Fashion Friday and I Got Nuttin’

I just now realized that tomorrow is Friday.  How exactly did that happen?  So I’m faced with a conundrum.  Do I whip up something on the spot, just to have something to post?  Or do I skip Fashion Friday this week?  Hmmm…

I realize that the world will probably still be spinning on its axis in the morning if I do not post, but let’s not risk it.

Last week we talked about cute tops.  This week let’s talk about shoes.

1. Zebra Pumps. If I had unlimited funds and was daring enough, I would buy these to wear to one of the cocktail parties at Blissdom.


2. On the other hand, you couldn’t pay me to wear these denim Uggs.


3. And speaking of paying me to don a pair of shoes, I am pretty sure I owned this exact shoe in 1994.  It is way too soon for it to make a come back.


4. And it looks like gladiators are alive and well for 2010.  I don’t like them any more now than I did last year.  Or the year before that.  This is one of the few trends that hasn’t grown on me one iota.

5. Oooooh but I love this Maura bootie.  That color is so now.


6. I clicked over to see what cute fashions Big Mama had found for us this week, and I spotted these sassy platform sandals on the model wearing the boyfriend jeans.  I love those, although they make my feet hurt just looking at them.

What about you?  Got your eye on a cute shoe?  What trends are you excited about and which ones do you wish would disappear, never to be seen or heard from again?  And then be sure to click on over to Big Mama for some more Fashion Friday finds.

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  1. I spent a little time looking at fashion this week, normally I live under a rock. Someone suggested I grab a pair of ballet flats as a slightly dressier alternative to my usual Chucks, as it’s those or heels for me, most of the time. I decided to be brave this week and try on a few flats.
    I learned ballet flats fall under the same category as shoulder pads and deep V necklines, places I just don’t need to visit.

    1. Heh. I love ballet flats, but I acknowledge that they aren’t for everyone. And those woven things, well, I just can’t go back there.

  2. I had #3. I can’t remember whether I bought them or whether someone gave them to me, but it was recently that I owned them. Not in 1994. (though, you know what, I might have had a pair then too…) Anyway, they ended up in the donate pile and last week I took them to the Salvation Army. 😉

  3. Love the zebra pumps. With a dark jean and a dark – black, gray or even deep purple turtleneck or cowlneck sweater = to die for! They’d also be cute in a peep toe version.

    I agree that those Uggs are unfortunate. Can you imagine? And those woven shoes? Everything is terrible from the weave to the weird heel. I never got into that trend since my mom was still dressing me like a little girl in the 80s and I wore nothing but sneakers in the 90s…

  4. I totally had those flats!! I have been stuck in the same shoe rut for about 2 years, mainly because I can’t afford new ones!

    I really need to get with the leggings and long sweaters, but I have a little issue with the backside with many of those sweaters! I have to have a “waste” in my clothes

  5. I really wish leggings would go away and never come back. There are just some women (and girls) that should never wear them! I always ask myself if these women/girls look at their backside before leaving the house…..

    I am all about shoes this year though…..

  6. How about a zebra ballet flat? 🙂 My recent shoe purchase was a brushed silver ballet flat with a snappy buckle across the toe—the secret is that is “aerosole” brand so not uncomfortable. The key is to always wear it with my long jeans so you can’t see the “comfortable” rubber sole and still look fashonable. And no, I never sit down. Looks like it’s happened, I’m officially old–making all my fashion decisions based on the comfort philosophy.

  7. I am so with you on the gladiator shoes. There is just something about them I CANNOT stand. They just seem kinda trashy to me. Love your critiques!

  8. I would pretty much do a nythin gto have those pumps! They would round out my collection v ery weel. To bad Mr E doesn’t think so. And I love those boots a nd the color.

    If you like funky pumps come check out my Funk Shoe Friday, I linked up to you this week because it fit so well.

  9. I should probably pay attention to this carnival just because I need help in the fashion department. I live in birkenstocks. I rarely do heels because they need to be comfy and it is hard for me to find comfy heels.

  10. I think we have the exact same taste in footwear. Unfortunately I don’t think I would be bold enough to wear the zebra pumps though (maybe with a back dress and if I dropped about 5 pounds). They are stunning. And yes, the denim uggs are hideous!

  11. If I had unlimited funds, I would definitely order those zebra pumps. You could dress them up or down. Love them! It would be nice to find a similar pair at a more reasonable price. It is hard for me to justify spending that much on something I won’t get to wear very often. I saw a pair of Zebra pumps at Target, but (as you can imagine) they looked sort of “cheapy”…a little plasticy or something. Don’t get me wrong, I love Target. However, they missed the mark on the zebra pumps.

    1. Yeah, and I can’t wear Target shoes. They hurt my feet. That’s why I’m willing to spend money on shoes. But right now those zebra pumps are not a priority. Although I admit, I was considering it. 🙂

  12. I think gladiators are UG-LEE.

    Boots are my favorite right now. I wear them everywhere. Especially my leather boots from Teva.

    Thanks for this post. I always look forward to your Fashion Fridays.

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