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Good morning, friends! How do you like my new Coffee Talk image? I thought it would be fun to have one that’s a little more personal than what I was using before, and I can change it out for each season with something fresh.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a nice weekend. Our weather was predicted to be kind of dreary, but it’s turned out to be quite nice so far. It looks like tomorrow may be our only rainy day, so yay for that!

I worked for a while yesterday morning, and then I went out for a run before the sun got too high. I ran 3.5 miles for the first time since my last bout of vertigo. I wanted to run 4, but I was afraid of overdoing it. I’m trying to increase my mileage gradually, as advised by my podiatrist.

After that, I did some more work and then spent most of the afternoon by the pool with my Kindle. I finished up book 2 of the Seven Sisters series and started book 3.

I was planning on taking a break from the series after book 2, but the author is really clever about hooking you into the next one, and I couldn’t resist downloading it when I got to the end. The Kindle makes it so easy to hit a button and have a new book ready to read almost instantly.

Anyway, I’m already hooked on book 3, so that’s probably how I’ll spend this afternoon.

Last night we attended a graduation party for a close friend. It’s crazy but fun to see these kids I’ve known almost their whole lives graduating high school and moving on towards adulthood.

Since tomorrow morning is supposed to be rainy, I really should run again this morning, but I may opt for another cup of coffee and share what I’ve been wearing. I know I said I wouldn’t be doing another one of these posts for a while, but I have the pictures so I thought I might go ahead and include them here.

I also have pictures ready for a try-on haul, but I think I’ll make that a separate post. I actually meant to do that yesterday afternoon, but I decided to spend the afternoon reading instead of working. It was Saturday, after all!

At any rate, here are my daily looks from the past week or so.

My Daily Looks

I wore this to meet a friend for breakfast last Friday. I really should make plans like that more often. It was nice to have a reason to get dressed and go somewhere on a weekday other than a doctor’s appointment or a photo shoot.

This dress is 40% off, and while the black is mostly sold out, it’s fully stocked in the two stripe versions. I had the navy and white stripe last year, and it’s really cute as well. I’m also drawn to the grey and black stripe, but I figure I don’t need that in addition to this solid black one.

The earrings are from Premier Designs, I believe, and I can’t find a link to them anywhere. My red bag sold out, but I do love these TB slides. The silver trim on the logo is a fun detail, and the leather is really soft and luxe.

Caslon Drawstring Jersey Maxi Dress with Tory Burch Ines Slides and Michael Kors Cate Small Calf Leather Shoulder Bag

maxi dress // slides // handbag // earrings ?? // bracelet

This next look is what I wore to a Blues BBQ last Saturday. It’s an outdoor music festival, and the weather was quite warm, so I wanted to be comfortable. This tank is only $16.50, and I like how it covers my chest, where I tend to burn, but it leaves my shoulders bare so I don’t get a “farmer’s tan.”

My Joe’s jean shorts are on sale at various retailers, and these Sorel sandals FINALLY went on sale!!! They are soooo comfortable, and I think pretty cute for a “comfort sandal.”

J.Crew Factory Striped open-neck cami top with Joe's Jeans Bermuda Frayed Cuff Denim Shorts and Sorel Ella Crisscross Toe-Ring Sandals

striped cami top // Joe’s jean shorts (also at Bloomies, Nordstrom, and L+T) // Sorel sandals // raffia tote // earrings // sunnies

I wore my Boden Melinda dress to church last Sunday, but before I walked out the door I ended up changing into my Nine West slides, and I added a jean jacket.

I had to drive my husband’s car, which has a manual transmission, and I’ve learned that it’s not conducive to heels — especially espadrilles. Sure, I could have brought the wedges to change into, but that seemed like a lot of effort for an hour-long church service. At any rate, it’s nice to have options! The flat sandals look really good with this dress too.

FYI, this dress is still coming up 30% off with code M5R1, and my Stuart Weitzman wedge mules are 30% off at Shopbop. You can find them in more sizes and colors at Saks, with $75 off (use code SUMMERSF), and the similar for less version by Caslon is 60% off.

Boden Melinda Dress with Stuart Weitzman Marabella Wedge Mules

dress // shoes (30% off; more here for $75 off; similar for less at 60% off) // similar bag // necklace // earrings // bracelet

I had a photo shoot Monday morning, and I wore this next outfit for the rest of the afternoon.

I still love this top and want to wear it like every other day. I’ve been holding off on ordering another color, simply because I don’t like having a lot of duplicates in my closet, but I’m soooo tempted by that grey.

Also loving these Lucky Brand sandals with the molded footbed. They’re very comfortable and attractive on the foot.

J.Crew Linen roll-cuff T-shirt with Citizens of Humanity Rocket Crop Jeans and Lucky Brand Garston Espadrille Sandals

linen roll cuff tee // Citizens cropped skinnies (similar for less) // sandals (also on Amazon) // earrings // bracelets

It was chilly on Tuesday morning, and I had to leave the house at 7:30 am for my daughter’s middle school awards ceremony, so I wore my cargo joggers with a grey tee and my denim jacket. These cargo pants finally went on sale! They’re so cute on and such a nice change from jeans.

My Splendid tee is also on sale, and it’s such a nice one. Splendid is known for their incredibly soft tees and other closet essentials, but they’re spendy so I always try to buy them on sale. Size up; I have the medium.

Paige Mayslie Slim Cargo Pants with Splendid Kate V-Neck Tee and Two by Vince Camuto denim jacket

Paige cargo joggers (25% off) // grey Splendid tee (25% off) // denim jacket // similar espadrilles (25% off) // necklace // earrings // bracelet

I wore this on Wednesday, I think, although I have no recollection of what I did that day. I was probably at home all day.

Treasure & Bond U-Neck Tank with Joe's Frayed Denim Bermuda Shorts and Tory Burch Miller Sandals

u-neck tank // Joe’s jean shorts (also at Bloomies, Nordstrom, and L+T) // TB Miller sandals // earrings

I’m not sure what happened on Thursday, but I wore this on Friday. This top is almost sold out, but there are still some left in the short-sleeve version. Also, FYI, these sandals finally went on sale again!

tie front top // white shorts // sandals // necklace // earrings

And finally, I wore this last night to the graduation party I mentioned. It was a backyard affair, and I figured I’d get chilly as the night wore on, which I did, so I was glad I wore pants rather than shorts.

This Joie linen tee was a bit of a splurge several years ago, but on a cost-per-wear basis, it has more than paid for itself. The J.Crew roll cuff t-shirt in the hthr grey would be a good substitute in this look.  These skinny cargo pants are also the Joie brand, and they’re 25% off at Bloomingdale’s.

Joie Neyo Linen Tee with Joie Okana Skinny Cargo Pants

similar tee // skinny cargo pants // TB slides // similar earrings // bracelet

And that’s a wrap!

I’m off to church this morning, and then we don’t have any plans this afternoon so I hope to relax and make some headway on my book.

Have a good one!

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  1. I read your Sunday morning posts on the way to church (unless I have to drive of course 😉).  Love the idea of using a picture of yourself and changing it every season!  Lots of cute clothes.  It’s nice to see how you really dress every day.  Have a wonderful and relaxing rest of your day.  

  2. I love your new photo. It looks so relaxed and natural. At the same time, I could see it being a big seller as a stock photo for advertising coffee. 😊

  3. I love your new picture for coffee talk! I noticed it right away. 😊 I also love your posts and appreciate the time you take making them long and good. 😉 the J Crew shirt…did you go with small? I know that’s your normal, but j crew is tricky with their xxs, xs sizing. Thanks! Oh, and I love your gray/black jeans outfit!

  4. Love your new Coffee Talk pic and that you can update it seasonally.  Also love the Kut from the Kloth crop jeans. They are perfect and I did end up with the smaller size. Have a great week. 

  5. Love your new coffee talk photo. You look so pretty in it.  Have a great Sunday.  Reading a book sounds great.  🙂  

  6. I like the new image for your Coffee Talk!  It’s so much fun seeing what you really wear.  I’m glad that your weather had turned out better than expected.  We are having the rain that was predicted, but with the drought we’ve been in, the rain is a blessing.  Enjoy your relaxing afternoon!

  7. Jolynne, you have such cute style! We wear a lot of similar outfits! I’m really tempted on the Splendid t’s. I love Splendid! Oh, and I love your new Coffee Talk photo! 

  8. Love the new photo! What a nice shot. Also really enjoy seeing what you wear in your regular day to day life. Enjoy some down time reading your book.

  9. I love the new photo – and of course, we all want our coffee cups to mach our outfits. haha
    The maxi dress is adorable and always like red with black. Too bad the black is sold out.
    Also, the joggers are so cute – just so out of my budget. Is there a more budget friendly one out there? You may have already posted this so sorry about the question if you did. See you tomorrow!

  10. Yes, I do like your new photo for Coffee Talk Sundays 👍 just read your post while enjoying my afternoon cup now.
    Raindrops spitting on the back windows. Not exactly “raining”, but enough to keep us inside 😛. Watching the Phillies game where it’s nice at Citizens Bank Park, just 1.5 hours north of us!

  11. I also like the new coffee talk photo and look forward to the seasonal change. Besides your try ons, these are my favorite posts. I just finished a fabulous book last night, one of those books where you are so sad it’s over, and then think about for days. Its title is The Misremembered Man and it’s by Christina McKenna. It doesn’t start with a bang, but slowly draws you in. It had an ending I never saw coming, although afterwards  I keep remembering hints that she gave. Reading this gives you a range of emotions. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time, yet there is anger and sadness too. I highly recommend it. 

  12. I love your new picture!  Makes me want to grab another cup of coffee and chat!   You look great in everything you put on…I have ordered lots of items that have worked well.  It’s so nice to see them on before ordering them although my husband mentioned he was tired of the UPS man coming every day 😂. Have a great day!

  13. I like the idea of having a seasonal picture with your post. Looking good! Did the doctors ever come up with a cause for the vertigo?

    1. Nope. So far, they’re baffled. I was supposed to follow up with a neurologist and I never did. I’m flying again in 2 weeks and I’m a little nervous, but I guess it will be a good “test”.

  14. Love the new Coffee Talk photo!  I like that you can change it for the seasons.  Very fun!  Always love seeing what you wear on a daily basis.  I’m so ready for Summer clothes – we are finally seeing some Summer temps this week!

  15. I too love your new picture! So pretty!

    I really like those Sorel sandals. How do they run size wise? I’m usually an 8, but sometimes 8.5.

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