End of an Era

Yesterday I attended my very last ever {I hope} Preschool Christmas Program.

I don’t necessarily relish these programs.  I think they’re rather silly, frankly, and just another example of how we tend to worship our children in our culture.  I always find myself sitting alone amongst the throng of moms and dads and siblings and grandparents and godparents and aunts and uncles and babysitters and anyone else who might want to watch Johnny pick his nose on stage, each wielding an electronic device of some sort.

My favorites are always the ones who video tape the. entire. show.  If you are one of those, god bless ya, but how can you even enjoy it through that 3- by 4-inch screen?

Even though I tend to mock the whole experience, yesterday was bittersweet.  My littlest processed in with that look of expectation and trepidation that my kids always wear when entering an auditorium full of over exuberant adults waving madly with freakishly overindulgent smiles plastered on their faces, anxiously awaiting the performance of their little angels.  (And yes, I most certainly fit into that description.)

She didn’t see me until she was on the risers, in her position, and then she spotted me almost instantly.  The smile of recognition spread across her face, and she waved and blew me kisses.

When they started to sing, I used my handy dandy SLR with the mega zoom lens to take a few, okay maybe 20 pictures, then I sat back to enjoy the show without a camera lens as my intermediary.

She did everything she was supposed to.  She smiled, she sang, she rang her little jingle bells, she kept her eyes on the teacher except when she was checking back to make sure that my eyes were firmly planted on her and her alone.

And of course they were.

Afterward, as we crossed the parking lot headed to our car, I told her how proud I was of her behavior and her performance. She smiled like her heart was going to burst and squeezed my hand and then took off skipping to the car where she immediately broke into her goodie bag and declared it “the. best. day. EVER.”

Maybe these silly programs aren’t so silly after all.