Weekly Meal Plan 03.10.13 #glutenfree

gluten menu plan

I started this post last week before starting my daughter’s Dairy Free Experiment so I might have to change this up a bit for our family, but it’s still a great list of gluten free and real food recipes for your meal planning inspiration! Most of these recipes are from other bloggers that have linked up in the past few weeks.

MONDAY: Salsa Chicken via O’Boy Organic with rice and a salad

TUESDAY: Sausage & Sweet Potato Hash via Practical Paleo with a salad

WEDNESDAY: Mushroom Leek and Onion Soup via Frugal Local Kitchen

THURSDAY: Paleo Mini Meatloaves via Paleo Spirit, hat tip to The Prudent Patron

FRIDAY: Jerk Flank Steak from my friend Lydia’s eBook, Divine Dinners along with roasted potatoes and grilled asparagus (Yay! I saw some at my grocery store that looked wonderful. It’s not local yet, but I can’t wait.)

SATURDAY: Chicken Diamante with sautéed spinach

What are you eating this week?

For more gluten free meal plans, see all my Meal Planning posts. And check out my Resources page for all my favorite kitchen tools and products.

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  1. Sorry to hear you’re dealing with dairy issues with your youngest now. I also had to go dairy free when nursing my youngest, and I’ve stayed that way (for the most part) because I many stomach issues I have had in the past were eliminated with the change.

    You’d be surprised with the number of dairy free, soy free options out there now (we had to do both because we also were worried about a soy allergy among other things).

    All of the recipes on my blog (Nom Yum & Free) are dairy free and soy free. Some of my favorite brands include daiya, Earth Balance, So Delicious (coconut milk and ice cream – it’s natural [and YUMMY] so you don’t have to try making your own 😉 ), and Galaxy Nutritional Foods. Good luck!!

    1. Hey Devin, thanks so much. I am so glad that through this linkup I have discovered so many awesome dairy and gf blogs. Funny, usually I roll my eyes and pass over the recipes with earth balance and coconut milk and daiya. Now I’m going to be looking for those! HA.

      I did get the Earth Balance and we do like it. Also, So Delicious is a hit. I was recommended to try daiya. I also think that I might benefit from being dairy free so I’m reducing my own intake during this process to see. Thanks for your recommendations and I’ll definitely be perusing your blog!

  2. I recently cut out a recipe for Gluten-Free Banana read out of a magazine called Southern Living, which said it was inspired by one from you. I don’t even remember where I found the magazine, but I tried the recipe today and I have to tell you it was absolutely delicious. I am beyond pleased. I’ve been struggling with gluten free since October, and this is the best thing I’ve tasted. First I was diagnosed with celiac disease, then a specialist said I was misdiagnosed. Now I’m really confused. I’ve invested so much in gluten free products that I feel I should use them, so I’m trying. It felt so good to have a success.

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