Fashion Friday: I’m Going to BlogHer!!!!

After last year, I had no intention of going back to BlogHer. It’s not that I didn’t have a good time. I did. (You can read all about my BlogHer 2010 experience if you care!) But it was enough, or so I thought.

Of course, when the party invitations started trickling in, and my friends all started talking about plane tickets and what to wear, I started to think, well, it might be fun to go . . . I do love San Diego, and I’ve only been there once before.

Still, I swore I wouldn’t go back to BlogHer unless someone handed me the trip on a silver platter, and of course, no where in my wildest dreams did I expect that to happen.

And then it did.

Earlier this summer, I regretfully turned down an invitation to the Swanky Style Suite hosted by the fashionable trio behind Mom’s Fashion File because I wasn’t planning to attend BlogHer. But then last week, Nicole reached out to me and invited me to be a Style Agent at the Swanky Style Suite, along with Kate from The Shopping Mama, with Lands’ End sponsoring our trips! WOO!!!

They announced it at their Road to BlogHer Twitter Party on Wednesday night, so it’s official . . .


Which of course begs the question: What am I going to wear?

I actually was NOT going to write a What to Wear to BlogHer post because really? Haven’t I done enough of those over the years?

But then I actually had a sweet little birdie email me and tell me that she was looking forward to my what to wear post and she had an idea that a lot of others were too.

Well, then. Far be it for me to disappoint my audience!

I just found out today that I am wearing Lands’ End clothing on Saturday, but I’m not sure what just yet. They’re mailing them to me, and I will get them next week so I guess we know what next week’s Fashion Friday post will be about!

My goal was not to buy a single thing for this trip because let’s face it, my closet is bursting at the seams already. And also? I spent my entire summer earnings at the Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale yesterday shopping for Back-to-School shoes for the kidlets. But that’s another post.

I arrive in San Diego on Thursday, and I’m hoping to have some time to sun myself by the rooftop pool before the rat race begins. So for that, I actually just ordered a Lands’ End bathing suit. I’ve been dying to try one of Lands’ End’s High Waist ShapeWear SwimMinis and when I clicked over to get the link for this post and saw the AMAZING SALE PRICE, I snagged this. (So much for not buying anything . . .)

Also, you can get $10 Dollars off $50 (and free shipping!) with Promotion Code: PARENTSA11 PIN: 8355. You’re welcome.

So moving on. For daytime at BlogHer, I’m a big fan of jeans and tops. Let’s face it, for just about any occasion, I’m a big fan of jeans and tops.

I just splurged on a new pair of white jeans with the gift card my mom sent me for my birthday. I really wanted white skinnies, but I’m not QUITE ready to take the plunge. I have skinnies in darker denim that I wear in the winter tucked into boots, but white skinnies with heels just seems a BIT over the top for me, so I opted for a straight leg style that should be current without making me feel like a hoochie mama. I plan to wear them with my Cottage Cardi and tank. And maybe my Songwriter Tunic.

CAbi tops

One day I may diverge from the jeans and top look and wear my Sigourney dress with a jean jacket. I haven’t worn it strapless yet, but it seems like if I’m going to wear a strapless dress anywhere, San Diego is the place to do it! I wonder how it would look with my white jean jacket. Hmmm . . .

CAbi Sigourney Dress

For nighttime, I am dying to wear my All Things Chic Launch Party blouse again. (Poor Liz and Jane. Every time I link to this top, they have to come along with me. Perhaps I’ll get another photo of my outfit at BlogHer!)

Liz Lange

I also have this navy blue dress that I could wear one night. I need to figure out how to dress it up a bit though.

And then there’s my red Grecian Tank . . .

Suffice it to say, I have plenty to choose from. It’s just a matter of throwing them all in a bag and remembering all the appropriate undergarments and accessories to complete each outfit.

So that’s what I’m planning to wear. If you’re going to BlogHer and are looking for more ideas, one of my All Things Chic contributors, Tracy, has an awesome collection of dresses she’s bringing – check them out on her blog, Sellabit Mum. She is clearly far more organized than I, as she already has her outfits put together.

The most important thing, AND I MEAN THIS. Do not get all stressy over clothes for BlogHer. You will see a little bit of everything. Wear what you love and what makes you feel good and most of all, what you are comfortable in.

And if you see me, PLEASE stop me and say hi!!!!

That’s about it for Fashion Friday this week. (Isn’t that enough?) If you wrote about fashion, feel free to link up below!

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19 Responses

  1. OMGosh! I’m so glad you are getting to come. I saw a message the other day that you weren’t and I was kind of sad. But now that you are I definitely want to say hello in person!

    1. YES! For sure! If you see me, please grab me. I’m always a bit overwhelmed and sometimes I miss seeing people, although I’m always looking around, trying to see who I might know, LOL.

  2. I bought another Lands’ End tankini on this last sale, just got it yesterday – ADORE.

    Have fun at BlogHer. I’ll be in the Black Hills in a cabin. Pray for me. AHHAHAH

  3. I am so excited to meet you and spend the entire day talking about fashion and styling our 12 special bloggers!

  4. I would be such a freak about someone sending me an outfit sight unseen. Kudos to you for being so adventurous. I have no doubt you’ll wear it well and accessorize it just right, but still…I’m such a control freak. Lands’ End (and especially Lands’ End Canvas) has some really cute stuff, though. Both of my bathing suits are from them and I love them.

    I went in search of white straight leg pants today and I found them to be super unflattering. Probably because I’m a pear I should steer clear of white on the bottom, yeah? I don’t know. That’s why I lean so heavily on *your* fashion sense! Can’t wait to see what you end up in.

  5. So excited for you! Lands’ End definitely knew what they were doing when they selected you to represent their brand. You are my go-to blogger for fashion advice.

    Have fun at BlogHer! I’m sad I’ll be missing you, but we’ll be heading toward Yellowstone right around that time. (Can’t wait).

  6. Today I’m having a freak out about what to wear. So glad you posted! This is my first BlogHer. I didn’t think about wearing jeans because i thought it would be too hot? I also have white skinny jeans, but they aren’t skin tight – so i don’t think I’ll feel like a hoochie mama. Lol. Do you think it will be cool enough to wear jeans during the day?

  7. Oh my word! Cute bathing suit. Just clicked over and saw the awesome prices! Then on top of that the promo code!

    Awesome! Thanks so much!

  8. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited you’re going after all! Hopefully we can chat some more than we did back in January.

    You’re always SO stylish and I’m so glad you did a fashion post. 🙂

  9. oh my gosh, I am so excited you are going to blogher again this year! You were one of the first blogs I started following! 🙂

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