My Worst Fashion Purchases of 2021

Last week I shared my Best Fashion & Beauty Buys of 2021, and today I’m sharing my most regrettable fashion purchases from 2021 and analyzing why they didn’t work out, when I clearly thought they were worth buying at the time.

For some reason, this post always gets a lot more engagement than the best purchases post. I guess it provides a lot more fodder for discussion.

I also like to make a disclaimer before I start. If you bought any of these off of my recommendation, please don’t feel duped. These aren’t bad products; they just didn’t happen to work for my personal style and lifestyle, or with the rest of my wardrobe. That’s why I changed the wording to regrettable purchases.

Some of these may have worked out great for you; in fact, if you bought them, I sure hope they did! But for whatever reason, I didn’t find myself reaching for them as much as I thought I would.

My 10 Worst Purchases of 2021

#1. Stuart Weitzman Sierra Sandals // This first item PAINS me to look at. I love Stuart Weitzman shoes, and these are gorgeous. I ordered them during a Shopbop sale early in the season, and I only wore them a couple times — just enough to scuff up the bottoms so they weren’t returnable, and to realize that I couldn’t keep them on my feet. I tried wearing them a few times, and then I finally had to admit defeat. I would just walk right out of them, and it wasn’t safe, so I finally sold them.

#2. AllSaints Alpha Convertible Backpack // This was an #NSale purchase, and I styled it a few times for the blog, but I never ended up reaching for it in my day-to-day life. I thought I would because it’s a different color than anything I have in my closet, but it was kind of awkward to get in and out of, and I just never seemed to reach for it when I was ready to go somewhere. Fortunately, I was able to return it before the window closed.

#3. Sweaty Betty Harmonise Luxe Fleece Sweatshirt // This is a cute sweatshirt, and so cozy and soft, but that high/low hemline just doesn’t work for me. Every time I try to wear it, the top underneath shows and looks awkward. If I had a smaller chest, I think I’d love it, but it’s just not for me. I finally decided to pass it on to a friend who has a better build for it.

#4. NYDJ Marilyn Straight Leg Jeans (similar) // I picked up these jeans during the #NSale last summer, and I like them a lot but they’re definitely a different silhouette for me, and I haven’t worn them yet. They’re still in my closet, and I hope to wear them eventually, but on a cost per wear basis, they’re definitely a fail.

#5. Commando 7/8 Faux Leather Legging // I have tried to like faux leather leggings so many times, and they just aren’t me. I think it’s a combination of my spindly legs and wide hips/larger chest. They just make me look out of proportion. The one way I did sort of like them is with a sweatshirt and sneakers, more of an athleisure look. But they’re so much work to get in and out of, I’d rather wear regular leggings, and I have plenty of those!

#6. Madewell Eyelet Ruffle Strap Top // I really like this top, but it’s a little outside of my comfort zone, so I really need just the right venue and occasion. I took it to Maine to wear for the 4th of July, but our party was rained out.

I can’t remember if I held onto it or not (I store my out of season clothes and shoes in bins in the basement when they’re not in use) but even if I wear it once or twice before I decide to part with it, that doesn’t really justify the price tag. At least I got it on sale, and it made for cute blog pictures, so there’s that!

#7. Sam Edelman Beth Pumps // These are gorgeous shoes, but I haven’t had the occasion to wear them yet. I almost wore them one night in December, but I decided I was doing too much walking for heels this height and I switched into my old faithful Marc Fisher Zala pumps with the 3″ block heel. I can walk in the Beth pumps, but the heel is 3.75 inches, and that 3/4 inch makes a big difference. I’ll hold onto them for a while longer, but once that square toe starts to look dated, I’ll pass them on. I seriously doubt I’m going to get a decent cost per wear out of them, so I decided to include them in this ilst.

#8. rag & bone Cate Mid-Rise Ankle Skinny Raw-Hem Jeans // I knew when I bought these jeans that I was moving away from skinnies, but I thought I wanted a light wash pair, and I’ve always liked the rag & bone Cate style.

I tried to wear them a few times over the spring and summer, but every time I put them on, I ended up changing into something else, so I finally decided to part with them. Also, the 9″ rise is no longer comfortable to me. These days I much prefer jeans with a 10″ – 11″ rise. Lesson learned!

#9. Hudson Gemma Shorts // I definitely found myself moving away from the shorter shorts last summer, and I was never really comfortable in these. Maybe if I’d sized up, I would have kept them for another season, but they had a way of riding up in unfortunate places, and my rear view just isn’t what it used to be, so yeah. I passed those on at the end of the summer.

#10. R Minkoff Mab Leather Hobo Bag // I think I’m going to throw this one in here for #10. I still have it, and I like it a lot, but I rarely reach for it. I mainly got it to go with the Marc Fisher Alva Booties in this picture, as well as the Tory Burch Chelsea 70mm Lug Booties from the #NSale. I didn’t have a bag that worked well with this cognac color, so I grabbed this R Minkoff hobo on sale back in the fall. I’m keeping it for now because I don’t have any other bags in this color. (I returned the Michael Kors crossbody in the picture above.) But I’m not sure I’ll ever get enough use out of it to justify the price tag.

In Conclusion

I’m sure I could go on because I make SO many purchases in a year, and I can’t possibly keep them all. I try to make wise decisions and return what I can, but some things you have to keep around for a while or even wear them a few times before you realize you just aren’t reaching for them.

And I’m also noticing my lifestyle really changing right now. I’ve always been home a lot, even pre-Covid, but now that everyone is living a more causal lifestyle, I just don’t find myself dressing up as much as I used to. Even the dressier casual looks I would wear running around town seem like too much for most of my days right now.

I actually really like most of the items on this list, but I just don’t have the need for them, which is kind of sad. On the flip side, I don’t have nearly as many truly bad purchases as I used to, so I guess I’m learning.

Feel free to share your worst purchases of 2021 in the comments. I’d love to hear!

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97 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this article. Many of the items you listed are so pretty, and attractive on you. But to hear/read that others, influencers have purchases that -loved it– but just don’t reach for it in the closet — makes me feel human, not everything works out. Many of my -regrets/mistake pieces are I lost or gained weight, and buying the “perfect dress/outfit for guest of a wedding” only to not have anything happen, and the outfit goes out of style while hanging in the closet. But at least I get to look at it hanging, and get pleasure that way. I really enjoy your daily articles.

  2. I enjoyed this post, too. I like hearing why you didn’t like a purchase or why it didn’t work for you, as I have a similar body type/shape and your descriptions are always helpful. My regrettable purchased from 2021 seem to be purchased from boutiques. The tops never, never look the same and most are cheaper, thin fabrics that never hold up. I’m learning to invest in quality pieces and have a smaller wardrobe, that will be clothes I like.

  3. I was wondering if you kept the Paul Green boots? I ordered them but could only get the ones with the white around the bottom. I thought I could live with it, but sadly no. They were dreamy though!
    And I LOVE that Rebecca Minkoff MAB bag!

  4. I think you make really good choices considering how many items you share during a year. Both jeans you had on your list look really good on you. I also think that red top is really cute but if it’s not you, there’s that! Enjoy your day and I’m looking forward to more of your posts. Until then, stay well.

  5. Like the others, I like this post too. It’s comforting to know I am not the only one who second guesses their purchases with possible regrets later. You mentioned you “sold” an item – do you take things to a local consignment or do you sell online? Can you say which method? I sell to a local “upscale” consignment store – I just did a closet clean out and took in 20 pieces. I’ll probably use the profit to buy more 😝 vicious circle. Cheers!

  6. The Sweatty Betty top and the Marilyn jeans look great on you, IMO.

    It does make me feel better that even fashion blogger make mistakes. I lost weight 2 years ago and during the winters of 2020/2021 replaced all of my jeans with skinnies! They all seem dated now and starting with spring 2021 have bought only straight and the Mother Weekender flare jeans.

    Hear ya on a casual lifestyle. My husband just retired and our boys are in college. We live in NJ where the Covid restrictions were tight and I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to dress up.

    Fun post!

    1. I’m laughing because I’m in the same place. Finally lost the 50 lbs I’d put off losing for years and bought a number of new clothes which I haven’t worn due to Covid. My wardrobe was composed of 75% formal work outfits and 25% casual or ratty home clothes. Still working to get the balance right since I’ve always been a classic minimalist. Tried new looks and shapes and ended up defaulting to what I’ve always bought as an inverted triangle . I also don’t see the value in leather leggings – the cool factor is outweighed by the annoyance. Also agree on backpack bags – beautiful but hard to use in real life!

  7. This was very helpful. I only actually purchased one of the items on your list-the Marilyn jeans-and had to return those because they were just too big. I have been unable to repurchase it in a smaller size. I didn’t order the other items because: I can’t wear flat sandals because I have high arches. I won’t buy a heel higher than 2 3/4 inches anymore because I am just over it. I don’t like handbags as large as you do, but I don’t like small ones either. I, also have learned to check the rise on jeans, and anything below a 10” is too low. The Madewell top was adorable but I am 63 and it was a bit too cutesy for my age, although it was cute on you. I have made my own mistakes in the past year, but I have followed you long enough to know mostly what I can and can’t wear and what things I like and don’t. It’s good to see that you still buy items that don’t end up working for you. Thanks for sharing that with us!

    1. I apologize if this is not appropriate here. I also purchased the Marilyn jeans in a size 4. They just don’t work for me. I’d gladly sell them to you, Patt, for whatever you think is fair, if that is the size you are looking for. They are barely worn.

  8. I think all the jeans look great on you and you will get use out of them eventually. I agree about not dressing up so much. You say you pass things on, but didn’t say where to?

  9. I enjoyed this! I’m slowly learning that I own a lot of things that I just don’t love. Some of them I like, but I don’t love. And I’m slowly learning to let those things go and make more intentional purchases. It’s always helpful to know that even the pros do this! 🙂 I saw your Instagram stories last night and was so glad you were able to get that tooth taken care of!! You were on my mind a lot yesterday. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  10. I truly enjoy your reviews. We have a very similar silhouette, and very similar taste, so I can tell how items will look on me.

  11. I really enjoyed reading this post. That AllSaints convertible bag is so dang cute, and I seriously considered it, but I knew it would annoy me to reach around every time I needed to get something out of it. Because part of the cuteness is the backpack aspect, even if it converts to a shoulder bag.

    I’m also with you on the Marilyn jeans. I have a pair of 7Fam Dojos that i LOVE and I know are really flattering (more wide leg than straight), but I hardly ever reach for them. I definitely haven’t gotten my cost per wear out of them yet but I’m not ready to give them up.

    I’m going to stalk the Rebecca Minkoff hobo though, for a sale. Love the bag, love the color.

  12. Yes, I love these posts, too. Like you, Jo-Lynne, no matter how careful I am, I occasionally buy something that I end up not wearing much. Often for the same reasons you’ve highlighted above. But I’m learning what I like the idea of more than the actual item– like cardigans and crewneck tops. I think I end up keeping items too long because I have no place to sell them as there are no up-scale resell stores in my area. I’m thinking it might be worth it to find a store in a metropolitan area. I’m not far from Philly and go there frequently so that might be a good option. I just don’t have it in me to sell on ebay or poshmark.

  13. I can identify with all you said. Great post. I’m retired and live in a coastal town so rarely dress up. Even church is casual.

  14. I enjoyed this post JoLynn. I think we all have those purchases that we think are going to work and sit in our closets. I was wondering where you sell your sell your clothing?

  15. One of your regrettable purchases ended up being one of my best! I have and love the Marilyn jeans. The longer inseam works well for me (I’m tall with long legs) and I appreciate the extra warmth of full length jeans in winter. These are comfy enough that I enjoy wearing them around the house and since they cover my ankles, I can wear them with slippers!

      1. I bought two pairs in two washes, and also love, but I bought them in petite so I can wear heels and sneakers with them 🙂

  16. I loved this post so much! We all have our Top 10 fashion fails each year, and it’s rare to have someone on a fashion blog be human enough to admit it and make some light of it. Thank you, this was awesome!

  17. What a great post! Reading this made me accept and realize that I need to part with a pair of Marc Jacob’s western style snakeskin booties because I just cannot wear any shoe with any real height to it. I love the booties, but taking just a few steps in them causes too much knee pain in my arthritic knee, and they just aren’t worth that. I think that with age comes wisdom, which means that it’s a little easier for us to recognize that a purchase we made just doesn’t suit our style aesthetic any longer, making it easier for us to either return the item or pass it on. And most of us have limited space, so we can’t keep holding on to things that we know we are not going to wear.

  18. Thanks for sharing, it makes me feel better about some of my mistakes! I am loving that purple sweater with the faux leather leggings. Know where I can grab it or a similar one?

  19. I’m sorry that the Sweaty Betty fleece did not work. I have it and love it but I also am pretty flat chested and short waisted.

    I think that you will wear your NYDJ this spring. I’m starting to see longer lengths come back
    And they look great on you. They make you look like you have legs for days!!

  20. I like this post. I’ve been trying to get better about buying for my lifestyle lately, as since covid, its more casual. I could relate to you saying even your more dressy, casual seem to much. I really hate that, as yesterday I was out and about and went to my bible study………its been awhile since going back in person and I wore one of my newer purchases and put on my jewelry etc. etc. and I felt out of place. I feel like so many people have given up on how they look and dress since covid. People don’t seem as happy either. Its like they are hurrying around to get their things and head home, which sometimes I relate too. I find I have been purchasing items and then they sit in my closet because I think…….why get dressed in that, I’m not going anywhere. I think the purchases I haven’t got use out of are the blazers(casual) and the blouses I purchased. I think I’ll get more use out of them when we get back to church. We had a spike there for awhile, so have been doing online again. I love blouses, but just don’t seem to grab for them. Still struggling with the newer jeans and getting ones I love, so I have too many jeans in why closet and don’t feel great about any of them right now. I hate to waste money, so need to do another purge and hold off buying unless I really love or need it. I did something Saturday I rarely do. I had purged 3 items I NEVER grab for but are cute and I thought I would at the time I bought them. I didn’t take the bag to the Goodwill fast enough and when my husband wanted to haul them off, I grabbed all 3 items back out. 🙁 I know they will hang in my closet some more. LOL So, after this post I think I’ll just bag them back up and maybe more. I think the jeans (flared) ones in this post you could cut off and wear with sandals and mules this Spring and Summer. They fit you so well and I think you’d get more use out of them. Great ideas for sure in this post, but yes, we do buy things we don’t grab. Backpack purses are hard to get into for sure. I could go on and on but won’t. Glad your tooth problems may be on the mend, Caroline settled, Paul home safe and you still posting for us. LOL

    1. Oh, consider putting those blouses (and other things you aren’t wearing) in a bin in the basement or attic. Wait a year and look at them again. If you still don’t have a reason to wear them, donate then. That way you can still get them out if you change your mid but they’re not taking up space in your closet.

  21. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who makes purchases that I truly like but then never seem to wear. I’m getting better at leaving tags on and trying to construct outfits to see if I’ll actually wear that piece.
    I do have some favs that I’ve purchased because of your site, the Claire V cat eye tote, lug sole boots and of course straight leg jeans. I do struggle though with what type of tops to wear with straight leg crop jeans. I like wearing lug sole boots with the jeans but do I need a top that’s more form fitting, short waisted, wider?.. Could you do a post on that or give me some direction?
    As far as novicane goes, I’ve often said I’d rather give birth than go through that again! Ha!

  22. I loved the post, it shows us all that we should accept our mistakes and move on.
    My most regrettable purchase was an olive suede jacket from Nordstrom. The ‘want’ of an olive suede jacket was on my list for two years. I ordered it online and when it arrived I was so happy to receive it. It was lovely, exactly what I wanted. Real suede and a good price…even the sales associate said that when I returned it to the store. But my lifestyle has changed as I am now retired and looking after my three grandchildren (all under age 4). I found I never reached for it when I went out, I was saving it (for what?), within a month I never wore it once.
    I realized I now require a more casual wardrobe with a few good pieces, not the other way around.

  23. This winter I am giving things one more chance. If it’s something I don’t wear often, I wear it to work and if I really don’t like it, to the thrift store it goes. Last week I decided to get rid of one sweater that felt too long and another sweater that felt too short. Call me Goldilocks.

    I ordered a double breasted peacoat from Nordstrom and received it yesterday. I haven’t seen those around for years but I still think they are cute. The brand was Thread & Supply so the price was right. It is black and I am going to wear a camel sweater under it when I go to a party Saturday. Yay!

  24. I relate to the talk about feeling overdressed these days, but you know what? After struggling with that for the past year or two, I’ve decided to “be the change I want to see in the world”. Now this doesn’t mean I’m getting all dressed up in what used to be considered church clothes. But I’m getting dressed and accessorized in nice outfits even just to go to WalMart. It’s just not “me” to always be schlumpy, and I don’t really think it’s a lot of other people, either. Hoping looking nice will be a good thing for me, and maybe shine a little light for others who might be inspired to follow suit. Why should we all lower our standards so?

    1. Sandra…..I’m with you. I will decide this too. I don’t want to go around seeing everyone dressed like they are not interested in life etc. I felt better yesterday when I got out and put on something more than leggings and comfy top.

      1. I agree with you ladies, even if Im just going to Costco or to do grocery shopping (exCiting, I know 🤣) I try to wear nice jeans and top instead of shlumpy, frumpy, comfy clothes. Jo-Lynne, I agree that the faux leather leggings scream the 1978 movie “GreasE”: what Sandy wore at the ending. I know young women pair them with sneakers and Casual tops but its a Trend that I’m passing on. Please excuse any typos…… Comments from ipads tend to go wonky.

    2. I also agree
      I blame sweat pants, joggers< yoga pants for the weight gains we are all experiencing. think about it.
      I mean even my stretchy jeans will let me know when I need to step back from the snacks.

      My sister always said "wearing sweats in public is a sign you have just given up"
      I always like to put some effort into what I wear even around the house. Jeans & a nice sweater rather than sweats make me feel good.

  25. I would have to say blouses. I buy them because I like them but don’t reach for them in the winter. I always feel chilly in them and I’m not a cardigan person. Oh, and there’s that. I buy cardigans and they just hang there. When will I learn?

    1. Yeah, I’m the same with cardigans. Finally learned, but now I don’t have any and every once in a while, I feel like I need one, lol! And I just don’t buy blouses. Not drawn to them at all. I find them very uncomfortable.

    2. I’m glad I’m not the only who doesn’t like blouses. I prefer sweaters or layered knit tops. I do like cardigans, but in my classroom, the temperature is inconsistent, so I can put on/take off the cardigan as needed.

  26. THANK YOU! I’ve tried so hard to jump on the faux leather leggings bandwagon. Different brands, lengths, matte, shiny, snakeskin……… nope, they’re all “off” and don’t feel comfortable. It helps to hear from someone else that it’s not an easy item to style.

  27. My regrettable purchases were mostly impulse buys. I bought some bras that didn’t work out. Also a cute dress that I have yet to wear, but I bought it at the end of season, so hopefully this spring /summer it’ll get some wear. I’m not loving the straight leg flare leg jeans trend. I know they are leg lengthening, but I have such trouble with finding shoes that look good with them. I’m never giving up my skinnies, they are just too versatile, when it comes to shoe choices. I can’t quite get on the jogger/sweatpants trend, I feel like a slob, so I tend to be overdressed on my trips to the grocery, but I don’t care. I guess I’d rather be overdressed than underdressed.

  28. A great post and just goes to show that not all purchases are right all the time. I struggle with the wardrobe put togethers and all the clothes I have in my 3 closets. I need to purge BUT not sure what to get rid of. I don’t really love 90% of my stuff but obviously can’t throw all that out. Do you think the Adore Your Wardrobe workshop is worth it and would give me more direction? I would really appreciate your thoughts.

    1. I do really think it is worth it for helping you learn how to dress your unique body – which does, in turn, help clarify what should stay and what should go from your closet.

  29. For some reason this IS a great post! I totally agree with you on the faux leather leggings. I just can’t like them even though so many bloggers featured them. They may look great on other people, but they just don’t seem attractive to me/on me. They’re a big nope for me.
    Also, I too like you sharing the reasons why something doesn’t work for you. It’s just interesting and gives me a method to evaluate my own closet items.
    I recently read your closet purge post again and am slowly going through things. I can already tell it’s easier to get dressed when I really like all the items left in my closet!
    Happy New Year to you!

    1. So glad you are doing the purge. It is so crucial to keeping a tightly edited closet, if that sort of thing makes you happy. I find it so much easier to get dressed with fewer choices.

  30. I always enjoy your posts, but the descriptions of your hits and misses is very helpful and gives great insight into wearing and use! Hope that all is well with the dentist. i had an unexpected crown replacement recently. No fun. Looks forward to your 2022 posts! Thanks!

  31. I really liked that backpack bag you styled and loved the color and I’ve seen other darling backpacks in the stores, but I’ve never bought one for the same reason. They just seem difficult to carry or, at least, different to carry than I’m used to. I see other people carrying them and they look cute, but I think they’d drive me crazy. I’m currently looking for a nice crossbody. It’s so nice to have hands free while running errands. I carry a tote to work as I need space for snacks, hair clips, meds, etc to get through my work day. I do like these posts because it helps us all analyze our own purchases and figure out why one item worked for us but another didn’t. Thank you again for all your work. P.S. I’ve always liked that cute little red top with the eyelet trim on you. ‘Course all the items you’ve styled look good, but again, it’s what fits into our life styles.

  32. I’ve been looking at the NYDJ Marilyns in my closet with the tags still on and need to decide if I am going to wear them or return them. I think this year hasn’t been as social as I had hoped, so I am really wearing a smaller portion of my clothes.

  33. Like everyone else, this is a fave post for me! But besides seeing the “real life” side of things, I find it very helpful for refining my inner conversation to evaluate potential purchases when I’m shopping– just because it’s an awesome item and I love it doesn’t mean it will work for my life. I still have some regrettable items in my closet, but I think I shop much more wisely than I used to. IMO posts like this several times each year would be great (while items are still fresh in our minds) ☺️

    1. Yeah, I did a spring/summer version. Maybe it’s best just to keep them to seasonal, since the summer stuff is so long gone.

      And this –> Just because it’s an awesome item and I love it doesn’t mean it will work for my life.

      SO TRUE! Can I quote you on that? 🙂

  34. Hi Jo-Lynne. I enjoyed your post. I have many things in my closet that I just don’t reach for anymore. And I m trying my best to not keep them. Also I joined the 365 Declutter Group and I am currently working on my closet and clothing. And Kitchen too. I have throw away all chipped dishes and utensils and next week going to reorganize the utensil drawers. Same with my clothing. I have turned all the hangers backwards so I’ll know what all I have worn by this spring If I didn’t wear them they are being donated I m so glad your tooth issue is better now . Enjoy the rest of your week. I really do like your posts. 👍🏻

  35. Count me in as another fan of these types of posts! You do such a good job of explaining “why” items worked or not. I certainly have more than my share of misses—it’s hard to really know how comfortable many clothes & shoes will be when first trying them on. Glad to hear you’re getting relief for your dental issues & glad your daughter made it back to college safely!

  36. I also bought the Marilyn jeans (in petite) and love them. It’s funny but I get compliments when I wear them with a retro football t-shirt from my favorite college team on game days but not so much with other outfits. Suggestion – pair them with a 70’s vibe top!

  37. I have a pair of faux leather leggings, and I love them, but I haven’t worn them yet. Haven’t had an occasion to do so yet. I’m hoping maybe something will come up this winter… maybe. My lifestyle has changed somewhat too, so I totally get that shift. I really need to go through my closet and do a purge. I think I’ll wait closer to the season change. Great post and perspective on why these didn’t work for you!

    1. I’m hoping we all get back to dressing up more eventually, so I’m holding onto some of my nicer stuff even though I don’t wear it much right now. But purging at the end of the season is always a good idea!

  38. Ugh-my most expensive purchase is my most regrettable. I bought the Stuart Weiztman shoes – thinking they would be a great replacement for my Torys which have a CPW of less than a penny at this point! I should have returned them but they had scoffs from just wearing around the house. Maybe I should try to resell. They have the makings of a really classic summer shoe, I just can’t wear them.

  39. Obsessed with the sweater in #5..
    I don’t remember seeing it previously

    is it still available? Any help tracking it down is appreciated

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