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Hello, friends. I woke up to snow this morning. YAY! It’s weird, after a spring-like 60-degree day yesterday, but I was hoping for one good snow before winter’s out, and it looks like I got my wish! I’ll take it. School has already been cancelled, and the kids are thrilled.

So, who’s up for a Trunk Club unboxing today? I feel like I just did one, but when I sent back my last box, I went ahead and requested another one, and I was surprised how quickly it came.

I have some events coming up that I need outfits for, and even though shopping is pretty much my job, sometimes it’s nice to see what someone else suggests. I don’t always keep a lot of what they send, but I love seeing what they find for me. This time I asked for some more moderately priced pieces, and my stylist did a great job finding more of a range of things to share with you.

For those who aren’t familiar, Trunk Club is a fashion styling service owned by Nordstrom*. You actually have your own personal stylist at your beck and call. She will likely offer to hop on the phone with you and get to know you and your style before she sends your first Trunk, and you can email or call her at anytime afterward.

All of their merchandise is sourced from Nordstrom, and it is all currently available on the website. You pay exactly what the items are going for on the website, so if something goes on sale before you make your final decision, you will get the sale price. You have 5 days to try on and return the products you don’t want, and shipping is free both ways. They have recently instituted a $20 styling fee, but that can be applied to anything you purchase from your Trunk.

In case you’re wondering, I am not in a working relationship with Trunk Club, but I am sharing my referral link. Everyone who signs up gets a referral link to share with their friends, so you can earn credits to shop with, which is another great bonus to trying it out!

*Before we get started, I do want to say a word about Nordstrom because I know I will get questions. I’m aware of the brouhaha over them dropping the Ivanka Trump line. Their official statement is that this decision is due to low sales, but I doubt anyone really believes that. I wish companies would stay out of politics and stick to doing what they do best, but this seems to be the way of the world these days. As for me, I am not one to boycott. It has never been my thing. I don’t plan to stop shopping at Nordstrom, and I will still be working with them. I encourage you to follow your conscience on this matter as I follow mine, and while we may not all agree, I hope we can respect that this is a personal decision for each individual and not allow it to be divisive.

So let’s get started!

Halogen® Sleeveless Mock Neck Knit Dress $99 // (The pink suede pumps are mine and no longer available.) I want to love this dress, but it’s a size 8, and I think I need to see it in a 6. I think in the right size, this could be a really nice piece for an evening event at a conference I have coming up, as long as it’s not too long for me. I’ll add strappy sandals and statement jewelry and be good to go. I sent this back, but my stylist is sending me the 6 in my next Trunk to try. FYI, it also comes in a pretty blue (the hottest color going this spring!) and two cool prints.

also shown: Tory Burch Miller Sandals in Sand Patent (LOVE!!! By far my best investment last spring!)

7 For All Mankind® b(air) Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans in Reign $179 // My stylist sent me a few pairs of raw hem jeans because I told her the step hem from my last box was a bit out of my comfort zone. These jeans by 7 For All Mankind have a 27″ inseam, so I’m calling them ankle-length, but that almost makes them a crop. I guess it depends on how tall you are. Normally ankle length jeans are 28″ and sometimes 29″.

These jeans have a fabulous fit and feel. They’re super soft and stretchy, but they don’t feel like they will bag out. The b(air) denim is intended to have great stretch recovery, and if I didn’t have an AG pair almost just like them, I would have kept them in a hot minute. I particularly like the pocket placement and the way they fit in the rear. I can’t stress enough how important it is to check your rear view when purchasing jeans. For size reference, these fit perfectly in my usual size 29.

By the way, these are available in the full length, non-raw hem version for $99 on the 7 For All Mankind website, and in a straight leg style for $119.

FYI, the next set of pictures is a different pair of jeans, but they’re very similar.

also shown: Tory Burch Miller Sandals in Sand Patent; my sweater is old

DL1961 Florence Instasculpt Raw Hem Skinny Jeans in Stranded $188 // You know of my love for DL1961 denim, and these did not disappoint. Again, if they wren’t so much like my AG pair, I might have kept them — or the 7s above, not sure which. I think I like the length on the 7s just a bit better. These have a 25″ inseam, as opposed to the 27″ in the 7s.

These are definitely a cropped style. Both these and the 7s shown above have a 9″ rise, and that’s considered a mid-rise, which is nice. The DLs have a higher cotton content, which generally means they’re less likely to bag out on you, and I can attest that their Instasculpt fabric does not. I have these jeans in a longer length. I feel like these two styles are very similar… so similar, in fact, that I had to be really careful when labeling my pictures. I think I got them all straight. The pockets on the DLs are a tad bigger, but I felt like they were equally as flattering. FYI, these are also at Zappo’s.

PAIGE Transcend Verdugo Ultra Skinny Jeans in Silvie $189 // (My pewter ballet flats are sold out.) These are the grey jeans that came in the last trunk, but they were too small. This time she sent me the size 29, and they fit much more comfortably than the last ones. I was wanting grey jeans to replace my other pair that are too big now, so these are keepers. I do want to have them hemmed an inch or two, though. These have a 31″ inseam, and I prefer 29″. I forgot to get a hiney shot of this pair (lol) but I find that Paige makes their pockets smaller than most brands, and they tend to be very flattering on me. These are also at Neiman’s and Shopbop.

Joie ‘Adorlee’ Cold Shoulder Top $178 // Ignore the wrinkles, please. I love this silk top and really wanted to keep it to wear at my conference in April, but the spaghetti straps are so narrow that I can’t wear a regular bra with it, and that’s a deal breaker for me. (They are adjustable, by the way, and I should have pulled them up higher before taking these pictures. As shown here, it’s a little low-cut for my comfort zone.) Also, it’s a medium, and I think I need a small. This top is low inventory at Nordstrom, but all sizes are available at the Joie website.

Topshop Cold Shoulder Blouse (link not found) // I wanted to like this. For one thing, the price point is terrific, but I don’t feel like it flatters me. It’s not fitted enough through the waist area, and it’s a little on the short side, although I think it’s supposed to be. I probably need to invest in some high rise jeans with all the cropped tops coming back into style!

Chelsea28 Velvet Kimono $89 // I’m not sure WHAT to do with this. I think perhaps my stylist meant for me to wear it over the black dress. I wish I’d tried it that way. Still, I’m not feeling the love. I sent it back.

R Minkoff Mini MAC Nubuck Convertible Crossbody Bag $195 // My stylist keeps tempting me with R Minkoff bags! Aggghhh… I love these. Both of these (see below.) This one is a gorgeous lilac nubuck material, and I love the Mini MAC styling. I had one in grey for a while, but I eventually passed it on because it’s too small for my needs. This one went back for the same reason, but it really is so cute if you don’t mind carrying a bag this small.

R Minkoff Regan Feed Studded Leather Crossbody $345 // How CUTE is this bag, and how gorgeous is this periwinkle blue??? I love all the details and it’s a great size. It’s not in the budget at the moment, but it was seriously tempting.

also shown: AG Raw Hem Legging Jeans (the reason I didn’t keep one of the two similar pairs in my Trunk!)

Louise et Cie Dugan Flat Loafer Mule $109 // This style of shoe is a huge trend at the moment; I see them on a lot of fashionable women, but I’m just not feeling it. I’ve never been a loafer fan. If you are, they also come in a nice neutral brown and black in addition to this rose gold.

also shown: AG Raw Hem Legging Jeans

Steve Madden Spirits Buckle Flat $69 // I wasn’t a fan of these. ‘Nuff said. LOL!

also shown: AG Raw Hem Legging Jeans

Halogen® Nella Ghillie Flat $99 // Now, THESE I love. They are comfortable and cute and fairly practical for running around town, if you don’t mind taking the time to put them on and tie them up. I find that I don’t wear my lace-up flats as much as I’d like because I’m too lazy to deal with the laces. I know, how lame. They went back because I don’t think I’ll be wearing suede much longer and I have cute neutral suede lace-up flats, but I highly recommend these if you’re in the market for a pair. FYI, these come in 4 other colors, and some are perforated. Very cute!

And that’s a wrap! I like this trunk better than my last one, don’t you? Even though I kept a few more pieces last time, and this time I only kept one, there were a lot of fun things in here. I liked a lot of it but already have similar things. It has to be hard to shop for a fashion blogger, lol!

I was going to take a break from Trunk Club for a while, at least until they get more spring styles in, but my stylist wants to send me the dress in the right size, and she found a similar top to the lilac one that she thinks I’ll like better (I’m such a sucker for Joie tops) so I told her to send them on. She has some bootcut jeans coming in my next trunk too. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to receiving my next box!

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54 Responses

  1. thanks for sharing your trunk – doesn’t seem like any of these are really your style other than the jeans. I am ready for the cold-shoulder top look to go away… it seems like a young/teen trend to me.

    1. Yeah, I can’t say I love that trend, although for some reason, I really liked this Joie top. I also loved the halogen lace-up flats and the two bags — they were definitely my style, but just not what I need right now. 🙂 Oh and the black dress! LOL. I think she did a good job overall, but there were definitely a few strange picks.

  2. I do love those lace up shoes, Jo-Lynne, but I know what you mean about the time to put them on. Luckily the 2 pair I have (I told you I loved them, LOL) have zippers in the back, so I don’t have to lace them each time. At our knitting day, the girls and I were talking about how zippers are brilliant in our shoes, ha ha!!
    So I’m not sure I saw—are you keeping anything? I definitely need some grey jeans, but the ones you tried on are a little out of my price range!!

    1. I kept the grey jeans. I usually only buy my jeans on sale, but I have tried several pairs of grey jeans and these are the first ones I’ve really liked. I’m going to have them hemmed, but fortunately I can get free alterations at Nordys. 🙂

  3. Just wanted to let you know your email has a picture of yesterday’s outfit and the link takes you to yesterday’s athleisure post. The content of the email if fine (talks about the snow day and the trunk clug) but the picture and link are off.

    1. Oh, good grief! I even sent myself a test email to check it. See, this is the problem with manual emails. This wouldn’t happen if I automated them, lol. (I’m not going to… just sayin’. LOL!) Thanks for the heads-up!!

  4. Thanks for your comment about Nordstrom. It is your livelihood and I totally get where you are coming from. In fact, I am right there with you…about leaving politics out of this. However…a quick email stating just that would go a long way. I called customer service and asked where I could voice a complaint… They were extremely nice and accommodating and said the company was most interested in what their silent customers feel. I didn’t have to stand in front of the store yelling nasty protest remarks or call up the news and have them film me cutting up my card. It was a nice email between me and them about please consider the average woman shopper who has had enough.
    Companies making political statements such as this does nothing for helping bring us back together as a nation.
    May God Bless America….all of us.

    And as a side note…you look darling in everything.

    1. It does contribute to my livelihood, but even if it didn’t, I’d feel the same. I’ve never boycotted anything in my life — okay, except Splenda and artificial sweeteners, but that’s for health reasons. LOL! I do like your approach, and you are right, a respectful phone call probably goes a lot farther than all the other antics.

    2. I’m calling Nordstrom too. I actually had a pair of Ivanka Trump leopard flats in my shopping cart for the last two weeks and went to go buy them and they’re gone; SO BUMMED! I love her clothing; so classy and stylish.

      I’m trying to “look the other way” but having a really hard time. I don’t believe it’s because of declining sales. Her line was featured at New York fashion week every year and stock prices for her company were growing. I feel they are in the fashion business and should not be making political statements. Ugh- so frustrated.

      I’m gong to take a break from Nordstrom until I get more information. I’ll go to Bloomingdales and Macy’s instead, as well as my favorite local boutiques and support small businesses.

      On another note, I do love the blue Rebecca Minkoff bag from your Trunk box. Very cute!!

  5. I agree on the shoe review! The last pair was cute but I get lazy when shoes require to much work as well. I love the light blue bag! Enjoy your snow day!

  6. Hi-
    I really enjoy your blog. However, I do believe that Nordstrom’s dropping of Ivanka Trump’s line is not political. I guess I am a “nobody.”

    1. LOL, Nancy, I hope you are right. I truly want to believe that as well. And I didn’t say anyone was a nobody. I said “I doubt anyone believes…” and now I know someone. 😉

  7. Love this post, especially your honesty about the pieces that you decided to send back, even though they were beautiful. Sometimes things really do “look better on the hanger…” but it’s still hard to put it in the return envelope when it’s already right there in your home!

    Apropos of nothing clothing-related…the barn print behind you in your photos is gorgeous. My mother-in-law just gifted my husband and I a couple of prints that strongly resemble yours. I’m wondering if the artist is the same…?

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. I have been visiting your style blog regularly for about 3 months or so. I was enjoying it because I am close to your age and size and our style preferences are similar, though I am a bit edgier. Like you, I wish politics would be left out of things. That includes style blogs. I have not seen Nordstrom’s financials….have you? How then can you doubt what anyone believes? Luckily I am not one to boycott either.

  9. Grey jean were nice – didn’t like any of the tops and the dress was too long. All the shoe were cute except those gold loafers – I dislike loafers because I always feel they are going to fall off! On another note – you look good in pretty much everything girl!

  10. Personally, I really liked the white cold should blouse on you. But then pictures can be different than seeing it “in real life”. And I liked the shorter crop jeans too. I need some of those! I kinda had a giggle ’cause you’re stylists idea of moderately priced is a little different than mine. LOL.

    1. LOL, well, yeah, it wasn’t ALL moderately priced. She knows I’ll pay for premium denim, so she included those, and she knows I loved Joie blouses and Rebecca Minkoff handbags. But some tops and shoes were lower, and the dress was a great price point. The last box had $350 sweaters. 🙂 I think Trunk Club is getting away from some of the lower end products Nordstrom sells. If you are adamant that is all you want, I think they’d respect that, but they do like to tempt you with some higher priced items.

  11. i love it when you do this – it’s like shopping virtually with you…..and i LOVE that white cold shoulder blouse………it is super cute on you……..what about with shorts ?

  12. I always so enjoy your humor!! I love your earrings….are they Stella and Dot? The black dress is stunning on you. Can’t wait to see you style it with some statement jewelry. You look so pretty in your selfies…..Thanks for sharing your Trunk Club with us. It was a fun post.

  13. I really liked the white cold shoulder top on you. Why not try it on with something higher waisted before sending back. I like the evenly frayed hem on cropped jeans. So cute with sandals!
    You mentioned pocket placement. Could you follow a post on picking the right pocket for different body types. For instance, .i don’t have much of a butt. What would flatter me the most?

      1. I don’t need a stylist because I know what works for me both style wise and fit. But, pockets on jeans are quite often mentioned. We all come with different booty. Lol

  14. How funny that I was about to comment exactly what Judi L. Stated above. ^^^. That top was adorable on you (I am super long-waisted making some tops look like the old midriff styles from my 70’s era ????.). I kept right with you on all else except… I LOVED those lace-up flats you styled, can’t find room for one more pair???
    Ps: Thanks for your Nordstrom statement –
    Pss: also, Thanks for your msg reply. I had to opt for some Zella barre? socks as they were at the store – will place an order for the Nike that you kindly offered in the most recent post, haha!

  15. I’m going to dig out my Cole Hahn loafer mules from the 90’s! I just couldn’t bear to part with them and now they’re back in style. Oh happy day!

    Wish we had your snow: we’re getting pummeled with high winds and rain on the Oregon coast today.

  16. I loved the white “cold shoulder” top on you,,, the jeans… the the darling lace up shoes …. I have to agree with some of the other gals…you look adorable in it all!!!! p.s. … I was just telling my husband that I REALLY appreciate how you state your thoughts (political/Nordstrom)…but you are still so VERY respectful of others, understanding that some (not me 🙂 ) might see and do things differently…. GREAT JOB!!!!

  17. Jo-Lynne , I am so jealous you got snow , it is in the 50s here at my home in N.C. , and suppose to be warmer this weekend , makes me want it to be spring now , Thanks for the trunk showing , I loved the grey jeans and the lace up flats , the tops were cute and I think the black dress will look amazing on you in the smaller size . Have a great afternoon !!!!

  18. I do believe Ivanka Trumps clothing line was dropped due to low sales. The low sales could have been caused by politics however.

    1. Nordstrom was started by immigrants from Sweden so it may be both! Don’t understand the outrage though when Neiman Marcus dropped her earlier!

  19. HI JoLynne–I love that black dress and would like to see it on you in the smaller size. If it does fit better in the smaller size, you may want to have it shortened a bit which I think would be more flattering on you.. Sometimes just taking it up a little makes all the difference between perfect and dowdy. Please show us when you try in the size 6. Have a good day,

  20. I totally agree with your statement on Nordstrom. And I don’t need to “see their financials” to know they’re full of crap. Ah well….to each their own & let’s just put that unpleasant business behind us!

    LOVE all the skinny jeans. The raw ankle hem is a really cute trend. But I wish I could unsee those gold loafers, not to mention the black strap flats…..YIKES!! Those should be good data points for your stylist on what NOT to send. Lol.

    Keep up the good work Jo-Lynne!

  21. Thanks for sharing! While I like the gold metallic I am not a fan of the mule and as I use the bus and rail system to work not practical. What I have seen are Vans slip ons in mettallic that are cute.


  22. Love the black dress, anxious to see it in a smaller size. That white top is adorable and loved it on you. The lace up shoes are CUTE, but I am lazy about the ties also. Do so love your style.

  23. I am so not a fan of the cold shoulder look, so I simply don’t buy that style. The Nordstrom’s comment was spot on, Thank you. The sad thing is Nordstrom’s started it and now Ivanka Trump was pulled from Macy’s, Lord &Taylor and Saks 5th Avenue. She was given her last name from her father but Ladies she is well educated and came up with that product line on her own. Not a boycotter but I also don’t forget so if there is opportunity to shop elsewhere I will. Never underestimate the power of a polite phone call to Customer Service.

  24. Completely random question, but when you take your mirror selfies, where do you look? At your image in your phone, at the phone camera, etc.? I have yet to take a mirror selfie that I feel “normal” in! Lol!

    1. Haha, I know, it is weird. I look at my phone, but I think I’m looking at my phone in the mirror. I remember when I started taking them, looking to see what other fashion bloggers did.

  25. With due respect, by doubting the motives of Nordstrom, you too are making a political statement while asserting that you think that companies should stay out of politics. You are running a small business and promoting clothing and accessories to your readers and while earning a profit. I suggest that if you feel so strongly about companies staying out of politics, you heed your own advice. Are you the pot or the kettle in this scenario? You have lost a reader.

  26. Jolynne! I love and enjoy your blog so much! Thank you for sharing your “trunk” today! I had to giggle when I saw the mules…not your style! Mine either! But I loved the grey jeans so I am glad you kept those. Please give us some ideas on styling grey jeans for the Spring… I also wanted to add that I appreciate your speaking about the Nordstrom decision. While I have an opinion on the matter, I will always ship there because they have great clothes and shoes! I really don’t care why they made the decision…it’s just that…a decision.

  27. I would’ve had a hard time sending back those jeans! They were so cute on you too. In fact, I actually took a screenshot from your snap on the 7fam because I *needed* them…then I realized I have an ankle length pair of frayed hem jeans! They are probably my most frequently worn jeans since I got them early fall. So so easy to throw on sneakers and go. 😉

  28. The gold mules and black strap shoes………..no, not you. The black look like something I would’ve worn as a 3rd grader. But anyway, I loved seeing all those styles on you. I am promising a premium pair of denim to myself when I lose 20 pounds……… eeek.

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