’ve tried it. I think the chunky cable knit is so fun, and it has a good structure to it so that it doesn’t cling to the body but it’s also not too boxy either.

The contrasting tortoiseshell buttons are a nice detail, and of course you know I’m a sucker for a black sweater at any time of year. This one will be perfect for the summer to fall transition.

I ordered both the medium and small to try, but the medium was too big around the arms, so I’m wearing small. It doesn’t gape around the buttons, so I think this is the right size; but it’s noticeably shorter, so if you want more length, maybe size up.

VERDICT: Keeping this one, for sure! I’ve already worn it.

Sam Edelman Terra Heels

at Evereve (8) // at Zappos (8) // cable vest (S) // PAIGE Anessa (29) // earrings

These shoes are another big trend for fall; they’re clearly getting inspiration from the iconic Chanel version, but I like this camel and black patent combo better than the more ubiquitous beige and black leather.

They fit comfortably, but they do run a little small. I can just barely fit in the size 8, so you may want to size up, if in between.

Sleeveless Ribbed Tank

at Evereve (M) // PAIGE Anessa (29) // booties (8) // earrings // bracelet

This sleeveless sweater was a disappointment. I was hoping it would be a nice neutral to have in my “arsenal” but it’s too long to leave untucked, and that slit side detail seems tired to me. It’s a shame because it’s a nice quality knit, and a really pretty color.

VERDICT: Sadly, this is going back. I guess I could try tucking it in, but I don’t have any extra room under my waistbands these days. That said, I’ll try it before I send it back, just in case that changes my mind.

LNA Luca Striped Sweater

at Evereve (S) // MOTHER Tomcat (29) // similar mules // necklace // earrings

This sweater is another item I had high hopes for, but it’s falling short for me so far. I feel like it needs a different pant, for sure. I like how they pair it with those olive barrel trousers on the website, but maybe a light wash denim would work. This medium wash isn’t cutting it, for some reason.

I tried the front tuck, as shown on the Evereve website, but that definitely doesn’t do much for me. It’s short enough that it doesn’t really need to be tucked, anyway.

VERDICT: It’s a nice quality sweater, and I like the idea of it, so I’m going to play around with it some more before deciding.

Stella Floral Top

at Evereve (S) // MOTHER Hustler (29) // Vince Camuto booties (8) // necklace // earrings // bracelet

You all know how I love a floral grounded on a dark background, especially at this time of year, and I think this one is so pretty. It’s made of a super lightweight cotton/rayon woven fabric, and it has a modest v-neck with a feminine shirred neckline and three-quarter sleeves.

I tried it first with these inky blue/black jeans from the #NSale and the taupe peep-toe booties, but the proportions seem off.

This is what I do when I’m trying to decide if a silhouette is working for me… I stand with my legs straight and take a photo front-on. It’s not the most flattering angle, but it’s the best way to see the actual proportions of an outfit.

I definitely look top-heavy, and the high contrast created by the dark jeans with the light shoes makes my legs look like they end at the hem of the jeans.

So then I tried a front-tuck to make my legs appear longer, but this doesn’t excite me either.

Woven fabrics are hard because they tend to create more volume, and goodness knows the last thing I need around my middle is more volume!

The solution when a dark cropped pant is making your legs look short and stumpy is to add shoes in a similar shade of color to visually elongate the line of the leg, so I changed into black jeans with black Vince Hela booties from the #NSale.

The MOTHER jeans would probably work too, but the wash isn’t quite black; it’s more of a inky midnight blue. I figured since the background of the shirt and the booties are both black, I might as well keep it all in the family, so I brought out my old favorite PAIGE Claudine raw hem ankle flares in the faded black Slater wash (which just so happen to be 20% off today at Bloomies!)

This denim/shoe works much better with the blouse. While the jeans are still ankle-length, wearing them with the black booties makes my legs look longer and the whole look more cohesive.

Now it doesn’t bother me that the blouse is a little longer than ideal because matching the jeans and the shoes extends the line of the leg and creates a more pleasing vertical balance overall.

I might still appear somewhat top heavy, but the volume of the flare helps balance out the volume of the blouse, and I really like this look!

VERDICT: I do believe I’ll keep this blouse, but first I want to try it with a few more outfits. I like how it looks with white jeans on the Evereve website. I wonder what it would look like with my PAIGE Leenah trouser jeans. (They’re also on sale at Bloomies, BTW!)

Vince Hela Booties

at Nordstrom (8) // Evereve top (S) // PAIGE Claudine (29)

Here’s a close-up of those booties. They’re from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so they were a much better price when I purchased them. They run slightly big, but also narrow, so keep that in mind, if ordering.

VERDICT: The leather is quite lovely, and I love the sleek almond shape toe and 2″ cylindrical block heel. These are definitely keepers!

Daydreamer Fleetwood Mac Tee

at Evereve (S) // MOTHER Tomcat (29) // P448 John Sneakers // earrings

Okay, last piece! I love a graphic tee, and I’m a fan of Fleetwood Mac. (Yes, it’s a requirement to actually LIKE the music of the band you are representing on your clothing!)

The colors of this tee are really pretty, and the reverse seams are a fun detail.

I think this is the right size; it fits properly in the shoulders and all, but it’s so short and boxy. I tried a front tuck, as it is styled on the model, and well… I mean. I kind of like it. I think.

Here it is with white shorts and sandals, for another option.

Since it’s 100% cotton (and will likely shrink, even if I don’t put it in the dryer) and the model is wearing a size small (and she is clearly smaller than I am, although quite a bit taller), I’m wondering if I should give the medium a try.

VERDICT: I’m undecided on this one. I might try a medium the next time I place an Evereve order. For now, I think it’s one of those “if in doubt, do without” situations.

And that’s a wrap! I’m always interested to hear your thoughts, and of course, if you’ve tried any of these, let us know how you like them!

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53 Responses

  1. I’m curious if you go down a size in the floral top it might be perfect? I think you could still skim your torso while having what you want covered, covered without too much volume?

  2. I like all the dresses especially the first two, the red polo style ribbed dress looks so much better on than it did on the rack; love the slightly longer sleeves. You pointed out the problem with a-line dresses and I am just 5’2″, I have a navy sleeveless sort of a-line shorter Karen Kane dress I have never worn and I bet that’s why; think I will have to get my son to sell on ebay or donate. I feel “stumpy” in that dress, I tend to steer towards a sheath/shift style and have found a longer short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve makes me look slimmer as I stay between 138-140 lbs.
    I kind of like the last print blouse but like you said you will have to play around with it to get the best look.
    Thanks for all your time and energy!!! to gather all of these posts, so helpful!

  3. Thank you for the Zappos coupon code. Yesterday I placed an order with Zappos; today customer service couldn’t add the coupon code since the order was already placed. Today I placed the exact same order as yesterday with the coupon code. $50 is $50!

        1. This was in Jo-Lynne’s email:
          “I wanted to let you know that Zappos is doing $50 off a $250 purchase with code 23AUG50 . . . ”

  4. My note….lol. I looked at that floral Ever Eve shirt to see it on the model (I wanted to see it with lighter color jeans and I liked) interesting they didn’t give you a view of it front-full body and untucked, so you could see it with shoes. I wonder if they struggled with it too. It’s hard when you really like something, try extra hard to make it work. I also love peep toe booties for transitional weather.

      1. Forgot to say this…..you looked great in the burgundy color tie front dress (even if the tie needs to be adjusted):). I love that style and may have to give that one a try. I’m always surprised that a tie front like that doesn’t draw attention to the area in an unflattering way, but it works. I like to have something in que for those unexpected times when you need a dress (depending on how it’s styled, dress up or down)…..lol

  5. I listened to your interview with Jennifer on the “The Everyday Style School” podcast last night, and thought you did a fantastic job! You were the one who referred me to Jen’s podcast awhile back, and it was so informative that I went back and listened to every single episode back to the beginning. I enjoyed listening to two people who have been so tremendously helpful to me talking with each other! I love it when things come full circle like that!

  6. I love the first dress! (But not the polo one because I just cannot get into the polo collar look.) I like the stripey Evereve long-sleeve sweater, as well as the burgundy pieces.

    I listened to the podcast; you were great! It was nice to hear the insight behind your blog.

  7. I’m glad that sweater vests/tanks are still in for fall. You tried on some great pieces from Loft and Evereve. I am considering the jeans from Loft. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Love the Vince Camuto shoes! I still have a similar pair from when that style was trending a few years ago. With these trend cycles getting so short, I’m learning to not toss things out so quickly. But I agree, I’m not ready to wear skinnies again any time soon. Mainly because now they seem tight and uncomfortable!

  9. I am shocked Evereve isn’t in Philly – we have 2 in Indy … anyway .. I LOVE the black sweater with buttons 🙂 That was one that caught my eye right away as well! Have a great weekend!

      1. Hi! Go to their website, Evereve.com and tap on Support and then store locater the you can find all the stores. I can’t believe there are two store in the Pittsburgh area and none near me in Philly area!

      1. I commented about an Evereve store at KOP on a recent IG post. They replied to stay tuned for an exciting new announcement! Fingers crossed!!

  10. The Vince Camuto booties are stunning. Curious what you thought of the Sorel Flatform sandals? Were they TTS, did you love?

  11. I did purchase the navy & white sweater vest from Loft, but I paired it with the Petite high rise slim flare jeans in the dark wash. The navy band perfectly matches the color of the jean, so it creates a seamless line. I’m so short that I have to be careful about breaking that visual line!

  12. I just can’t go back to skinnies. ☹️ I no longer like the form fitting of them and got rid of all mine. If you have any extra weight or hips they are not flattering. I think I’ll stick to straight or even a slim leg but not skinny. I also like a high rise. I’m tall so the proportions are better. I guess I better buy up all the pants now while they are still readily available. Lol

    Going to listen to your podcast now. Bye!

  13. Are you a cool or warm undertone? I’m a cool. I really like the LNA Luca striped sweater from Evereve but I’m not sure that it would look good on me. Plus, I’m 5’9. Sometimes sweaters are too short on me.

    1. I’m cool. I feel like it has cool under tones but I could be wrong. I’m not the best at judging that. I agree, at 5’9” it could be too short but it’s hard to know without trying. I think the model on Evereve is that tall.

  14. I like the rib dresses on you. I always have to size up on rib material because like you said it can cling where you don’t want it. The black boots are really cute too. I’m stocking up on shorter tops. Regular size crop tops fit me a little past my waist so I don’t have to get petite. I like the sweater vests too. I never liked skinnies so when flares and wide legs are out, I will buy straight legs. The black top would look good with long black flares too. I have $30 in Loft coupons so I will have to find something. 😊

  15. I, too, liked that vest when I saw it online! I guess that’s why we follow you—we have similar taste.
    I have the Paige Claudine in the faded black, and I really like them. I first got the Vince boot in black and even though they were somewhat pricey, I went back and got that minky taupe suede pair the last day of the sale. I like the heel height and shape, and the boots feel comfortable on. I can’t tell you how many pairs of boots I have returned that looked good but we’re not comfy.
    I didn’t get a chance to respond the other day when you were talking about tight waists and fluff around the middle. First of all, I had that in my 50’s and until the last 6 months or so it was terrible. The only Mother jeans I could wear were those white ones you have. Just recently, I have tried AG again, and they are not tight in the waist and are so comfortable! Have you tried on a pair of their Farrah high waist crop bootcut, or any other. The 20Y Hidden Treasure is the most flattering and comfortable pair I have tried on in a long time.

    1. Yeah, the AG Farrah boot was the first ones I noticed getting tight on me. I’m trying to cut back on sugar and alcohol and empty carbs and see if that gets me anywhere. I might also go back to intermittent fasting for longer periods, but I already do it about 15 hours a day so I don’t know if that’ll make a difference or not. At one point I was doing 19 or 20 hour fasts, but that gets old. LOL!

      1. I’ve been doing IF for 5 years and have read many books about it over the years. I just bought “Fast Like a Girl” and if you think IF doesn’t work as well for you after doing it for a while (I know I feel that way), I learned in the book that you have to vary the lengths of the fasts, as your body gets used to it and plateaus. The book also advocates fasting in a way that jives with a woman’s hormonal cycle. I started this approach last week and I’m eager to see if this helps “unstick” a few pesky pounds that have hung around since Christmas.

  16. For anyone considering the Michael Stars dress, I just got it and it runs true to size. I tied it to the side and liked it much better. Very flattering and comfortable and I got a lot of compliments wearing it. For reference, I am 5’7, 130 lbs and went with a small.
    Thank you for all of your hard work, details, opinions, and for including pics of things you don’t like. The good and the bad and your opinions and experience help when deciding on whether or not to order.

  17. Such a great post! love fall clothes, but it seems for us in Southeast Texas we are going to have to wait awhile, it’s 103 right now!

    Speaking of Evereve stores, the Houston Galleria has one opening this fall yay!

  18. I think that plum(?) ribbed dress would be better if the waist detail had just been permanently cinched across the middle and they’d eliminated the “bulk” of having to tie it like a bow. I’d love how it would look then, paired with a white moto jacket!

  19. I bought that same peacock print top at Loft last week. It looks nice with lots of different pants options but I also bought the bright blue Devin slim pants to go with it.

  20. I appreciate seeing you try on the same top with a different pant. Proportion makes all the difference! Not every top I own looks good with every bottom. I recently bought a knit top with a raglan shoulder and flared sleeve. Cute and in a nice fabric but not a good look for me. I have a large bust and the width and length of the sleeve made my bust look wider. I looked very top-heavy in that top so back it went! I can wear a flared sleeve but it has to end at the right place on my arm. I feel and look better in a thinner rayon knit that skims my body and those dreaded lumps and bumps.

  21. I love everything you have styled here!! I love Fleetwood Mac and recently got a tee from Amazon. I may get that red ribbed knit dress from Loft. It looks great on you. I really like that navy and white top too!!

  22. The Michael Stars Solona dress is beautiful on you. Try it again before you send it back. We tend to be more critical of ourselves but I think it’s a beautiful silhouette and color on you.

  23. You look great in that burgundy dress!! I love Evereve but not the prices. I still go in the store because sometimes, I’ll find something that I will wear a lot and then can justify the prices. I saw the Fleetwood Mac tshirt but couldn’t pull the trigger with the price. I don’t think you look too heavy in the floral blouse.

    1. Oh my goodness, I didn’t mean to say heavy. You would never look heavy. I think you felt “top heavy” and I didn’t see it

  24. How do you like the Sorel Cameron Flatform sandals? I’ve been wanting to get them but sizes are picked over.

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