The Best of Denim | #NSale 2021

With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale rapidly approaching, I’m continuing with my deep dive into the most popular categories. Today, it’s all about denim! (In case you missed it, I posted The Best Fall Boots yesterday.)

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The Best of Denim | #NSale 2021

Premium denim is the area where I feel you get the most bang for your buck during the #NSale because these brands are rarely discounted this much. Whereas you can often find the boots and sweaters from the Anni Sale discounted again later on in the season, the denim is rarely this low at any other time.

While I gravitate to the premium denim brands, there are some lower-priced brands represented in this sale, and those prices are also excellent. Don’t think Nordstrom is all super expensive brands. There is a good, healthy mix for almost any budget, and I separated my picks into spend and splurge categories.

This year, straighter pant styles are getting more popular, but I’m still seeing a lot of skinnies in this sale. I think Nordstrom knows what sells well, and they’ve definitely brought back a lot of favorites. I expect to be wearing a mix of skinnies and straighter styles this fall, so I included both in these roundups.

Lighter washes are still trending, as is faded black and grey, but I’m also seeing the medium and darker washes returning with fall fashion. At this point, just about anything goes, which is nice. We should all feel free to wear what we like and feel best in.

I probably went WAY overboard in these selects, but it’s hard to know how they compare until I can try them on. I’ll definitely be narrowing down my personal recommendations after I get to the store on Monday, but for now, these are the ones that I thought were worth mentioning.

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The Best #NSale Jeans Under $100

Note: The prices showing are pre-sale prices. Click through to see the #NSale discount.

The Best #NSale Jeans Over $100

Note: The prices showing are pre-sale prices. Click through to see the #NSale discount.

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17 thoughts on “The Best of Denim | #NSale 2021

  1. My wish list is full of jeans so this is helpful. Thank you, Jo-Lynne. I can’t wait to see what your recommendations are once you’re able to try some of the unfamiliar styles. I have found that I do not like the super high-waisted styles. Is it me, or are they uncomfortable?? I’ll be interested in the sizing for the different brands and styles. I seem to be between sizes and am struggling with the fit of my jeans. (A teeny, tiny bit smaller.) I so wish sizes were more standard.

    1. No, it’s not just you! I don’t know if it’s because I’m short, but 10 1/2 seems to be the highest I can comfortably go. 9 1/2 – 10″ is the most comfortable for me. Having said that, I think I have one or two pairs on my wish list currently that have an 11″ rise, because other than that, I really like the jeans.

    2. It depends on the length of our mid section, too. A mid rise is actually close to a high rise on this short waisted person. Anything above 9 1/2” starts to bunch up on me and can add a lot of visual weight, especially when sitting. High rise jeans rest just below my chest which looks hysterical!

      1. It really depends on how you are built. Despite being on the shorter side in height, I have a long torso. Thus I really love the higher rises, as they hit me right around my belly button. So much more comfortable for me than lower rises! It’s nice that there are so many options right now to fit a variety of body types.

  2. So many great choices! I have such a hard time deciding when I’m buying jeans. On the one hand, I’m completely drawn to distressed jeans…absolutely love them and have way too many pairs. Too many, because I can’t wear distressed jeans to work! I am tempted to try the Mother Insider faded pair, but I’d have to see what Nordstrom alterations could do with the hem if I ended up really loving them. I like the hem a lot, but I’m sure I’d need at least 2-3 inches off. Thanks for all the hard work you’re putting into these NSale guides!

  3. I have never scheduled a personal in store appointment – what does that involve? And are these all available in the local stores to try on right now? (The last time I was in our only Nordstrom it didn’t look very stocked)

    1. No, not everything will be in-store. Inventory varies store to store. I have an SA I work with sometimes, so I emailed her directly, but you can sign up for a styling appt online through the Nordstrom website, or call.

  4. Im pleased to see that all the jeans on my wishlist are included in this post! I had to comment on the Mother Looker jeans in swimming pool Sunday wash. I already have them! I bought them from Bloomies in May for…$57! Isnt that crazy?! They were on sale and then another promo on top of that so they were crazy cheap. There was one size left – mine! I highly recommend. IN fact im in the car right now while hubby drives to Maine and i brought these jeans with me.

  5. It seems like a lot of the bootcut and flare jeans that are not intended to be cropped are still shorter than they used to be. The hem used to be 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the floor. However, a lot of the jeans on the models this year are past the ankle, but with heels, the jeans are a couple of inches from the floor. Is it just my imagination or are the hemlines changing? I did notice that the pair of flairs from NYDJ were longer, but they seem to be the exception this year.

    1. In general, yes, shorter lengths are more current — even for “full length” pants. BUT that said, the longer lengths are coming back. The younger girls and those more on the cutting edge of fashion are already wearing them.

  6. I’m curious which jeans you are wearing in the photo of you holding the Nordstrom sale bags. I love that look on you! Thanks

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