Fall Color Trend to Try: Glacial Blue

Happy Monday, friends! We’re chatting about another trending color for fall 2023… Glacial Blue!

Glacial Blue is a nice departure from the traditional autumn color palette, and it has a serene, elegant appeal. I expect we will see more of this color as we head into winter, but even in the fall, this icy shade of blue adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

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You can pair Glacial Blue with cool neutral colors like white, black, and gray; and it also looks great with chocolate brown and other earthy shades, so it will be easy to integrate with other trending colors.

For a trendy, monochromatic outfit, try wearing Glacial Blue with navy and other shades of blue.

When it comes to incorporating this color into your wardrobe, there are so many options. My favorite and easiest way to wear Glacial Blue is a cozy sweater with dark wash blue jeans for casual wear, or a pretty blouse with navy or camel trousers for a work wear look.

I also love this color for a more formal event like a winter wedding. You can go with an icy blue dress or bring it in through accessories like a gorgeous blue heel. Speaking of accessories, they are always an easy way to dip your toe into a trend… no pun intended! I love these ballet flats in the light blue and this powder blue handbag.

You could even try a pair of sneakers in Glacial Blue to wear with your athleisure or workout clothes this winter.

See all of our fall 2023 color trend roundups, and shop some of my favorite glacial blue picks below.

Shop Glacial Blue:

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14 Responses

  1. I love this color in the winter, especially with gray. I had never thought of it as a fall color! Enjoy the visit with your friend, Jo-Lynne!

  2. I’ve always had this color in my closet and have quite a bit now. Waiting for the weather to cool more to wear my new quilted blue jacket from Evereve. I bought on a sale last Spring. It’s got a nice faded out look. I still can’t get into this color for Fall but trying. Hoping I reach more for this color now.

  3. This is my color! I wear it whether it’s on trend or not. But this year there should be more to choose from. I love a light blue sweater with winter white pants, or with blue or gray jeans.

  4. I hope that you and your friend had a great lunch! Oh, what a beautiful color that I think most of us can wear in some form. This is a color that I would not have thought to wear during the cold months.

  5. I love blue, all shades — it’s my favorite color. I would find this color iffy for fall here in NYC as we are all about the art of darkness over here lol. But I could probably get away with that Vince Camuto sweater with the navy colorblock.

  6. As many have already commented, light, icy blue is a favorite! I also thought immediately of chocolate brown or dark grey/black bottoms. I have a beautiful Lilly Pulitzer long-sleeved light blue sweater that I bought several years ago that I never wore it in the summer because it was too hot. I will certainly keep it out with my fall wardrobe now! Have fun in Lancaster again! Hope it stops raining for you!

  7. Since several commented that they had not thought of glacier blue as a fall color, would you style some things with that color?

  8. Bought a sweater from loft last year that you showed .it was light blue with silver metallic stripes. Wore it with gray pants and silver flats. Loved it for winter

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