August Q&A

Let’s take a break from the #NSale for today. I’ve been saving up your questions, plus I added a few that I get asked frequently.

Okay, now that I’m looking through these questions, there are still a lot of #NSale mentions… Oh, well, I tried. 🤪

Q // I need a shaping under garment that stops below the bra and comes down a few inches on the thighs. Please help!!! Lol. Thank you!

A // I recommend Spanx Thinstincts High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper Shorts, and they’re currently part of the #NSale!

I also really like the Spanx OnCore Mid Thigh Shaper Shorts, also part of the #NSale, for one that doesn’t go up as high on the ribcage.

There are probably some less expensive options at places like Kohl’s or Target, although the #NSale prices are pretty good. Maybe someone can offer some suggestions in the comments.

Q // Please share your best brand for a minimizer bra. Also, a strapless one for larger chests.

A // I don’t wear minimizers. I used to, and then I went for a bra fitting a long time ago, and they told me that minimizers just squish your boobs and push them back under your arms.

She advised me to wear a properly fitting full-coverage bra that puts the girls front and center where they belong. Sounded like good advice, so from then on, that’s what I’ve tried to do.

My favorite is this Freya Idol Underwire Balconette Bra. It has good support and gives a nice rounded shape, plus the molded cups prevent any embarrassing moments without adding extra bulk.

I have three (one black, two nude) that I rotate. I try to replace them every 6-9 months to keep their shape.

For a strapless, my favorite and a popular one among JLS readers is the Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible, and it’s currently part of the #NSale!

Q // I’m wondering how long the ripped and frayed hem on jeans is going to be around. I have a few jeans with frayed hems and find them not to be my first choice for wearing. I see it as very trendy and that I am trying too hard to look “in.” I think all of the jeans you styled in the #NSale had this look, so just curious, or am I just an old fuddy duddy? Haha

A // LOL! I don’t think you’re a fuddy duddy. I think it comes down to personal style and what you’re comfortable wearing.

I don’t see raw hems and going anywhere anytime soon, but there’s no need to wear them if it feels try-hard. Maybe take them to a tailor to give them a proper hem, so you can get more wear out of them.

Q // For comfy clothes that look good, what are your suggestions from #NSale?

A // Well, I’m comfy in luxe sweaters and jeans, but that isn’t exactly considered comfort clothing by most people.

I’m thinking something like this.

It’s comfortable and casual, but you still look nice enough to hop on a Zoom meeting, or answer the door when the next door neighbor wants to drop off a plate of cookies… ha! Wouldn’t that be nice?

More likely, he’s bringing you the bill that accidentally got left in his mailbox.

Or how about this? It’s also a lower price point.

Or there are always leggings. There are so many tunics and longer sweaters in the #NSale this year, and I think that is because so many people are living in leggings right now. Here’s a comfy legging outfit that won’t break the bank.

The UGGs are pricey, but on a cost per wear basis, you will definitely get your money’s worth. I wear mine around the house in the winter because they’re warmer than slippers and just as comfortable.

Q // L’Oreal is shutting down the production of Clarisonic as of September 30th in order to concentrate on their cosmetic line. Have you ever tested or used any similar product?

A // I don’t really know, as I’ve never been a devoted facial brush user, but Louisa at La Passion Voutée did a post on Clarisonic alternatives you might find helpful.

Q // How do I make sure you get credit for my purchases? If I’m shopping at a store, can you still get credit?

A // I get lots of questions along these lines, so here’s a little tutorial on how affiliate links work.

When linking to a product or retail site on my blog, Facebook, or Instagram, I use an affiliate network called ShopStyle (rewardStyle is another that I sometimes use, and there are others) to generate the affiliate links. When you click on any of these links, a cookie is set in your web browser that basically tells Nordstrom (or Loft or whatever store you’re shopping) that I sent you. This cookie lasts for a few days.

If you make a purchase at Nordstrom (or Loft, or wherever) during that time, I earn a small commission on that sale. This is how bloggers earn an income, and how I’m able to run this blog this as a business.

By the way, it isn’t just my affiliate links that set this cookie. Any link you click that takes you to Nordstrom (whether it is from one of Nordstrom’s emails, Google Search results, or an ad) sets up those cookies. The last one you touch before making a purchase gets credit for the entire purchase.

So if you fill up your Nordstrom wish list with recommendations from my blog on August 10, and you wait until you can shop on August 13, and you click on a Nordstrom app notification or a Nordstrom email telling you it’s time to shop, Nordstrom’s cookie will wipe out mine.

Also, these cookies do expire after a while, so if you add a few things to your cart and go to back to check out a few days later, it may no longer have my tracking information.

All that to say, if you like my coverage and want to support my business, I would love for you to click on one of my links right before you checkout. It doesn’t matter which link, any coming from my site should set that cookie in your browser to give me credit for the sale.

I used to try to down-play how this works, and say that this is designed to happen organically, and let the chips fall where they may. It makes me very uncomfortable to ask you to jump through hoops so I get credit for your purchase, and honestly, I really do think you should shop the way that’s easiest for you. But if you want to support me by shopping through my links, that’s how to make sure I get credit for your purchase.

And for a few caveats:

No, you cannot give me credit for your purchase when you shop in-store. You can order online through one of my affiliate links and opt for store pickup, and that will count, but if you go to the store and shop with a stylist or sales associate, they get credit for the sale… as they should!

Also, from what I understand, I don’t get credit when you shop through store apps on your smartphone or iPad.

So again, if you want to give me credit for your purchase, shopping on a computer, and clicking over from my blog before checking out is the best way.

Please know that I appreciate you all so much, and thank you for asking.

Q // I’d love to hear your thoughts on what kinds of pants go with shooties. I’ve just been wearing either a boot cut or straight longer jeans with them. 

A // I assume you’re talking about something like this? I would wear these with anything — skirts, dresses, skinny jeans, straight, or bootcuts.

If you wear them with skinny jeans, you’ll want your jeans slightly longer than you do with a higher shaft boot. Usually leaving an inch of skin showing between the top of the shoe and the bottom of your jeans is the most flattering.

Q // I feel like Fall is going to be pretty quarantined with not much of a social life, what do you think your family’s activities will include?

A // I have a feeling you’re right. I wish I could say we’ll get to know the hiking trails in our area or something that sounds equally industrious, but we will probably end up sitting at home watching TV.

There will be more playing cards and board games than usual, maybe a puzzle or two, and lots of fires in the fireplace… but I have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot of time at home.

Honestly, I’m dreading it. I hope we don’t get locked down again so we can at least go to the mall and see friends in small groups. I’m not sure we’ll be dining out much, once it’s all indoors.

Q // Have your girls decided what they’re doing about school this fall?

A // We finally got a definitive answer from our school district, and there are two options. They’re offering a Cyber Academy that is 100% distance learning, staffed with teachers from our district who are teaching the same curriculum that’s being taught in the classroom. Or we can opt for a hybrid approach, where the kids go to school two days a week and do the distance learning the other three days.

They will separate students who are doing the hybrid option into two groups; half will go into the school on Monday/Tuesday, and the other half will go on Thursday/Friday. Wednesday will be used for cleaning, and there will be a deep clean on the weekends as well.

This approach significantly reduces the number of kids in the school building and allows for social distancing protocols and all that jazz, plus it gives families who do not want their kids in school at all the option to keep them at home full-time.

Only one of my girls attends our public school. As many of you know, C has been doing a cyber charter school since the 8th grade, and she plans to continue with that. She’s a senior this year, so she will graduate from the cyber charter.

R is going to be a freshman in our local public school district, and she is going to do the hybrid option. She enjoys being with other kids and would like some face time with her teachers.

Plus, she’s already at the school doing band camp. They wear masks, practice social distancing, and spend most of their time outside; so the school situation will definitely be different, but she has a healthy immune system, and I think the risks will be minimal.

At some point, they’ll probably all end up at home doing distance learning, so she wants to have some time at school while she can.

And for anyone just catching up, D is a junior in college this year, and they are doing all remote learning except for classes that require labs and things like that.

He has an off-campus apartment that we’re paying for whether he lives there or not, so he will probably move back down there at some point. It’s only 40 minutes away, so he can come home on the weekends or whenever he wants a home-cooked meal.

So that’s that! If you have questions for a future Q&A, you can always email me with Q&A in the subject line.

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  1. Just a heads up your email link sent me to yesterday’s post and I clicked over to your homepage to find this one.

  2. I love your Blog and rely on it to “keep me current”, so I’m glad you explained about the cookies and credits, etc. I wanted to give you support through the shopping but wasn’t sure how that all worked. You are not only doing a great job, you are doing a needed service! Thank you!

  3. How do you care for your luxe sweaters ? I had such bad luck with my sweaters looking so old after a couple of washes last year.

    1. I fold them on shelves in my closet, and I dry clean them when they get stained or dirty. I always dry clean them all at the end of a season and store in plastic bins in our basement.

  4. I love knowing that if I click on your link and buy something, you get credit for your business. The “service” you provide me with is worth something. I think/hope that I am looking better because of your blog/advice/suggestions/styling. I know I feel better about myself (a work in progress.)
    By the way, I don’t shop the nSale, but I do enjoy looking at your posts (and those of others) for ideas. It’s a fun way to take a break from work, without spending money haha!

  5. Thank you for the instructions on how to assure you’re given credit. You’re very kind and humble but I know most of us will want to support your business plus it’s no cost to the shopper. On a side note, will you do any live posts this Fall? I always enjoy them. Enjoy your day! 

    1. I’m not sure. I doubt it. With everyone working/schooling from home, my house is a zoo. Plus, I just have a hard time getting geared up for them, and they often break up my day.

      I know people like them, but I have a really hard time doing them consistently, so I’ve kind of bagged it for now.

      1. I love that Jo-Lynne! I always admire women who know their limitations and set boundaries accordingly! God will bless you for prioritizing your life and your household! 🥰

  6. Do you dry clean all sweaters (ex. Kent Cardigan ) even if they are hand washable ? Thank you for such great help navigating through early access. You really helped me. 

  7. Kinda bummed right now, most of the items on my wish list are already sold out :….(
    Thank you for all that you do with these posts!

  8. You’re information on links is incredibly helpful! Thank you! I reference you multiple times before I make a purchase, and I want you to get the credit (I wouldn’t be making the purchase if it were not for your helpful reviews).

    Question— those tennis shoes you are wearing in the frayed hem question.. please tell me more! I must have missed them on previous post.

    Thank you again for keeping us posted on your families covid situation, we are in western Washington. Hearing how you are doing in Pennsylvania is helpful. We are all in this together.

    Thank you!

  9. Jo-Lynne,

    Thanks for explaining how to use your links and how to give you credit when we shop for items you have featured on your blog. It’s helpful to know that if we use your links, even if buying other things, that we are still supporting your business. 

    1. Yes, thank you for the explanation. I have learned so much from your blog, and I am happy to support your business.

  10. Lots of good info shared and I can’t believe David is already a Jr in college this year. Seems like just yesterday, you were sad to see him go off to college away from home. 

  11. Am I understanding that the only time you will get credit is with a desktop or laptop? And not an iPad or smart phone ?  Oh gosh, that’s all I use. That doesn’t sound fair! I’ll pay more attention now. 😊

  12. This was fun to read – thanks for all your resources! Can you share details on the fun olive and pink sneakers?

  13. Hi Jo-Lynne, if you add White House Black Market to your Quick Links, I’ll try to remember to click through from it when I purchase from them. 

  14. Fun post!  And I’m so glad you mentioned to click over with one of your links right before  check out.  I want to make sure you are getting the credit.  And who knows where my fingers might have been clicking before that!  Ha.  I hope your kids all have a great school year and are able to settle in with all the different scenarios!

  15. I love your blog. It doesnt matter what you write about. It’s like ‘talking’ to a friend. I miss the very rare days you dont post (but I get that we all need a day off!)

  16. I can’t believe the kids have grown up so fast. I remember when Carolyn started the home learning and now she’s a Senior…….thank you so much for all your do for the blog. I will make sure you get credit for my purchases on Thursday.

  17. Thanks for the tip on the Freya bra. I’ve been fitted for bras several times and worked with many “experts” at Nordstrom and specialty boutiques and not one salesperson or stylist has ever shown me the Freya. I ordered it based on your recommendation and it is perfect for me and the girls! 

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