Because Every Girl Needs a Great Pair of Jeans #AEOStyle

This year my daughter starts middle school, and to say that she has some first day of school jitters is putting it mildly. This is a huge transition for her. She has been in the same elementary school for the past 7 years, and now she will be funneled into the middle school with kids from all 5 elementary schools in our district.

She's too cool for middle school in her new jeans from @americaneagle. AD #aeostyle

My son sailed effortlessly through this transition, but my mom friends tell me that middle school can be really rough on girls, so I have to admit that I’m holding my breath and waiting to see how it goes. My son also had the benefit of being part of the marching band, which practiced for a month before school started, so he started middle school already knowing some of the kids from the other schools and he had his tribe established early. C isn’t involved in any sports or music activities that meet before school begins, so she’ll be starting out cold.

She has some nerves, but she’s also excited about this next step. I keep telling her that this is a great time to shed her old skin and start fresh. All the classroom dynamics of the past few years will be a thing of the past, and she will meet SO many new kids this year. I’m both anxious and excited to see how that goes for her. I met one of my best friends in the whole world during middle school, and I hope the same will be true for her.

We’ve spent most of this month preparing for this new venture in her young life, shopping for clothes, buying school supplies, and talking about the importance of a good routine so she can get started off on the right foot. This is a period of transition in more ways than one. Not only is she graduating to middle school, she’s also graduating to the women’s clothing department.

I don’t know why this is so unbelievable to me. She’s been wearing women’s shoes for two years. But something about moving out of the kids’ stores and into the teen and adult departments is making me a wee bit weepy.

She's too cool for middle school in her new jeans from @americaneagle. AD #aeostyle

American Eagle Outfitters invited us to try out their new Denim X line of jeans, so this was perfect timing. Just like her mama, this kid lives in blue jeans, and she was excited to shop where the teenagers shop, so we stopped into American Eagle when we were at the mall last week.

I had no idea what size she is in women’s jeans, so we took several sizes back to the fitting room. The Denim X line is designed to be soft and stretchy and move with you without bagging out or losing their shape, and they have a ton of cuts and washes to choose from. She went with their Denim X Skinny Jeans, and I have to say, I LOVE how these look on her.

She's too cool for middle school in her new jeans from @americaneagle. AD #aeostyle

She's too cool for middle school in her new jeans from @americaneagle. AD #aeostyle
She's too cool for middle school in her new jeans from @americaneagle. AD #aeostyle

She loves them and proclaims them to be super comfortable to move around in. In fact, she wore this pair all day yesterday. I like them on her so much, I’m thinking of ordering a pair for myself! They have such a great fit to them. I think we’ve found our next go-to store for her jeans.

She's too cool for middle school in her new jeans from @americaneagle. AD #aeostyle

She's too cool for middle school in her new jeans from @americaneagle. AD #aeostyle

She's too cool for middle school in her new jeans from @americaneagle. AD #aeostyle

The two tops she’s wearing in these photos are from American Eagle as well. She needed a few short sleeve t-shirts to get her through the first few months of school before the weather cools off, and they had some cute ones. The material these are made of is so soft and I really love the quality.

There are just a few more weeks before school starts, so now that we’re set for school clothes, our next project is to start getting her in the habit of waking up at the crack o’ dawn. The middle school bus comes rolling down our street at precisely 6:49 AM, and this girl would sleep ’til noon if I let her. She’s going to be in for a rude awakening come August 31st. At least she’ll look cute in her new AE jeans when she shows up late to school!

Thank you American Eagle Outfitters for sponsoring this post. All content and opinions are my own.

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14 thoughts on “Because Every Girl Needs a Great Pair of Jeans #AEOStyle

  1. Super cute! I’m sure she will do great in middle school. Fresh starts are so freeing! I have been wanting to get myself a pair of skinny jeans without breaking the bank. The comfy/stretchy kind are my preferences so I don’t cut off the blood flow to my knees when I sit down! My go to in the past have been Jolt Juniors jeans at Nordstrom, but I might have to stop in at AEO and check their selections out. The challenge is always finding the right amount of cling and the right amount of coverage for a mom!

  2. Dear Caroline, I wish you succes and a lot of fun in middle school.
    This time in jour life is the most beautyfull. Enjoy it!!!

  3. You tell your beautiful girl she looks stunning – the jeans and just her. She will be great in Middle School. We are heading there too for the first time. Big love and luck to her.

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