Fall 2023 Shoe Trends To Wear This Season

Happy Friday, friends! Fall Trends Week is coming to an end, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fall fashion here on the blog. I can’t wait to dive into some of these trends and start incorporating them into my wardrobe and upcoming blog posts.

photo credit: Evereve

I mentioned two fall 2023 shoe trends in my fall trend report, but I’ve added a bunch more to this post. You don’t need all of these in your closet, but this should give you plenty of options to choose from, if you want to integrate some fresh styles into your fall wardrobe.

I tried to keep this list to shoes most everyday women can wear, but just because a style is not listed here doesn’t necessarily mean it is outdated. Maybe it’s not as new, or it doesn’t resonate as much with me, but pretty much anything goes these days long as it’s in good condition and it aligns with your personal style.

What Shoes & Boots to Wear This Fall

Of course, we know that trends don’t exist in a vacuum, so the shoe trends are following the shift in silhouettes we’re seeing across all clothing categories this season. For that reason, I’ll try to share a little bit about what to wear with the shoes included in this list, but there are more in-depth posts coming that will further unpack some of these ideas, so stay tuned!

#1. Ballet Flats & Mary Janes

photo credit: Madewell

I’m lumping these two styles together because they tend to overlap, and both encompass the preppy, ladylike styles that are trending this season across all clothing categories. Mary Janes can be flats or have a bit of a heel, and they’re often styled with socks, which is whimsical and fun, but that styling option may not resonate with ladies of a certain age, and that’s just fine. Feel free to wear them without.

When it comes to ballet flats, they’re the more structured styles with sturdier soles, rather than the flimsy soft leather that forms to your foot, with or without the cross strap. I love the idea of pairing these with more relaxed pant styles for a pleasing juxtaposition.

#2. Pointy Shoes

photo credit: Anthropologie

Speaking of structured and ladylike, pointed toe flats and kitten heels – especially slingback styles – are coming in big this season. These look good with almost every pant style, and they work with skirts and dresses too.

#3. Soccer Sneakers

photo credit: Adidas

The breakout sneaker star of 2023 is the Adidas Samba sneaker, a shoe originally created for indoor soccer. It’s a men’s shoe, but you can convert them to women’s sizing. The actual Adidas Samba is hard to come by, so I rounded up more sneaker styles below for you to choose from. Basically, sneakers are still trending as street wear, and almost any style goes right now.

#4. Skinny-Heeled Boots

photo credit: Anthro

Think sleek, low-heeled, tall black leather boots with with long dresses and skirts… that’s the vibe this season. This is a great look for those going back to the office, but maybe not so practical for those of us who are retired or work from home.

We are also seeing the lower heels in ankle boots, though, and those I really appreciate! I can wear them with my favorite denim and look polished and on trend, and also be comfortable. I grabbed this pair during the #NSale, and I can’t wait to start wearing them.

#5. Chunky Loafers

photo credit: Evereve

This style is a holdover for last season, but it’s still relevant. The ones I’m seeing aren’t quite as chunky as they were last year, but they work so well with relaxed straight leg jeans and wide leg crops that I think we’ll see them holding on for a few more years.

#6. Clogs & Wood Platform Soles

photo credit: Evereve

Again, not especially new this season, but clogs and wood platform soles are still going strong because they pair so well with the wide leg jeans and flares that are trending. They’re also cute with denim skirts.

As an added bonus, if you have finicky feet, you can find comfortable styles that fit into this trend. I’m a huge fan of Kork-Ease clogs; they have a nicely padded footbed, and they’re quite stable to walk in.

#7. Metallics

photo credit: Anthro

Metallics in both shoes and bags are regaining popularity this season. I’ve always been a fan of a metallic shoe because it goes with everything, and it’s a little more fun than your typical neutrals. This year, they’re really going bright and shiny, but you can also find some more muted options, if you prefer.

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37 Responses

    1. New Year’s Eve party outfit, lol!: chunky acrylic gun metal sweater with those Spanx faux leather leggings (which constantly make the rounds because no one with discretion can find a way to “tone down” the look of them, ha!).

      1. Silver shoes always look good with a white blouse and denim jeans accessorize well its a fresh classic look.

  1. I am loving the penny loafers this season. I picked up a pair of a traditional low profile patent leather loafers, but debating if I should get a chunkier style instead. Also love the kork-ease clogs!

  2. Shoes! My favorite! I love loafers–I just bought a pair of chunky black leather ones on clearance from Dillard’s! That brings me to 4 pairs! Oy.

    I will skip the ballet flats/mary janes…just not my vibe. I love metallics, so that’s a possibility. I have a pair of pewter metallic Birkenstock Boston clogs that are great with cropped straight jeans. I have clogs and sneakers, so I may be all set. I don’t love the skinny boot heels, but who knows? They may grow on me.

    I agree with you, Jo-Lynne, on Kork-Ease. I have 2 pairs and they are comfy, and don’t make loud noise when you walk.

    1. I forgot to say I love pointy-toe shoes and boots. I have several pairs. I love the sophisticated look of them!. I usually buy 1/2 size larger in pointy-toes.

  3. There’s not much in this shoe trend that appeals to me. I can’t wear sling backs as my heels are narrow and the back slips off, ballet flats & mary Janes are too precious for my style, clogs are too chunky, soccer sneakers are a No as I prefer a simple white, loafers slip off the back of my foot, those skinny heeled boots are a recipe for my tripping up.
    I did buy a pair of gold sneakers and love them. They are not super bright and pair well with ecru/beige jeans.
    I’m curious as to what types of footwear is considered “out”.

  4. What type of hosiery or sock do you wear with the clogs or slingback ? Or do you wear none of that – even if temps might warrant it?

    1. I wear half socks/toe covers with my clogs if I’ve got cropped pants/jeans on. If the pants cover my foot when standing, I’ll wear a regular sock. Or lean in and wear a cool patterned sock so that when I sit/cross my legs, you see something cute! LOL

  5. Good grief! I finally got rid of a pair of black, pointy-toed, skinny-heeled boots probably 6 months ago after not wearing them in 10 years. I thought they were out for good! Lol. This kind of thing is how I justify not cleaning out my closet.

  6. I saved forever a pair of high black boots with skinny low heel and just about got rid of them in my last purge, but since they were my only high boot, I didn’t. I still think they look too dated to be back in, I’m not that thrilled about the shoe list. I’ll probably be sticking to my mules and clogs I have and sneakers, until the weather cools down and then I need to really try to find the perfect booties. MaryJanes are too precious for me and I don’t really care for sling back.

  7. I had black, skinny heel, tall boots exactly like these and gave them away. Ugh. And I spent a lot of money on them, but was getting rid of all my tall boots. Oh, the regrets!

  8. What a great post! So many of these shoes I would like to add to my fall collection. Love the sling back shoes from Vince. ❤️

  9. I wish I could find a low heel pointed toe boot that fit my skinny calves. Most boots look like rain boots on me. I’m glad I have slingback pointed toe shoes. Pumps slip out of my feet while slingbacks actually stay on my narrow heel. Of course they have to have a faster I can adjust. I don’t see how women can say they slip out of their feet. Now the ones with elastic slingback do skip out of my skinny feet. I like clogs too. Not a fan of Mary Janes. Too juvenile. Even my granddaughter didn’t like that style when she was more little and could have worn them. I’ll be wearing sandals till October. I have several cognac colored sandals for the fall look.

  10. What’s the scoop with riding boots? I haven’t brought mine out in years and wonder if it’s time to finally part with them? Are we still ok to wear block heel boots ?

    1. I saved my Frye riding boots, and I don’t save anything when it goes out of style. I figure, they always change it JUST ENOUGH that I will want the newer version. But they are Frye, and I know there will be a day I’m glad I have them. They’re in the basement in their original box. So my advice is, if they are high quality and a classic style, keep them. (Notice the women on this comment thread wishing they’d saved black skinny heel boots. 🙂

      1. I also have Frye riding boots that are like new, Frye Moto grey suede boots and Frye Billy western boots that I will save. I have worn on occasion all but the riding boots for the past 3 years. Frye boots just get better with age in my opinion, well made. Oh, almost forgot have a pair of black and brown leather boots with the slightly squared toe with a chunky heel that I plan to bring back out this year and they are bound to be at least 15 years old. It seems everything come back in style but with a different twist but not enough to purchase new if they still fit!

  11. I love to see flats back in the mix this Fall! Are the Tory Burch flats still a good option? I love mine, but haven’t worn them in a couple of years because they felt not current. Loving these trend posts! So much great info!!

    1. I had 2 pair of the Tory Burch Minnie, and I was so excited ballet flats were back this season, but I never reached for either of them once this summer. I feel like they aren’t quite what is on trend, and I wore them so much for a few years, I’m over it. That said, if you love yours, hold on to them and see if you want to wear them.

  12. I’m not a fan of most of these styles. When it gets cooler, I like wearing boots and booties. Are open toe booties back in style? I’m seeing them on Evereve’s site and elsewhere.
    When it comes to regrets about discarding footwear, I keep classic styles for a long time like knee high boots with a stiletto heel. It’s so classic that I don’t think it’s ever out of style. I did get rid of most of my over the knee boots but kept a couple in case. I may get rid of them because they’re not very practical if skinny jeans aren’t in style. .

  13. I will skip the clogs. They caused me to fall when I was wearing them in WalMart and break my hip. I love the ballet flats. And the sneakers will look good with a pair of wide leg pants. I am on the lookout for them.

  14. Hello
    I did not like any of these shoe styles.
    The loafers are ugly and the ballet flats are just that to flat they do nothing for your legs. The only one I liked were the tall boots.

    1. It seems like sleeker styles are on their way back in, pointed toes, and even when they have a lug sole, it’s more refined, not as chunky. I’m seeing the Western style a lot still too, but I hear they’re on their way back down the trend spectrum.

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