Visiting Seattle

I love the early morning hours. It feels like stolen time. I have been forcing myself to sleep till 6AM Seattle time so I don’t get too overtired. But it’s still dark here at 6AM so I got to watch daylight dawn over the city as I sat here at my computer with my huge cuppa java beside me.

This is my view from my room at The Westin Seattle, a lovely place to stay if you’re ever visiting this fair city. It’s centrally located right by all the shopping and only a few blocks from Pike Place Market and the waterfront.

Waking Up in Seattle

I just ordered room service. Room service always feels like such an indulgence even though it doesn’t really cost more than eating in the restaurant downstairs. My husband DETESTS eating in a hotel room. He thinks it’s repulsive, so I can only get room service when I’m traveling alone.

Incidentally, when will sautéed spinach or other veggie offerings be a standard “side dish” on a breakfast menu?? It is almost impossible to find vegetables for breakfast when dining out. (Kudos to the chef at the Westin who is adding a side of spinach to my breakfast order this morning.)

room service at the Westin

There’s nothing like a trip like this to make me realize how abnormally I eat. I can rarely eat what is served at conferences — particularly at breakfast. It’s usually all carbs, and gluten-full ones at that. I used to be able to grab a yogurt parfait in the coffee shop, but do you realize how much sugar is in those things!?? It’s a wonder eating those for breakfast never put me into a sugar coma. Which, I suppose, is a testament to how adapted our bodies have become to running on sugar. Who knows how that would affect me now, but I don’t want to find out, even though they look oh-so-delicious.

So I have taken to ordering my own breakfasts before the events begin. It feels good to get such a healthy start to the day, even if later on I end up making some exceptions to my typical diet.

Like yesterday, we roamed Pike Place — the iconic Seattle farmer’s market. I couldn’t resist taste testing this amazing yogurt. I did forego the pastries, however.

Pike Place Market is amazing. I love how every city’s farmer’s market has its own unique personality. Pike Place is boisterous and busy with fish mongers literally throwing fish back and forth while whooping and hollering. The flowers are absolutely stunning. And there are stalls with gleaming fruits and vegetables that are so gorgeous they almost don’t look real. You can taste test your way through the market without even buying a thing.

fish mongers at pike place market

Of course, I couldn’t come home without bringing a few tastes of Seattle. I ended up buying salami, cheese, artisan gluten-free pasta, and smoked salmon. How I will get it all home in tact, I’m not entirely sure, but right now it is sitting in the hotel fridge under the bellman’s watchful eye.

I’d been to Pike Place once before, but it was much more fun yesterday with a group of foodies who know all the best haunts. Actually, it is Joelen who knows the ropes; the rest of us just followed her around.

Krusteaz blogger ambassadors at Pike Place Market

We had to see the original Starbucks, of course. Here’s where it all started, folks!

the original starbucks

And I had to have my picture taken with the iconic pig. I have no idea why it’s iconic, but I’m clearly a sheep because once I heard that it’s the thing to do when you’re at Pike Place to get your picture taken with this pig statue, I had to have one.

pike place pig

Okay, my curiosity got the best of me. Here’s what they say about the pig at VisitSeattle.org:

Rachel the Pig, a bronzed piggy bank that weighs more than 550 pounds, is the unofficial mascot of the market. Located just underneath the “Public Market Center” sign, this piggy bank serves as a perfect picture spot and a place to let loose with some change. Rachel helps collect more than $6,000 annual to help the Market Foundation, a nonprofit that funds market social services.

So there you have it!

We spent the morning at the Krusteaz HQ, and in the evening we attended the Grand Opening Reception for the International Food Bloggers Conference so it was a full day.

Speaking of the conference, I need to get on down there for the Keynote! Have a lovely Saturday!

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  1. I have never been to Seattle, even though it is on my list!! I remember when I cut sugar out of my diet (years ago and never went back!) I would usually bring breakfast with me! I was that person who always had food in her purse. Kuddos to you for doing this challenge I hope you feel fantastic!

    I also wanted to invite you to join my very first linkup dedicated to Real Mom Street Style. I know you are probably too busy to join linkups but if you’d like, next Tuesday I am hosting #reasonstodress a linkup for real moms. This is part of a street style series I do where I photograph real Italian moms I see while living in Italy, who inspire me with their ability to dress-up even for no reason!

    All the best and I hope you can make it!

    Angie from reasons to dress

  2. Love the pictures! I was in Seattle last fall, and had so much fun! I have a picture of that pig, too. You’ll have to look for the bubble gum wall if you haven’t see it yet. I find it gross, but all the kids & teenagers advised me to visit! I made sure to visit it and get a couple of pictures!

  3. We were in seattle this summer and it was amazing! We went to all the spots and loved it. That yogurt was amazing! I dream about it still.

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