What I Wore This Week 01.19.12


Once again, I’m joining moms around the blogosphere as we share some of our outfits from this past week in order to hold each other accountable to getting dressed every day.

It may sound silly to some, but when you work from home or stay at home with kids, it is so tempting to stay in your jammies all day. As I’ve been participating in this little exercise, I’ve found myself not only challenging myself to get dressed, but also making an effort to add interest with layers and accessories.

I still have a long way to go, I know. I’m always in awe of those ladies who seem to have this innate ability to accessorize and layer it up so that they never wear the same outfit twice. But there’s something to be said for at least getting dressed and making oneself presentable. So here are a few of my outfits from this week.

Have you noticed the new trend in these What I Wore pictures is to feign looking natural — like looking off into the distance, or more often, looking down at your feet. The most popular pose that I notice is the nonchalant look-down pose. Bonus points if you’re running your hand through your hair. Like we don’t all know that you know there is a camera staring at you. 

I decided I’d give it a try, solely with the intent of joking about it, but I actually really like it, lol!! I like how it gives you a different angle of my hair and makeup, and it does look more natural in a way, except, we all know that I have a camera propped on the counter with the timer set. But here you go, anyway.

Girls Lunch Out Outfit

Next week maybe I’ll try the hand in the hair. Ha!

So that plum sweater is an oldie-but-goodie from Nordstrom, and I only pulled it out because I was tired of the same What I Wore This Week photos. See, this little weekly column DOES force me to get out of my rut! I wore this outfit out to lunch with some girlfriends and then on a couple of shopping errands. There’s nothing really special about it but I like the proportions and the colors, and the long necklace keeps it on trend.

This next outfit is a variation of my Christmas Sunday Outfit that everyone commented on a few weeks ago. (I was running REALLY late for church, thus the watch picture! HA!)

It’s the same skirt (Banana Republic) and tights (Spanx) with boots rather than pumps and a different sweater (Banana Republic).

I’m not nearly as fond of this outfit as the other one, though. I didn’t realize it until I looked at these pictures. I chose boots rather than pumps because it was SO VERY COLD outside, and I felt like the boots make the outfit more casual. (We do not attend a very formal church. The worship style is traditional, but the surroundings — a school gymnasium–  are not.)

The sweater is similar to the other one, but something about the band around the waist and an inch of additional length makes it look a bit bulky. And the boots aren’t nearly as slimming as the pumps. Live and learn, I guess!

It was FREEEEZING on Sunday so I wore my cozy new winter coat that I picked up on a 50% off sale at the mall last week.

When I bought it, I wasn’t sure I’d really get my money’s worth out of it; but I’ve already worn it three times, and I am here to tell you, it is worth every penny! We have had a mild winter, but it suddenly turned bitter cold and windy last Thursday, and I have been so glad I had this. Not only does it break the wind when I’m outside, but it keeps my legs warm when I slide into my car and sit down into those frosty-cold leather seats.

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27 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week 01.19.12

  1. pretty! i like the new winter coat. my (very stylish & youthful) mom got a long winter coat this year! i don’t take pics for WIWW but i’m a SAHM and i make an effort to get dressed every day, too. well…most days 😉 have a great one!

  2. Love the different angles. Your makeup looks fab in that first one.

    Just a thought on accessories. Have you thought of doing more scarves? It would help with accessorizing and the print problem you’ve been wanting to solve.

    1. Thank you! As far as scarves go, I love the look on other people, but I have a short neck and I always feel like it makes me look like I’m wearing a medical neck brace! I have to wear very thin ones. I should try harder to find some that I like, though, b/c I agree, they add interest and would help me change up my looks a bit more.

  3. I love that first plum sweater! Such a great color and good shape. Your hair is looking really good these days–great cut! I think the outfit that you don’t really like is just a little plain. It does need something to make it more interesting.

  4. Wow! You look great! I recently became a stay-at-home mom and suddenly…I’m a sweats and t-shirt gal. I’m lucky if my hair gets brushed. Seeing you get up and get dressed is inspiring.

  5. I like the purple/tweed/boots look. I do think the fuchsia top you wore for Christmas is more flattering than this purple one – maybe that’s why you don’t like it as much? but I think the boots lend a good balance to your shape.

    LOL And I’m not even going to say anything about the “looking down casually” photo. Ha!

  6. I like the different angles in photos! You look GREAT in purple (eggplant) …it really suits you. And I wear my boots alllllllllll the time (as I posted about this week). Best shoes for work ‘dressy’, rain messy and comfort.

  7. Love the purple sweater! I just take the photo in the mirror photos because I feel so stupid having my husband take pictures of me-haha. He doesn’t care, but I hate modeling.

  8. I love the rich purple of your sweater in the 1st picture.

    Also – you’re right. There’s something mysterious and modern and cool about the looking-down-and-away-from-the-camera pose. Love it.

  9. I love the coat – where did you find it??? I love the long purple sweater in the top pictures. Unfortunately no Nordstrom here in Canada. You are a yummy mummy 🙂 I am a wanna be yummy mummy 😉

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