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What to Wear to a Fall Bridal Shower

I’ve mentioned a few times that this is the year for weddings in our house. The girls and I were invited to a bridal shower for one of them last Sunday, so of course we were discussing what to wear on the way home from vacation.

Thanks to the Lord + Taylor First Look at Fall event, I had several new dresses waiting for me when we got home that were perfect for the event. I styled two for today’s post.

As I said last week, I’m at the point in the season where I want to buy things I can start wearing now and into fall, and both of these dresses are perfect for that. I ended up wearing this floral maxi dress to the shower on Sunday, and it worked out perfectly.

Florals grounded on a dark background are perfect for transitioning into fall.

For size reference, this dress is a small, but it’s pretty snug. I probably could use a medium, but I wanted to wear it on Sunday, so I made do. All that to say, I would recommend sizing up if you tend to run in between sizes.

I really like the shirred waist, and I think the floral pattern is so pretty. It also comes in yellow, but the black one is on sale for $89.25 and then it’s an extra 20% off that! (Use code SAVEBIG.)

The color of these Steve Madden ankle strap sandals is perfect with the florals in the dress. They’re called blush, but they’re more of a taupe.

They have a padded footbed and are quite comfortable to walk in, but they do have a 4″ heel, so bear that in mind. These are similar but with a 3″ heel, and they’re on sale for $41.30.

It was hot on Sunday, so I wore this dress on its own, but it would also be cute layered under a denim jacket or blazer when it cools off.

Another good option is this cap sleeve ruffle-trim dress. I was torn between the two for the bridal shower on Sunday, but I decided the floral was better for July. I love this eggplant color for late summer/early fall.

The ruffle detail on the skirt is so pretty and different from anything else I have, and it’s the perfect length for me at 5’5″. It’s true to size; I’m wearing the 8.

These Naturalizer ankle strap sandals have a 3’5″ heel, and I thought the rose-colored satin was such a pretty complement to the eggplant crepe dress.

This outfit could also be appropriate for a wedding or other semi-formal occasion, but I’d probably amp up the accessories for that type of event.

Lord + Taylor has a lot of pretty dresses on sale right now if you need something for an occasion later this summer or in the fall.

Shipping is free on orders over $99, and if you have Shoprunner, you can get free returns as well. Lord + Taylor also offers Buy Online, Pick Up In Store — a great option if you have a store that’s local to you.

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floral maxi dress // Steve Madden sandals (lower heel option) // silver cuff // eggplant ruffle trim dress // satin sandals

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30 thoughts on “What to Wear to a Fall Bridal Shower

  1. Love the eggplant dress and just bought it from your link! How would you style for a wedding? nice necklace? But long or short? 

  2. Loving both of these dresses – great picks for now and into the fall!  You look amazing in both but I especially think that eggplant is YOUR color!  Beautiful!  Thank you once again for giving great fashion options and advice.

  3. Interesting – I loved the maxi dress on you (maybe you couldn’t breathe, but you looked great, lol), but wasn’t excited about the eggplant dress. It’s a pretty color, but I think other styles are more flattering for your figure. I prefer the V-neck on you, and I always think a shirred middle is better for anyone who is not a complete toothpick. Plus it seems too short-waisted? Anyway. I have a question that is unrelated to this post. I recently purchased myself one of the big scarf/poncho things you’ve shown (I’m sure there’s a name for them – hopefully you know what I’m talking about). It’s cute, a little “out there” for me, but you’ve inspired me :). Meanwhile, I think it needs a good quality tank top underneath. I have a crappy tank top, but before I start ordering all sorts of nonsense to replace it, I wondered if you had an opinion on a more substantial, preferably pale pink, tank top. Not too low cut, since I’m small chested and a bit bony on top. Thanks in advance!

    1. I think both dresses are pretty, but I have to politely disagree with you, as she rocked the eggplant dress out of the park!  The eggplant colour is so her colour, and it looks so fabulous on her, and we are built the same, and exact same height, that I am ordering it for a wedding I have in October.  

  4. I like both of these dresses. Unfortunately, only the maxi comes in petite, but at a great price. I thought other petite ladies would like to know. 

  5. Both of these dresses are beautiful choices. I actually wore a similar navy and white maxi to my niece’s bridal shower on 7/21. The short dress is more fall but really pretty too.

  6. Both those dresses are beautiful on you! I love the eggplant one, it would be great for me for work. 🙂 If it is the right color, do you think you could pull off a plaid blazer over top?

  7. The maxi looks terrific on you. I like the burgundy colour but I think the maxi style is more flattering. I prefer a v neck too. 

  8. Ok… I’m laughing at the picture of you trying to get on a pineapple float and almost drowning!  🤣

    Both of these dresses are so pretty.  😍

  9. You look so pretty in both dresses, but he eggplant color dress is my favorite.  We are excited that August begins tomorrow because it hopefully means we are closer to being out of the high humidity and high temps.  Have an awesome day!

  10. You look amazing in the burgendy ruffle trim dress! Simply gorgeous!
    Got a chuckle picturing you trying to get on board a pineapple floatie 😉….. There is no graceful way to get up and on those things! Hard to believe July has flown by so quickly!

  11. I love everything about the eggplant dress on you. It’s crazy that tomorrow is August. Here in the south school starts in a week. I’m not a sun person anymore so I’m ready for fall.

  12. Love both dresses and I agree with the choice for the bridal shower. The eggplant color rings more fall. I lover the ruffles on that one. Hard to even think of fall here. Our hot spell continues, and have been under heat advisories all week. But I’m enjoying the pool. School starts here after the Labour day weekend, so still a good month to go.
    Enjoy these summer days, because it does go waaaaaay to quick:)

  13. Lord and Taylor was my go to spot for special occasion wear when i lived in NYC. they had such a large Selection in different price ranges. I loved it.  the nxt time i have somewhere to go i may consider going to Tyson corner Va to the store and try some stuff on 

  14. The ruffled dress is so pretty and would work for a variety of occasions. Unfortunately, at 5’8” it would be a little short on me. I prefer them at the knee. But, I love it on you! And, those strappy sandals are perfect. 

  15. That Ivory Teddy is so tempting. I wish L and T had a how to wear it section( The obvious it with jeans…think it could go dressy?). We have a ton of showers as well this Fall…you have me thinking. have a great day!

  16. I’m a day late…  I have a question about yesterday’ shoe post.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ryder Madewell colorblock cardigan.  I tried to order on July 12 as soon as I could but it’s been sold out.  All that to ask, what size are you wearing IF it should ever be restocked.  I keep looking, and Nordstrom said it would be restocked.  But, alas, not yet.  Thanks!  Also, how’s the crawdads book reading?

  17. Love the maxi dress Jo-Lynne. What’s the color polish on your toes? Still looking for a good nude. Thanks!

  18. Such great dress finds and they both look great on you. I think the next size up in the maxi would probably be too big for you. The small looks good in the photos. 🙂  I love them both, but my favorite is the eggplant one. I think its perfect on you and its going to be great for Fall. I wish my legs looked better to wear dresses into the Fall.  I also get cold if the Fall days aren’t warm.  But, I won’t wear nylons. UGH!!!!  I guess I would if it was a really dressy wedding. 🙂  I wish I knew which size to order in the eggplant one. I usually wear a size 4, but I’ve lost some weight and need to put it back on and haven’t yet, so don’t know. I don’t have a Lord and Taylor near me, so hate returns.  I hate when summer is rushed too soon with the back to school stuff.  Its earlier and earlier each year and you can’t be in the moment.  I just saw that Micheal’s already has all its summer clearanced off and shelves are stocked with Fall stuff. I love Fall, but don’t want to see it in the stores yet.  I still am picturing you and the floaty.  🙂 lol  Have fun with the last of your summer days.  

  19. I ordered the maxi dress (Nordstrom also has it for the same price – free shipping and returns) after I saw it the other day on your instagram. Love it! It will be a great dress to have. I may even wear it to a wedding we have for next year. Love the other dress too….both look great on you!

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