All-Black Winter Outfit with Merry People Gumboots

Happy Monday, friends! You know I’m a fan of an all-black outfit, and I love how these Merry People gumboots in the Alpine Green add a touch of whimsy to this monochromatic winter look.

These boots aren’t really snow boots, per se, but they can definitely be worn in the snow.

They’re completely waterproof, and they’re actually warmer than they look. Plus, the flexible neoprene lining is incredibly comfortable, and they have a good amount of arch support.

The Chelsea boot styling is modern and on trend, making these Merry People Bobbi boots a stylish and practical option for gardening, walking the dog, or throwing on with a casual outfit on a messy weather day. Also, shipping and returns are free at MerryPeople.com!

They run true to size; no need to size up to accommodate socks. I have the 8.

And yes, I am definitely wearing socks with this look! My favorite smartwool socks were in the wash, so I wore some plain black wool crewsocks similar to these.

This The North Face down parka is my go-to coat for the coldest winter weather. It’s sold out, but this is the newer version, if you want black.

I actually really like the looks of the newer one, and the way it’s cut longer in the back than in the front. When I’m cold, I want all the coverage back there, especially when sitting.

Also, I sized up to a medium in this coat so that it fits easily over my thickest sweaters.

Underneath, I’m wearing my trusty Good American Good Legs black skinnies with an old Vince cashmere turtleneck.

FYI, a bunch of Good American jeans are 25% off at Nordstrom right now.

Of course, I normally wear this coat zipped from head to toe (or, you know, neck to knee) when it’s cold and snowy outside.

I didn’t accessorize beyond my Lagos studs and my favorite sunnies because I love a minimalistic look with quality pieces.

If you like the look of these sunglasses, but not the price tag, take a look at this pair from DIFF Eyewear. In fact, if you go directly through their website, they’re BOGO Free. They have a nice selection of blue light blocking glasses as well.

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Merry People Bobbi Boots: style meets function for all types of messy weather

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photos: Alison Cornell

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22 thoughts on “All-Black Winter Outfit with Merry People Gumboots

  1. I love these boots and they are going to be purchased today-through your link. 
    They will be perfect in the snow this winter and also on a rainy spring day. 
    Question: Can these be worn inside on a casual Friday at work, or are they strictly an outdoor boot? 

    1. Cindy, check out the Merry People website if you get a chance They showed some great styling tips for the boots, many with dresses and “indoor” outfits. They are an Australian company with some fun ideas!!

  2. Hi Jo-Lynne, this is a great winter look. I always struggle with a great looking outfit during winter because I live in Canada and I need to be warm! Black is not a colour that I wear but I easily can adapt your outfit using navy blue or gray. Thank you! Since you have decided to drive to Florida, have you thought about taking Savannah with you? Is she a good traveller? My husband and I lost our little dog seven months ago but we often would take Toby along on our trips.

    1. Hey Bev, we never take Savannah on trips. I’m always worried she’ll do her business in the rental house or something, lol. And I’m not sure how well she would travel that far. We have a wonderful house sitter/dog sitter who loves to stay here with her, so she can be in a familiar place when we’re away. And in this case, David may even stay with her. As of right now, he’s not interested in going. Which is crazy to me, but whatever! 🙂

  3. This is a great look!  Thanks for explaining why you took the minimal jewelry route.  I hope you have a great day!

  4. The green boots look great in your pictures but I want to leave a word of caution here for people in climates that are actually cold and have “real Winter” I tried the rainboot thing in Winter years ago. These boots are not made for truly cold weather and will crack in with wear and then of course they are not even useful in rain because they leak. Would be nice to see the coat styled with boots that work where it is 10 degrees below freezing all Winter long

    1. Yes, I agree that these cute rain boots are made especially for rainy weather, and could also be very cute just around town! I would definitely wear my winter Sorels or other serious snow boots/hiking boots for very cold, snowy, icy weather! I was very interested in reading about Merry People! Sounds like a great company to support. I loved the raspberry color the best.

      1. Yes, they are basically rain boots, but per the Merry People website: “100% waterproof and tested for freezing temperatures keeping your toes dry and toasty-warm”

        For people who live in areas that don’t get a lot of snow or spend much time in it, these are a nice 4-season boot. 🙂

        1. Jo-Lynne, Thanks for your research! Since they are a chelsea style, did you have any difficulty getting into them? I sometimes do with that style. AND since I wear a 9-1/2 shoe, I think I would get the 10 so I could wear heavier socks???? I think the website recommends sizing down if you are a 1/2 size. Did you find your size 8 roomy?

          1. I think they run big. I wouldn’t size up at all. It says to size down half, but I went with my true size, and they’re fine, even with thick socks. A bit roomy with thin socks. 🙂

    2. Lauren, with all due respect, unless you have experience with this exact brand of boots, it is untruthful (to say nothing of rude) to come into my comment section and warn my audience that they will crack in the winter. And if they ever did, Merry People stands behind their products.

      As for winter snow boots, I have styled several this winter, and I did a winter boot review a few weeks ago, should you care to check that out: https://jolynneshane.com/winter-boot-review-2020.html

  5. I really like your Northface coat better than the newer version, I like length in the back but the newer one looks more like a fish tail to me

  6. Sooooo cute. I love the all black and then the fun pop of color with your boots. Great post. If you do go to Florida, have a great time and I will pray for your safety. I know it’s a hard decision but you have to do what’s right for you all. I’d think your son would want to go too. Such a hard age to be going through this, especially a boy. I’m sure he had different ideas how his college years would go. Just feel for all kids/young adults right now. Have a great Monday. 

  7. Good morning!! I am loving so many looks and I appreciate the shop style where I can find alot of things in one place.. I put it as favorites and added it to my home screen!!
    Thank you for all you do!!

    Have a blessed day

  8. Love the boots! Nothing is cuter to me than a little pop of color. These would be great when I walk my dog in the rain (not much snow where I live in California). I think I’m going to purchase the yellow one’s! I really love when you share something different that I don’t see anywhere else.

  9. Thanks for checking that these boots work well in both rain and snow. And they look great in a wide range of colors. I live where winter and five months of slush are the same thing. These boots will be popular at my house.

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