Fall 2023 Handbag Trends

How are you guys liking Fall Trends Week? I love hearing your thoughts and what resonates with you (and what doesn’t)!

Today we’re going to talk about Fall 2023 handbag trends, and then tomorrow I’ll circle back around to the shoes. I need a little more time to pull that one together. I’ve always loved a good handbag, so this post is right up my alley!

photo credit: Net-A-Porter

I’m one of those women who will take the extra few minutes to swap out my handbag to complement my outfit, and some women prefer to find one good everyday bag and carry it for the entire season.

Whichever camp you fall into, handbags are an easy way to update your look, and carrying a bag that is on trend and in good condition keeps your looks polished and put together. Since most of us carry one every day, the cost per wear can be quite low, and the best part is, they always fit!

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The Top Fall 2023 Handbag Trends to Know

I’ve rounded up what I think are the most prominent handbag trends this season, and the ones that I feel are the most wearable for the everyday woman.

As usual, I tried to find a variety of price points for each of the trends we’re focusing on today. Most of these are under $500, but since handbag prices vary widely, I did a separate roundup at the end for luxury bags, if that’s your jam.

#1. Bucket Bags

photo credit: Saks

This is one of my favorite of the current trends, in fact, I just ordered the Coach bag pictured above. I’ve been wanting a fall bag in that color.

I love how a bucket bag has a little more structure than a hobo, but it’s still casual and versatile, and it can hold a lot or a little depending on the size.

#2. Shopper Totes

photo credit: Nordstrom

Clean, luxurious shopper totes are trending this season, so this is a good time to invest in a quality tote if that’s something you enjoy carrying. I used to carry totes all the time, but these days, I rarely need that much room unless I want to bring my laptop. The bigger and boxier, the more trendy it is, but a more traditional style will always look polished and timeless.

I have the one pictured above, and I love the two tone leather and multiple carrying options, as well as the brushed silver hardware. Also, the leather is buttery soft. It’s a nice mix of traditional styling and modern updates.

#3. Top Handle Bags

photo credit: Neiman Marcus

A ladylike top-handle bag is a timeless design that’s having a moment this fall, and it plays right into the tailoring and structured silhouettes we’re seeing play out in the clothing trends. There’s a retro vibe with this style that is really fun, especially if that’s your vibe.

I chose a bright green to feature above because color is also a big trend this season, across all clothing and accessory categories, but there are plenty of neutral options out there for those who you prefer a more subtle hue.

#4. Work bags

photo credit: Saks

With so many returning to the office this fall, we’re seeing a resurgence of work-friendly bags. These overlap with the shopper totes, but in this case I’m talking specifically of satchel styles with buckles, flaps, and multiple carrying straps.

The Strathberry bag pictured above is more of an investment than some of the others I’ve featured, but it is so gorgeous, I just had to include it. It epitomizes this category, in my opinion, and it’s an amazing value for the price point.

#5. Red

photo credit: Neiman Marcus

Red bags are having a major moment this season, and you can find this color in all styles and sizes. I’m especially drawn to the shiny patent ones, such as the one pictured above.

#6. Crescent Bags

photo credit: Saks

This style is still going strong, and I almost didn’t include it, but then I thought I really need to because it’s everywhere this season. I’m seeing the baguette bags a la Lorelai Gilmore, as well as the hobo-inspired crescent shapes, often called croissant bags.

For Those Who Are Into Luxury Bags…

In recent years, I’ve started collecting luxury bags, and I get a lot of questions about them. I realize these are not accessible for everyone, so I’m always hesitant to spend a lot of blog real estate covering them, but since we are talking about handbag trends…

These are the bags that often inspire the styles we see at high street stores, so I rounded up a few that grabbed me as I was browsing handbags for this post.

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43 Responses

    1. Exactly! Those of us who prefer silver have had a pretty limited selection for several years now. I thought it would get better with silver jewelry starting to trend again, but it doesn’t look that way.

    2. Silver is supposedly on its way back, and I’ve seen some, but gold is still dominating. AllSaints uses a lot of silver hardware; I linked up a few of their bags here. That Rebecca Minkoff Croissant Bag has silver hardware, and some of the luxury brands give you hardware options.

  1. I’m a solid tote girl. I need room. I also prefer 1 pocket on the outside to hold my phone but bigger is always better although I’m pretty particular about checking out how heavy an empty purse is, I have a couple purses I love but they just become too heavy with all my everyday items so I only use occasionally

  2. I appreciate this post, because I recognize that I need to update my purse/handbag choices. Some of those prices, though, especially the designer ones! I would be afraid to carry something that expensive out of the house!

    Question: What exactly makes a $2500 bag worth the money?

    1. The quality of materials and workmanship are quite different, but there is a point at which you are paying extra for the label. The price increases in the luxury space have been insane recently. Some of my bags have increased by 50% in the three or four years since I bought them. Strathberry is an example of a luxury brand that has not increased their price so significantly.

  3. Never seen a review with a Hammitt bag in it. These bags have extremely soft leather and great cell phone pockets on the back.

    1. I love Hammitt too! The leather is so buttery and I think the styles are pretty timeless. Great lifetime warranty on the hardware on all bags as well.

  4. Hi Jolynne
    I love following you and all your fashion advice. I was wondering what Hobo bag are you seeing on trend. I’m referring to the brand Hobo, not the style 😉
    I love their bags!
    Thank you and have a good day.

  5. I always love handbag posts, even though I only add an investment bag every few years. I like how you gave us a quick peek of the highest end bags at the end. That does show how things translate to other price points, which was interesting to see.
    Hope you have a great day!

  6. Hi Jo-Lynne. I love the coach bucket bag you purchased in saddle. I am very interested to know if you have any shoes in mind to pair with it? If so, links please. 🙂

    1. I have these clogs in the brown, and these sandals, as well as these flat sandals, although I will carry my basket bag a while longer and I often carry it with those. Also those Paul Green boots from the #NSale, which should coordinate well, I think. I actually ended up ordering 3 brown bags, but I will return 2 of them. 🙂 I would carry my Dragon Diffusion basket bag with all those, but I feel like at some point, it will feel too summery.

    1. I don’t have much organization, I just move everything over every time. I try not to leave things in various bags. Sometimes, that’s not possible, when a bag is small, but usually that’s what I do. And I always take a second to toss trash and put receipts on my desk.

  7. I bought the Madewell bucket bag in Mahogany last month and I LOVE it!. It is unlined, not super structured and the natural leather is such high quality. The color is more cordovan/burgandy than brown which I love. It isn’t too heavy and can hold a ton or just a little. Highly recommend!

    1. OOPS! I actually got the bag with the zip top, so the color of the bucket may be slightly different than mine 🙂

    2. Good to know! They do a very nice leather bag – a great value for the price. I love unlined bags, or those with a high quality lining. That is one thing that separates the luxury brands, and I’m glad to see more high street brands doing that now. Coach and Rebecca Minkoff have also improved their linings a lot lately.

  8. I used to change my purse with different outfits but have become lazy and pick one or two for the season now. I carried a white one all summer. Come fall, I will switch between a cognac or beige, and black or brown for winter. I actually started selling off some of my bags because I’m just not using them so someone else should enjoy.

    I love a top handle one with the option of being an over the shoulder. Carrying a bag by the handle seems more elegant and doesn’t wrinkle your top but then I can change if I want to be hands free.

  9. I usually pick one bag for the season, unless a particular outfit is ultra formal and I need to swap for a dressier bag or a particular color of bag. In the summer, I like to carry a light weight nylon crossbody that can go from very casual to the occasional meeting in the office, and withstand the occasional hike in the park. It is usually a Vera Bradley style in an understated pattern with a zipper closure. In the fall and winter, I carry either my Dooney & Burke cogniac leather satchel bag or my deep burgundy Kate Spade pebble leather hobo bag. I need a larger bag that can accommodate business envelopes. We send and receive a lot of mail as part of our business. I also have a Kate Spade leather tote for large flats of mail. I prefer an outside pocket for my keys and another large one inside for small essentials. I like a long crossbody strap and a smaller handle for easy carrying. My bags all must have zipper closures. I love the Coach bucket bag! #5 Is very similar to my red pebble leather Kate Spade hobo bag. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Some of these have a crossbody strap option, but crossbody bags as a category don’t seem to be as prominent in the current trends lists. I don’t feel like they look dated, though. They’re very practical for certain activities.

  10. I love a top handle bag for work but when I travel a cross body or backpack style bag is a must. I usually have one or two bags for each season. Only two designer bags so far – both Kate Spade as I love her styles! Great post. I like to see the trending styles but usually just stick to what I like. Looking forward to the shoe post. 😀

  11. I have a Brighton nylon bag with flap closure (never been a fan of flaps)but this bag has been the nicest easy to carry bag that is roomy but not heavy and has two straps one is webbed for crossbody use and one that is a silver chain entertwined with the bag material. Have used this bag for I know at least 6 years or more, and the outside material is washable with a soft cloth. Found this one on clearance at a Hallmark store, wish they weren’t so pricey but I can say they really hold up well. I do like that Coach bucket bag you featured, neat looking.

  12. I laughed at the Lorelei Gilmore bags! Those are a throwback to my high school days but unfortunately not big enough for me. I used to do big totes but now don’t like the weight so I’m enjoying these mid size options. I noticed the red options you featured are brighter reds. Do you think we’ll see the wine/plum shades carry over to bags as well?

  13. I’m a handbag girl, so thank you for this post! Question. I have my eye on a Longchamp gray cross body for fall. Most of my fall/winter shoes and boots are black. For some reason I think that the gray is going to bother me because it’s not matching my shoes. Am I cuckoo for thinking that and I should just go for it? Shoes don’t have to match handbags, right?

  14. Another interesting post. I wish that I could get away from needing the kitchen sink with me every time I leave the house, so that I could carry smaller handbags.

  15. I have been investing in designer purses over the last few years as well. If you were to purchase one this season which would it be?

  16. What about crossbody bags! ? I don’t like carrying big purses anymore especially if the purse itself is heavy!

    1. Karen, I can’t carry a big bag anymore either and it has to be lightweight too. I’m using my crossbody purses whether they are on trend or not. It’s easier especially when you are shopping or traveling.

    2. I agree, they’re very practical. The crossbody as a style isn’t listed on the trends lists I’m seeing, but a lot of the top handle bags have an optional crossbody strap.

  17. I like the top handle bags. I have to have structure in a bag. In my everyday life I use crossover bags. When I go to church or anywhere special, I will wear one of my other bags. I don’t invest in bags because I will change my mind. I donated the only leather bags I ever owned.

  18. I love these fall trends. I think my favorite being the bucket bags…but love a good structured handbag as a statement too.

    I agree with your reply to the commenter about designer bag price tags. Craftsmanship goes a long way but it’s mostly paying for the label. There so many amazing makers at much better price points.

    Thank you for a great fall lineup!!

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