Fall Work Wear Outfit with LOFT Scuba Skinny Pants

Good Monday morning, friends! I’m excited to bring you a fall work wear outfit today!

This Fall Work Wear Outfit features the uber flattering LOFT Scuba Skinny Pants and Stitched Tunic Sweater. I topped it off with a gorgeous leopard scarf!

I’ve mentioned that I’m on the lookout for a great pair of versatile black pants. It shouldn’t be that hard, but every time I try to wear pants, even the “skinny” styles, I always feel like a frump-a-lump in them, and they end up at the thrift store.

Recently I’ve really been feeling this hole in my wardrobe. Every pair of pants I own is some type of denim, and sometimes a girl wants to dress up and not wear a dress. Plus, you guys are always asking for work wear looks, and it’s hard to do those without pants.

So! I recently ordered 5 pairs of LOFT pants, looking for the perfect pair, and I discovered these Scuba Skinny Pants. WOOHOO!!! Mission accomplished! All the others went back, but these now occupy a hanger in my closet. Also, these are now on sale for $39.50!

Fall Work Wear Outfit with LOFT Scuba Skinny Pants

These fit snug to the body so they’re uber flattering through the legs, and they also fit well over the rear. Sometimes dress pants do funny things on me back there, which is why I like pants with external back pockets, but these pockets are on the inside, and the pants still lay nicely and behave. Hallelujah! (Yes, I realize this sweater covers up all evidence, but trust me on this one. These pants are very flattering from behind.)

Fall Work Wear Outfit for Women Over 40

I ordered both the 6 and the 8, and I kept the 6. They are a tad snug in the waist, but they loosened up slightly as I wore them, and the 8s were way too baggy all over. I do not think I would be able to wear the 6 before my recent 5-7 pound weight loss, so take all that into account if you’re used to using my sizes as a gauge for your purchases.

Fall Work Wear Outfit for Women Over 40

The sweater is also a LOFT purchase. This Stitched Tunic Sweater is currently $20! It comes in a slew of pretty colors, and I love the pretty pointelle stitching details. I ordered a small, and it just fits. It’s a tad snug through the chest area, but I think a medium would be too baggy. I’m not sure why they call it a tunic. It is longer in the back, but it is too short in the front to wear with leggings.

Fall Work Wear Outfit

My grey leopard scarf is old, but I looooove this one. And this one is nice too, although I’m not quite so sure how it would look with this outfit. I styled it two ways — one where I knotted it in front and the other where I wrapped it around the neck and let the sides hang.

This Fall Work Wear Outfit features the uber flattering LOFT Scuba Skinny Pants and Stitched Tunic Sweater. I topped it off with a gorgeous leopard scarf!

I kept my accessories minimal. I love these teardrop hoops but they’ve sold out. Any classic hoop earring would make a nice addition to this outfit. I went with gold because my bag has gold hardware, but silver would be just as pretty with this outfit.

Fall Work Wear Outfit

Finally, I went with classic suede pumps to complete this fall work wear outfit. These are similar, although I haven’t tried them on and can’t vouch for their comfort value. For a super comfortable pair of pumps, I have these in the pink suede, and they are very easy to walk in — at least for me! I have a hard time finding pumps that stay on my feet, and I was surprised at how comfortable these are for a pointy toe pump.

Fall Work Wear Outfit with LOFT Scuba Skinny Pants

This Louise et Cie handbag is turning out to be a great purchase. I find myself using it a lot more than I thought I would. It’s replaced my typical clutch when I go out to dinner, and it’s big enough to use for church and other events when I want something dressy but big enough to hold my daily essentials. It is a little pricey, but the quality is great, and it’s a little bit different than what I’m seeing out there these days.

Fall Work Wear Outfit with LOFT Scuba Skinny Pants

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LOFT Scuba Skinny Pants // Stitched Tunic Sweater // similar scarf HERE and HERE // similar suede pumps HERE and HERE // Louise et Cie Jael Shoulder Bag


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33 Responses

  1. Great work outfit. The color of the sweater is so beautiful- that is my best color. What tool do you use to get your hair to softly curl as in this post? Thanks and have a blessed day!

  2. You look sharp girl!????did you get the regular length or the tall ?They look longer on you than on the loft site !

  3. Hello! I love this sweater and I just ordered it along with the blue. The actual color is like the one shown in the shop the post lineup…not the raspberry color that is appears to be in your picture. It is definitely burgundy and the blue is more very teal. Often online colors are different than real life color. The same happened with the cowl knit pullover you posted. It looked raspberry in your picture but when it arrived it was very muted and not a brilliant color. But you are right it’s very cozy and I love it! Love the out fit and it looks great on you…I’ll definitely use these sweaters with my favorite black pants! Have a blessed day…

    1. I actually have the sweater sitting on my desk, so I opened my blog and the LOFT website to compare, LOL. You are right. It is way more pink on my blog than the picture on the LOFT site, but the sweater is somewhere in between. It definitely has some pink undertones. They call it Autumn Violet, but I would call it burgundy. It’s a really pretty shade. 🙂 I was tempted to order the blue one too. I love that shade.

  4. I love these pants! Very cute back slit on the cuff; it’s all in the details. I have a ton of Loft and would order these, but think I’ll have to wait for one of their sales.
    Thanks for the work style!

  5. Great outfit! I bought the scuba skinny pants a few weeks ago. They are so flattering and currently on sale. I think the key for me is no big front pockets that tend to flare out on my hips. The slim pant leg is also flattering. I’m either a 6 and an 8 in Loft pants. I think they run just a bit small. I went with the 8 for these.

  6. Do these pants work for the short waisted? I have a bit of a mom gut and a short waist. I find that if pants fit me in the waist they are too baggy everywhere else and if they fit everywhere else they cut into my waist and are very uncomfortable.

    1. I’m short waisted, and I definitely have some mom gut going on. They are a bit snug in the waist, but they loosened up as I wore them. I’d say try and see – I definitely like the fit better than other LOFT pants I’ve tried, but I do feel that they’re always a tad snug in the waist.

  7. Super excited for the Stretched Too Thin video series. I just registered! Working full time with a husband and three kids in various sports can really drain a mom. I’m really excited to watch this and pick up some pointers!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Beautiful, classy outfit today! I love the color of the sweater and am making a trip to Loft today so will have to check it out. The skinny pants look amazing on you!

  9. Love the top. I am definitely going to check into getting some of those, they look perfect for the Winter months.

    I think your friend’s course sounds amazing. Just not in the budget right now, as we have two kittens that will be having surgery soon. So no extras for this working Mom right now. Can’t complain, our babies are worth it.

    Have a terrific week!

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