Coffee Talk + A Few Try-Ons

coat (S; 20% off for Backcountry Loyalty Members) // jeans // gloves // sunnies

Good morning! Well, I’ve had quite the interesting weekend. Actually, Friday was pretty ho-hum, except I had to drive down to the car dealership where I purchased my new car a couple months ago and sign a whole new slew of paperwork because evidently they had the VIN number wrong. Ooops! Otherwise, I just worked most of the day.

We found ourselves without plans that night, so Paul and I went over to a local bar and grille for drinks and a bite to eat. I was feeling wiped out, so I turned in early.

I spent most of yesterday shopping with R, and here’s the kicker. SHE drove ME around town. Paul always starts the kids out with their driving lessons, and she’s only logged about five hours, so I hadn’t been out with her yet.

When we left the house, she asked if she could drive, so I figured it’s about time to give her the chance. I never know what to expect when I get in the car with a kid for the first time, but she did really well. Her biggest challenge at this point is learning how to navigate intersections because they’re all different. Oh, and parking lots! I always say parking lots are one of the most challenging places to teach a new driver.

But overall, it went really well. She drove me to Target, Chick-Fil-A, Kohl’s, and back home! Then she actually went back out and ran a few errands with Paul, so she made a lot of progress yesterday.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, Paul and I went to a Tommy Conwell concert last night. That was fun, but ohmyword… The band didn’t even start playing until close to 9PM. Our tickets were for 8:00, and the opening band did start on time, but they played for almost an hour. Once the actual show started, it was already past my bedtime. I am definitely getting too old for this… although as I said to Paul last night, I think I was born too old for this. Haha!

Also, I think I like outdoor summer concerts better. Overall, they’re just more laidback. Plus, summer… I love summer, and it’s not as hard to be out late because it doesn’t even get dark until 9PM. All that to say, I’m moving rather slowly this morning.

I mentioned having some try-ons to share with you, so I’m going to see how far I can get with those before it’s time for me to get ready for church. In the interest of time, I’m not going to bother with my usual formatting. This one will be more conversational.

A Few Random Try-Ons

I ran into LOFT one day last week to look around, and I came home with three sweaters. I didn’t bother trying them in-store, so I threw them on one day with the jeans and boots I was already wearing.

sweater (TTS; 40% OFF + EXTRA 20% OFF $100+! CODE: PARTY) // jeans // boots (30% off; size up!) // bracelet

By the way, these boots went on sale, and I highly recommend them. They’re a little more refined than some of the lug sole boots that are out there, but still allow you to participate in the trend. Plus, they’re very comfortable and also waterproof, so you can wear them in all types of inclement weather. Definitely size up. I went with the 8.5.

Okay, so back to the sweaters! This LOFT Relaxed Cardigan is really fun for everyday, and I think the color lends itself to casual holiday looks as well. Add a pair of pumps and some blingy earrings, and you have a great look for a casual holiday get together with friends, or something like that. It’s very soft and cozy, and it runs true to size.

It also comes in a white/grey called Cool Oat Heather and a pretty plum/burgundy they call Delicate Plum. Oh, and it’s currently 40% off plus an extra 20% off if you spend $100 or more.

For something a little more festive, this Shimmer Puff Sleeve Sweater is just the ticket. It’s not as soft as some, but that didn’t bother me too much, and I like that it’s kind of form fitting. I just wish it had a bit more of an open neckline.

sweater (TTS; 40% OFF + EXTRA 20% OFF $100+! CODE: PARTY) // jeans // boots (30% off; size up!) // bracelet

A few days later, I was doing more try-ons, and I threw this sweater on with the Vince Crop Leggings, to see if it would work for a more elevated look.

sweater (TTS; 40% OFF + EXTRA 20% OFF $100+! CODE: PARTY) // pants (M) // pumps (8)

The other sweater I picked up at LOFT is this Cowl Tunic Sweater in the Tuscan Olive Melange. I thought this might work with those faux leather leggings I keep trying to convince myself to like, haha!

sweater (TTS; 40% OFF + EXTRA 20% OFF $100+! CODE: PARTY) // pants c/o (M) // boots (8; 40% off!)

These are actually not the Commando Faux Leather Leggings, though. They’re the Spanx Leather Like Skinny that came c/o Evereve. I thought they might be more like faux leather jeans than leggings, but they read much the same way.

Anyway, as for the tunic, I like it in theory, but it runs really small. In fact, it isn’t very tunic-y at all. I would definitely recommend sizing up, if ordering this top. Otherwise, it’s soft and comfortable, and I really like the styling.

Also, the Aquatalia boots I’m wearing here are 40% off again — the same as they were when I grabbed mine during the #NSale. I love that they’re chic and also weather resistant, and they are verrrry comfortable. I wore them last night to the concert, and stood in them for hours.

Okay, moving on… Evereve sent me a few things this month to share with you. The first item I selected was this matte sequin top, which I thought would be really fun for the holidays. This top screams NYE to me. I love the v-neck, and the matte sequins are really fun. I first tried it with the Spanx Leather Like Skinnies.

matte sequin top c/o (S) // pants c/o (M) // pumps c/o (8)

It’s a lot with the leather-look pants and the sequin top, but I think it works for the holidays. I tried it with the metallic pumps that also came from Evereve this month, but they look too gold for this top, I think

So then I switched to my black suede pumps, and I think I like this better. They tone down the whole look just enough. The top has a bit of swing to it, so it’s not too form fitting to wear with the body-con pants, yet it still has a flattering silhouette. All this look needs is some jewelry and a clutch!

I also tried the top with the Vince Crop Leggings, to see if I could tone it down a bit for more conservative gatherings. I do like this, but I feel like the top is almost too swingy for these pants?

Or maybe it’s just that it’s a tad too long, and I don’t care for the proportions of the outfit. I’d like to see it with a color other than black, something softer. Maybe even blue jeans.

matte sequin top c/o (S) // pants (M) // pumps (8)

I also ordered this sequin top by Halogen, which I like a lot. I think I prefer the black sequins to the silver, actually. I also like that the top is a little bit shorter, which creates a better proportion.

top (S) // pants (M) // pumps (8)

Also, look how cute it is from the back! This look is perfect. Sophisticated, festive, a little bit fun, still very modest — great for office parties, or other conservative venues. This top also comes in gold, grey, and pink.

You can’t see them very well, but I’m also wearing some big crystal drop earrings (mine are darker stones, but a similar style) from J.Crew a few years ago. They have such great holiday earrings, if you’re in need of any.

For the heck of it, I also tried this top with the Spanx Leather Like Skinny, but this whole look is a bit much for me. I guess it could work for the right venue, though.

This v-neck pullover also came from Evereve, and I really like it for more casual holiday looks, and for wearing all winter long. It’s soft and thick and cozy, and it has a really pretty neckline and I like the exposed seams. I threw it on with the Spanx pants, to see how it looks dressed up for a holiday look.

sweater c/o (S) // pants c/o (M) // shoes c/o (8)

Yeah, I dunno. I think I’m just a denim girl when it comes down to it. I would like this sweater a lot better with jeans. You could still add some festive jewelry for a casual holiday gathering but it’s more of an everyday sweater to me.

Finally, I LOVE this silky floral top, also from Evereve. I sized up because I had a similar style from this brand a couple months ago, and it was snug. This one fits perfectly, so definitely size up — especially if you have a larger chest.

blouse c/o (M) // pants c/o (M) // shoes c/o (8)

I love the print on this top, I think it’s so pretty. You can button it for more of a keyhole neckline, but I like it open.

Since I’m not loving the leather like pants, I also tried it with black crop skinny jeans, and I also think it would look classy with the Vince Crop Leggings.

blouse c/o (M) //  jeans c/o (8) // shoes c/o (8)

And that’s all I’ve got for today!

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28 thoughts on “Coffee Talk + A Few Try-Ons

  1. God bless you parents that go through teaching your children to drive! I am a very nervous rider, so that responsibility is one I would flunk. But it sounds like you and Becca had a good mall outing. I also really like the black floral top and the black shimmery top. The burgundy sweater is also very pretty. I know that the faux leather pants won’t have a spot in my closet because they just aren’t my thing. Have a blessed day!

  2. I work in a boutique and we’ve been joking that as long as we’re normalizing “chip clips” in our hair, we need to normalize sequins and leather for everyday fashion choices too😁 Have a great day!

  3. All of these outfits are really pretty and would work in the right place. I haven’t taken the jump to leather leggings either but one of my friends wore them last night to a party, and she looked great. Not hoochy momma at all! The blingy tops are my favorite – it must be the time of year that has me leaning towards them.

  4. You look good in all outfits. I still think you probably don’t like the faux leggings because of the shine, but they aren’t bad with the dressier tops. I just don’t go anywhere lately to dress up. The first Loft Sweater I got in the mail two days ago in the plum and loved it, but when I put it on to wear yesterday out to shop I couldn’t stand the little wool content in it. I just get too hot these days and itch. But, it’s very soft and fun style. It was hard to return yesterday. I wanted to change my mind but knew it would end up sitting in my closet. Menopause and wool doesn’t mix. Lol. I got it for $26 so great price too. They had so many sweaters on sale yesterday but lots of wool in them. :(. Didn’t buy anything. I didn’t like training my kids to drive either, but usually was the one available to take them as like you said they need practice hours. Last one for you to train. :). My last one of 3 was my boy and he seemed to catch on faster. Have a good day. I hear you….. late nights are harder these days. Glad you had fun at the concert though. We’re you required to wear masks? Oregon requires them everywhere.

    1. Bummer about the LOFT sweater. Masks were required but not many wore them for long once inside. Here the requirements are up to each individual establishment – except medical offices.

  5. I love the black sequin top and black non-leather pants on you. It’s the perfect blend of classy and festive!
    My husband has asked for work clothes (business/business casual) for Christmas. I don’t typically shop at Nordstrom for my husband but they have quite a few nice things on the website. I know you have referenced Vuori for men in your gift guides, but do you have tried and true brands that you recommend for men at Nordstrom? I’m looking for mostly business casual shirts, and sweaters. Thanks!

  6. Love the looks, thanks for the inspiration! For some reason I still can not get your emails.😢 I have unsubscribed 3 times and subscribed and still nothing. Ugh! I looked in trash and spam. What do you think is the problem? Thanks for the help.

  7. I only wear my leather leggings casually with tees, denim jacket or sweatshirt and sneakers. I like them because lint doesn’t stick to them lol. They just feel too try hard “dressed up” for my taste.

  8. I think the faux leather leggings look good on you, but maybe styling more “comfy casual” would work better. I’m not comfortable dressing them up but feel great wearing them with a big sweater or shacket and sneakers or casual booties or boots. Kind of like an outfit you might normally wear with skinny jeans. That last blouse looks gorgeous on you, BTW! 🙂

  9. Love the light-colored sequin top and the flora black blouse. I wear leather leggings but tend to keep them casual. The easiest outfit is black sneakers — leather or a more athletic style that’s so poplar now, and a casual top like a cute sweatshirt. I have found that tunics don’t work with them for me– too frumpy if that’s possible in leather pants. Because of the thickness and the fact that they’re not as clingy as athletic leggings, I don’t think it’s hoochie looking. They also look cute with a black Chelsey boot and a sweater that’s looser and banded.
    I loved hearing about your day driving with Becca! I look back fondly on those days.

  10. I can’t do faux (or real) leather leggings, but I have black coated jeans that are the same idea but feel better to me. They’re just jeans that are more edgy but not quite as “rock and roll” as the leather.

  11. Not a fan of the leather leggings…I agree with you that they seem “too much”. I’m more conservative though so definitely not the look I’m normally going for.

  12. The silky top looks nice. It is one of several in the same group. Now to decide which to get.

    The fake leather leggings, not my style, but I am glad you like them.

    When I read about going back to the dealer to do more paperwork on your car purchase, I worried that you got caught in a common car dealer scam. They call a buyer back to fix errors in the contract or title, demanding more money to cover being “undercharged” by a careless sales person. The right thing to do is to leave immediately and do not let them touch your copy of the contract. Let them sue or let them call the sheriff, something a scammer will never do. I am glad you were not ripped off.

    1. Yeah, it struck me as strange, and I wondered if they were doing something nefarious. But there was no fee involved, and I do recall that there were 2 of the exact same car on the lot, so it makes sense it would be easy to mix up the VIN. Weird, tho!

  13. Love the maroon v-neck, actually!, paired with the faux leather Spanx pants. I’m 47 with a leg-heavy/pear-shaped frame and, have always wanted to find slimming/shaping-style pants beyond the 10+ pairs of black leggings I’m bored to tears wearing everywhere (lol!). However, the “leather”/”wet look” has always made me squeamish about trying them as an option (because of my age and body type) and (also) let’s be honest: they can easily turn into the completely opposite image (re: garish) of what you think is just a dressy holiday outfit. Though, the understated sweater works perfectly to balance the edgy vibe of them. Thank you for the tip!

  14. HI,
    Question about the Patagonia down coat. I am 125 lbs but my two Patagonias are mediums. I felt they ran small.
    How does this coat fit Not sure if I should buy a small or medium. I have the Radalie in a medium and the
    nano puffer jacket.
    thank you

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