What I Wore Lately Vol. 97

I swear, every other Wednesday keeps coming around faster and faster. It’s time for another edition of What I Wore Lately! This is when I round up my daily outfits and share a little about where I wore them and how they came together.

It’s been a very casual two weeks… not a lot going on over here, and the days have been dark and dreary. I feel like all these pictures look really dull… but this is real life I’m living here, so this is what I’ve got!

Two Weeks of Everyday Outfits

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops, a 28 or 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

This was the last outfit I wore during a photo shoot with Alison, and I just kept in on and wore it for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, this cute sweatshirt sold out before I could get the pictures out to you.

Caslon LOVE sweatshirt (S) // Mother Dazzler  (29: option) // similar P448 sneakers (39) // similar earrings

I had a gym workout the next morning, and I must have slept in those earrings the night before. I don’t typically go out of my way to wear pearls to the gym!

All of these pieces are supremely comfortable and high quality, if you’re looking to level up your workout and athleisure gear.

Vuori hoodie c/o (M) // Vuori leggings c/o (M) // On Cloudflow sneakers (8.5) // Balega socks // similar earrings

We had an appointment with the hematologist for Becca that afternoon, and I threw on this pink sweater because it was a dreary day, and I felt like wearing color. (She is doing very well, her numbers are going up and almost back to the normal range!)

Rails Josie Cardigan (S; also at Neiman’s and Bloomies) // similar for less // similar Fidelity Cher (28; option) // Tory Burch Chelsea Boots (8) // similar earrings

I ended up changing to my Sorel boots before I left the house. It was really cold and icky outside, and they’re more cozy than the Chelsea boots.

similar coat // Rails Josie Cardigan (S; also at Neiman’s and Bloomies) // similar for less // similar Fidelity Cher (28; option) // Sorel Explorer Joan (8) // similar earrings

I spent the next day working from home, and then we had friends over that night for pizza.

I wore ivory socks with my VEJA sneakers, but I think I’d prefer a little bit of color contrast. I wish they came in oatmeal; I also have them in camel and grey, but neither of those seemed quite right with the sweater.

old Naadam sweater //  Mother Dazzler (29; option) // VEJA Esplar (39) // J.Crew socks // similar earrings

The next day, I flew to Virginia for a quick visit with my family, and I totally forgot to take any pictures. I wore a black sweater and blue jeans with the Tory Burch Chelsea Boots on the plane, and I packed my peacock blue boatneck sweater, black bootcut jeans, and pointy toe booties for church on Sunday. I figured I could mix and match those pieces, depending on what else we had going on.

I ended up wearing the travel outfit to meet a friend for dinner on Sunday night, and then again to fly home on Monday morning. I also brought pajamas, of course, as well as my Vuori joggers to throw on while hanging out at the house when I was tired of wearing jeans.

I had Bible study on Tuesday morning, and then a hair appointment that afternoon. I wore my bright pink Rails sweater with the washed black Fidelity jeans again, but it was a mild day, so I wore loafers rather than boots.

Rails Josie Cardigan (S; also at Neiman’s and Bloomies) // similar for less // similar Fidelity Cher (28; option) // similar loafers // Madewell earrings & necklace

I went with this neutral outfit for some mundane errands the following day. I was tired of wearing straight ankle jeans and flats or sneakers, so I decided to wear these bootcut jeans and western booties for a change.

Equipment Madalene (S; also at Bloomies) // similar for less // MOTHER Weekender (29: also at Nordstrom) // similar for less // Dolce Vita booties (8; option) // Kendra Scott earrings // similar pendant

This was another messy, rainy day. I had a nail appointment, so I dressed warm and cozy. This sweater is one of my favorite purchases from the 2022 #NSale, and I think this color palette is so pretty. I love how the white and grey Sorel boots keep the look light and casual.

Nordstrom Signature sweater (sold out; option) //  MOTHER Dazzler (29; option) // SOREL Hi Line Chelsea Boots (8)

Last Saturday, I did pretty much nothing except work from home and walk the dog, so I dressed casually in this cute sweatshirt and my most comfy jeans and sneakers. I cooked dinner for the family that night, and we watched the Sixers.

Raya Sunset Pullover (M) // MOTHER Insider (28; also at Bloomies) // On Cloud 5 Running Shoe (8.5)

I picked up these sneakers a few weeks ago when I was shopping at Nordstrom. I love a slip-on sneaker for convenience, and these lend a sporty look to casual outfits like this one, and they’re also practical enough to walk a few miles in the neighborhood or to wear sightseeing or shopping. I chose white for a clean, versatile color that goes with everything.

That brings us to last Sunday, and this easy neutral look was my church outfit.

Equipment Madalene (S; also at Bloomies) // similar for less // Paige Cindy (29; similar for less) // Tory Burch Chelsea Boots (8) // Madewell necklace & earrings

I read somewhere lately that matching your coat and your top is an easy way to look polished and put-together, so I wore a camel coat to coordinate with the sweater.

J.Crew Cocoon Coat (6) // Equipment Madalene (S; also at Bloomies) // similar for less // Paige Cindy (29; similar for less) // Tory Burch Chelsea Boots (8) // Madewell necklace & earrings

As I watch other influencers for winter fashion inspiration, I’ve been noticing that coats play a big part in their outfits, but for me they’re usually more of an afterthought. I’m going to try to photograph my coats more, and also consider them when getting dressed in the morning…. at least, on the days that I actually leave the house!

We hosted a game day get-together on Sunday afternoon, and our Eagles are going to the Super Bowl!!! My t-shirt is a few years old, so I linked to the whole section at the NFL Shop.

Eagles tee (S) // similar Fidelity Cher (28; option) // VEJA Esplar (39) // belt (M) // similar pendant // similar hoops

I spent most of Monday working from home, and I took the dog out for a walk that afternoon. My P448 sneakers are plenty comfortable for a 2 mile walk, so I didn’t bother changing into athletic shoes.

Evereve Pigment Thermal Pullover (S) // AGOLDE Riley Long Jeans (29; also  at Bloomies) // similar for less // similar P448 sneakers (39) // similar hoops // Warby Parker frames

I went to Bible study yesterday morning, and I kept it simple with an all black outfit. I like the mix of textures with the luxe ribbed fisherman’s knit, the slightly rugged washed black denim, and buttery soft leather Chelsea boots.

old Vince sweater (S; option/option) // Paige Cindy (29; similar for less) // Tory Burch Chelsea Boots (8) // similar earrings // similar pendant

It was drizzling outside, so the perfect opportunity to take my new rain coat out for a test drive. I had a request for some rain resistant coats, and so I ordered this Everlane ReNew Anorak to try. It’s a keeper!

Everlane The ReNew Anorak (S) // old Vince sweater (S; option/option) // Paige Cindy (29; similar for less) // Tory Burch Chelsea Boots (8) // similar earrings // similar pendant

I was feeling the need to get comfy when I got home, so I switched into my Vuori Sedona sweatsuit for the rest of the night. I was alone, as everyone else had stuff to do, so I got cozy on the couch with my laptop and Dream Home Makeover on Netflix.

Vuori Sedona Wideleg Sweatpants c/o (M) // Vuori Sedona Half Zip c/o  (S) // J.Crew cashmere socks

And that’s it for this week! It always starts to feel redundant sharing my outfits at this point in the season. I can’t wait to start transitioning to spring outfits, but I’ve got a feeling that will be a while yet.

I’ve been experimenting with the wide leg jeans, but so far I’m not finding any that I really love, and it’s a struggle to pair them with the tops I currently have in my wardrobe. I think I’ll get there eventually, because I like how they look on others, but my eye hasn’t fully adjusted yet. I’ll have some of my experimentations to share in my next try-on haul!

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34 Responses

  1. I always enjoy this type of post. Love the sweaters.
    We finally got winter weather. We’re all stuck at home because of icy roads. I was thinking that I don’t really need winter clothes like a puffer coat. When it’s really cold, I can’t go anywhere. I like winter clothes but not the cold. I’m ready for spring clothes.

  2. I feel the same about wearing collared shirts under sweaters. I think it looks great on other people but I don’t find the combination comfortable. I will always wear a t-shirt under my sweaters though, and in the winter I’ll wear a long sleeve crew neck cotton tee under a sweater. I like when you can see a bit of the shirt collar under the sweater. I am always on the lookout for the perfect t-shirt and I found some nice Treasure and Bond ones on sale at Nordstrom. They are on rotation until the weather warms up.

    1. Katie can you share the Treasure and Bond t shirt you wear u dear sweaters? I do the same but struggle with the neckline. Thank you!
      PS I did find one from Everlane that I like. It was suggested by someone here and it’s great too!

  3. Love these “real life” moments, they are my favorite. I also have noticed that everyone wants to show their outfit with their coat. TBH I am not a fan. I want to see the outfit NOT the coat lol — I find it distracting, especially when they just throw it around their shoulders. I am ready for spring, but in Ohio I could still be wearing sweaters in April.

  4. So glad Becca is doing well! Can you share what shade of white the On shoes that you’re wearing, still trying to decide what style and color to try next. Those will transistion well into the spring and summer. Great post!

  5. I am with you 100% on wearing a buttoned shirt under a sweater. It feels so uncomfortable! I will sometimes wear a tank underneath for warmth, but that’s it!
    I enjoyed your outfits and didn’t find them boring. I especially loved the green raincoat!
    I have really been enjoying wearing camel and black this winter, so it’s nice to see how you do it.

  6. Like you and Katie, I feel uncomfortable in cotton button ups under sweaters. I found a silky polyester classic white shirt at Uniqlo a few years back and it was a game changer. It doesn’t feel bunched up like cotton shirts can and it looks casually sophisticated under a crew or V-neck sweater. Enjoy all your fun and informative posts!

  7. I agree that a collared shirt under a sweater is restricting and uncomfortable. Can you confirm that the Mother Weekender jeans you are wearing with the grey Madalene sweater are the A Groovy Kind of Love wash? (And that they are not Wet My Plants or Walking on Coals, which I believe you have also styled.) Thanks! It is a toss-up for me on whether I love seeing what you wore or your try-on hauls more – they are both so good!

  8. I’m struggling with the wide leg trend too. At 5’3 even if I wear them with heels I feel like they make my legs look stumpy. The last time this was in style there was a trouser cut that looked better on me than the loose/baggy wide legs. The fit in the thighs was slimmer than a wide leg but wider than a flare. Have you seen that cut trending?

  9. I love what ever you post….if it’s the what I wore lately, it shows you are like us and the try on hauls are a special fun as well. I don’t wear button up blouses under sweaters (bunches too much when moving around). I do wear a thin tee under sweaters. I agree on the wide leg…not there yet. Some one else mentioned trouser jeans and yes maybe to them. If you don’t tuck maybe a shorter length top with trouser or wide leg; short wasted people can do a slight crop easily and I don’t do high rise either 🙂

  10. I am with you on the button up collared shirt – not a fan due to having a larger bust and being very short waisted. I know what you mean about seeming to wear the same ole winter wear but it will not be long before we will be wearing spring clothing! Thank God!! I live in Texas and it is very cold and rainy here and some parts have had snow and ice for a week! :-0 Love your blog!!

  11. One hundred percent with you on button downs under sweaters! Why make the most comfy thing feel so unnecessarily bulky and cumbersome? That said, I love the look when it’s an oversized sweater, but I wonder if it looks as good in motion as it does in a posed still shot…?? Glad Becca is doing better. My Chiefs will see you at the SB!!! 🏈

  12. I am certainly in the minority here with the colored shirts under sweaters! It’s one of my favorite looks since I love that collar popped around my face! But, the sweater needs to have enough room in the sleeves to do that, some don’t. I actually have four sleeveless button-down collared shirts that I keep in my closet at all times. In white, light chambray, dark denim and black to wear under sweaters. And I also love wearing them alone in warm weather. I also love wearing thinner, ribbed, very soft, long-sleeved tshirts under sweaters and hoodies. My favorites are from Everlane, BR, and Polo Ralph Lauren. I need that extra warmth close to my body. Great post, Jo-Lynne! GO EAGLES!!!

  13. I think your outfits this week are great!

    I don’t like button-down shirts at all. I have a short neck so they bother me, plus I like some stretch and not rigid fabric. And TBH, a button-down under a sweater looks uncomfortable and dated to me.

  14. Just to verify…. Did you get the white/sand or the pearl white ON cloud sneaker? I’m ready to try them. Trying to decide color and size. Did you size up? Are the white slip on diffetent than your tie darker grey black ones you also showed in an outfit or did you just tie laces and make them slip on? I’m looking for something that has more support for walking. Sorry for all the questions.

  15. PS. I do NOT like button up shirts under sweaters. I spend too much time fixing it to feel comfortable. I think the lady who mentioned doing sleeveless collar shirt underneath has something. You can still get the polished look of the collar but not the bulk of the sleeve. Preppy look is coming back but it’s really not me. As for wide leg for you. You don’t have to do it. :). I think they look best with tighter, tucked in shirts. I do like those green ones you wore last year, but they were shorter. I believe you wore them with your cognac heel clogs??? Cute.

  16. I get the thing with the coats – they do look nice and can complete an outfit, I suppose….but who wears their coat all day? 😂 I need my outfit to be complete without the coat. I hate wearing one anyway so I only wear out of necessity. And I’m with you on the collared shirts – do not like them – no collars, no button downs, not too crazy about layers. Can you tell I’m ready to lighten up my wardrobe? 🤣🤣 I prefer just one layer of clothing and a pair of sandals! 😎😎😎 Easy peasy!! 😊

    1. I feel like there are a lot of days that all people see are my coat and boots. lol. Today I was at the mall and wore my coat the whole time. But I still feel like my outfit is complete without the coat. The coat just adds another dimension, if it is chosen intentionally, not just an afterthought.

  17. I agree with you ! I can only wear so many pullover sweaters / cardigans with Jeans combos. I love a cardigan but I need spring so i can switch it up a little.

  18. The outfits you consider mundane and lacking color look fine to me. The coat matching your sweater looks so nice together K

  19. Try as I may, I just can’t get the collared, button-down look to work for me. I assume it’s due to having a big bust. I do own some that I wear open over a tshirt, more like a jacket, I guess. I ALWAYS feel more pulled together when my outfit includes a jacket or coat, and for that reason, really do prefer fall weather fashions. But, the coat has to be more of a “functional fashion” piece, than one just for function, for that to work well. I just don’t think a big ‘ol puffer coat or winter anorak looks like it’s an intentional piece of the outfit. A wool reefer, however, can. Sam for winter boots. It’s hard to make boos that are made for schlepping through snow and slush to look at. That fashionable. No matter how “cute” they may be, they just end up looking schlumpy.

    1. A big bust certainly doesn’t help, but even now that I’m smaller, I’m hesitant to try it b/c it looks so bulky and uncomfortable. But I don’t even like wearing a tank or tee under sweaters, so… LOL!

      I think a puffer CAN look great with an outfit, or it can look like an afterthought. I think it’s partly how well styled the outfit underneath is, and of course, some puffers look more stylish than others. I love my The North Face puffer with the channel quilting. I feel like it looks sleek and cool with casual looks, even though it’s sort of a basic black puffer.

  20. Yay for numbers going in the right direction for Becca!! It’s been very cold, wet, and dreary down here in Southwest Louisiana this week. So I can sympathize with that. I had to go to a funeral for a friend this evening, so I saved your email to read tonight, knowing that it would lift my spirits. I love your “What I Wore Lately” posts, and it really did help to come home and have this to look forward to. ❤️

    1. I am the odd one out here …I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE a button up under a sweater.It’s my daily uniform practically.I don’t find it cumbersome or restrictive at all And it is so chic and classy!

  21. I love all of your casual, chic outfits – keep posting!

    I understand how you feel about button-ups and sweater combos. While I love the look, I do not find it comfortable – I’m constantly tugging on sleeves, collars, and hemlines to keep everything in place. I don’t know how people do it!

    I’m really glad Becca is doing better!

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