Casual Outfit Formula: Turtleneck + Puffer Vest + Black Jeans + Sneakers

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today I’m wrapping up my style series on casual outfit formulas for moms.

Casual Outfit Formula for Moms: Down Vest + Turtleneck + Skinny Jeans + Fashion Sneakers

Casual Outfit Formula for Moms: Down Vest + Turtleneck + Skinny Jeans + Fashion Sneakers

We were going for an athleisure look with this outfit formula, but I’m not sure mine ended up that way. Technically athleisure would involve leggings or joggers, but neither I’m not a huge fan of leggings, so I styled my athleisure look with jeans. Black jeans read almost like a legging, though, and the sneakers keep it casual. I love my Frame skinnies, but I recommend sizing down. Mine are a 29 and they slide down.

By the way, these jeans get great reviews if you’re looking for something similar to mine at a lower price point. The measurements for inseam, leg opening, and rise are almost identical. The reviews indicate that you might want to size down in those too.

Casual Outfit Formula for Moms: Down Vest + Turtleneck + Skinny Jeans + Fashion Sneakers

The striped turtleneck and down vest combo is preppy and practical for running errands or chasing kids at the park on a mild spring day, but I was FREEZING last weekend when we took these pictures. I’d need a wool turtleneck with a layering tee underneath that vest if there was any hope of wearing this outfit out and about without a coat.

I do love this down vest. I also have it in red. It fits well, it looks nice, and it definitely adds an extra layer of warmth where you need it most. For size reference, I have a small in both the turtleneck and vest. I feel like J.Crew tops always run big.

Casual Outfit Formula for Moms: Down Vest + Turtleneck + Skinny Jeans + Fashion Sneakers

I carried my Sole Society backpack in oxblood. For some reason, I love how this pairs with my all-black athleisure outfits.

Go hands-free with the Sole Society Kylie Backpack in Oxblood!

I wore my Dalton initial pendant to break up the front, and then I threw on my oversized faux pearl earrings, but I’m thinking gold hoops would have looked better. I like how the gold accessories pull out the gold in the vest and bag.

Styling the J.Crew Excursion Vest with Striped Tissue Turtleneck

And of course, you know how I love my Adidas Superstars. I’m not regretting getting the ones with the black stripes one bit. I find myself going for those every time over the white ones. I wore them for most of the day on Saturday, and they’re a bit stiff at first, but once you break them in, they’re very comfortable. You will definitely want to size down in these. I’ve been wearing these no-show socks with my Superstars, and they are great. They stay in place and provide just enough barrier between the shoes and my feet to be comfortable.

I hope you liked this series on casual outfit formulas. It was fun to put together. This type of look isn’t something I typically gravitate to when I go to get dressed in the morning. I’m much more likely to throw on a pullover and jeans and a boot or flat I can slip my foot into without having to futz with laces, but that does get boring after a while. I’ve enjoyed having a reason to think a little harder about my outfit combinations, and I hope it was helpful to you too.

Casual Outfit Formula for Moms: Down Vest + Turtleneck + Skinny Jeans + Fashion Sneakers

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26 Responses

  1. Yay for great pictures!!! It’s so much easier when they turn out great, right??
    I do think that a vest is a perfect way to add a little more upmph to an outfit!! It’s not like it has to be dressy—like this one is totally casual and looks marvelous with that turtleneck!!
    I loved this series, because we all tend to be more casual nowadays!! Not just moms, but retired women too!!
    Although, I have to admit, I never tire of seeing you in a dress, Jo-Lynne!!

  2. Hi Jo-Lynne! I have two questions for you…
    1. Did your heels slide out of your Superstars at first? I have the Adidas Stan Smiths that fit perfectly but when I tried the Superstars my heel slipped out…
    2. How would you feel about pairing the same look with a grey/taupe backpack? Would it be too light?
    Thanks so much! I look forward to reading your blog every morning!

  3. You’re so right, photos really did come out great! This outfit is so me lately. We’ve had a really rough year so far, and I’ve been finding myself taking the more casual route more and more. I have so many new boots/booties, but I’ve been reaching for sneakers nonstop! Oops! 😉

  4. Your vest doesn’t look like it would zip. Do you buy your vests in a smaller size to get the look?
    I love that little backpack look with casual wear.

    1. Believe it or not, it does zip, but it is snug. I normally leave my vests unzipped and wear a scarf for warmth in front with an outfit like this. I was freezing in these pix, to be honest. A wool turtleneck and scarf would be more practical for winter. This is a better look for spring and fall when the weather is milder.

      These are warmer versions of this outfit:

      1. I have suddenly stopped receiving emails also…I have re-subscribed a few times but still nothing. I tried the link above and it did not work for some reason??

  5. Ok I am going out to buy those sneakers! I had a pair in elementary school that were a red kind of suede with white stripes! Oh my word, I would love it they brought those back!

  6. Love this look. I am planning a very similar outfit for tomorrow. We are expecting snow but I still need to work. Generally a day like that will call for a more casual pick than usual. I have a striped sweater to pair with off white skinny cords. My vest is a red plaid which adds a bit of color and I really like the play of patterns, strip and plaid.

  7. Looks super cute and comfortable, good combination!

    btw, thanks so much for your blog, look forward to it every day (no pressure though 🙂 )

    I’m a little bit older than your targeted audience (56) but, love your style and “written voice”. If nothing else your thoughts, ideas and suggestions are good foundations for me as I try to stay appropriately current with today’s trends.

    1. Nope! 🙂 Of course, I’m posting about Trunk Club today, so we shall see. Of course, they are saying it is not political and citing poor sales, but the timing is rather questionable. I doubt anyone really believes that.

      For the record, I’m not one to boycott companies and I don’t have any intention of not shopping at Nordstrom, but I do wish big businesses would stay out of politics and just do their job.

      1. Do you really think Nordstrom would drop a line of clothing that was making them money when it’s all about the bottom line in the corporate world? Or risk losing customers to make a statement?
        I’m not judging, just wondering if the fuss is necessary. I will continue to shop there as I like the large variety and quality of their clothing lines.

        1. Maybe not, but the timing is suspect. And who knows which came first, the chicken or the egg. Maybe sales of her line were declining b/c of the political hype around it, and then they dropped it… who knows. I try to turn a blind eye to this sort of thing. I am with you. I shop where I want to shop b/c of the quality, price range, customer service, whatever. I don’t pay attention to their politics, but I know many people do.

  8. This is weird, on my computer, your post for today that is the trunk unboxing is showing yesterday’s casual formula, instead.

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