Trend Watch: Stacked Wrist #FashionFriday

Stacked Wrist Trend

Last week we talked about watch trends. Now that you’ve updated your wardrobe with a snazzy watch, let’s take it a step further. One of the hottest trends right now is the “stacked wrist” — basically, grouping your watch and bracelets (or just bracelets) to create a fun, bold look. Layering isn’t just for clothing anymore!

Here are the rules.

How To Stack Your Wrist

1) Pick one statement piece and then add a couple of supporting pieces to that. This is a great way to dip your toe into the trend.

2) Add a watch to the mix. I personally love this look! This is also a good way to start.

3) Go with a monochromatic look.

4) Combine colors and textures.

5) More is more. Layer it up!

As you can tell, there really aren’t any rules! That’s what makes this trend great. You truly can’t mess it up.

But if you’re unsure how to start, the retailers are making it easy on us to stack our wrists. Most stores sell bracelets already in sets for easy layering.

7 Row Epoxy Banglet Set, $14.99 at Target

Bead Mix Bracelet Set, $6 at Charlotte Russe

Bar III Bracelet Set, Gold-Tone Black Studded Bangle Bracelets, $32 at Macys

I like this trend because it’s a bold look that anyone can pull off.

What do you think? Have you tried the stacked wrist look yet?? Will you?

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17 thoughts on “Trend Watch: Stacked Wrist #FashionFriday

  1. I have almost that exact black and gold set from Rue21 and it was at least half the cost! I have a few of the pre-grouped sets and LOVE them! I’m way too indecisive to try to pick the ones that should go together.

    Love this trend!

  2. I love all of these though I like the monochromatic ones the best! I’ve bought bracelets over the years but usually don’t wear them because they can irritate or make the eczema on my arms flare up. Now that I have it more controlled though I’d like to try again.

  3. I like this stacked look a lot! I want to get some fun colored bracelets for summer and rock this trend.
    Now, I’m not sure that will happen, but it’s a nice goal. 🙂

  4. I love this look…but with uber skinny wrists it’s so difficult to find bracelets that work on me. 🙁 What a bummer! Even my kids got me bracelets last Christmas that I haven’t worn because they nearly fall of me when I hang my arm down and then go up to my elbow with my arm up. No fun. Gonna have to find the kid versions! 🙂

  5. LOVE this trend! I wear my fossil watch and LOTS of bracelets just about everyday. Another great resource for stackable bracelets is They have lots of cute bangles already grouped together.

  6. Now here’s a fashion trend I can get excited about! Bangles! My 78 year old mother has an arm full of bangles every day. She clangs her way from one countertop to the next – haha 🙂 I do love this look! I must go polish up my silver.

  7. I love stacked wrists and I love the color combos you presented. I only have one set that I like to wear stacked… my other bracelets does not seem to look nice stacked, even though this trend does not really have any “rules” and can pretty much just mix-and-match anything…. maybe I am still too afraid that what I stack together does not match up well hehe…

    These are the bracelets and watch that I use when I feel like wearing a stacked wrist:

    I’m actually wearing it today!

    Happy Friday, Jo-Lynne!

  8. I LOVE stacked wrists! I’m a jewelry designer, and wear bracelets ALWAYS, necklaces not so much…..and earrings 1/2 the time….but my wrists are always adorned with something! Long time reader, first time commenter, I even linked up this week!

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