Winter Brights

When I went to put this post together, I didn’t really have a purpose for it or a good title, and that got me thinking about how things are evolving in this space.

I used to post random outfits all the time with no other purpose than that I like it, but lately outfit posts have been slowly edged out by try-on hauls and outfit roundups and multiple ways to style a wardrobe item.

LOFT Striped Shoulder Button Sweater (S) // Good American Good Legs Stovepipe (6; option) // Marc Fisher Alva Booties (8) // Kendra Scott earrings // Yurman bracelet // similar tote

I love doing those types of posts, and they definitely add a lot of value, but I kind of miss posting a single look like this one. I like being able to drill down and discuss the nuts and bolts of an outfit. So yeah, this is just a random outfit that I like and would wear in my everyday life.

I had a photo shoot with Alison last week, so I brought along a few outfits I needed for other posts I’m working on, and I threw some extra pieces into the car at the last minute, and this sweater was one of them. I love how the bright color palette pops against the wintry landscape.

The fabric is 57% cotton/33% acrylic/10% polyester, so there’s no wool to irritate sensitive skin. It’s soft and has a nice weight to it, and the 23″ length makes it perfect for leaving untucked with mid to high rise jeans.

It has contrast ribbing at the neck, hem, and cuffs; and the button detail on the shoulder is a fun detail. I feel like LOFT is finally getting back to its roots, after struggling for a while and getting bought out by another retail group. This in a nice quality sweater at a great price point, and it’s 50% off right now!

I styled this sweater with grey jeans and white booties in last Saturday’s Try-On Haul, and I think it looks really good that way, but I realize not everyone is going to jibe with the white boots. Still, this is another option. I love how the colors in this sweater complement grey jeans.

LOFT Striped Shoulder Button Sweater (S) // Mother The Hustler Ankle Fray Jeans (28) // Marc Fisher Gadri Booties (8) // Kendra Scott earrings // Yurman bracelet

But pink and cranberry also look great with blue jeans, so for this post, I wore blue jeans and beige booties. These jeans are a medium indigo wash with distressing and busted-out knees to give them a comfortable lived-in look.

The stovepipe style is also known as a cigarette leg — basically it’s a skinny jean with wider ankles so you can wear them over booties or tuck them into tall boots. In this case, I wore mine loose over the Marc Fisher Alva Booties in Cloud Suede.

I’ve had these booties for a few years; I believe they were an #NSale 2020 purchase. The quality is top notch and they’re very comfortable. I love the cool beige tone with the lighter colors in my wardrobe, and they also look great with black and grey jeans.

This outfit would make a great casual Valentine’s Day look or just an everyday outfit to wear shopping or meeting up with a friend for lunch. I kept the accessories minimal with silver toned split hoop earrings and my Yurman silver link bracelet.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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40 Responses

  1. Hi Jo-Lynne! I liked this post and the concise info! Sometimes when bloggers’ posts contain too much I find myself scrolling through and clicking off! This one was perfect! Now to go buy that pretty sweater…..!

  2. I enjoyed reading this pared down post JoLynne. It was nice to focus on, what you call, the “nuts and bolts” of an outfit! Please do more posts like this! The sweater is cheerful snd bright this time of year, when the weather is often cold and overcast. Have a wonderful day! 💞

  3. I was wondering about Premium denim…….my go to’s have been Loft and Jcrew jeans but I’m looking to branch out…….
    I was wondering which brand of Premium denim that you would recommend trying first.

    1. It’s a very individual thing, I think, but right now my favorite brands are Mother, Paige, and Good American. Oh, and Agolde, haha! So that may not be very helpful. Actually, for me it’s more about the cut of the jeans than the brand. Each brand has some fabrics and cuts that I like and some that I don’t. Maybe go through Trunk Club and tell them you want to try a bunch of different brands. They can send an assortment, and you can try on in the comfort of home and only pay for what you decide to keep. This is my referral link: https://bit.ly/TrunkClubJL

  4. I liked this post, and its simplicity. Of course, I really enjoy your more elaborate posts, but I am always up for a single outfit post, too. Don’t feel like you always have to do more and bigger. The only problem I have is this: I have been trying to clean out my closet, but I still have way too many sweaters. I have told myself I cannot buy any more sweaters, but at this point I like all of the ones I own, so I am going to have to get tough with myself and winnow more out. You don’t make it easy. If you recommend something, I know the quality is good, and it looks so pretty on you, and I don’t have anything like it in my closet! Help!

  5. I’ve been seeing some of my favorite retailers showing full length pants. Is that an upcoming trend? I really like the ankle length pants because it allows your shoe or boot to be more of a statement in the outfit. Hopefully, like dresses, all lengths will be considered stylish. Would appreciate your insight on where fashion is trending!

  6. Love everything about this post! I’m really into “simple” right now, actually craving it. You always deliver!

  7. I agree with the other comments. If I see just one outfit that I like, I might be able to just order it right then. But if there are 4 or 5, I might not be able to decide (limited budget theses days) and then procrastinate and not buy anything. Of course my hubs likes that option but we don’t want him to get his way!

  8. I like this post! I have a striped sweater in colors very similar to this one that I don’t reach for like I should. This post is going to be my inspiration to wear the top. If you were to add a topper for extra warmth, what would it be? I hope that your tooth is much better today!

    1. Thanks, but unfortunately, it is still painful to bite down on that tooth so I have to go back and see what he wants to do next. I am NOT amused. I would just put my black puffer or grey wool coat on top.

  9. I’ve missed the single outfits. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all your posts and learn a great deal from them. The single outfit posts are what you primarily did when I started following you 4 yrs ago. Sometimes the long posts are overwhelming and I scroll through then go back later to read when the permits. By then, items are sold out. This is a cute outfit and agree Loft is now showing more items that reflect the Loft we loved. Yay!

    1. This is good to know. Often the single outfits don’t get a lot of engagement, and I figured, I do so many posts with multiples, maybe the single outfits posts seem boring in comparison.

  10. I am going out on a limb and probably showing my age by sharing this…..any one else think that this ripped, worn, or torn jeans look is only in America? Yup, just can’t past thinking what my sweet father would say about us buying jeans that already are defected. I know it has been a few years now as a trend but just can’t wrap my head around this fashion statement. 🙂 Thank you JoLynne for all your suggestions and sharing your life. I used to live near you now a southern girl….

    1. Hi Stevie,
      The distressed jeans are very much on trend here in Canada…. more so with the younger crowd: women and men. I saw on some European bloggers wearing distressed jeans with colored tights on underneath…… to each his or her own. I love the colorful, bright sweater! So happy our temps have warmed up and we are out of the deep freeze. It feels like spring (48) but I know that is only wishful thinking.

    2. HA HA! I don’t know about distressed jeans only being in America?, but I think you are probably “showing your age” a little!! I have several pairs of jeans with distressing (knees, little rips on legs, etc) that I love wearing when I’m wanting that relaxed, young vibe!! Looks perfect with summer t’s and beach sandals. Lately I’ve been wearing thin black leggings under my distressed jeans to keep my legs warm in winter weather!! I love the black peeking through. Of course I have many other jeans without distressing that are usually more appropriate for most activities! Oh, by the way, I’m 68!

  11. I think its good you give yourself a little break and do a one outfit post. You work sooooo hard all the time and your longer post must wear you out. (not that the one outfit post aren’t work) I love this outfit on you. For some reason when I see you wear stripe sweaters, I think I want to buy it, but from the past, I know I’m more of a plain sweater gal and the striped ones sit in my closet. Not even sure why. This one is so pretty with the coloring. I agree LOFT seems to be coming back. I didn’t know they were bought out by someone else. I hope their quality remains the same. You haven’t mentioned the powder room remodel, so will be fun to see what you do. Have a great day.

  12. Great post, I love this sweater but the proportions are all wrong for me. In my younger days, I’d be “ooooh, shiny” and run and buy it. I do love reading your blogs.

  13. Ohhh, I hope you plan to show us before/after pics of your powder room remodel! I hope construction/material shortages are starting to ease up now, my bathroom needs an upgrade.

  14. I love this sweater, but I’m not sure how many striped sweaters one person needs. I’m wearing one now, and did yesterday as well, LOL. I’m not great about adding accessories so stripes feel a bit more interesting than solid sweaters.

  15. I really like this single outfit post, too! And I especially enjoy seeing you wear booties, something with a heel! I am quite tired of all the athletic wear, leisure wear and other super casual outfits that many bloggers post all the time. I’m glad you don’t. I get why they do it, but in my opinion, it’s not that hard to put together those types of outfits. It’s the outfits I’m seen in that I care about the most, as I don’t usually wear sweatpants and leggings in public. I’m with a lot of ladies who commented yesterday that they’re tired of the very casual stuff and want to wear their nice things. I get so much pleasure out of seeing ladies wear pretty outfits, and when I go to holiday parties and other nice events and see denim jackets and leggings with short tops, I want to cry, lol.

  16. Love the sweater on you, and I think the shorter outfit post is a good way to mix it up. For me– I love the try on hauls and outfit posts too because that is where I learn SO much and it has made your blog stand out above the rest. It’s great to have a variety though.
    I also agree that it is nice to see put together outfits. I can figure out athleisure pretty well and know what I like, but the “what to wear…where” is getting tough for me. Not sure if it is the post-Covid thing, the non-dressy world, or my age that is making it harder to know what looks good when I want to look good 🙂 And I hope your dental situation clears up soon…frustrating, I’m sure! Hang in there.

  17. I much prefer this type of post! TBH the try on hauls and outfit roundups are too lengthy for me. I do enjoy the “5ways” type post on occasion. These are nice tho bc like you said it’s easier to discuss details. Plus I’m guessing these outfits are more intentional vs a roundup of what you wear to run errands. I vote for more like this!

  18. I’ve unfollowed a lot of bloggers because they constantly show “hauls” in a time where we know disposable clothes end up in the landfill. I don’t even like the term “ hauls”. What I like about you is you show clothes that are quality. Wearing one outfit in a post and explaining why it works, or not, is of more value to is then showing multiples that we quickly scrol through. I love How to Wear a piece several ways.
    As a side note: ripped jeans are out of my comfort level. I prefer to level up rather than down. ***Just a personal preference. Each to their own. Right?

  19. I really enjoyed the single outfit post – it reminded me of the days when I first started reading your blog when that was all you did. It’s great to have the variety of all your content, but I love these and learnt so much from the way you analysed each outfit component. It helped build up my understanding of what worked in terms of styles, textures, proportions, etc. Thanks for all you do, Jo-Lynne.

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