Coffee Talk 01.17.21

I had to double-check as I input the date on this post. Is it already the 17th of January? But, wait. Is it only the 17th of January?

Which is it? Already or only? I dunno.

I was telling someone the other day that I feel like I’m in this weird, endless winter right now. I’m not sure what day it is or even what month it is anymore.

I guess January always has a tendency to feel that way, but with Covid still raging and all the unrest surrounding the election/inauguration, the dreary weather, and nowhere to go and nothing to look forward to… I feel like I’m in this weird alternate universe, just waiting for life to begin again. Anyone else?

While we do see our friends in small doses, it isn’t the same as our usual weekly gatherings when we were able to congregate outside for more than a few minutes without turning into human popsicles.

All that to say, it’s been really boring and I miss my friends

Most of us have not had Covid, so we are all trying to avoid it to the best of our ability while the vaccines roll out… Especially with this new super contagious strain they’re talking about. I mean, really. You can’t make this stuff up. It sounds like a bad horror flick.

I suggested to the kids that we plan a trip to Florida, hunker down in an airBnB rental near a beach somewhere, and do our work and school from there for a week. Get a change of scenery, warm up a bit, see some sun, and all that..

We started looking at some properties, and there are some good ones with heated pools. But then I’m thinking, do I really want to travel now? We should have done this a month or two ago, if we were going to do it. Now that we’re so close to the end, we probably ought to stay put and ride it out.

So I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing.

One thing’s for sure, our Paris trip that we rescheduled for early May is out of the question. I guess we should reach out the apartment rental and see if there’s anything they will do for us. As you may recall, they refused a refund in any way, shape, or form.

I doubt they will change that policy at this point, but maybe we could get someone else to “sublet” it from us? Is that even a thing on a week’s rental? Are people in Europe doing any traveling? I’d happily settle for getting half of our investment back, at this point.

So yeah, other than that…

The girls are back in the school routine, and Paul and I are back in our work routines. D’s college classes start up again next week, I believe, but we are all still at home so nothing has really changed at all.

Everyone is just powering through, trying to make the best of it. We are all thankful to be well so far, and that our governor didn’t close things down again after the holidays.

Our malls are still open, with limited capacity inside of individual stores, so R and I went yesterday. I needed a few things from Nordstrom, and we were surprised by how crowded it was — almost more so than before Christmas! I guess everyone is bored and sick of being shut inside.

The lines outside the individual stores were long, and we didn’t even try to go into those. We stayed mostly in Nordstrom, where it never seems to get terribly crowded.

After that, we came back home and made dinner and watched the Sixers. I’m so grateful the NBA is still playing. It gets everyone out of their holes, and gives us something to do as a family. C couldn’t care any less for sports, but she at least hangs out with us and knits or works on schoolwork.

Anyway, I need to get a move on here! I hope you all are hanging in there, and doing what you need to do to take care of yourselves.

I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but, this will end. I know it may not feel like it right now, but it will not always be like this. I am certain of it.

So, hang in there, be kind to yourself and others, and keep on keeping on. We will get through this.


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  1. Do it!  Your kids are big enough to share the driving so you need not stop but once for gas.  Do not risk the airlines.  Fill a cooler or two with food and down the road you go.  If you drive, stay two weeks to make the long drive worth it.  Internet access for school and work is the only wild card.  Florida is ahead of the game on the virus.  Go for it!  

    1. Agree! Go go go. Share the driving and double  mask ( surgical mask under tight fitting cloth)  for quick bathroom visits. Hand sanitizer in car.  You can bring food or do a drive thru with double mask for the one minute of interaction. You won’t regret a great Airbnb  in Florida. You can Instacart deliveries. 

    2. Agree! Go to Florida. A change of scenery will be wonderful. We’ve traveled by car and felt safe just stopping for gas and bathroom breaks and maybe a Chick-fil-a drivethrough stop.

  2. Unlike you, we in Ontario are under lockdown and stay at home orders. Malls and stores aren’t open (except essentials). No contact with anyone outside your own household . Outdoor limit of 5 people. Until Feb 11…at this point. Absolutely no chance or reality of going somewhere warm. Ugggg. It’s wierd how we are all in the same storm but the rules are so different from place to place.
    Paris…it seems odd that even now airbnb wouldn’t have to do something for you with travel being so restricted. Maybe they would at least extend it again? Wont we all look at refund policies and cancelation clauses a lot more carefully in the future, something I’ve not done a lot in past as I always had the “im going not matter what” attitude.

  3. TAKE THE TRIP! Who knows what’s to come in the next few months, especially with the new strain. Our kids are schooling face to face, and I’m sure we would have gone away several times already if they weren’t. May this week bring you more structure and inner peace.

  4. Jolynne, make the trip to FL!  Drive (rent a comfy van) and stay two weeks!  It will take a few days to unwind, then you will relax and reap the benefits of being in a warmer, less hectic, “a not-home” location.   With your line of work it may be difficult to take all that you need (see “van”), but try for at least ten days!   Get a big enough rental that each of you has a space to call your own.  This is the time!  I can hear in your post that you really need a change of scenery.  Do this for yourself and each of the members of your family. Hugs!

  5. Jo-Lynne, our family of 4 and our dog went to FL the first week of January. We did just what you said, socially distanced, masked up, everything we do at home only we had a view of the beach. It was a wonderful reprieve from everything. The only thing we watched on tv was sports and we (for the most part) stayed off social media. We go to the panhandle so it wasn’t quite beach weather but warm enough for long walks, golf, and eating outside. Most restaurants have heaters! Let me know if you need suggestions where to rent but I highly recommend it for a lift in spirits! 

  6. It’ll be ok!  My husband and daughter just got round 1 of the vaccine (dental clinic) so am relieved for that.  As a healthy 48 year old I think I’m in group 57Q priority wise so am hoping I get it this year at all!!!  We were supposed to celebrate our 26th anniversary in Vienna last summer listening to our son play a concert in the Musikverein, but instead we sheltered in place and redid our septic field!  Ah the glam life!  At least we’re all healthy and have nature around us to enjoy. Always seeking the positives!  God is good all the time. 

  7. You’re right that we have to cling to hope that this will end!  There is light at the end of the tunnel,  even if there’s still a lot of tunnel left!  Love your beach vacation idea!  It wouldn’t be a typical vacation with lots of activities, shopping, and eating out;  but it’d be just as easy to hang out in a beach house as your own home!  Tempting!  (FYI, hate to be a downer but we’re nowhere near the home stretch so I vote go ahead if you’re so inclined!).  Hate y’all can’t get your money back on that Paris trip, crazy that they won’t work with you in light of the pandemic and everything!  Even if you don’t get to go anywhere, at least we can look forward to the weather warming up in a couple of months.  Being stuck at home wasn’t near as bad when we could get outside!  And it’s a good reminder the sun will come out again! (Figuratively as well as literally!). Have a good weekend!

  8. We are in SWFL right now, but NJ is home. I would say take the roadtrip, but don’t pick a huge city because it’s high season with snowbirds. Plenty of rentals have fallen through due to Covid so you can find one. 

  9. I agree with you!  Every day just feels weird!  Hubby & I have pretty much recovered from COVID.  We were fortunate to have a milder case, but still don’t feel 100%. Our taste is coming back, but my husband has lost his desire for coffee!!  What??  Unfortunately our daughter, her husband and granddaughter all tested positive, again, somewhat mild cases. And that daughter also has no desire for coffee now, strange, huh?  Everything is just soo off, with grandkids doing virtual, then quarantining, then back to virtual, when they were ready to go back to school. Our local high school even had to close for a bit. Not enough teachers and no subs available….soooo Florida sounds good to me.  I vote for you to pack up and head out, make an adventure of it!! Our favorite place to stay  – New Smyrna Beach, it always feels like an older Jersey beach town, not too crowded and crazy. Nice restaurants (The Garlic, Blackbeard’s) and the best burgers on the beach at The Breakers Bar.  You are literally ocean front!  
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  10. I agree: we have to keep thinking that this WILL end, but I don’t see that happening soon.
    Our state said that they have lowered the age to 65 for stage Ib of vaccines, which means we will be in that group, but I don’t see that we will be able to get an appointment (when we can register on line next Friday) for awhile. My husband goes grocery shopping and Lowes, and that is about it. I stay home and work on the computer, and he is home working on the house. We so miss our friends, and I fear that we won’t really be able to socialize before we up and move. No real good-byes for us which breaks my heart.
    On a positive note, my mother in memory care with advanced Alzheimers had her first vaccine on Thursday, and my daughter (a two time cancer survivor with a stem cell transplant so immuno-suppressed) has her first one this week.
    Stay safe everyone. As Jo-Lynne says, this will end.

  11. I think we all feel the same as you, JoLynne. This is getting soooo old! I miss interacting with my friends, shopping (I’m not comfortable with so many people), travel, dining out and having friends over for drinks. But, we’re all still healthy and we have the great outdoors at our doorstep to enjoy – mountains, ocean and lots of parks. Spring is not far away. Even though we are far down on the vaccine priority list we know our time is coming. I try my best to stay positive. There are so many who lost their jobs and even worse, a loved one. 
    Perhaps, the Airbnb will rebook for the following year. It’s very disappointing that they wouldn’t refund during these unprecedented times. 
    I wouldn’t travel at this time but everyone has a different comfort level. You do you! 
    Have a Blessed Sunday. 

  12. I would hope that your Paris apartment rental would refund your money since nothing has improved! We had planned a trip to Scotland for June 2020 through a tour company. They absolutely refused to refund our money. After multiple calls and emails, they would not budge. I filed a dispute with our credit card company and we won! Full refund! You might try that route. As for traveling now, Florida has their act together unlike many states!

  13. Go to Florida! You deserve and need this trip, especially now – I live in AZ ( Phoenix area)and I am thankful for 
    the bright sunshine, it does wonders for your mental health 😃
    Do it!!!! 

  14. I am truly surprised at the number of people that are out these days. Our zip code is now in the top 10 most infected in the state and the top 5 infected over the past week. I work in retail, so I am anxiously awaiting my turn to get the vaccine. People have no concept of social distancing and no concept on how to wear their mask properly. I worry because my elderly Father could have surgery at any moment, and I am the only one that will be able to take care of him, since my Mom passed almost 2 years ago. It is scary, and I HATE it!

    And yes, I totally agree about the already/only theory. For me, it is the only part. Sigh. I can’t wait for it to be light out longer so I can get out and walk after work. That REALLY helps! Take care and stay healthy!

  15. No, people in Europe are not traveling (or at least they shouldn’t be). We’re still in a pretty serious lockdown in Austria which has just been extended to February 8, possibly beyond. The last day that restaurants were open was October 31. Just let that sink in. No malls are open, no hairdressers, nothing but grocery stores, banks and post offices. There is a huge concern about new corona variants, which are apparently spreading faster since they’re more contagious. European countries have started the vaccinations, but we have a long road ahead of us.

  16. HI Jo-Lynne,

    About your deposit on Paris apartment, read your contract, specifically the Terms and Conditions. Also, did you go to the credit card company you paid with and initiate a dispute? Good luck.

  17. I live in the panhandle of Florida and we have had visitors as though there is no such thing as a Covid virus. I have even seen plenty show up at stores and restaurants without masks. My point is, it’s a risk and you have to make that decision to travel, no one else can do it for you. Our schools have the highest number of Covid cases in the state of Florida. Recently, an employee at our local tag agency died from Covid but not before coming in contact with others that had to be hospitalized. Again, I’m talking about the panhandle of Florida. I would like to travel out of Florida to visit family but I am waiting. I think these times, Covid times, are times we really should be thinking of the welfare of others. Please use caution and stay healthy. Have a wonderful week:)

  18. It’s hard to believe that we are approaching the one year mark of this new normal, isn’t it!  Like your family, we are ready for things to improve enough so that we can relax more around our close friends and families.  I have never liked being in a crowded waiting room at a medical facility of any kind, so I do like them not being jam packed with others now.  We went to our neighborhood bonfires Fri. & Sat. nights, even though it got down in the 20’s last night. A couple of times I had to remind someone to not hover around us, but it was so nice to be with others for a bit and forget about the National and world events.  I hope y’all have a great day!

  19. We moved to Florida about 4 months ago and are so glad to be here. We live about 30 minutes from the beach, close to Pensacola. On sunny days that are above 60 we have gone to the beach and stuck our toes in. Everything is very open here. We wear our masks, use hand sanitizer and hope for the best while living our lives. I wonder if depression from quarantine is almost as dangerous as the virus but I would be afraid to fly right now. I bet you all would enjoy it, if you do come down.

  20. We came to Florida for 3 weeks to get out of the grey and cold of WV. Everybody is virtual, my dad passed away right before Christmas of not COVID and I felt like I was drowning. I feel so much better. It’s amazing what a change of scenery and sunlight will do. Plus, the rates are great because the Canadians aren’t traveling. I recommend it. I wish we could stay longer but pets and bills and responsibilities. 

  21. Go to FL! We brought our daughter down for college, and it the sunshine and change of scenery work wonders for your spirit!

  22. Thanks for sharing and it means a lot to hear how others are doing
    I personally am holding off on travel only because I don’t want to spend a lot of money and worry about getting covid again. I had covid last spring and fought with it for 3 months , one of my co-workers died and a student was hospitalized for 4 months
    on a good note , I’m planning vacations for the fall and am going to travel like crazy
    I bought the cashmere sweater from Nordstrom’s that you recommended and it is perfect

  23. Hi Jo-Lynne , I’m following you from the UK  & every time I see an email from you it really does brighten my day.  Shops here are closed & will be for the foreseeable future so I’m shopping online! I’m running although it’s a bit of a struggle to motivate myself as normally I run with others so I’ve enjoyed seeing your posts on activewear  and can’t wait for the weather to warm up and see your posts for spring outfit ideas! Sending love from Uk xxx

  24. I agree with the others. Go on the trip and drive! My husband is an owner-operator truck driver, so has been working the entire pandemic. The larger truck stops and gas stations are clean and safe, so don’t be afraid to stop for a potty break and quick to-go meal. Honestly, your exposure time in those places will be so brief, your risk would be low. You sound like you need a change of pace to brighten the mood, and if you can make it work, I say go for it! Life must go on, and there are ways to safely do so!

  25. Jolynne, go to FL!!  My husband and I decided to be snowbirds this year and it has SO been worth it.  We took 3 days to drive down to South Florida (from Kentucky), and stopped and saw family on the way.  We rented a house that has a heated pool and hot tub.  Having a heated pool makes all the difference because you will occasionally have cooler weather at this time of the year.  Just do it!  You deserve it!

  26. I vote you go to Florida! We did a similar trip in November for 3 weeks and it was so amazing. Kids did school remotely, we worked remotely and then had afternoons on the beach. We had a similar experience in trying to get a refund from a cancelled trip to Dubai. They refused to budge and we ended up going back to the credit card company and they reimbursed us completely. Definitely dispute it with the parent company- Airbnb/Vrbo but then take it to your credit card company. Worth a try!

  27. Thanks for sharing. As I’m reading this I kept thinking same…same…same…right down to the shopping trip with my daughter. The only difference is it’s the Bruins, not the Sixers!  Enjoy your family. Such a bummer about your Paris trip!!  

  28. What a perfect post! Definitely well-said. I feel exactly the way you do — alternate universe, everything in limbo, is it already Jan 17th or only Jan 17th!? As always, I really appreciate reading your posts — it makes me feel as if I’m not the only one with experiencing these crazy days/months with everything just ‘out there’. Thank you!

  29. Yes …I so can relate to what your saying and I work for the airlines!
    We all want to travel and want it to be the way it was!
    It definitely not the same..I hv different job now..
    But cleaning procedures and mask mandates help.
    I continue to be extremely careful and wait for the vaccine and
    brighter days to come.

  30. Don’t get me wrong…I’m tired of all  the restrictions and Can.not.wait. to be able to just pick up and go again

    Having said that….my husband and I were talking after Christmas, how it was different this year, events and activities that were cancelled etc. We finally realized that, in many ways, this was mostly like the Christmases of our childhoods. The ones we look back on fondly. We are both from small towns and grew up in the 60s/70s. When we were kids, going to Columbus “ the big city” was a rare treat. Our Christmases involved enjoying our decorations, baking cookies, anticipating what was under the tree,  watching the Christmas specials…which were “appointment viewing” and one and done, and visits from grandparents. Our parents didn’t host or attend several parties a year, we didn’t go to The Nutcracker or even go sit on Santa’s lap more than once or twice in our entire childhoods. 

    I’m not trying to scold anyone or dismiss disappoints but it was definitely something we had to think about for ourselves. Have we become so use to a go-go consumer culture that even a few months of simple, quiet times in a gracious home with plenty to eat, family healthy and able to visit, entertainment 24/7 on demand is “depressing”?

    I suppose introverts and extroverts will process their lock down experiences differently and I certainly understand that other areas have been restricted more severely and for longer than we have. 

    1. I agree! I thoroughly enjoyed the slower pace of life since last March! There is a balance….I get the same feeling when a big snow storm comes in….I can’t wait to be snowed in but as soon as I am I get antsy to get out. We’re so finicky! I agree with the other comment about living our life safely. There are ways to do that. And I agree that a simpler life is something to relish.

  31. For me, I can’t believe it’s the 17th!  The last few weeks have been a blur to us.  Me, my husband, and two of my kids, and daughter in law all got COVID two days after Christmas.  The kids were only sick a few days, but me and my husband got it bad.  We actually still have it. Going on three weeks.  We are now seeing some improvement and we aren’t just laying around all day.  We had pretty much every symptom, and my husband was in the hospital four days because he was having such a hard time breathing.  We are both very healthy so were surprised we had such a bad case of it.  We both still have no energy, very fatigued, and taste is still off.  Like another reader said, my husband says coffee now tastes horrible to him (I’m not a coffee drinker).   Before we got it, we pretty much stayed home.  Didn’t go to church, didn’t get together with friends, did grocery pick up etc.  The only people we were ever around without masks was our adult kids.   Who knew we were going to give it to each other for Christmas!
    I say go to Florida while you can and enjoy your family time!  

  32. I did need to hear your post and the end about ……this will end. I use to think that but it doesn’t feel like it. I’m a believer and I’ve really had to be in the Word to stay focused and be positive as it’s really getting to me lately. I’m missing friends too and bored with nothing to look forward to. I feel like each day blurs into the next. My husband works outside the home so I’m home a lot by myself, which is lonely. I don’t know if you should travel to Florida right now. I think it’s worse out there with the new varient. So far the only person in my family who has gotten Covid is my mom and she had very mild case with just severe fatigue, but this is good for someone age 82 yrs old. Hang in there awhile longer to be safe, but I understand your need to get away. I just asked my husband if our Spring and Summer is going to be like last year. He thinks so. I do to unfortunately. I just want to see people’s faces. As for the malls. They are open in Oregon too with restrictions but I’ve only ran into Nordstroms to do a return and right back out. The crowds of people wasn’t relaxing to me to shop, but boy did I desire to. Off to do online church. I wish you and your family a blessed Sunday and thanks as always for being real. We all need it. 

  33. We all have to hang in there. I would suggest looking closer to home for rental & drive. We went for a couple of days to Oregon Coast. Just brought our own food, did a drive & walked the beach. Kept to ourselves. At least 4 different walls. We left adult kids at home. Good separation & time away.

  34. I always enjoy your coffee talk posts! They really open up an avenue  of many opinions and so interesting to see how things are still differing out there… We have been as normal around here as it gets I guess for now… everything is opened ( restaurants just re opened after being closed for indoor dining as numbers started to jump again before the holidays and the gyms reopened as well.  our son continues on line for his last semester of university and will graduate In April ( no doubt there will be no graduation) all schools from primary through to high school have been open for in class since September! Of course all large gatherings are still a no and indoor gatherings limited to max of 10 people.. as our numbers lower we hope to see some restrictions lifted in the next week or so.. as far as travel that’s got to be a decision solely based on you guys as a family… Right now we can’t even think of going anywhere ( if we wanted) as you can’t go anywhere in Canada right now without 2 weeks isolation upon arrival and then 2 weeks isolation once returning home. It seems rather intense and strict but most cases have been unfortunately from traveling… so this helps keep the spread down. We’ve planned a few days away this summer to cottage so hopefully by then the bubble will be back and we won’t have to isolate if not then our plans will be canceled… hope you have a great day, good luck with your decision:)

  35. We traveled to Florida right before Christmas. Flying was a little weird, but not too bad – we were very careful and sat 3 together in a row and for both flights, the 4th family member didn’t have anyone in the middle seat, so it worked out. It was soooo good to have a change of scenery for a few days. My kids (also in HS) did their school from the pool and thought it was the best! We stayed at a hotel, but I think renting a house would be a better choice.

  36. It does feel like a marathon…. and Twilight zone too.  In Alberta, Canada we are easing up lock down restrictions slightly.  As of tomorrow, can book in for hair cuts or nail salon appts but very limited capacity so suspect getting a pedicure will be tricky. Never looked so forward to a hair cut and pedicure as now.  It will be a treat.  Can also meet friends for outdoor walks again.  That is a relief.  Depression and impact on mental health from all these lock downs are real.   Never looked so forward to a hair cut, pedicure, outdoor snow shoeing, cross country skiing and outdoor walks as now.   This year has been a year of change, losses and grieving our previous lifestyles.  The Canadian – USA  border is closed for us for land crossing although we can fly to USA if we have a negative COVD test in past 3 days pre-flight. Go figure that one out: border is closed but can fly?!  My home town, Calgary, is doing a trial of testing again at the Calgary international’s airport.  If test is negative, quarantine is only 3 days instead of 14 days on return.  Quebec and Ontario are a mess with curfews and severe lock downs.  I say go to Florida or Hilton Head for a change of scenery….. you are smart and cautious.  The sunlight, fresh sea air and change will do you good. It is something to look forward to and a change is as good as a rest. Take me with you! 🙂  Call your credit card company to dispute the Paris condo rental; I am sure they will help you out.   I see a light at the end of the tunnel however none of us know how long this tunnel is and am starting to think all of these lock downs are much more than just COVD but will leave politics out of this post.  Have a blessed Sunday! 

  37. I know how you feel. Some days I want to be out and others I want to hunker down at home. I had a horrible case of covid 19 for 4 weeks. Intestinal and it was no fun. I think mentally it is hard on lots of people. Hang in there.

  38. I’m with you, in that I have no idea in what day it is anymore! Our kids are getting weary doing virtual school, and it is so cold up here in New England. I dream of going to the beach every day. But you do what you have to do, and we are lucky to be able to do work/school from home. My husband has a serious pre-existing condition, so if he gets covid, he most likely dies, so we haven’t even been to a store since last March. My sister is a nurse down South – their ICU’s are over-run, and it is getting really bad there. Thankfully she just got her second dose of vaccine. We booked a beach place for a vacation in August (one with a good cancelation policy) and are very much hoping that we will all be vaccinated by then!

  39. You should go to Florida and rent a place for a bit.  It will make everything back at home so much more manageable!  Thanks for the post and yes this will end!

  40. I feel this way too right now. I feel like every day is Groundhog Day – 40 and cloudy, not much to do, no where to go, no one that we can see. A’s knee is even preventing us from going on a family walk or hike and there is the emotional toll and disappointment of that injury right now…

    We are actually thinking of renting a house with a pool in Florida in March for a week and driving down. It would be nice to have a change of scenery for a week or so. We too lost money on a vacation rental in France from last spring. We won’t be going this year either so we are just counting it as lost at this point. I hate to wish time away but I know that at some point this will all be a distant memory that we will tell our grandbabies about.

  41. I think you should def take the trip. We had rented an Airbnb in Lake George, NY for Thanksgiving and we still went. We rented a Suburban and took the dogs as well. You can have groceries delivered to the house. There were just 5 of us and we were quite content to just chill. They did have a hot tub which we enjoyed but other than that we watched movies, did scrapbooks, took hikes, etc.

  42. I agree with the responses I read, GO!!  We live in northern CA and did just that last November.  We drove down to SoCal for our daughter, because she is a very social only child and desperately needed something different.  We stayed in an airbnb for a month.  It was so nice to get outdoors and walk along the beach, etc.  You will be surprised at what a change of scenery can do for your mental health!!  Plus, it will be a nice change from the “winter blues”.  Anyway, thank you for your encouragement that this will pass.  

  43. I am 65 and my husband has some health issues that put him at risk for covid, but we have decided go about our lives as normally as possible. We eat at restaurants once a week, gather with a few friends often and go shopping every weekend. I also host a small Bible study at my home This has helped our mental health, which sometimes seems more important than physical . I am not downplaying the seriousness of covid, I know two people who have died from it. We do everything we can to remain healthy and still live life. I believe we have some power over our health and against the virus, like using supplements to strengthen and support our immune system, eating healthy and staying active.
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Jo-Lynne. I love your blog and look forward to reading it every day!

  44. We just had the same dilemma with Florida and ultimately decided they didn’t have a mask mandate so wait for next year. I think reading for me golf for  my husband and seeing my grandchildren are getting us through this incredibly long disaster. We have been spared Covid so far 🤞🏽But we know many who have suffered. I would go if I were you! You sound like you need vitamin D therapy!

  45. I live in Florida on the gulf coast and close to the beach. I think you should come for a visit and you would definitely enjoy the calm of everything Florida has to offer for a getaway.
    We had a trip planned to Croatia and the Greek Isles in the fall which we had to cancel. We got all our airfare back but our hotel refused to give us a refund! We kept trying and finally went through our credit card company and they said they would reverse the charge after we filled out the proper paperwork. Then low and behold they changed their mind after after talking to the hotel. We could not believe how this could be possible as we had no control over COVID. We decided to leave a bad review and let people know how the hotel was handling this and how wrong it was to keep someones money for something they had not been able to use. Finally we got a refund. Let us all know how it goes. Wish you and your family the best!

  46. Be safe & well whatever you decide to do.
    As to your Paris rental, sometimes (sometimes) a sincere call or letter describing the occasion, your “dream trip” -circumstances being what they are, causing this indefinite postponement -and asking if there is anything that can be done regarding a refund….just might work.
    I have had success addressing people directly and just asking for help? After all, it was to be a a special occasion for you. Many times people will surprise you with their compassion on even the smallest of things. Good luck.

  47. Definitely consider a road trip. We left out home in North Carolina yesterday for a VRBO rental in the Florida Panhandle.  Yes, it’s cool here, but typically sunny and a whole lot warmer than NC (or Pennsylvania).  It won’t be a typical beach vacation, but we are so glad for the opportunity just to be outside, walking on the beach, fishing, golfing, etc.

    If you don’t want to make the drive all the way to Florida, consider Hilton Head. The beaches are nice there and there are miles of biking/walking trails. The temps there are similar to north Florida this time of year. 

  48. Gosh. I know how you feel. I see no end to this. As of today I know of only 2 people who were actually diagnosed by symptoms. Not the rampant positive tests. If all my positive tests were accurate I’d be dead by now lol. 

    One thing that really scares me (scary movie!) is this idea that we will be forced to get the vaccine and carry proof on our digital devices in order to be able to board a plane. Some airlines are actually asking for proof of a negative test which is darn near impossible to obtain.

    Without naming names or companies or products, I recently became aware that one company’s test machine was reporting positive results on water. If this one test machine was not accurate it makes me wonder what other machines out there are just as faulty. My source for this is someone who has first hand knowledge of it. 

    I have zero faith right now in the government to ever do anything correct and I’m beginning to think that there are nefarious forces at work. It’s a troubling time to be sure. 

  49. Well now I know why I didn’t read this until today…. I needed to hear THIS WILL END!  Thanks for sharing and go for your trip – God plants those ideas die for a reason 💞

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