Victoria Emerson X Jo-Lynne Shane

Well, I’ve been teasing it for long enough! The day has finally come. My jewelry collection with Victoria Emerson is finally LIVE!!!

I’ve been wearing Victoria Emerson jewelry for years, so I was thrilled when they reached out about creating my own collection.

This isn’t just another post where I choose some of their bracelets to feature. This time I actually got to help design the jewelry!!! It was so much fun to have a part in the design process.

I was especially excited when we planned the launch for fall because it’s my favorite time of year for fashion. Each of these pieces plays to my love of neutrals and elevated everyday style. I hope you love them as much as I do!

The best part is, for a limited time all of the jewelry in my collection is Buy One, Get One Free! There is no code needed; just add them to cart and check out. 

Okay, let me tell you a little bit about each piece. There are 11 in all, and there was no rhyme or reason to that number; it’s just what we ended up with.

Victoria Emerson X Jo-Lynne Shane Collection

Crossover Cuff $68

I’m calling this the Crossover Cuff because of the fun crossover design. It’s a mix of sparkling crystals, braided leather, and silver coins with a pretty polished howlite stone as the focal point.

With shades of black and white and silver and gold, this neutral bracelet has a touch of glam that I just love with dressier looks.

Copper Crystal Cuff $68

The Copper Crystal Cuff is one I’ve been wearing a ton this month. This neutral boho cuff with gold shimmering details seems to go with everything.

Druzy Crystal Cuff $68

And the Druzy Crystal Cuff has a fun animal print leather brand that adds texture to the sparkling crystals, silver coins, and polished stones.

The druzy pendant with silver charms creates a striking focal point and adds a subtle edgy vibe to this piece.

All three of these boho cuffs fasten with the Victoria Emerson’s trademark white gold plated magnetic clasp with engraved logo.

Silver Link Mini Cuff $48

I also did several mini cuffs, which have adjustable clasps. The Silver Link Mini Cuff has been getting a lot of airtime in my wardrobe lately. It’s such a great everyday piece in shades of grey accented by sparkling silver chains.

Black & Sequin Mini Cuff $48

Then I did a similar style with a bolder palette. This gorgeous Black & Sequin Mini Cuff features the perfect mix of black beads and silver accents, with the pave shamballa crystal in the center.

Stone & Sequin Mini Cuff $48

The last mini cuff in my collection is this Stone & Sequin Mini Cuff. I just love the natural polished stones combined with crystal beads and the diamante chain.

Mixed Metal Hoop Earrings $58

I thought it would be fun to expand beyond bracelets, so I added a necklace (in silver or gold) and a pair of Mixed Metal Hoop Earrings to my collection.

These pieces are lightweight and understated — perfect for everyday looks.

Gold Coin Layer Necklace $58

The Gold Coin Layer Necklace is a layered look with a 14K gold plated dash chain paired with a dainty fancy chain, completed by a sleek circle pendant.

Silver Coin Layered Necklace $58

And the Silver Coin Layered Necklace is the same design, but in 925 silver plated stainless steel. These double chain necklaces are both 100% nickel-free and I love how they add a minimalist charm to my everyday looks.

Finally, I helped create two mixed metal bangle bracelets that are a bit of a departure from the cuffs and wraps that Victoria Emerson is known for.

I’m especially proud of these and so glad the design team was willing to work with my ideas for something a little different!

Mixed Metal Cross Wire Cuff $58

This Mixed Metal Cross Wire Cuff is simple but elegant, so easy to dress up or down.

Mixed Metal Multiband Cuff $58

And last but certainly not least, as I’ve probably worn this one more than any other so far…

This Mixed Metal Multiband Cuff is a layered bangle that is sure to take your date night looks up a notch. Dainty twisted gold wire is paired with silver beads for a truly eye-catching piece.

And that’s a wrap!!! I tried to create enough different designs so that there’s something for almost every woman’s style and taste, so I hope you find something to love.

If you have any questions about style or fit, I’m happy to answer in the comments, or you can send an email if you prefer. I will say that the two bangles are a little stiff to get on and off. I have smallish wrists, and they’re slightly loose on me, but they stay on, no problem. The mini cuffs are the most adjustable, with a lobster claw clasp that has 4 or 5 settings. And if you have larger wrists, I believe you can get an extension for the boho cuffs, if you reach out to their customer service.

Shipping is free at Victoria Emerson on orders over $75, and they have a 30 day no questions asked return policy in case your order doesn’t work out.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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65 thoughts on “Victoria Emerson X Jo-Lynne Shane

  1. These are gorgeous! 😍

    Quick fit question: I have an extremely small wrist…it’s actually annoying, so few bracelets don’t just fall off me.
    Which of these would be adjustable and might work for me?

    I love them all so there is no wrong answer😉


    1. Hey Deb. The mini cuffs are the only bracelets that are adjustable. I have smallish wrists and the boho cords work for me too. The mixed metal cuffs might be too big for you. Hope that helps!

  2. What a beautiful collection! I loved every piece and it was hard to limit myself to two pieces. My favorite is the Crossover Cuff. Congratulations on your new line with Victoria Emerson. The BOGO was a nice surprise, too.

  3. Jo Lynne,
    I’ve been following you for years and I love your new collection!! I had an alarm set to remind me it was launching today. I just ordered four items can’t wait to get them and wear them through the fall and holidays great job that designs are fabulous!

  4. Soo happy for you! What a great collaboration, since I’ve seen you featuring these bracelets forever! I love the pieces that you’ve styled, really versatile! Congratulations again!! 👏🏻😍

  5. These are all so pretty. I’ve never owned a Victoria Emerson bracelet or necklace. Her’s are also beautiful. Are your pieces in a store or do they have to be ordered? I also have small wrists. I love the simplicity of the design. Have a Great Day!!
    Linda W. 😄

  6. Congratulations on such a beautiful collection! My question is how do you keep layered necklaces from twisting together? I always find such cute 2-3 layer necklaces, but within the first 5 minutes around my neck, they somehow twist themselves up into a knot. So frustrating!

    1. Thank you! I get asked that a lot and I don’t know, I just don’t have too much trouble with that. This set is all one piece, you can’t take them apart, and I think that helps. I always hang them for storage too. Maybe that helps?

  7. Congrats! How exciting and beautiful. It really does match your sense of style. I ordered right away as I am sure they will all sell out fast. LOVE Victoria Emerson and always get a ton of compliments. The best customer service and quality of jewelry at great prices! How lucky are you?!

  8. This collection is fabulous! I love everything, especially the crossover bracelet. You featured one this past spring but it was sold out when I tried to buy it. I did buy this one, plus, um, 3 others, lol. And still considering more. Like I said, it’s a beautiful collection, and you have great taste! Oh, and glad to see the cuff bracelets that don’t have a clasp. I like the additional variety. I bought the mixed metal one, it’s gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful! Congratulations on a gorgeous collection. I LOVE the silver necklace. I ordered that and the black and sequin mini-cuff (the minis are my favorite). I know I will wear them a TON this fall and winter!

  10. Your own line – that’s so exciting! Love everything! Thanks for the tip about getting extensions for larger wrists. I haven’t been able to wear most of their magnetic enclosures as my wrists are too large.

  11. I love your collection! I ordered the mixed metal earrings and cuff and the layered necklaces in gold and silver! They are just what I’ve been looking for!!

  12. Great collection, Jo-Lynne! I actually ordered 4 items because of the BOGO! That was a wonderful surprise! I bought two pairs of the earrings (I love mixing silver and gold). One for me, one for my daughter since her birthday is coming up! Also ordered two mini cuffs. Glad to see them with the adjustable clasp. The magnetic ones are snug on me. They are all beautiful.

  13. Congratulations, Jo-Lynne, on this beautiful collection and your collaboration with VE! The designs are amazing-so happy for you and for all who will enjoy these beautiful pieces! Blessings!

  14. Congrats on the great collection! You are living out my dream!

    I am a VE addict and have WAY more than any girl really needs, but they are ALL so pretty!! Just when I think I’m done something new comes along like your amazing collection. I bought the 2 metal cuffs & the 2 necklaces. I’m excited because they are so different from anything else I already own.

  15. Congratulations! How exciting!! Love all the pieces and love supporting a Canadian company too. Happy to support anything local.

  16. Jo-Lynne, it really is a beautiful collection! Congratulations & well done! My favorite piece is the Mixed Metal Multi Band Cuff. We share similar tastes in clothes & jewelry & these pieces are perfection!

  17. Congratulations on coming out with your own designs for the bracelets. I had never heard of Victoria Emerson until I started following you and I love her jewelry. I love all the colors and the mixes that you created.

  18. How neat Jo Lynne. You did such a great job. I had no idea when you said your collection was coming out that you designed so many. You should be so proud. So many unique ones. I’ve never ordered one of these bracelets but thinking now I need to. 🙂

  19. I have ordered several pieces of your new jewelry line. Two were necklaces and for the life of me I wondered why. I love them but getting them on and off is a major problem. Clasp are getting smaller and I am getting older. Wish someone could come up with an answer that would help.

      1. It says sold out on the site, and I don’t see any way to indicate that I would like to buy it if it gets restocked. I will keep my fingers crossed!

        Congratulations on the beautiful new collection!!

  20. Jo-Lynne,
    Your addition to the Emerson jewelry collection is fabulous!!! I’m excited for you to room with Cindi. I read your blog everyday just like I read hers. I can’t believe you haven’t seen her in two years because I remember seeing photos of you, her and a few other ladies together which didn’t seem like that long ago. Time is flying by. Have a good time catching up. 🙂

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