Fall Fashion Try On Haul: Denim Jackets, Transition Tops, Trousers & More

Greetings! I’m back with another Try-On Haul for you today. This one is a little shorter than usual, but I didn’t want to hold it any longer.

I’m comparing several denim jackets from Evereve, plus I’ve got some fall tops and trousers that I ordered recently, and those J.Crew field sneakers also came in.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

Fall Fashion Try On Haul

Let’s start off with those denim jackets. I’ve always loved a denim jacket for fall and spring. It’s my go-to “3rd piece” or layering piece, whatever you want to call it, when I’m not wearing jeans on the bottom. I ordered a few to try because I’m wanting a shorter option than the KUT from the Kloth Jacqueline that I currently have in my closet.

KUT from the Kloth Angela Denim Jacket

at Evereve (S) // sweater tank (S) // trousers (8) // clogs (8) // earrings

This one is more of a cropped length, at 20″, and it has a medium indigo wash. I like the wash and the fit, and it’s quite comfortable. Definitely a contender!

I styled it over a camel sweater with olive utility pants, but I think it could be a little longer. These pants already have quite a high rise, so I’m not sure it’s going to be very versatile in my wardrobe.

VERDICT: Undecided, keeping reading…

KUT from the Kloth Kara Frayed Denim Trucker Jacket

at Evereve (S) // ribbed tee (M) // trousers (8) // clogs (8) // earrings

This is the KUT from the Kloth Kara that I have in several colors, and this wash is pretty versatile. It has a fitted silhouette, a raw hem, and a cropped (19″) length that works really well with pants and dresses alike.

While the website measurements suggest this jacket is an inch longer than the one above, it looks longer to me, and I like the length better. I just don’t know if I like the fitted silhouette with the shape of these trousers. I think the boxy style of the Angela might provide a better balance to the volume on the bottom.

VERDICT: Deciding. Keep reading…

KUT from the Kloth Isabel Frayed Denim Trucker Jacket

at Evereve (S) // ribbed tee (M) // trousers (8) // clogs (8) // earrings

This is the longest of the three, at 21 1/4″ inches, and it has a similar wash to the Kara. The fabric is a little heavier, though, and the raw hem seems more distressed. It seems a little less polished than the two above, but Ido like the fit and feel.

VERDICT: I think it’s between this and the Kara. Which would you choose?

Also, if you want more on these trousers and/or this top, I did a full review on both in my last Try-On Haul.

PAIGE Dallas Pleated High Waist Wide Leg Linen Blend Trousers

at Nordstrom (8) // at Bloomies (8) // at Anthro (8) // at Paige.com (8) // sweater tank (S) // sandals (7.5) // earrings // necklace

Relaxed trousers (and yes, pleats!) are trending, and these looked so appealing online, so I ordered them to try when they were on sale at Bloomingdale’s. But wow, they are soooo long. There was no length measurement on the Bloomies website, but I just checked at Paige, and they have  33″ inseam. I would have sworn it was more like 34 or 35.

They also look really big and baggy on me, and they feel loose in the waist, so I think they’re too big. I should probably try the size 6. The fabric is really nice, lightweight, has a great drape.

I can’t quite picture how they’d look if they were hemmed to the proper length, but maybe it would be easier to visualize if I had the right size.

VERDICT: I’ll return these, and I might try the size 6 if I see them on sale again.

Vince Casual Wide Leg Pants

at Nordstrom (8) // floral top (S) // pumps (8) // earrings // necklace

These were an #NSale find, and they’re on sale again! I didn’t love the feel of the fabric when I got them in the mail, but they actually look pretty good on. The fabric is stiffer than most, but I do like the lack of pleats.

Unfortunately, they’re a little tight in the waist, but I’m not sure I’d like the look if I sized up. I feel like they’d be to wide, like the pair above.

VERDICT: Returning, but I might try the next size up.

Bia Sleek Henley

at Evereve (M) // PAIGE Leenah (29) // sneakers (8h) // MOTHER Weekender (29) // boots (8) // earrings

I love a henley top for fall. They’re often a waffle material, but this is more of an elevated ribbed fabric, which is really nice. It has an extra long placket, which I like. Some of them end right at the chest level, but this one is longer so it doesn’t cut off at such an awkward place.

The fabric is really nice, and I appreciate the set-in sleeves and generous cuffs. I ordered the medium because I usually do these days with ribbed fabrics, but I wonder if I should try the small because this one seems a little big.

That said, I appreciate that it isn’t clinging, so maybe I should keep it. It might shrink when it’s washed.

I styled it first with wide leg ankle jeans and sneakers, but I’m not sure I like this denim/shoe combination. These are the new J.Crew sneakers I mentioned a while back. I like them a lot, but I need the next size up. These are the 8h (which is 8 1/2), and I need the 9.

Here’s the same top with bootcut jeans and boots. I also added a brown belt to match the boots.

I love this look! While the top may be a bit too big, I think I’m going to keep it and assume it will shrink some when I wash it. I would hate for it to feel too clingy and tight.

VERDICT: This is such a good transition piece, and I definitely want to keep it, but I might try a small before I take the tags off and wear it.

Bristol Stripe Henley Tank

at Evereve (M) // MOTHER Weekender (29) // PAIGE Sasha (29) // bootie (7.5) // earrings

I had high hopes for this tank, but it has a really weird fit. It bubbles funny around the chest, and in the back. It’s also a little too low-cut.

All of these issues might be solved by sizing down, so maybe that’s the solution, but I’m surprised I need to size down in this fabric. Maybe it’s just a weird fit.

It also highlights my muffin top around the waistband of the mid-rise jeans. This is not me being too hard on myself. This is me noticing that the outfit would look better if I wore jeans with a higher rise, so I swapped out the MOTHER Weekenders (10 1/2″ rise) for the PAIGE Sasha (12″ rise).

I definitely have a more streamlined appearance through the midsectoin, but I feel like I look more shapely in the bootcut style above.

VERDICT: I will definitely be sending this top back, and I may order the small just for kicks and giggles. I don’t expect it to work, but I’m curious to try it.

And as you can see, I didn’t take the tags off of the PAIGE Sasha yet because I’m still not 100% sure I’m keeping them. You can see more on those in my last Try-On Haul.

line and dot Favorite Off Shoulder Ribbed Pullover

at Evereve (S) // PAIGE Sasha (29) // sandals  (7.5) // PAIGE Anessa (29) // clogs (8) // earrings

This top has so much potential, but I’m undecided about it. I styled it two ways, first with the PAIGE Sasha and transition sandals (above). But that felt a little too dressy for the ribbed knit, so then I tried it with my PAIGE Anessa wide leg crops and clogs (below), and I like that a lot better.

First off, I love the color of this top, and the fabric is nice and thick and soft. It’s a very nice quality. And while I love the idea behind the asymmetrical neckline and reverse seams, the fit is a little odd. It tends to fall off the shoulder on the one side, which I find annoying.

It stays up better if I push the sleeves up a bit; that kind of forces the shoulder of the top back into a more natural position.

I think I like it better with the wide leg ankle jeans and clogs.

VERDICT: I want to love this top; I could really use something like this in my fall closet, so I’m probably going to keep it and push up the sleeves when I wear it. I will keep the tags on and wear it around the house some before deciding.

Madewell Balsam Cap Sleeve Sweater

at Nordstrom (S) // PAIGE Anessa (29) // MOTHER Weekender in Fog (more sizes) (option) (29) //  clogs (8) // earrings

Because I didn’t have much new to show you this week, I dug this out of my #NSale pile. I haven’t worn it yet because it’s been so warm here in Philly, but it’s still available, and I thought I’d try styling it to a) make sure I want to keep it and b) give you some more transition tops to consider.

I like the shape of the sweater with these wide leg crops. The volume in the hem of the jeans helps to balance the chunky knit and the width of the shoulders of the top, and the taupe suede clogs work well with the overall vibe of the outfit…

Do you hear the BUT coming? I just don’t love the Summer Breeze color with the blue jeans.

I feel like it needs white or beige, or maybe a washed black, so I pulled these MOTHER Weekenders in Fog out of the back of my closet and switched to brown clogs. (The cool tone of the taupe clogs didn’t look good with warmer tone of the jeans.)

This is a better color pairing in theory, but I don’t know… something about this outfit doesn’t make me want to rip the tags off the sweater and wear it right now. The Summer Breeze is a beautiful color, but I’m really wishing I’d purchased the Heather Sand.

I probably should have also tried it with black jeans or a darker blue… This pair might work. I still have them, and I wish I’d thought to give that look a try, but I don’t really want to keep the sweater if I only have one pair of pants I can wear with it.

VERDICT: Definitely undecided on this one. Let me know what you think!

FRAME Le Mid Rise V-Neck Tee in Surplus

at Nordstrom (S) // MOTHER Weekender (29) // similar sandals // PAIGE Anessa (29) // slides (8) // earrings

Alrighty! Last one. I don’t usually buy multiple colors of the same top, but every once in a while, I have one I like so much, I’m tempted to grab a second color.

I wear my FRAME Le Mid Rise V-Neck Tee in the white so much that I decided to try this Surplus color because it’s such a gorgeous, rich shade of green, and I don’t really have any good fall-colored t-shirts for this second summer we’re having.

For some reason, I ordered the Small even though I have the white in the XS, and sure enough, the Small is too big. I mean, it isn’t awful, but it looks a little sloppy, and I know how well the white one fits, so I plan to exchange this. My only question is, should I get the Espresso color instead.

I already have an olive green washable silk tee from last year, so it might make more sense to get a different color. I also think the brown tee would look great with my olive Loewe bag, so… yeah, I might go with that!

Meanwhile, here’s how the Surplus color looks with blue jeans. I like it both ways, and it should also look good with black bottoms, so it’s very versatile.

VERDICT: Reordering in the XS, in either Espresso or Surplus. Which color would you choose?

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44 Responses

  1. I like the Isabel jacket; I think I like the detailing better.

    I love that Evereve reddish off-shoulder sweater. You said it keeps slipping off your shoulder–is it supposed to, maybe? The name is “off-shoulder,”

    Speaking of Evereve, I was always sad that I don’t live near one…and then I got an Evereve catalog in the mail. On the back it said that there are TWO stores near me! I had no idea! I can be at one in less than 30 minutes! Who knew??

    1. Yeah, it may be supposed to but I don’t like it that way. THe models don’t wear it that way either.

      YAY for getting a store nearby! I hear we have one coming to my area. I cannot wait.

  2. Love the Line & Dot Off shoulder top. I have it from last year ant Evereve and got another this year. Size down with this top and as it says in the name it’s meant to be ‘off shoulder’, so let it fall off your shoulder a little.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that in the title, but it isn’t shown that way on the website, and I like how it looks that way better. I’m not one to let things fall off my shoulder. It looks cute on some ladies, but it isn’t me.

  3. Absolutely love Evereve! I recently received an email that they do curated style boxes like stitch fix . Have you ever tried their service? I’m very tempted to give it a try !

    1. Yes, it’s called Trendsend. I have used it a few times, but they seem to just send popular stuff without a lot of consideration to what goes together. I decided I’m better off shopping for myself.

  4. I vote for the Kara! Love that red off the shoulder top! Such a pretty neckline, but looks like it can be worn with a regular bra, which is a huge plus for me. Does it look faded in person? Your pics look like a more saturated red, the website pics almost made it look more faded. Curious which you think is more accurate.

  5. Definitely the Kara jacket; the Isabel is my least favorite of the three. It feels a bit “Western” to me, maybe because of the brighter buttons? I also really like the Surplus color, so I say get that AND the Espresso.

  6. Your blog is my favorite to read! Since we are not the same body proportions, I do not typically order what you link but would still love to support your business. Can you put general links for the stores you get paid for us to use on your website? I am sure many of us would happily use those links anytime we shop online to make sure you get the credit! I assume we could bookmark those links to easily shop through them 🙂

      1. Well, look at that lol! I rarely look to my sidebar since it is usually full of adds and I try to ignore them. Thanks!

  7. I prefer the Angela.. will the frayed edge of the other two go out of style?? But, of those two I prefer the Kara. Here in the Midwest the wide length jeans/pants aren’t seen much yet.. we are slow to that trend, and I’m ok with it. I’m a shortie, so they don’t do me any favors! hahaha

  8. I love the color of the Madewell sweater vest! Not sure I’m finding sweater vests very useful, although it’s still hot here. I bought a gray one from Gap on super sale, so I’ll give it a try when the weather gets cooler.

    One thing to consider about the relaxed, pleated pants – I have a small frame and am about 5’3”. Petite pants are often a little short for me (I think I have slightly long legs), but I recently tried some wide leg chinos from Banana Republic Factory in my regular 6 and also 6 petite. It was amazing how much better the petite size looked – the regular size was very overwhelming, but the petite was just nicely relaxed.

    Just a thought for people who want to try the trend, but maybe find it to look like they are wearing a laundry bag (been there!).

  9. Great jackets! I prefer the silhouette of the Isabel. I think the slim lines of the Kara make it difficult to wear over heavier fall tops or the bulkier bottoms. It just looks like a summer jacket to me. I also wouldn’t want the same jacket in more than 1 color. Which bootcut jeans did you style with the Henley? I have the sneakers coming, fingers crossed that they fit!

  10. I love that dark green waffle henley and I don’t think it looks too big on you at all. Skims the body perfectly. You’re right about it maybe shrinking in the dryer. And that Madewell Cap sleeve sweater from the Nordstrom sale. I had it my cart during the whole sale and it sold out and I never could get it. Now it’s available in all sizes…at full price. UGH! I wanted the same color you have. I think it would look great with black or grey jeans as well as the ecru or white ones. Or maybe camel/brown bottoms.

  11. Not one of the items you were highlighting, I know, but just curious if you’ve washed that dark floral print Loft top yet? I was looking at it but it has two different reviews that said it shrunk badly after one wash in cold water. I’m curious to know if you had the same experience.

    1. I have it and mine did shrink. I also noticed she wore it “backward” from the model. The tag is on the side of the button neck closure. I think it looks better her way, so I will try it that way too.

      1. LOL! I was trying to figure out why the picture didn’t look like mine. HAHA!!! I looked all over the website for one with a split neck. 😂 😂 😂

        I actually like it better that way.

  12. I bought the cap sleeve in that color during the sale. I really like the color, but I think I will wear it (when the weather cools) with dark wash jeans or black jeans or white jeans. I just ordered black jeans from Gap outlet, so we will see how they fit. I have been looking for a pair for several years, so fingers crossed that my search is over. I just want a basic pair of black jeans, not distressed, finished hem, not too expensive.
    I am loving the hot weather, but fall will come at some point haha! When it is 90 degrees, I cannot think of fall colors, fall clothes, or fall home decor.

  13. The Jean jacket definitely gives you a very useful put together look. However, I would like to have a similar jacket, but not in the blue denim, possibly another color, or may be a lighter material since we live in tropical weather.
    The symmetrical sweater top is a gorgeous burgundy color, but I agree with the odd shoulder cut.

  14. My favorite is the the asymmetrical top. The color is perfect for the season and it looks so cute. But it might not be for you, if you don’t like the fit. I have narrow shoulders, so it might not work for me. But I might try it anyway, since I love the look.
    When it comes to jean jackets, I like the Kara. The arms seem to fit better, without needing to be rolled up.

  15. I am not a fan of the asymmetrical sweater, although the color is beautiful on you. It may be my OCD because I really don’t like anything that’s not symmetrical! I prefer the Kara jacket for you!

  16. First of all if you have to debate too long and can’t take the tags off, maybe you should send back. Lol. You have plenty of Fall and Winter to find things you love. :)If you already have a olive silk shirt, go with the espressos color. I’m feeling so limited for Fall colors since I let my hair go grey. Some colors I use to wear like cream I just don’t like. So I’m going more color. Purged my closet some. You have really embraced the wider leg pants. You look great. I haven’t gone there yet as I don’t want to wear all the heels. I do like the more crop wide leg with mules so am going to have to try more. I’m shorter than you so the fit and length has to be right. I need a good instore shopping trip. :).

  17. PS. As for the denim jacket I like the Kara or Isabel and think leaning more toward the Isabel for the color. You should keep trying with other clothes and even dresses. Also one may fit better over light weight sweaters.

  18. I prefer the look of the Angela denim jacket paired with the high waisted olive pants (the second outfit); to me the first outfit with the tapered olive trousers look too stumpy, just don’t love the fuller leg that is tapered at the bottom.

  19. The Kara for sure, better shape to it and the distressing looks intentional. The Isabel just looks like it’s missing the bottom of the jacket to me.

  20. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    My question is about the clogs. Which color do you find more versatile, the taupe or the brown? Thanks and I love your blog!

  21. So your “peacock” top is a totally different style than mine. Mine is a boatneck collar. So funny because I’m pretty sure I used your shipping link for it. I like both!
    I know you’re still is the redesign process but reading the blog post on my phone is really difficult now. Everything’s in a thin column to the left of my phone screen and I can’t get it to enlarge or it closes out the whole thing.

  22. Well I love this summer breeze sweater with the fog color jeans. And your dark hair! I a going to try and copy that outfit!

  23. On the last top I like both the green and expresso. I bought front pleat trousers from Old Navy. They’re petite and fit me perfectly. I like the Kara jacket. I have two and they fit me well.I bought a one shoulder sweater too without knowing it. I knew it wasn’t symmetrical and thought that’s how it’s supposed to be. Even the clerk at Banana Republic factory didn’t know it was worn off one shoulder. I went to the website and saw how the models were wearing it. It’s very flattering and fits me so good. However I am having a hard time figuring out where to wear it. I’m still keeping it for a special occasion.

  24. I vote for the Kara jacket. I have it and like it a lot. I got a small and wear it with sleeveless tops, as it’s not very roomy in the body or arms. For the frame tee, I vote for espresso. I love olive and green but if you already have a tee in that color, might as well get a different color. I have the frame tee too and love it, just wish it weren’t so long and kind of big in the body. I wear an XS, but if they made an XXS I would get it.

  25. Good morning! My question is about the Fog Mother weekenders. Do you see yourself wearing them this winter? I love them and can picture them with fall outfits. Just wondering if they will make sense in the winter as well. Thank you as always for your helpful posts!

    1. I think they’re perfect for fall and winter, but I’ve had them for a while and never seem to reach for them. Maybe I will this fall. I got them last spring, and quickly moved to light wash blue jeans and white denim.

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