What I Wore Lately

What I Wore Lately Vol. 112

Greetings and happy hump day! I hope your week is going well. Today, I’ve rounded up my everyday outfits from the past few weeks.

For anyone new to following along, the idea here is to keep it real, so some items are older and no longer available. I do my best to link similar and to suggest more budget-friendly options when applicable.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

What I Wore Lately: Two Weeks of Everyday Outfits

This first picture is from the Wednesday exactly two weeks ago. I had a crazy day full of appointments, starting with a dentist appointment with my daughter and then a visit to my chiropractor.

I had been in Boston helping my other daughter move into her college dorm for the previous two days, and I hadn’t washed my hair since Sunday. (This will become relevant in a second.) I decided I could make it one more day, so I threw it up a clip and pulled on some activewear and ran out the door.

Zella tee (S) // Vuori Halo Wide Leg c/o (M) // Birks (39) // Lagos hoops

Later that day, my younger daughter had an appointment at the high school for her senior pictures, and I went along to watch and take a few pictures from behind the curtain. I had no idea they were going to put ME in one of the professional pictures!

Thank goodness I took the time to slap on minimal makeup and change into real clothes, but I was really wishing I’d done my hair that morning.

The Reset Too Good Tank (S) // similar FRAME Le High Straight (29) // YSL sandals (similar for less) // Dragon Diffusion tote (option) // Lagos hoops // similar pendant

I finally washed my hair the next day and got myself looking more presentable, although I didn’t have anything especially exciting going on.

It was rather chilly for August, so I took the opportunity to wear that Rails button-up I included in my worst spring/summer wardrobe purchases. Again, those purchases aren’t bad, I just didn’t wear them as much as I expected to.

Also, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I’m almost over these jeans. Or I think I only like them for suuuuper casual looks, like with a graphic tee or something. The rag-tag look is starting to wear on me. I would prefer something a little cleaner with this stripe button-up.

Rails button-up (S) // MOTHER Insiders (29) // Tory Burch Miller Sandals (8) // Dragon Diffusion tote (option) // Lagos hoops // similar pendant

This was another casual day working from home and running mundane errands. You guys often ask about how I decide on my accessories. In this case, I wasn’t really doing much of anything, so I just wore a pair of small hoop earrings and one of my favorite rings. (I almost always put a ring on my right hand, no matter how casual the outfit.)

I thought I liked this tee, but my daughter panned it. I think it’s the way it pulls across the chest that she was objecting to, and it really does look awkward from certain angles. It’s a bummer because I like the color, the split neck detail, and the close but not body-con fit.

Madewell tee (M) // Citizens Isola (29) (similar for less) // Birks (39) // Lagos hoops

That Friday night, we went to see The Hooters. I had a fresh spray tan, and my bedroom was rather dark when I took this picture, so I look a little freakish. (As I explained in this post, the bronzer they use washes off in the first shower, so I don’t look like this for long, but I was still within that 8-hour window when I couldn’t shower off.)

It was hot and humid, so I didn’t bother with much jewelry. Also, I love this bag for concerts, amusement parks, ballgames, etc. The cranberry color makes a nice pop against my neutral outfits, and it’s very convenient to carry and holds a lot more than it appears.

Michael Stars Maya Tank (S) // AG Becke (29) // Dolce Vita slides (8) // HOBO crossbody (also at Zappos) // Lagos hoops

The next day, I flew to Virginia for my dad’s 80th birthday. This sweater has a lot going on with the contrasting buttons and the higher neckline, so I wore small mixed metal hoop earrings and a Victoria Emerson mini cuff bracelet. Almost all of my VE bracelets are sold out, but she has lots of similar options.

You might notice, I brought the Loewe bag I bought in Rome. I haven’t used it much, but I feel like I’ll carry it a lot more this fall. I like how the olive bag and brown sandals complement each other without matching, and the rest of the outfit is fairly neutral, so it all works together nicely.

sweater vest (S) // PAIGE Anessa (29) (similar for less) // YSL sandals (similar for less) // Loewe Flamenco (purchased in Roma!) // Lagos hoops // Victoria Emerson bracelet c/o

My mom hosted my dad’s birthday party dinner in a private room at a historic hotel in our hometown, so I used the opportunity to dress up!

These Stuart Weitzman heels are on sale, by the way. (This is the Fawn color.) They’re remarkably comfortable for a strappy heel. I wore them all day at a wedding back in June and danced all night, and my feet were fine. Even now, with this nagging ankle injury, I’m able to wear them for several hours without any discomfort.

Ming Wang dress (S) // Stuart Weitzman heels (8) (similar for less) // similar bag // J.Crew earrings // Jenny Bird necklace // Victoria Emerson bracelet c/o my collection

It was a quick trip, and I few back home the next day. I could have worn the same black sweater vest as the day before, but I packed a different top just in case of a stain or something, so I changed it up.

Also, my olive green drawstring bag looked really nice with this cream colored sweater, even better than with the black one. I just didn’t happen to have it on me when I took this picture.

The Reset Too Good Tank (S) // Paige Anessa (29) (similar for less) // YSL sandals (similar for less) // Jenny Bird earrings // similar pendant

I didn’t have much going on the next day, but I had a Pilates class that evening, so I wore Vuori.

Vuori tank c/o (L) // Vuori joggers c/o (M) // Vuori jacket c/o (S) // On Cloud 5 (8.5) // Lululemon Belt Bag // Lagos studs

Another day last week, I went walking with a friend, so that called for more Vuori!

Vuori Energy Top (S) // Vuori Clementine Shorts c/o (M) // On Cloud 5 (8.5) // Lagos studs // not shown: Lululemon Belt Bag

When I got back, I showered off and threw on jean shorts and a comfy tee for the rest of the day. I think I visited a friend on her patio that night. (Pardon the mess in the hall… those are the bags I decided to return.)

Gap Factory linen tee (S) // AG Becke (29) // Celine sandals purchased in Florence (option) // Lagos studs // similar pendant

I guess I was feeling the navy and denim last week! I wore this the next day to go to the eye doctor to renew my contacts prescription. I’ve always liked a navy top and blue jeans with brown accessories. It’s simple and classy.

You may notice that I’ve been wearing these jeans a lot lately. They’re from last summer, and I had put them aside for the winter, but I pulled them back out because they’re verrrry soft and stretchy and comfortable, which is what I need right now. (The fabric is 93% cotton, 6% polyester 1%, elastane.)

I also like the silhouette quite a lot with sandals for summer. They have a rather dramatic flare, but I like how it balances my proportions, and they have that effortlessly chic casual summer vibe that I love, without a lot of distressing. (They have a 11 1/4″ front rise with a button fly, and a 26 1/2″ inseam with a 16 1/2″ leg opening, for those who pay attention to such matters.)

LOFT sweater tee (S) (option) // Citizens Isola (29) (similar for less) // YSL sandals (similar for less) // Dragon Diffusion tote (option) // Jenny Bird earrings

I actually had this outfit on first, but decided I might be cold in the doctor’s office, so I changed into the navy sweater. I still want to include it, though, because I really like the look, and this sweater tank is a great price right now. The color gives a nod to fall, but it’s lightweight and comfortable for the hot weather we often have right through September.

Gap Factory sweater tank (S) // Citizens Isola (29) (similar for less) // Celine sandals purchased in Florence (option) // Dragon Diffusion tote (option) // Jenny Bird earrings // similar pendant

That brings us to last Thursday. I had a photo shoot that morning, and I wore this outfit for the rest of the day.

As for my accessory choices, I added several pieces of mixed metal jewelry, but no single piece is a statement piece. I feel like they all balance each other fairly well. I also chose a belt and bag to coordinate with my sandals.

KUT from the Kloth jacket (S) // The Reset Too Good Tank (S) // PAIGE Leenah (29) (similar for less) // YSL sandals (similar for less) // Dragon Diffusion tote (option) // old AllSaints belt (similar) // Jenny Bird earrings & necklace // Stella & Dot cuff

I had a Pilates class on Saturday morning, and that called for… you guessed it… more Vuori.

Vuori Energy Top c/o (M) // Vuori leggings c/o (M) // On Cloud 5 (8.5) // Lagos studs

I threw on a jacket to drive to and from, but I didn’t really need it.

Vuori jacket c/o (S) // Vuori Energy Top c/o (M) // Vuori leggings c/o (M) // On Cloud 5 (8.5) // Lagos studs

And then Paul and I met friends for lunch that afternoon. I love this dress; the fabric is really soft and comfortable and not as clingy as you would expect. I like how the bold pink pairs with the metallic sandals.

As far as my accessories go, I chose sculpted hoop earrings for some bling next to my face, and a Victoria Emerson bracelet with a lot of white and silver tones to keep the look light and summery.

LOFT dress (S) // LOFT earrings // Celine sandals purchased in Florence (option) // LV Graceful PM // similar bracelet

Also, I haven’t carried my LV Graceful PM in a while, so I pulled it out and started carrying it this week. It’s usually one of my favorite summer bags, but I’ve been reaching for the Dragon Diffusion woven tote when I want a medium sized tote. I guess because it’s newer, and it pairs so well with my brown sandals.

I realized when I was getting dressed on Saturday that this LV bag pairs really nicely with the metallic sandals that I bought in Florence, so I’m going to keep that in mind.

STYLE TIP: I like to have a few go-to shoe and handbag combos. It makes getting dressed and putting the final touches on my outfits easier.

The back of this dress is super cute, so I tried to get a rear view shot. For those wondering, I wore the Wacoal Body Base Shorty underneath. ☺️

This is what I wore to church on Sunday. I figured I should get one more wear out of this dress because I probably won’t want to wear it after Labor Day. (I don’t put all of my white away after Labor Day, but this dress is both white and a summery fabric and style, so it will get washed and stored until next year.)

I wore silver shoes and accessories, since there is an exposed silver zipper in the back, and I carried the LV Graceful again. I also added that Victoria Emerson bracelet from the pink dress above as I headed out the door.

Tommy Bahama dress (M) // Talbots sandals c/o (8) // Jenny Bird earrings // not shown: similar Victoria Emerson bracelet // LV Graceful PM

I haven’t done much with myself this week. I wore the same jean shorts two days in a row. That’s the way it goes sometimes!

On Monday, I ran to the grocery store, and then we hosted friends at our backyard pool for Memorial Day.

old graphic tee // AG Becke (39) // Birks (39) // Lagos studs // LV Graceful PM

Then yesterday I had a couple of appointments and worked the rest of the day from home.

Gap Factory linen tee (S) // AG Becke (39) // Birks (39) // Lagos studs

And that’s a wrap! Whew! I feel like I could almost do these posts weekly. When I start adding details on accessories, etc., it gets really long. Or maybe I should leave out some of the more mundane outfits. I’m always interested in your feedback, so let me know what you prefer.

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67 thoughts on “What I Wore Lately Vol. 112

  1. Great post, as always!
    Question: can you tell me what to wear with chocolate brown pants? All I can think of is cream, but I need more options! Just bought them and I’m at a loss. I usually wear more black/gray/navy, so these have me stumped. Thanks!

    1. I´m on the cooler side of colours and I would wear berrytones, lilac, teal, blue-white-striped tops with them. A nice blue-green, maybe a yellow or burgundy? It depends on the chocolate colour. I´d wear a darker shade like bitter-chocolate with the colours listed. I also like a light silver grey with darker cool browns.

  2. I love your What I Wore Lately posts. They give me good ideas (since most of the time I am in workout clothes or shorts and a tank top working in the garden/yard this time of year.) I like when you explain how you chose an outfit with accessories, which I often forget. I always look for inexpensive workout clothes even if the cost per wear would be low since I wear them daily. If you find any dups for Vuori, please pass them along.
    I have been putting off going through my closet to see what I really wear and what I need to donate. It is so hard to get rid of clothes I like, in good shape, but I just no longer wear. Retiring and moving south has changed what I need, and I did give away so much before we moved. The local church thrift shop loved to see us coming. Time to get serious about what I will wear to keep in my closet.
    Thank you! Arna

  3. I think my favorite tidbit from this post is that you almost always wear a right-hand ring. I hadn’t noticed that before. It’s probably something that would fit in well with my style. Most days I’m just wearing earrings and my ring from my partner on my left hand.

  4. Good morning! I enjoy theses posts and always read. If you are looking to shorten, my preference is to keep the comments on style tips and reason (why you packed the white dress away for the season) and skip the days of duplicates and outfits that have been shared previously and/or are no longer available. Thank you for your consistently well done posts and for sharing your great style! 💜

  5. I love these posts! These longer ones give me a chance to really take a break with my cup of coffee and savor all the deets. If you do decide to break them up and do them weekly, please leave in all the commentary– it’s so helpful and feels like I’m having a good chat with a friend 🙂

    1. I agree and love all of the detail and if broken up is OK too…….if not all of the time, even occasionally 🙂 You do a great job and so much time and effort is put into your post, thank you.

  6. Love these post. They are not too long and I like to see ALL you wear on the daily….. even the mundane. It keeps it real. I’m still having issues viewing post on my iPhone. It’s fine until I go to enlarge with my fingers to see something closer then it automatically pulls the post in a column to the left side smaller, making it harder to read the post. The post doesn’t stay put. It moves around on the screen too much if you try to adjust anyway. Hope this explains it. Another lady mentioned it yesterday and I commented I was having trouble too.

  7. I love these posts and would be fine leaving as is or doing weekly. Don’t change any of the narrative though, pretty please. I think it often encourages me to process what I’m wearing more critically (in a good way) and see if I can get a better result in the end. I also love how you keep it so real with the multiple Vuori days. (me too!)
    I think I agree on the Mother jeans feeling a little tired. My daughter wore hers over the holiday weekend one day and I had the same thought. Although they look GREAT on both you and her, I’m ready for a break from the distressing and chewed uneven hem. I do think fall makes me want to dress up a tad though, so perhaps that is why.

  8. I like the commentary especially why an outfit worked or didn’t/won’t like the white dress. I don’t find them too long and the fact that some pieces are sold out doesn’t matter. We use them for outfit ideas from our own closet.

    On another note, heavily distressed jeans seem to be out. I’m not seeing other influencers wearing them anymore. But to be honest, I never liked them.

    1. I loved them, but you are right that they are on their way out. It’s a bummer b/c I repurchased these jeans in the larger size this summer. Oh, well! I will hold onto them and wear them next summer for super casual purposes.

      1. I’m over the distressed look with jeans including unfinished hems which is funny because I really enjoyed them for a while. I still like/wear my 3-5 inch denim shorts that have unfinished hems, but I’ve been wearing those for decades!

      2. I got tired of my distressed jeans and put them away for awhile and wore non-distressed straight jeans. Just got the distressed jeans out and started wearing them again and my teen daughter complimented me twice on my cute outfit. I do see them on racks in my area.

        What would you suggest I wear with black dressy wide leg pants? I am going to a conference that is business casual and plan to wear these pants that I was gifted. I get cold easily so I was thinking a more body conscious long sleeved top?

      3. I can’t help it but I still like my distressed jeans, I’ll put them away for next spring and summer. It’s nice to have a cute pair in the summer when you just don’t want to wear shorts and they offer a little coolness. They could also but cut off for jean shorts, but that’s just me, I hate to wear my good outfits at home because I usually get stains on them.
        Love this type of post Jolynn!

  9. I enjoy the What I Wore posts! I like the long ones just fine, because I find your thought processes helpful. And seeing repeat outfits is helpful too.

  10. I love the what I wore posts. I vote for a picture a day. My favorite part is hearing how you chose things to go with each other. For example I had never thought about having a shoe handbag combo! I will try that too. To be honest I also appreciate you have mundane days too! It really keeps it real and I love the wide range of clothes as I too dress in jeans mostly but have sweatpants days and days I feel like a dress. I hear you on your time commitment sorry.. I think I just voted you keep doing eVERy thing! So I wasn’t much help with taking out anything. I guess that says I love all you do!

  11. OH please do NOT change these posts….it keeps it real for ALL of us. I look forward to these, and also tend to buy a few more things off these posts as I can see them in a more “real” atmosphere.

    1. I agree, I love these posts, the longer the better! They are so helpful. I love “repeat” links because the link is always at my fingertip if I decide to explore the item.

  12. I always really like these posts. I think weekly would be too much.
    I do like the accessory information bc it helps motivate me to put some on!

  13. I too enjoy these posts and appreciate the commentary, primarily about jewelry. I have a hard time with that but also know it can make an outfit. Thanks for the time you put into all your posts. I follow a number of bloggers but like yours the best!

  14. Don’t you just LOVE those The Reset tanks? I ordered the ivory and black and the fit, especially with underarm “chicken flap” coverage is perfect. And the length is short enough for high waisted jeans, but not so short that you’re flashing anything if you raise your arms. I love them!

  15. I enjoy these posts and agree with what others have said about appreciating the thought process. I also agree that I don’t mind when items are sold out since we can still use it as an idea for styling similar items from our own closets. I personally would prefer it broken down into smaller chunks each Wed (without leaving anything out!). I read your blog and a couple others in the morning before work. When it’s a longer post I either don’t have time or just skim. I enjoy being able to take my time reading unhurried. Maybe a weeks worth would be a good medium length. I assume it’d also be easier on you to write? I’m ok either way tho, this is supposed to be fun! 😉

  16. I enjoy this type of post. The dresses look great on you. I especially like the black and white ones. I never liked the raggedy jeans. I think a little distressing around the pockets is okay but not big holes on the knees. I don’t mind the cutout hems since makes it so easy to alter.

  17. When you love a t-shirt or sweater and it “spans” across the chest, you can make it a little bigger (1/2 to 1″) by taking it out a little early (good and wet) and then hanging it sideways to dry on the line. (Even pulling it a little where you need the room or even taking the iron to it as you pull it across.) This should do the trick!
    Oh, we’re all getting older, it’s Labor Day……gave me a chuckle – we all do it!
    Thank you for all your blogs!

  18. I like seeing the “mundane” outfits as well as the rest. It assures me that I’m not the only one that wears more comfy clothes around the house. Sometimes I change clothes several times a day, depending on what all is going on!

  19. Since you mentioned you were wondering about whether to include your more everyday, mundane outfits in these posts, here are my two cents: one reason I like your “What I Wore Lately” posts is because you include all your outfits. It’s nice to see a mixture of both casual and more elevated outfits, and sometimes I really love some of your simpler outfits – like the one you wore on your trip home from your dad’s birthday – the Paige Anessa jeans with the white tank and brown sandals was simple but looked very chic. I think I’ll have to copy that one! Also, you looked great in the pink Loft dress!

    1. Oh, yes, that was one of my favorites too! I don’t really consider that mundane. I was thinking more about the repetitive shorts outfits. But I can definitely keep it all, maybe just consolidate some pictures into collages.

  20. Love these what I wore lately posts. I just wanted to comment on the distressed jeans, not sure what everyone else is feeling but I’m so over them, I have one very minimally distressed pair (got rid of the rest) and only wear them for really casual outings, last time was a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, I now just wear them around the house

  21. Since I shop primarily from my phone, I’d like to see your retailer links in the drop down box. I’d like for you to get credit for the things I purchase even if you haven’t shared them. I know this is on your website but i don’t go there as often.

    1. That’s helpful feedback. I could link a page in my menu with those retailer links, but I can’t make them appear in a dropdown. They should still show on mobile, but they are below the blog post. I know, it’s not ideal. I think making the page is a good idea because my next design may not have a sidebar at all.

      1. I may be missing something here. What are the drop down box links? I click on links for a specific item under the picture but I’m assuming this refers to a more general shipping link? I’d definitely use that when browsing.

        For what it’s worth, I have only ever read the blog on my phone. To the point that if the mobile site was down, I’d wait a couple days vs drag out my laptop to look at it. But then I’m a millennial and even file my taxes on my phone! 🤦🏻‍♀️ So if I’m missing something by not using the desktop version please let me know!

        1. The menu bar is available on desktop and mobile. It is just more visible on desktop. When viewing my blog on your mobile phone, there are 3 lines at the top left corner of the screen. Tap them, and a menu bar slides out with links to various categories and pages on my blog. There is also a search bar. Hope that helps!

  22. Hi! Your “What I Wore” posts are the best, doesn’t matter if they are 1 or 2 weeks long! When I read that this was 2 weeks, I put it aside until I had a nice chunk of time to read it!! Loved the story of Becca’s senior portraits! It’s amazing they didn’t warn you that you would be asked to be included in a photo! We all want to see it, I’m sure you looked great!! Also, I know it’s easier for you to take mirror selfies in your bedroom for all the photos, but I appreciate different locations at times. Doesn’t your husband want to follow you around all day to take your picture?? HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I’ve been known to wear the same denim shorts for days on end. I have my favorite pair, and it’s been SOOOO hot! I do change up my tops!

    1. Snort, I wish! I would like to have more “on location” shots but often I am alone, or with a kid, and they would be embarrassed to take pictures of me at the mall or a doctor’s office, lol.

  23. Please don’t change one thing about these posts! You look so nice in the magenta dress and the interesting design in the back is so pretty.

  24. I love the detail you put into your posts! I am VERY detail-oriented, so it’s one of my favorite things about your blog!

  25. Love these posts just the way they are. Envious of all the high end items. Just not in my budget but they sure look good on you.

    1. To be completely transparent, that is something I always struggle with in these posts. I’m a firm believer in wearing the good stuff for everyday. Why save it? You can’t take it with you. And it seems disingenuous not to show the higher end items, when this is supposed to be real life, but I also feel like it’s kind of obnoxious to link everything I own. I will try to do better about showing more wallet-friendly options.

  26. I love see all the outfits. it gives outfit idea for even the mundane days. I am loving the sweater vests, I have the gap factory one in my cart. I may choose a different color wanted to be a twin set for work. it looks so good w Jean.

  27. I enjoy reading all the commentary about how you choose your purse, shoes, belt and jewelry to put an outfit together. It helps me to think about putting MY outfits together. Appreciate all the time and effort you put into your blog. I like the open back on that dress and you look fabulous in it!

  28. I like reading about your thought process as to why something works or doesn’t, and about your choice of accessories. I look forward to this post and your try on hauls. I think I like the what I wore for the real life aspect, not just the ‘taking pictures to link’ type posts ( mostly from others— you don’t focus on the selling) . I’ve been around for a long time ( from the musings days and the original FB group) and you continue to be the first post I look for. Thank you for all the guidance over the years!

  29. I LOVE these posts! Especially your commentary (all of it). I like seeing what you’ve worn IRL, rather than just things you buy for the purpose of a post with no intentions of keeping the item and feel like we’re friends just sharing information. I feel you truly purchase things with the intention of keeping and loving them, even if some things don’t work out as you hoped.

    That said, I love the challenge of shopping my closet to see if I can mimic a look, rather than duplicating it piece for piece. Especially when things are more spendy than I can reason with. When I do have a gap, I might seek out a new piece to fill it (ex: sweater vest). Or, wait for the trend to pass, LOL! As I’ve mentioned before, I prefer buying resale/thrift at this stage in life and have been able to “keep up with trends” fairly easily, and economically, this way. I don’t have ANY issue with creating a raw hem on jeans I bought at GW!!

  30. Great post as always. Look forward to these!! It is like chatting with friend, truly! I think you look great in the botton down! Very pretty:)

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