Stick a fork in me.

I’m so done. Done, done, done!

Actually I am having a ball, but I am just so busy I can’t possibly do everything I want to do. Which today included writing a witty and informative post about how to start a blog. Oh well, tomorrow is another day, right?

Let me just tell you, though, about my weekend. I am so excited about a workshop series I’ve started running for our Philly Social Media Moms group. It went over extremely well, and I learned a lot about running an event like this so hopefully next time it will go off without a hitch.

I was probably crazy to schedule myself to speak at the first event (there will be other speakers at future events — there are so many fabulously smart and successful bloggers in our area, we are set on speakers for a very long time). And then I had myself all psyched out about the AV equipment not working. I was convinced something was going to go wrong, and I just had a feeling it would involve something technical. I was determined that no matter what, we were starting on time.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, sure enough, I show up at our venue, and there was no AV equipment.

Cecily, who thankfully was there early to help me calm my nerves and take care of irritating issues like, well, having no AV equipment!!! called upstairs and got someone down there, who informed me that the AV equipment was locked up and the AV guys weren’t there yet. WWWAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

The manager (or whoever he was) was super nice though, and he finally got a projector right in the nick of time, and we got ourselves hooked up (thanks to my smart hubby who sent me with a spare PC in case our MACs wouldn’t work, which of course, they didn’t).

My other big guffaw was that I failed to call the hotel and update our numbers when another 10 tickets were sold during the final week, so they only had set enough food and chairs for 20 people. The same super nice manager scurried around and got us all set up and brought extra food and everything.

Despite all that, we were able to get started a bit ahead of schedule. YAY ME!

I’m going to try to plan these monthly, if we can secure sponsorships to offset the costs, because you know I needed one more thing to do. But honestly, I loved it. I love meeting so many new faces, and I love talking about blog design and usability, and I love knowing that I’m providing something useful for this encouraging and thoughtful community of women.

With that behind me, this week is dedicated to tying up lose ends (read: blog designs) and following up on commitments that I’ve made, which are legion. Not the least of which is throwing my daughter a half-birthday party on Sunday afternoon.

She is one of those lucky kids with a holiday birthday — Christmas Eve, in fact!! And I told her last year that rather than celebrate during the busiest (and coldest) month of the year, we should have a half-birthday party instead. So that’s what we’re going to do. I’m so excited. After 11 years of planning fall and winter birthday parties (all three of my kids were born between October and December), I get to plan a POOL PARTY!

I want to make her a really cute cake, but while my cakes taste great, cute they are not. I may have to enlist the help of someone more creative than I. My daughter has requested one of my homemade chocolate cakes, though, so that much I have to oblige. Otherwise I’d be dialing the grocery store before you can say chocolate.

I have no menu plan to share — all I know is that we are having tacos for dinner, and there are chicken breasts defrosting in the fridge for tomorrow night’s mystery meal. I’ll solve the mystery in the morning, I suppose.

One more thing. We officially have picked . . .


That picture is compliments of my husband’s growing photography skillz. He complains that I often take credit for his photos, so in the interest of full disclosure, I had nothing to do with the taking of this photo.

So talk to me. Tell me what you’ve been up to this hot and muggy weekend? If you’re anything like me, you’ve been conniving to spend as much time as possible in the comfort of air conditioning. I am not, however, complaining about the heat. Not me. I love summer, and I’ll take the heat. Ha! Get it?


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